Zoodiac Gathering
(じゅう) () (しし) (そう) (こく)
English Zoodiac Gathering
Chinese 十二獸的相剋
French Rassemblement du Zoodiaque
German Zoodiak-Versammlung
Italian Raduno Zoodiaco
Korean 십이수의 상극
Portuguese Reunião Zoodíaca
Spanish Reunión del Zoodíaco
Japanese (kana) じゅうにししのそうこく
Japanese (base) 十二獣の相剋
Japanese (rōmaji) Jūnishishi no Sōkoku
Japanese (translated) Antithesis of the Twelve Zodiac Beasts
Card type Trap TRAP.svg
Property Continuous Continuous.svg
Passcode 98918572
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