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Zeman the Ape King, known as Demonic Monkey King Zeman in the Japanese version, is an evil being who entered the Duel Monsters Spirit World. Using the Minus Curse, Zeman took the spirits as prisoners and ruled as an evil King.


At a time, unknown to the Spirits, Zeman came to the Spirit World. He and his monkey minions used Cursed Needles to cast the Minus Curse throughout the land.

While his true intentions were unclear to the Spirits, Zeman used the Minus Curse to take prisoners, who became trapped in stone tablets, resembling Duel Monsters cards, but with their Levels "minused". He managed to take Ancient Fairy Dragon, but was unable to completely minus her. He tried taking more prisoners in the hopes that this would allow him to minus her.

Luna, Torunka and Regulus infiltrated Zeman's castle under the disguise of a mage and her servant, who have captured Regulus. They make Zeman believe that the only way to minus Ancient Fairy completely is to release it first and then place the Curse on both her and Regulus. Zeman falls for the trick and frees Ancient Fairy Dragon.

After he realizes he has been tricked, Zeman orders his minions to capture Luna, Torunka and Regulus. During the chase, Regulus manages to attack and defeat Zeman, but not before he passes the control of the Minus Curse on to his true master: the Dark Signer Devack.


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Zeman does not Duel in the anime. In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2010: Reverse of Arcadia, he uses a Deck titled "Apes of the Mountain".