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Zane Truesdale, known in Japan as Ryo Marufuji and nicknamed "Kaiser Ryo", is the top Duelist of Duel Academy when Jaden Yuki is in his first year. Zane serves as one of Jaden's friendly rivals during that year, though he takes a more brutal approach to Dueling after experiencing a transformation of mind during the next year. In subsequent years, he develops fatal heart conditions and seeks an opponent worthy enough to give him his final and greatest Duel before he expires, though he is later revived under unexplained circumstances during season four.

Zane is one of three people to have defeated Jaden in a Duel, the others being Kaibaman and Aster Phoenix.

An alternate universe version of Zane exists in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V, but has not appeared on-screen.[5]



Zane's design incorporates multiple layers of clothing and a wide range of expressions. Depicted here is the Duelist in full Obelisk Blue regalia from the front, rear and alongside views with views of his head from different angles.

Zane's character design was overseen by Kenichi Hara. His first season outfit (left) consists of the standard Obelisk Blue uniform with a more pronounced collar, tighter-bound sleeves, and pointed rims coming out the costume's lower back. His blue hair is sectioned in three layers, his blue eyes positioned directly beneath the bangs of the layer closest to his face. He carries an Academy-issued Duel Disk on his left hand. After graduating, he keeps his Obelisk Blue uniform and adds a black fingerless glove on his right hand. Also, the button on the shirt becomes star-shaped.

Zane's second outfit consists of a black overcoat with white trimmings and sharp edges. The letter "R" is centered on his belt buckle, drawn from the first letter of his name in the Japanese version. (This feature has been occasionally removed from the dub). Zane's facial expressions also elicit more angered and/or sadistic nuances than those of his previous design.


Zane's personality is markedly different during each of the seasons. In the first season and the start of the second season, Zane is calm and collected, with a deep respect for his opponents and his own cards. He feels that the connection between a Duelist and his opponent, as well as the Duelist himself and his Deck, makes victory meaningful. His dubbed personality is harsher and has a sharper tongue than his Japanese counterpart.

In the second season, following his Duel in the underground against Mad Dog, his personality is much harsher, crueler, and sadistic; as he enjoys watching his opponents suffer. In the dub, he even rants about how the world is made of hurt, and that Dueling is all about dealing with pain and inflicting pain on those who are weak.

By the time of the third season, Zane's personality appears to take on a mix of both his former attitudes. While he still Duels much more aggressively and with more passion than in the first season, Zane also appears capable of respecting his opponents again, and doesn't act so dark and needlessly cruel. His Deck changes as well; while he still uses the "Cyberdark" series, he uses his normal "Cyber Dragons" again, even bringing out "Cyber End Dragon" more often than "Cyberdark Dragon" and utilizing the former where the latter has failed.

It was originally believed to be the electrodes that were the cause of Zane's heart problems but it was later revealed the cause of his heart problems was the use of his "Cyberdark" Deck; the cards' desire to win at all costs were what inflicted the damage to his heart (in the original, Judai also mentions a wide variety of reasons why the cards might do so).

Following his revival in the fourth season, Zane has become quiet and reserved, losing most of the negative aspects of his personality that he developed in the second season. Though of the opinion that he had his best final Duel against Yubel, his Deck wants to keep fighting regardless of Zane himself. Despite this, Zane still attempts to Duel Makoto Inotsume. He later decides to start Dueling again with a new, evolving Deck, and demonstrates pride in his brother, believing him to have surpassed him.


His Japanese given name means "Excellent". His Japanese last name means "Perfect Wisteria", with 丸(maru) meaning round, circle or perfection and 藤(fuji) meaning "Wisteria". His English given name means "God is gracious".



Zane Truesdale is the strong older brother of Syrus who stays in the Obelisk Blue dormitory. Zane is highly respected and a Duel with him is reserved only for the elite. He is also good friends with Alexis and her brother, Atticus. In the original version of the series, he is nicknamed "Kaiser Ryo" (カイザー亮 Kaizā Ryō).

When Syrus was younger he almost used the card "Power Bond" without thinking during a Duel. He was stopped by Zane who revealed that if he used it he would have lost the Duel at the end of his turn because of the card's drawback. Paying off Syrus's opponent to end the Duel, Zane sealed the card, stating that his brother could only use it when he was truly ready.

Seven Stars

Zane first appears with Alexis Rhodes watching Jaden Duel and ultimately beat Vellian Crowler. Zane walks away after the duel worried Jaden may be better than him. Alexis later goes to Zane after she got free from Titan. Zane tells her he believes his brother doesn't Belong at Duel Academy. Syrus, believing himself to be a disgrace to his older brother, did not unseal Power Bond after Jaden faced off against Zane due to him getting mad at Zane's disloyalty to Syrus. Though Jaden put up a good fight, Zane defeated him, but was impressed with Jaden's skills. After watching Jaden and Syrus beat the Paradox Brothers, Zane gains respect for his brother as a duelist. Zane later met Blair Flannigan who had a huge crush on him. After Blair loses to Jaden, Zane told her she cant stay because she is in second grade. Zane would later suggest that Jaden be the representative in the Duel against North Academy after Chancellor Sheppard expressed a desire to choose a first year student. Jaden became the representative by beating Bastion Misawa in a duel. As the best Duelist in the Academy, Zane was chosen as one of the Key Keepers of the Spirit Keys. Zane was selected by Camula, the second member of the Shadow Riders, as a victim of her Shadow Duel. Although he overpowered her easily the vampire forced him into an intentional loss by offering his brother's soul as payment for her "Ilusion Gate" card. As a result, he was turned into a doll for a short period of time before Jaden managed to defeat Camula, returning Zane to normal.

With the Shadow Riders defeated, Zane faces Jaden in a rematch, choosing him as his opponent for his ceremonial graduation Duel. The Duel ends in a DRAW since they use a variety of cards to raise their monsters' ATKs to astronomical levels but ended up taking damage equal to both monsters' ATK due to "Final Fusion". Zane wishes Jaden luck next year and goes on to compete in the Duelist Pro Leagues after his graduation.

Society of Light

Zane's defeat against Aster.

A fan favorite in the Pro League winning many duels, he suffers his first true loss at the hands of Aster Phoenix, who tells him that his defeat is "predetermined by destiny". The Duel that the two engage in marks the first time Zane takes damage from "Power Bond". The battle takes its toll; from then on, Zane finds himself trapped in a perpetual losing streak, due to depression of his loss to Aster. He is approached by Mr. Shroud, a promoter who offers him the chance to redeem himself, and although reluctant at first, Zane ultimately accepts.


Zane is pitted against Mad Dog in an "Underground Duel", a competition in front of a shady audience wherein both contestants are sealed inside a cage and forced to wear electrodes that shock them each time life points are depleted. Zane finds himself on the losing end again but realizes that his former philosophy of respecting the opponent above the desire to win has limits towards the end of the game. Frustrated and desperate, he resorts to cruelty and aggression and Summons the "Chimeratech Overdragon", which wins the Duel and practically destroys the Dueling ring in the process. As the smoke clears, Shroud is amazed (he calls Ryo a "monster" in the Japanese version). The next time Zane is seen, he proves his strength to the Dueling world once more. He is now addressed as "Hell Kaiser Ryo" (ヘルカイザー亮, Heru Kaizā Ryō) in the Japanese version; he has donned a dark outfit, and a personality to match. In the English Yu-Gi-Oh! video games, this version of Zane is referred to as "Dark Zane" to differentiate him from his former persona, as both versions are possible opponents.

Zane returns to the Pro League and goes on a new winning streak and many of his opponents are left seriously injured at the hands of his monsters' direct attacks. Zane fires his promoter, Mr. Shroud and travels into the mountains to confront Chancellor Sheppard in the dojo where he was brought up Dueling, hoping to acquire the forbidden Underworld Deck, known in Japan as Cyber Art Reverse (サイバー流裏, Saibā Ryū Ura) Deck that existed opposite of his own "Cyber Dragon" Deck. Although Sheppard manages to keep Zane at bay with his "Cyber Ogre" and various methods of manipulating his opponent's monsters, he is defeated by his own "Cyber Ogre 2" when Zane betrays his "Cyber End Dragon". Zane takes his prize but Sheppard believes that he will regain the respect he once held for his opponents during the Genex Tournament so gives him a Genex Medallion that allows him to participate. Although Zane has no interest in tournaments he accepts the invitation believing that it's a good chance to try out his new deck that he had won.

Zane in his new attire

Upon returning to Duel Academy to oversee the Genex Tournament, Chancellor Sheppard tells Zane's old friend Atticus Rhodes that Zane is no longer himself and has been controlled by darkness. Atticus confronts Zane in a Duel but Zane's new Underworld Deck overwhelms Atticus, eventually forcing him to give into the darkness and use his Nightshroud persona. Atticus believes that he will set the darkness free from Zane by defeating him but Zane wins and reveals that he still has complete control over himself and is not being controlled or influenced by darkness like many characters think. He simply changed his personality because he felt like being cruel and ruthless was the only way he could begin winning his Duels again.

Zane in his Duel with Syrus.

Zane approaches Aster Phoenix for a second Duel. Syrus, however, intervenes and demands to be his opponent instead. Similar to his Duel with Mad Dog, both players wear electrodes and are subject to the intense physical punishment of the "Hell Duel." It becomes clear that, in his current mindset, Zane spares no one; he is cold, merciless, and sadistic, regardless of whom his opponents are and enjoys witnessing others suffer, even if it is his younger brother he is torturing. Despite Syrus' impressive plays, Zane defeats him when he defuses "Cyberdark Dragon" back to its three original fusion components. He then makes his exit, saying that if there is anything he respects at all anymore it is only victory itself. He appears again beating an Obelisk Blue student and then has a brief run-in with the disguised Blair Flannigan, giving her his Genex Medallion as he is no longer interested in participating and leaves Duel Academy Island. Every single character that met him on the island is shocked by his change, including Aster. Up to this point Jaden was also revealed to have thought that Zane had just "tried on a new look".

Dimension World

He is not seen again until midway through the third year when he returns to Duel Jesse Anderson to supply the energy necessary for the awakening of "Rainbow Dragon". Later, after hearing about Yubel, he designates it as his final opponent. Soon after, along with Aster Phoenix, he sees Jaden and company off on their journey to rescue Jesse in the different dimension, but is dragged through the portal himself alongside Aster. By this time, it is believed that prolonged usage of electrodes (later revealed to actually be his Underworld Deck) has left him with fatal heart conditions. In the dub he says that his heart is weak from the electrodes but he never says that his heart condition is fatal (although it is heavily implied).

While in the alternate dimension, along with Aster, he saves Sryus and Ojama Yellow from Doom Dozer. He also battles the Kings minions with Aster to allow Jim Crocodile Cook and Axel Brodie to free Jaden from the Kings influence. After this task, he decides to restore a traumatized Jaden back to his old self but is unsuccessful as he didn't understand the extent of the trauma that being possessed had done to Jaden's psyche. He decides to Duel a Yubel-possessed Jesse in order to fulfill his dying wish of being immortalized but is defeated and dies from his heart conditions. However, he manages to grant his wish by making his "Cyber End Dragon" an eternal symbol of his skill and strength. Zane's performance in the Duel and last words along with the wisdom of the others allows Jaden to put his problems aside so that he may face Yubel.


Under unexplained circumstances, Zane washes up unconscious on the beach of Duel Academy, with no explanation given to how he survived his heart failing. With his heart still in poor shape, he is put under the care of his brother to recover. It is revealed that his heart condition was caused not by the electrodes but by his "Cyberdark" Deck. Zane also appears to have a gentler personality than before as he shows care and appreciation for those around him once again. He later Duels Makoto Inotsume, a practitioner of the Jinzo Art, who has made it his goal to destroy all those who practice the Cyber Art. The Duel takes its toll on Zane, as he becomes so weak that he cannot even reach to his own Deck to surrender. Syrus attempts to do it for him, then announces that his brother will not surrender but will merely pull out of the Duel. Syrus then takes Zane's Duel Disk to finish the Duel himself, but comes to regret his decision as he starts to suffer the same heart problems as Zane, which the Deck attempts to inflict damage more quickly on Syrus after realizing that Zane will no longer use it. Syrus overcomes this by "making the Deck his own" by combining it with aspects of his own "Vehicroid" Deck. After the Duel with Inotsume, with Syrus emerging as the victor, Zane allows his brother to keep the Deck, saying he will start over with a new one.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

In the English version of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, Blister mentions Aster Phoenix and Truesdale as one of the Duelists he wanted to Duel in the Pro League. Whether this was meant to imply Syrus, Zane or both of them is unsure.[6]

In the German version, Blister mentions Zane by name.


Syrus Truesdale

Zane is Syrus' older brother. Both of them share a fondness for Machine monsters. When Zane and Syrus were kids, having already owned two more copies in his deck, Zane gave Syrus a copy of one of his favorite cards, Power Bond. Syrus was later confronted by a school bully in a Duel, and sezied the opportunity to use Power Bond, but the Duel was interfered by Zane who bribed Syrus' opponent with a rare card, convincing him to pretend the Duel never happened and walk away. Zane told Syrus that he'd never be able to use Power Bond until he's truly a Duellist (in the dub, he said he would have never given Syrus the card, had he known he would misplay it). He then shows Syrus the face-down his opponent had on the field, Spellbinding Circle, which would have prevented Syrus from attacking with his fusion monster and caused him to lose on account of Power Bond's final effect. Zane also told Syrus that he may know how to use Power Bond, but there's more to Duelling than simply that.[7] Zane was always the more superior sibling to Syrus; he had the looks (though their mom always said Syrus had the looks),[8][9] confidence, star athletic skills and always got successful grades,[10] thus, earning him a place at Duel Academy in Obelisk Blue.

Three years later since Zane joined, Syrus was enrolled at Duel Academy as a Slifer Red, due to his low score in the entrance exam. Zane didn't consider his brother worthy or deserving of a place at the academy,[7][11] until witnessing him defeat the Paradox Brothers, alongside Jaden in a Tag Team Duel with UFOroid Fighter created using Power Bond,[12] proving that Syrus had learned how to play Power Bond rather than just use it (a lesson Syrus learnt watching Zane Duel Jaden).[11] From that day onwards, Zane realizes that his brother is worthy and deserving of his place at the academy.[9]

When Duelling Camula - the second of the Shadow Riders - Zane was put in a tough position, when she used Illusion Gate to gain control of his best and favourite monster Cyber End Dragon and in the process offering Syrus' soul as the sacrifice which would be offered to the Sacred Beasts should she lose the Duel. Zane was well prepared to counter and win the Duel, but knew if he followed through with it Syrus' soul would be lost; he reluctantly stood down, allowing Camula to defeat him and take his soul instead.[9] Zane's soul would later be saved and restored, alongside Crowler's (previously lost), following Jaden's victory over Camula.[13]

A year later, following his graduation from Duel Academy and advancing to the Pro League, Zane becomes a more ruthless duelist - after enduring an Underground Duel - and no longer values or respects his opponents, only victory itself. He returns to the academy in wake of the Genex Tournament to try out his newly acquired Cyberdark deck. Syrus confronts Zane for a Duel to show him the meaning of respect, that Zane himself taught Syrus. Zane accepts on the condition that they both wear Shock-Amplifying Devices which will provide them both with an electric shock for every Life Point lost throughout the Duel. Zane defeats his brother, who results into injury and is almost knocked unconscious at the hands of the several electric shocks. Zane just carelessly walks away, proving he truly has lost respect for everything over victory, even his own brother.[14]

The two brothers are reunited the following year in Yubel's alternate dimension, where Zane saves his brother from Doom Dozer by calling on Cyber End Dragon. Zane learns from Ojama Yellow that Jaden himself has become more ruthless due his obsession and determination with finding Jesse. Zane tells Syrus he has to stand up to Jaden, like how Syrus stood up to Zane in their Duel. Zane leaves Syrus on his own, thanking him for the concern he had shown towards and for trying to save him for himself (in the dub, he tells Syrus that he can deal with Jaden on his own and that he doesn't need his help).[15]

Syrus later learns that Zane is suffering from a fatal heart conditions, believed to be on account of the electric shocks he endured from the Shock-Amplifying Devices, during Underground Duels.[16] Zane's heart almost completely gives out after losing his Duel to Jesse (possessed by Yubel). But before being sent to the stars, Zane tells Syrus and Jaden to watch out for each other and stay out of trouble. As he emotionally fades away, he tells Syrus that he is and always will be proud of him.[17]

Jaden Yuki

When Zane first saw Jaden, he didn't think much of him. But became surprised when Jaden beat Crowler. He then got worried Jaden may outrank him. The two meet face to face when Syrus gets low self esteem.

Alexis Rhodes

Atticus Rhodes

They were close friends, having attended Duel Academy together.

Aster Phoenix

Jesse Anderson


The article on Zane's exploits in America, where he appears alongside "Cyber End Dragon".

In the manga, Zane's role in similar to the role he plays in the first season of the anime.


Cyber Art

Zane uses a Cyber Art Deck, though the term is not used in the dub. Zane relies on "Cyber Dragon" and its Fusion Monster forms "Cyber Twin Dragon" and "Cyber End Dragon", Summoning them with "Power Bond" to raise their ATK. Zane otherwise uses various Fusion cards to speed up the Summoning of "Cyber End Dragon" such as "Time Fusion" and "Future Fusion", and protects himself from the damage inflicted by "Power Bond" with "Cyber Kirin", "De-Fusion" and "Damage Polarizer".


In the Society of Light arc, Zane acquires an Underworld Deck (Cyber-Art Reverse (サイバー流裏, Saibā Ryū Ura in the Japanese version), consisting of darkened counterparts to his "Cyber Dragons". This Deck focuses on "Cyberdark Edge", "Cyberdark Keel" and "Cyberdark Horn", and their fused form "Cyberdark Dragon". Zane powers up his "Cyberdark" monsters by sending Dragon-Type monsters to his Graveyard, and sends nearly his entire Deck with "Power Wall" to strengthen "Cyberdark Dragon" further. His previous "Cyber Dragon" cards play a minimal role in this Deck until he begins using them again in the Dimension World arc.


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Cyber Art Dojo disciple 83 Win (flashback)
North Academy student 20 (mentioned) Win (off-screen)
Jaden Yuki and Syrus Truesdale 8 Win (with Duel Academy student; dream)
Jaden Yuki 8 Win
Camula 32 Lose
Jaden Yuki 51-52 DRAW
10 Pro League Duelists 57 (mentioned) Win (off-screen)
Aster Phoenix 57 Lose
Various Pro and Minor League Duelists 65 (mentioned) Lose (off-screen)
Minor League Duelist 65 Lose
Mad Dog 65 Win
Minor League Duelist 65 Win
9 Pro League Duelists 83 Win (off-screen)
Pro League Duelist 83 Win
Chancellor Sheppard 83 Win
Atticus Rhodes/Nightshroud 89 Win
Syrus Truesdale 95 Win
Obelisk Blue student 102 Win
Jesse Anderson 128 No result
Goblin Elite Attack Force 141 Win
Chaos Sorcerer 142-143 Win
Jaden Yuki 146 No result
Jesse Anderson/Yubel 147-148 Lose
Makoto Inotsume 163 No result


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  • He is the only main Duelist that Jaden hasn't won against.