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Yuto, spelled Ute[5][6][7][8][9][10] (ユート Yūto) in the Japanese version, is one of the characters in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. He is the Xyz Dimension counterpart of Yuya Sakaki (Standard Dimension), Yuri (Fusion Dimension) and Yugo (Synchro Dimension), and one of Z-ARC's reincarnations.

His name was first mentioned on-screen in episode 21; before that, his name was displayed as Unknown on-screen and he was called the Dark Duelist in promotional materials and the Dark Masked Duelist by characters in the series. He is a Duelist of the Resistance, despite his peaceful and harmless nature. After he lost to Yugo in a duel, Yuto was absorbed into Yuya - still having strange reactions whenever prompted by an external stimulus. One such reaction eventually allowed him and Yuya to communicate mentally.



Yuto strongly resembles Yuya Sakaki; people often confuse him with Yuya, and the first time Zuzu Boyle saw him, she thought he was Yuya in a costume. Yuto and Yuya have nearly identical faces,[11] except for their eye colors. His hair is close to a palette swap of Yuya's, black in the back with light purple in the front. Unlike Yuya, whose hair lies flat, Yuto's sweeps upward and to the right side of his head.


Yuto's lineart.

He wears a punk-style outfit, with a dull green formal shirt and dark blue tie, as well as a black cape-like garment with ripped sleeves and edges plus dark blue pants and black boot-like shoes. Save his cape, this outfit resembles the male Heartland Academy outfit, but is darker in color. Like Yuya, Yuto also wears a choker and wristbands, although his bands are a matching set—black with silver studs—and bear resemblance to those worn by Yugi Muto during Battle City. Yuto also shares Yuya's penchant for goggles, though his are of a sharper make and a more military style. Like Yusei, Yuto wears a belt with two Deck holsters on each side. He also sports a mask he uses to conceal his face, a red scarf tied around his upper right arm that is partially hidden by his sleeve, and can sometimes be seen with a larger red scarf around his neck.[1] He abandons the goggles entirely after they are damaged in his duel with Sylvio Sawatari, and later gets rid of his mask as well.

During his time at the Spade Branch of Heartland Duel School Yuto wore tidier and more casual clothes; a black shirt under a black and cream-colored jacket, and a necklace.

Yuto and his dimensional counterparts' attire and hair are all based on the color of the cards that their dimensions are based on. As such, Yuto wears dark clothing to reflect the color of Xyz Monsters, while his hair is both black and purple, the latter color likely a reference to the color of DARK Xyz Monsters' Overlay Units.


Yuto and Yuya are similar in that both care about their friends and do not want to hurt anyone; this is shown by his reluctance to let Zuzu be involved in his fight. Through Lulu, Yuto developed the same views on dueling as Yuya, namely that it should bring smiles to people's faces. However, Yuto is cold, serious, stoic, calm and collected, more so than any of his dimensional counterparts. Similar to Yugo, who has feelings for Rin, he also has feelings for Lulu, which she returns. However he is more subtle about it, simply blushing around her.

As a Duelist, Yuto is battle-hardened, telling Sylvio that he doesn't feel the sharpness of a sword nor the power of a bullet from his dueling. He has a strong desire to not hurt anyone, thus he even shows mercy against enemies who are at a disadvantage, such as when he offered a recuperating Sora the chance to surrender during their match after holding back against him on purpose despite knowing that he belongs to Duel Academy. After regaining consciousness when Yuya was warped to the Xyz Dimension and realizing what Duel Academy did to his homeland while he was away, however, he claimed dueling to create smiles is an ideal that cannot be realized without destroying Duel Academy, taking over Yuya to brutally attack Aster Phoenix, albeit unsuccessfully. Yuya's duel against the Tyler Sisters and his second duel against Aster Phoenix, in addition to their fear of the darkness that possessed them in their anger, managed to calm Yuto down and he began to believe in forgiving the actions of Duel Academy.

Unlike his comrade Shay Obsidian, he is not reckless or impatient in his mission. Instead of simply attacking anyone he assumes to be an enemy, he would first interrogate them to get a clear idea of the situation, then leave them alone should they not be a real threat. He also tries to get as few people involved as possible. He was also quick to deduce that most of LID in the Standard Dimension is unaware of the war between Duel Academy and the Resistance.

Through Yuya's awakening, it is shown that deep inside his heart, Yuto harbors a deep vengeful hatred towards the Fusion Dimension and Duel Academy for the destruction of his hometown and for ruining his goal of making people smile with dueling. While indirectly possessing Yuya, he doesn't care of the consequences resulting from his actions and only focuses on defeating his enemies. This is worsened when he was under the influence of the unknown darkness to the point he enjoys harming them. His anger further deepens when his comrades are hurt, especially when it comes to Lulu.[12][13]

Prior to the invasion, Yuto is shown to smile a lot more compared to the present. He enjoys dueling, participating and speculating, and has a softer expression. Yuto was less serious and easily lost his calm composure when he met Lulu.


Shay gets punched

Yuto punches Shay.

Yuto is able to inflict real damage, destruction, and pain in a duel even without the presence of an Action Field. His use of this ability is akin to Psychic Duelists in that the effect is physical in nature and not magically induced. Examples of this are wind being felt from the ARC System holograms, causing explosions that can shake an entire building, and using "Phantom Knights' Spear" to pin Sylvio to a wall by his coat.[1] Upon his next appearance, he was also shown to be acrobatic, performing several high and agile jumps in a scuffle with Sora.[14] He can also dash to the point of being nearly a blur that a pair of guards couldn't react fast enough. Yuto is somewhat stronger than he looks; he was able to effortlessly knock down Kakimoto off-screen,[1] knock Shay unconscious with a single punch to the gut, and carry him on his shoulder single-handedly.[15] Like his dimensional counterparts, Yuto possesses the ability to be Awakened. He loses this ability after Riley Akaba removed Z-ARC's soul from him.[16] His Duel Disk possesses technology to travel between dimensions.

After being merged with Yuya, he can share his memories and desires with him, eventually becoming able to directly talk with Yuya at will and he became able to turn Yuya's deck into his own. He can also communicate with others from within Yuya, as seen with Shay.[17] Yuto also possess the ability to Synchronize with his dimensional counterparts.[18] He also has the ability to directly possess Yuya while not awakened, causing Yuya to feel a rush of pain, followed by his eyes briefly glowing purple before fading to be the same color as Yuto's.[19] When sufficiently angered, Yuto can fully take control of Yuya's body and cause it to take Yuto's appearance.[20]

Like his dimensional counterparts, Yuto possesses an unknown darkness inside him that slowly tries to consume his soul.[13] While merged with Yuya, the darkness uses Yuto's hatred of Duel Academy to influence the both of them to harm their opponents.[21] After he and Yuya realized their anger was connected to the darkness, Yuto gained a degree of control over his anger but can be consumed by the darkness if Yuya is angered.


In the anime, Yuto's name in romaji is written as "Ute", which is pronounced as "Yūto" in Japanese. Yūto has many definitions depending on the kanji used. For example: 優 (Yū) means "Gentleness" and "Superiority", 悠 (Yū) means "Distant" and "Leisurely". The last syllable 人 (To) means person, 翔 (To) means to "Soar" or "Fly". His name is written in Katakana, so it has no actual meaning.



Lulu, Yuto, and Shay in the past.

Yuto with Lulu and Shay watching Kite's duel.

Yuto's hometown, Heartland City, was once a peaceful city. Yuto attended the Spade Branch of Heartland Duel School,[3] known for training professional Duelists.[22] Yuto and Shay watched Lulu's duel as the former commented on her great dueling skills. He was completely shocked when Shay told him that she was his sister. After her duel, Shay introduced them both and they instantly took a liking to each other, and they began growing closer. [20] At one point, he, Shay, and Lulu watched Kite Tenjo, the ace of the Clover Branch, dueling.[3]

Yuto with Shay during the invasion

Yuto with Shay during the invasion.

Heartland was attacked out of the blue one day by Duel Academy from the Fusion Dimension. During the invasion he, Shay, and three other Duelists attempted to fight off the many "Chaos Ancient Gear Giants" that were Summoned, but their allies were defeated and sealed into cards, forcing Yuto and Shay to retreat.[22]

At some point after the invasion, Shay managed to capture a Duel Academy Duelist, who Shay and Yuto interrogated for the reason of the invasion. The Duelist replied that he did so because he was ordered to. Shay tried to seal him into a card, but Yuto stopped him.[23]

Sometime after the invasion, Lulu was captured by Duel Academy, and Yuto and the Resistance frantically looked for her. While out searching for Lulu alone, Yuto lamented that he didn't want to hurt anyone anymore, but then he was confronted by Yugo, a Duelist from the Synchro Dimension riding a Duel Runner. Yuto mistook Yugo's name for "Fusion" and assumed that the Turbo Duelist was working with Duel Academy. Yugo brashly challenged Yuto to a duel, vowing that he wasn't losing until he'd beaten Yuto to a pulp and the two clashed head on in a duel.[24] Yuto brought out "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon", while Yugo attempted to counter with "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon". Shay and several other Duelists arrived, and Yugo retreated.[25]

After Shay informed Yuto that capturing the Professor's son may cause the Professor to panic and force him to release Lulu,[23] he traveled to the Standard Dimension to oppose the Fusion Dimension,[6] so Yuto followed his best friend there, too.[26]

Pre-Arc League Championship[]

Upon arriving at the Standard Dimension, Yuto and Shay began their plan, however they went separate ways while still contacting each other on occasion. Upon finding out that LID was run by Leo Akaba's son, they assumed that it must be affiliated with Duel Academy. While Shay planned to attack LID personnel until Leo Akaba's son was forced to reveal himself, Yuto opted to Duel and interrogate LID personnel to find out about their connections with Duel Academy.

Yuto Watching The LDS

Yuto watching LID.

Yuto watched Leo Institute of Dueling from a distance, holding an LID badge. Later, he spotted Zuzu Boyle in front of a warehouse, about to confront Sylvio Sawatari, mistaking her in shock for Lulu. As Zuzu's duel with Sylvio was about to begin, Yuto appeared and knocked out Kakimoto. He told Zuzu to stand back and took her place in the duel. When Zuzu expressed annoyance at his interruption, he stopped her by telling her that he "didn't want to hurt her anymore."[1]

Yuto Appears

Yuto appears.

Yuto started his duel with Sylvio and Set all five of the cards in his hand. Sylvio mocked him, telling that he was disappointed that he didn't have any monsters. After Sylvio destroyed all of Yuto's Set cards with the effects of "Mobius the Frost Monarch" and "Mobius the Mega Monarch", he declared a direct attack, but Yuto activated three copies of "The Phantom Knights of Shadow Veil" from his Graveyard to protect himself. Sylvio ended his turn after destroying one of them and Setting a card face-down, and on the following turn, Yuto proceeded to Xyz Summon "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon". He used its effect twice to decrease the ATK of "Mobius" to 700 and increase his monster's to 4600. With one attack he brought Sylvio's Life Points to 100 and destroyed his monster, damaging the hangar in the process. He questioned Sylvio about the link between LID and "Duel Academy", but Sylvio claimed to know nothing about it. Concluding that LID indeed has no connection with Duel Academy thus isn't the enemy, Yuto tried to leave the duel unfinished. However, Sylvio stopped him, saying the duel was not over and activated his face-down "Ice Rage". He targeted "Dark Rebellion", aiming to inflict its boosted ATK as damage to Yuto, but Yuto activated "Phantom Knights' Spear" from his Graveyard, negating the Trap and inflicting enough damage to win the duel. Using his powers again, Yuto rendered the "Phantom Knights' Spear" real, which pierced Sylvio's jacket and pinned him to the wall.[1]

I Dont Want you to Get Hurt

Yuto tells Zuzu he doesn't want her to be hurt again.

Before leaving, Yuto removed his mask. Zuzu, Sylvio, and his friends all mistook him for Yuya Sakaki, and Sylvio's friends fled, carrying their leader away. Zuzu, still thinking that Yuto was Yuya, asked him what he was doing dressed like that, when her bracelet started glowing. Once the light faded, she found herself alone in the hangar. As she wondered what just happened, Yuya (who had been alerted to the recent events by Allie) appeared and rushed to her. Zuzu asked him if he was really Yuya, wondering why Yuto looked so much like him.[1]

Yuto stayed hidden throughout parts of Paradise City, eventually settling at the hangar where he committed his previous attack. He was spotted by Sora during his training with Zuzu, prompting Sora to chase and attack him. The two clashed with their Duel Disks. Yuto refused to identify himself, but when Sora claimed he wasn't from "here", he quickly replied "neither are you". The two were about to begin a duel, but were interrupted by Julia, furious and determined to avenge her Professor. After an argument between Zuzu and Julia, Yuto vanished as Zuzu's bracelet glowed once more, and once again, Yuya came in running, concerned about her safety.[14]

Yuto later witnessed Zuzu training with Sora once again, hidden behind a warehouse. Zuzu attempted to perform a Fusion Summon, which failed due to the fact that she forgot to put her Fusion Monster in her Extra Deck. Sora then said he noticed that Zuzu wasn't feeling herself because all she could think about was her first encounter with Yuto. Yuto recalled his duel against Yugo, after which Shay asked him about Lulu. Zuzu's bracelet glowed once again, signalling the arrival of Yuya, and Yuto was teleported away from the area to a duel between Herc and Shay.[25]

This Does not Suite You

Yuto remarks that Fusion doesn't suit Zuzu.

Yuto is Teleported Away (Episode 21)

Yuto is teleported away by Zuzu's bracelet.

When Shay interrupted a meeting between Julia, Zuzu, and Sora and was about to force Julia into a duel, Yuto jumped in and pulled Shay's arm back. He removed his mask to warn Shay against his next actions and explain that they were wrong about LID being affiliated with Duel Academy, to which Shay retorted after pulling down his own scarf. When Shay noticed Zuzu, he mistook her for Lulu and began barraging her with questions, causing Yuto to punch him unconscious, then carry him bodily over the shoulder. When Yuto saw a "Polymerization" card in Zuzu's scattered Deck, he picked it up and remarked that it didn't suit Zuzu, prompting Sora to be offended. As Kit, Dipper, and Yuya came running over, Zuzu's bracelet teleported both Yuto and Shay away.[15]

As Zuzu searched for Julia down an alleyway, Yuto appeared to stop her from moving further, as Shay was engaged in a duel with Julia. Zuzu pleaded with Yuto to stop Shay, but upon receiving an unsatisfactory response, made to move past him. Yuto stopped her again, reiterating that he didn't want her to get hurt; Zuzu called him out for saying that, yet letting others get hurt, then asked him about his purpose. Yuto revealed that they were in search for Lulu, who had been captured and happens to look like Zuzu. He went on to say that Zuzu couldn't be Lulu, as Zuzu learned Fusion Summoning, the enemy's summon method. Zuzu retorted that she learned it to protect her comrades. Yuto then told her about he and his comrades' intention to build a world where no one can be hurt, and his hope that Zuzu survives if she gets involved in this battle, even if she has to use Fusion. Yuto told Zuzu his name before leaving.[27]

Arc League Championship[]

Yuto questions Sora

Yuto interrogates Sora in the hospital.

Unlike Shay, Yuto did not take part in the Arc League Championship. He walked past a big screen displaying Shay's duel against Sora as Shay talked about The Resistance.[28] After Sora's defeat, he approached him in the hospital to interrogate him about Lulu's whereabouts, but he was only able to learn that captured Duelists were sealed inside cards. Sora insisted that Yuto take him to Shay for a rematch, but Yuto refused. When the guards discovered him, Yuto fled with Sora hot on his tail. At Central Park, Sora taunted Yuto about Lulu's fate, claiming that he would hunt down all Xyz users like Yuto, and suggested that destroying Fusion users would help get Lulu back. Yuto promptly challenged Sora as a result, and took damage on the first turn. Recovering, he brought out "The Phantom Knights of Break Sword", which Sora destroyed with his "Frightfur Bear". He brought out "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" in the next turn and was in a position to win the duel, but deliberately held back out of mercy, destroying "Frightfur Bear", but leaving Sora with enough Life Points to stay in the match. Yuya arrived to help his friend as Yuto offered Sora the chance to surrender. Despite him and Yuya looking alike, Yuto showed no obvious surprise. When Sora didn't back down, and Yuto vowed to bring down Sora as the first step to bringing down Fusion, a furious Yuya joined the duel, refusing to let Yuto hurt his friend further.[5] Yuya quickly performed a Pendulum Summon, bringing out "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon". When the Dragon appeared, both Yuto and Yuya felt a burning sensation in their chests as "Odd-Eyes" and "Dark Rebellion" roared at each other. Aiming to destroy both Dragons, Yuya attacked, but despite using "Timegazer Magician" to counter Yuto's Traps, Yuto was able to successfully protect "Dark Rebellion". When Yuya pressed for answers to the enmity between the other two Duelists, Sora chided Yuto for not speaking since it'd reveal his faction's weakness. Sora claimed he would reveal his true strength, but before he could he was transported back to the Fusion Dimension by Duel Academy.[6]

Yuto berserk

Yuto Awakened.

When Yuya said that Yuto wasn't putting his heart in the duel, both Duelists mutually ended the duel. Yuto spoke about how his hometown, Heartland, was once a city full of smiles, until the Fusion Dimension attacked, and told Yuya of the Four Dimensions. Yuya was skeptical, but declared that dueling wasn't a tool for fighting, but for giving people happiness. Before they could finish their talk, however, Yugo emerged from a beam of light on his Duel Runner, crashing into a surveillance camera. Upon removing his helmet, he was revealed to look like both Yuto and Yuya. Seeing Yuto, Yugo challenged him to a duel.[6] Yuto accepted Yugo's challenge, but when he called Yugo a "pawn of Fusion" (Nogo in the dub), Yugo protested that his name was "Yugo".

Ute Pushes Yuuya out of the way

Yuto saves Yuya from the shockwave.

During the course of the duel, Yugo remained upon his Duel Runner, thus Yuto had to run about to catch up to him and dodge the vehicle. Both Yuto and Yugo vowed to defeat the other for taking something precious from the other. Yugo brought out his "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon", a clear hint for Yuto to bring out "Dark Rebellion" so the two dragons could duke it out. When the two Dragons were Summoned, the eyes of both Duelists began glowing; both appeared to be possessed and started claiming that they must destroy everything. Yuya managed to snap Yuto out of it, and while Yuto had the chance to defeat "Synchro Dragon", he ended his turn, remembering his vow to never hurt anyone. Yugo, however, remained possessed and proceeded to defeat Yuto, who shielded Yuya from the shockwave. Upon losing the duel, Yuto was erased from existence and his soul was absorbed by Yuya, but not before entrusting his wishes and his "Xyz Dragon" to Yuya. His Duel Disk was later retrieved by Claude.[7]

ArcV 037

Yuto entrusts Yuya with "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon".

Yuto later appeared in Yuya's mind when the latter was in a pinch against Iggy Arlo. They mentally fused together, causing Yuya to awaken and fill him with rage. This also allowed him to Xyz Summon "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" and win the duel.[29]

Yuto Inside Yuya

Yuto reacting inside Yuya.

When the Obelisk Force appeared and turned the Knights of the Duel Disks students into cards, Yuto's memories of Duel Academy's attack of his home began to flood into Yuya's mind. This caused Yuya to Awakened with Yuto acting alongside him and challenge the Obelisk Force to a duel. The trauma of witnessing these memories overwhelmed Yuya and changed him for the worse: he no longer cared if he harmed his opponents.[12] Afterwards, witnessing Reed Pepper, Trout and Sun Shadow sealed into cards, Yuya momentarily awakened as he confronted Sora. However, Yuto was able to remind Yuya to duel to bring smile and happiness to people, preventing Yuya from being overwhelmed by the Darkness.[30]

Friendship Cup[]

When Yuya accepted Declan's challenge to a duel, Declan chose "Neo Heartland City" as their Duel Field. This brought back terrible memories for Shay, who refused to tell about the tragedy that befell on Xyz Dimension when Declan requested him to, prompting Declan to tell them instead. Traumatized by the memories of the tragedy, both Yuya and Yuto, who was inside him, angrily shouted at Declan to stop before he could elaborate any further and started the duel.[31]

Yuto telling Shay he Believes in Yuuya

Yuto telling Shay he believes in Yuya.

The next day, when Declan revealed that he had modified the Lancers Duel Disks to travel through dimensions by basing his modifications on Yuto's Duel Disk, Shay angrily accused Yuya of stealing the Disk. Yuto reacted to Shay's outburst from inside Yuya and telepathically told him to trust Yuya as he believed that Yuya was a comrade that would never betray others.[17]

In the middle of Shay's duel against Dennis, Yuto began to react in anger, actually communicating with Yuya. This alerted Yuya to Yuto's feelings, whose hatred caused Yuya awaken, but Yuya managed to calm that anger down and reaffirm his promise to use his Duels to bring smiles in Yuto's stead.[22]

Friendship Cup Finals[]

Awakened Yu's

Yuto and his counterparts all awakened at the same time.

During Yuya and Crow's duel, Yuto and his counterparts synchronized with Yuya's pain after Jean-Michel Roget activated a chip he planted inside his helmet causing him to Awakened with them.[18] When Yuya won the duel, Yuto passed out after the chip was destroyed.[32]

When Yugo and Yuri Summoned "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" and "Starving Venom Fusion Dragon" during their duel while Yuya had "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" and "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" on the field during his and Barrett's duel, the Four Dimension Dragons started to resonate with each other, causing Yuto and his dimensional counterparts to awaken and synchronize again.[33] While synced, Yuto and his counterparts began shouting that they had waited for this time to become one and revive. However, his consciousness sank away once again after Zuzu's bracelet teleported Yugo and Yuri away from Yuya.[34] Yuto later credited this event as the trigger that enabled him and Yuya to communicate with one another.[19] During Yuya's duel with Jack Atlas, Yuya's feelings and wish to bring peace to New Domino City reached Yuto's soul.[35]

Heartland City[]

Yuto awakened within Yuya in response to Kite Summoning "Cipher Wing", a monster he knew very well. Through Yuya, Yuto informed Gong and Sylvio about Kite and he warned them that he was not an easy opponent to defeat. This made Yuya become aware of Yuto's consciousness. Throughout Kite's duel against Sylvio and Gong, Yuto and Yuya finally managed to communicate normally with each other for the first time since Yuto's absorption.[3]

Yuto speaks with Yuya

Yuto tells Yuya about Kite.

Yuto explained his history with Kite to Yuya. Yuto highly praised Kite for his intuition and ability to see through his opponent's strategies. Yuto revealed that Kite was similar to him and Yuya: a Duelist who enjoyed bringing smiles to people with his Duels, and an extremely warm and kind person. As the two counterparts analyzed the duel, Yuto was shocked to see that Kite had changed so dramatically into a cold, resentful, suspicious, angry, and cruel person who dueled ruthlessly and the complete opposite of the Kite that Yuto remembered. Yuto wondered what had happened to Kite during his and Shay's absence, as Kite and "Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon" were filled with incredible rage.[3]

Believing in the Kite that Yuto told him about, Yuya decided to talk Kite out of his anger by dueling, just as Jack Atlas had taught him. Yuto became worried about Yuya's safety and understood Kite's feelings as a fellow comrade scarred by the invasion. He tried to warn Yuya that Kite would not listen and continued to stay conscious to watch over Yuya and step in if he needed to.[3]

Finally deciding to help, Yuto quickly instructed Yuya to use the effects of "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon". Understanding that he was still not strong enough but still wanting to open up Kite's heart regardless of his and Yuya's current strength, Yuto finally came up with this tactic: dueling together with Yuya, both of them Xyz Summoned "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon", shocking Kite. By Summoning his ace monster, Yuto tried to remind Kite of him during their days at Heartland Duel School. Yuto's strong presence within Yuya allowed Kite to realize that they looked similar, causing Kite to think Yuya was Yuto. Before the Duel could continue, Shay arrived with Saya Sasayama and Allen Kozuki to clear up the misunderstanding. Despite Shay's assurance that Yuya and the others were allies, Kite remained defiant and left the scene.[35]


Yuto stops Yuya from telling the others his whereabouts.

At the Resistance's new hideout, both Yuya and Yuto were lamenting over their inability to open Kite's heart, only feeling Kite's anger throughout their duel even after they Summoned "Dark Rebellion". Allen commented on Yuya's resemblance to Yuto, even starting to think that Yuya might actually Yuto himself by the fact that he used "Dark Rebellion" until Shay cleared up the confusion. Allen questioned Yuto's whereabouts since he was supposed to be following Shay to Standard Dimension but was now absent. Before Yuya could answer, Yuto told him not to reveal that he was inside him because no one would understand their condition, something that Yuya reluctantly agreed to. Fortunately, Shay explained that Yuto had suddenly vanished and then entrusted "Dark Rebellion" to Yuya, whom at first Shay suspected for stealing the card. However, after watching Yuya throughout their battle in the Synchro Dimension, he came to believe that Yuto had indeed entrusted his ace monster to Yuya and understood why he did so, something that relieved both Yuto and Yuya. Their relief was cut short when, to Yuto and Yuya's shock, Allen and Saya revealed that while they were gone, Duel Academy had launched a massive offensive attack that destroyed most of the Spade and Clover Branch Resistance Duelists and residents, including Kite's whole family.[26]

Yuya visited Yuto's former Duel School, the Spade Branch, and asked Yuto if he knew his father. When Yuto denied it, Yuya pressed on that he was lying, as otherwise without meeting Yusho, Yuto would not be talking about smiles during his last moments in his physical form. Yuto revealed that his speech to Yuya at that time was a result of what he heard from Lulu during the early days of the invasion before Lulu's capture. Yuto asserted that Lulu became a disciple of Yusho Sakaki's teachings and philosophy through Saya, who was at the Clover Branch with Yusho. The conversation switched back to the time when all four dragons were gathered at the same spot. Yuto and Yuya revealed their awareness of a powerful unknown force affecting their Awakened State, and Yuto informed Yuya that the dragons tried to be one and his residence in Yuya's body may have to do with Dark Rebellion, to Yuya's alarm.[19]

Yuto Controlling Yuya

Yuto takes over Yuya's body during the duel.

The conversation was cut short when they encountered an unknown duelist, who demanded a duel with Yuya out of his hatred towards Yusho Sakaki. Yuto stayed present and warned Yuya of the Duelist's Fusion Summon and his identity as a member of Duel Academy. Yuto increasingly grew concerned for Yuya's well-being as Yuya took damage, but Yuya refused to give up in making the Duelist smile, as Yusho took priority in making people happy over his own safety. As Yuto watched the duel, he expressed his anger and conviction that the Duelist sealed many of his comrades into cards when the Duelist took advantage of the fact that Xyz Monsters did not have Levels. He also revealed his regret for going to Standard instead of staying at his hometown. His hatred and anger reached its limit, and Yuto possessed Yuya's body. He Summoned "Dark Rebellion" and Ranked it up into "Dark Requiem Xyz Dragon". Yuto managed to force the duel into a DRAW and the shockwave sent them crashing into the rubble. Just before passing out, they learned their opponent was the Commander-in-Chief of Duel Academy's forces in Heartland City.[19]


Yuto being seen by Shay from inside Yuya.

Yuya saw an explosion while returning to the Resistance's hideout; Yuto thought it was Duel Academy attacking. Instead they found Shay dueling Kite. Yuya pleaded for them to stop, but they refused and Yuto told Yuya to leave it to Shay. Yuto was surprised when Shay tried to deliver his words to Kite through dueling, something that Yuto had never seen Shay do. When Shay told Kite how his comrades were to him, Yuto and Yuya began talking about Kite and Shay's past, forcing to Yuya reveal that Yuto was residing inside of him. Shay claimed he had had a hunch about that, and Yuto looked at Shay with a smile of encouragement.To his shock, Kite still defeated Shay.[36] Yuya and Shay later encountered two female Duelists, who thought Shay was a scared Resistance member who fled from them. Yuto possessed Yuya and responded that if they had stayed in Heartland, their comrades wouldn't have been sealed into cards. Yuto explained to Yuya that the two Duelists were responsible for nearly wiping out the Spade Branch Resistance. Yuya replied that he understood Yuto's pain but was worried that the darkness would possess them again. Yuto told Yuya that they couldn't overlook this and Yuya agreed. Gloria activated "Quiet Life", and Yuto wondered why she gave them the choice to Normal or Special Summon. Yuya Pendulum Summoned his monsters in Defense Position, and Yuto deduced that he was going to see how things turned out. Shay started to get angry at the Tyler sisters, and Yuto noted that the Resistance got more fiercer the more cornered they were. Yuto told Shay to show them the true power of "Rise Falcon" and encouraged him to battle. Yuto possessed Yuya again and told them to keep fighting until they won. He told Yuya that he was calm, but Yuya reminded him that he knew Yuto couldn't forget his fallen comrades, but his anger would get them possessed again. Yuya asked Yuto and Shay to let him answer their feelings and Yuto agreed. The Tyler sisters' LP increased over 10,000, and Yuto asked Yuya how he was going to bring them down. Yuya responded by borrowing Yuto's, Shay's, and his father's strength. Yuto understood what Yuya meant and used the effect of "Dark Rebellion" twice with Yuya. Yuto watched happily as they won.[37]

While Yuya and Shay were dueling the Obelisk Force, Yuto assured Yuya that he could reach them through dueling and decided to watch over him. Yuto was worried when Shay and Saya were caught in the falling debris from the shockwave created by "Chaos Ancient Gear Giant", and shocked when Shay collapsed from his injuries.[38] Aster Phoenix arrived and trapped himself and Yuya in a "Steel Cage Match", and Yuto told Yuya that Duel Academy will even duel injured Duelists and he'd have defeat Aster to save Shay. Yuya was worried about Kite dueling Aster's squad alone, but Yuto told him to focus on his duel. Yuya was thinking about how to get Aster to understand him through dueling, but Yuto reminded him that Aster only believed in his own dueling. This gave Yuya the idea to Yuya Fusion Summon "Brave-Eyes Pendulum Dragon", and Yuto realized that Yuya was still trying to talk to Aster. After hearing Aster's story about himself and Yusho, Yuto told Yuya that he couldn't make him understand through dueling. Yuya smiled, and Yuto asked him why; Yuya explained that it was because Aster had held on to the torn "Smile World".[39] Yuto advised Yuya on countering Aster's "Urban Demise" combo, though Yuya still insisted on dueling his way; Yuto reminded him that not even Yusho could open Aster's heart. Yuto was surprised to learn from Aster that Yusho had claimed that he would forgive Duel Academy if they could smile. He wondered if Yuya had a plan after being pushed so far back in the duel.[40]

Once Yuya defeated Aster, they were surrounded by the Duel Academy soldiers that Mamoru Noro called in case Aster lost. Just as Mamoru ordered them to attack, Aster defended Yuya and declared his treachery against the Professor, much to Yuto's shock. The Tyler sisters joined Aster as well and knowing that their feelings were genuine, Yuto sincerely asked them through Yuya to help him bring back the smiles and happiness to the Xyz Dimension, which Aster agreed to. Kite and the Resistance arrived, forcing Mamoru to surrender and Aster's speech convinced the remaining soldiers to defect as well. Back at the hideout, while discussing their decision to let Duel Academy help them, Yuto momentarily possessed Yuya's body and spoke to Kite and the others of what Yuya said during his duel against Aster: retaliating when being attacked wouldn't bring the conflict to the end, something that Yusho also believed. He added that while he knew that there are things that couldn't be forgiven, by having the courage to forgive others they could open the path to the future. Yuto assured Kite that he just showed them that courage by admitting his wrongdoing and willingness to forgive Duel Academy while enduring the pain of losing his family and friends.[41]

The Lancers and Kite traveled to the Fusion Dimension, where Yuya accepted a challenge from Iggy Arlo. Yuto asked Yuya if he was really going to duel, noting that Iggy held a huge grudge against Yuya; Yuya replied that he would duel as the situation was his fault in the first place. After Yuya defeated Iggy, Yuto praised Yuya as a Dueltainer.[42] While Yuya was discussing Zuzu and her counterparts, Yuto noted to Yuya that Yugo mistook him for Yuri and chased after him instead.[43] Yuto was surprised when Declan revealed that Yuya and his counterparts might be involved in the Professor's Revival Zero plan.[44]

During Yuya's duel with the Battle Beast, Sanders revealed that the Professor had ordered him to eliminate Yuya specifically. This caused Yuya to become distracted, and Yuto and Yuya conversed about the Professor's attempts on them specifically, their link to each other, Yugo and Yuri, and Yuto's soul residing in Yuya. Yuya explained that when he couldn't think of a answer, he thought of Leo Akaba. Yuto agreed that Leo might know the reason for their fusion. Yuya recalled that terrible things had happened after they became one, Yuto mentioned he was consumed by hatred when he noticed the other Duelist. Yuto explained to Yuya that when their dragons came together, he heard a raging voice from the depths of his heart; Yuto believed that Leo knew the true identity of this voice.[45] After Yuya defeated Battle Beast and Sanders, Yuto told him that it was time to go.[46]

ArcV 124

Yuto taking over Yuya's body to duel Lulu and Celina.

Yuya arrived in a strange room, where they met up with Lulu; Yuto was overjoyed to see her and explained to Yuya that she wasn't Zuzu. They learned that Shay was at Duel Academy, but had been injured. Lulu began to lead them to Shay, but she suddenly challenged Yuya to a duel. Yuto realized that Lulu was being manipulated, and he and Yuya promised to return her to normal and accepted the challenge. Yuya's Deck transformed into Yuto's due to Yuto's desire to save Lulu. Yuya Set three cards, and his use of Yuto's strategy piqued Lulu's interest. Yuto thought back to Lulu's words and they both begged Lulu to regain her true self. Lulu asked who Yuya was, and they revealed that they were Yuto. Yuto was familiar with Lulu's "Lyrical Luscinia - Assembly Nightingale", but he was shocked when she used "Parasite Discharge" to Special Summon "Fusion Parasite"; cards that were never in Lulu's Deck. He was also surprised when Lulu Fusion Summoned "Lyrical Luscinia - Independent Nightingale". Yuto and Yuya both agreed that the parasite was controlling her and they vowed to regain her sanity by destroying it. Shay arrived, explaining that he had already defeated Lulu, but nothing had changed. Shay suggested that they probably had to defeat the person controlling her and left to deal with the person controlling Lulu after Yuya and Yuto made a comeback during Lulu's turn with "The Phantom Knights of Cursed Javelin". Celina tased Shay and joined the duel, Fusion Summoning "Parasite Queen", which countered the effect of "Cursed Javelin" and destroyed it. Celina explained that the insects in the lab had been created and used by the Doktor to control them. Yuya was furious to learn that Zuzu had one in her head; Yuto tried to calm him down, sympathizing with Yuya's anger, and he took over Yuya's body, causing Lulu and Celina to see him rather than Yuya. He used "The Phantom Knights' Rank-Up-Magic Burial" to bring back and Rank-Up "Cursed Javelin" into "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon", and he and Yuya both agreed to defeat the Doktor and save the girls.[20] Yuto's "Dark Rebellion" traded blows with the girls' "Parasite Queen", which manipulated its ATK through the number of "Fusion Parasites" on the field. Despite Celina's attempt to weaken "Dark Rebellion" by equipping it with a "Fusion Parasite", Yuto used its protection effect to his advantage by using "The Phantom Knights' Round Blaze" to destroy all cards on the field. When "Dark Rebellion" was weakened again, Yuto used Action Cards to minimize the damage, but lost control over Yuya's body. They awakened after the Doktor taunted Yuya with the image of Zuzu under his control, and they defeated Lulu and Celina by using Yuto's "The Phantom Knights' Possession" to Xyz Summon "Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon". They checked on Lulu, but she ran away with Celina, leading them into a trap.[47]

Duel Academy[]

Caged in the Doktor's control room, Yuto and Yuya watched on a screen as the Professor told Yusho, Declan, and Riley about his past and that of Z-ARC, a name that surprised Yuto. When Yugo and Yuri Summoned "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon" and "Starving Venom Fusion Dragon" in their duel, Yuto and Yuya entered a synchronized awakening with them, and they began shouting that they would become one.[48]

Yuya broke out of the cage, and he went to the Professor's inner chambers. Yuto saw Lulu and her counterparts being brought to the room in tubes and saw the Doktor sealed into a card by the Professor. He and Yuya promised to rescue Lulu and learned of the destruction of the Original Dimension by the Supreme King Dragon Z-ARC and its splitting into four by Ray Akaba. He learned that Leo intended to resurrect Ray and when he saw ARC-V, Yuto was shocked and saddened by the sight of the cards containing his comrades falling into ARC-V. Declan wondered if Yuri was a reincarnation of Z-ARC as the girls were of Ray, to Yuto and Yuya's shock, and the Professor confirmed that they were.[49]

Yuya & Yuto in control

Yuto and Yuya pleading to Declan for a brief moment.

Leo prepared to fuse the girls and Four Dimensions using ARC-V, and Yuto and Yuya told him that he couldn't be forgiven. Yuto told Yuya that Z-ARC was the evil in their hearts and that they had to quickly stop the machine and rescue Lulu and the others. He and Yuya were impressed when Declan sealed Leo's Extra Deck. Leo stated his belief that Z-ARC would revive due to Yuto being absorbed, but Yuya told him that even if Yuto was inside him, they still wanted to bring smiles to everyone, overcome the evil in them, and protect the four girls. Yuto thought about how Lulu's words had been supporting him. However, when ARC-V started to power up around the girls capsule, Yuto was worried and screamed Lulu's name, causing him and Yuya to briefly awaken, though they managed to overcome the pain.[50] Declan tried to bring Yuya to his senses, and Yuto was able briefly contact him, but he returned to his Awakened state when bringing out "Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon" with Yuya. Yuto and Yuya were able to calm down when the girls reassured them that they still believed in them, but Yuto and Yuya continued their attack when they heard Lulu and Zuzu scream. Yusho stepped in and restrained them, terminating the duel.[51]

Yuto consumed by the Darkness

Yuto being consumed by the darkness from Yuya's rage.

Yuri later arrived, having defeated Yugo and absorbed him. When Yuri challenged Yusho to a duel and locked him down with "Ivy Bind Castle", Yuya reassured him that Yusho had in a situation like this before; and indeed Yusho was able to counter the card. Yuri Fusion Summoned "Starving Venom" and Synchro Summoned "Clear Wing", causing Yuto and Yuya discomfort. After Yuri defeated Yusho and sealed him into a card, Yuya started to awaken again, causing Yuto to be consumed by the darkness and he yelled at it to stay away.[52] Yuri challenged Yuya to a duel and brought out "Starving Venom", causing Yuto to ache in pain. He was surprised when Yuri claimed that he was looking for their dragons, and his pain increased when Yuya brought out "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon". Yuto reassured Yuya they could contain Z-ARC and his pain increased even more when Yuri brought out "Clear Wing". Yuya and Yuto discussed using "Dark Rebellion" to defeat Yuri; Yuto agreeing that it was possible with the effects of "Starving Venom" and "Clear Wing" were negated. Yuya was worried about bringing "Dark Rebellion" out, but Yuto told him to endure it since "Smile World" would protect him and he believed Yuya could do it. Yuya brought out "Dark Rebellion", and Yuto told him to hurry as the darkness began to consume him. He awakened again and when the Four Dimension Dragons resonated with each other, he joined Yugo and Yuri in declaring that they would become one.[53]Yuri told Yuya to surrender and become one with them; Yuto and Yugo echoed this sentiment. When Yuya regained control of "Dark Rebellion", Yuto appeared next to him to help him defeat Yuri. He and his counterparts were then fused back into the Supreme King Z-ARC.[54]

Yuto, Yugo, and Yuri inside Yuya

Yuto, Yugo, and Yuri appearing before Yuya.

Following the battle with Z-ARC, Yuto's fate was unknown but Leo theorized that Z-ARC's fragments had revived as Yuya. However, Shay witnessed Yuto's presence in Yuya and believed he was still alive.[55] When Yuya was pushed into a corner by Jack after refusing to use the Four Dimension Dragons, Yuto, Yugo, and Yuri appeared before Yuya and told him they and their dragons don't want to lose. They also asked Yuya why he was ignoring the dragons' feelings and told him he should be able to hear the dragons' voices with their help. Yuto's spirit appeared appeared alongside Yuya as he Xyz Summoned "Dark Rebellion".[56] When Yuya wanted to borrow their power, Yuto told him not to be afraid and that everyone will have fun if he is. When Yuya used "Odd-Eyes Xyz Gate", Yuto's appeared alongside Yuya again as he Xyz Summoned "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon". After Yuya defeated Declan, Yuto's spirit appeared when Lulu's spirit was revived.[57]

Other appearances[]


Shay Obsidian[]

Lulu with Yuto and Shay

Yuto in a picture with Shay and Lulu.

Shay is one of Yuto's comrades and Lulu's older brother. While they seem to have differing approaches towards finding Lulu and defeating Duel Academy, they seem to share a close bond and trust each other's dueling skills. Whenever Shay is acting reckless, Yuto always stops him, sometimes using force when the situation forces him to, but he did so out of concern for Shay's safety. Shay has shown concern for Yuto when Yuto was fighting Yugo, wishing to assist his comrade. Despite the rocky nature of their friendship, Yuto considers Shay to be his best friend, and vice-versa.

Lulu Obsidian[]

Yuto & Lulu meet for the first time

Yuto meets Lulu for the first time.

From the moment they met, Yuto was instantly smitten with Lulu and she felt the same way. Though it isn't clear if they actually were a couple or if Shay knew about their feelings for each other. Yuto displays care and protectiveness towards Lulu as he stated to Zuzu (who he had mistaken for Lulu) that he doesn't want her to get hurt. Also, despite not wanting to hurt anyone anymore, Yuto decides to fight to save her, as shown when he accepted Sora's challenge when the latter told him that he can save Lulu by destroying Duel Academy. He is also shown to be very supportive and defensive of Lulu as he told Shay, after he also mistook Zuzu for his little sister, that Lulu would never learn the enemies' form of Summoning with a smile on her face. Yuto later informs Yuya that his wish for duels to be for the sake of smiles was a saying that Lulu had told him during the invasion.

After reuniting with Lulu, Yuto rejoiced after seeing she was unharmed. He immediately realized that she was being controlled when she behaved differently and was determined to return her back to her true self. Yuya noted that Yuto's strong desire to save Lulu must have been the reason for Yuto's cards to appear in his deck. He was devastated when he learned that Lulu was infected with the parasite monster and his anger caused him to switch places with Yuya for the first time since he went inside of him. When Yuya faced Leo, Lulu was able to sense Yuto within Yuya and was touched by his support for her as well. They also voiced their concern for each other during the duel. Yuto immediately reawakened and continued Yuya's rampage when he heard Lulu scream in terror, despite being able to calm down from their awakened state due to the girls' belief and support for them.

Lulu yuto

Yuto and Lulu's feelings for each other.

Lulu and Yuto are the only counterparts to share romantic feelings for each other ever since they met. They develop a close relationship in the short time they know each other, despite being the only counterparts to have met in their teen years.

Kite Tenjo[]

Yuto and Kite knew one another through rival Duel Schools. Yuto looked up to Kite and he was shocked and horrified to learn what had happened to Kite's family and that Kite had turned to anger as a result. Though he desired to save Kite, Yuto was skeptical as to how it could be done given Kite's hostility. Kite in return valued Yuto as a comrade and was shocked when he believed that Yuya Sakaki had defeated Yuto and stolen "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon".

Yuya Sakaki[]

Although they only met for a short time, Yuto empathizes with Yuya’s belief that “Duels are meant to bring smiles and happiness to people”, which is similar to what Yuto himself truly wishes for. Thus, he immediately developed a strong trust in Yuya. He even saved Yuya from Yugo's attack and with "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" conveying something to him, consented that Yuya was good enough to be entrusted with the dragon's card, believing in his power to bring smiles through dueling. Despite this, his ability to merge with Yuya has the effect of sending Yuya into a blind rage, where he no longer cares about dueling to make people smile and instead enjoys causing pain to his opponents. Yuya initially had mixed feelings towards Yuto and became afraid of Yuto's anger overwhelming him, but Yuya eventually understand Yuto's pain for losing his home and friends after seeing his memories, which led Yuya to decide to believe in Yuto who wishes for peace, deciding to fight together with him to overcome the darkness that tried to consume them. After witnessing more of Yuto's memories during Shay's duel against Dennis McField, Yuya grew to understand Yuto's anger better.

Despite their similar goals and desires, Yuto's personality and experiences are in stark contrast to Yuya's and initially Yuto served as a foil to Yuya. Yuto's anger was also what caused Yuya to Awaken more frequently and start dueling more violently. It was also Yuto merging with Yuya what began Z-ARC's influence to slowly take over both of them.

Eventually, Yuya slowly warmed up to Yuto's presence within him. Shortly after arriving at Heartland City, Yuto began actively interacting with Yuya within his subconscious and both quickly came to fully trust each other and work together to fight Duel Academy. Yuto however felt Yuya should keep their merging a secret.

Their similar goals toward making people smile in Duels and desire to not harm anyone as well end the war peacefully and protect their friends, families, and allies have contributed to Yuya's strong and brotherly relationship with Yuto.

Zuzu Boyle[]

Yuto first mistook Zuzu for Lulu, and thus grew protective of her, even though Zuzu had never met him.[1] Later, he observed Zuzu learning how to Fusion Summon, thus when Shay mistook Zuzu for Lulu as well, Yuto insisted that Zuzu is not Lulu.[15] Despite that, Yuto continues to look out for Zuzu and even warned her not to get involved with the battle between the Resistance and Duel Academy, and if it's impossible, he wishes for her to survive, even if it means using Fusion. He also considers Zuzu to be a lot like Lulu.[27]


Yuto runs a "The Phantom Knights" Deck that focuses on Xyz Summoning. He tends to use large numbers of Spell and Trap Cards to protect himself against attacks and support the Xyz Summoning of his ace card, "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon", while using cards like "Phantom Knights' Spear" and "Phantom Knights' Wing" to protect it as well as damage the opponent, enabling a OTK through the effect of "Xyz Dragon". His monsters are low-Levels, so Yuto takes advantage of various effects to increase their Levels as the duel progresses. Yuto's "Phantom" Spell Cards also have secondary effects that can be used when they are in the Graveyard, so if they are destroyed while they are on the field, Yuto can still utilize them. Several of Yuto's Spell Cards and Trap Cards become Monsters after activating, allowing him to protect himself from attacks and Swarm his field at the same time.

His dueling style reflects his merciful nature and refusal to hurt others. He uses many defensive and stalling cards, additionally he often leaves the opponent with enough LP to survive his assaults and offers them the chance to surrender peacefully, only finishing them off should there be no other choice. When taking the first turn, Yuto tends to only Set cards and not summon any Monsters, a trait that his friends know him for.


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Several Duel Academy students 75 Not shown (with Shay Obsidian and several other Duelists)
Yugo 18, 54 No result (flashback)
Sylvio Sawatari 7 Win
Sora Perse and Yuya Sakaki 35-36 No result
Yugo 37 Lose
Aster Phoenix 104 DRAW (took over for Yuya Sakaki)
Celina and Lulu Obsidian 124-125 Win (took over for Yuya Sakaki)


  • Yuto has the following distinctions from Z-ARC's other reincarnations:
    • He is the only one to have never been shown as a child in the series.
    • He is the only one to have never been in all Four Dimensions physically.
    • He is the only one to have never successfully performed a Synchro Summon. As a result, he is also the only one to have never used "Clear Wing Synchro Dragon".
    • He is the only one who did not Duel against Kite Tenjo personally, though he was present within both Yuya and Z-ARC when they dueled against Kite in episodes 102 and 137 respectively.
    • He is the only one to not defeat any of his counterparts in a Duel.


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