Yusho Sakaki is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga. He is the father of Yuya Sakaki.


Yusho was a father of four sons: Yuto, Yugo, Yuri and Yuya.[3]

Yusho was mentioned by Ren during his Duel against Yugo. When Yugo was surprised about Ren knowing him, the latter explained that he knew lots of things, such as about how Yuya Sakaki's father, Yusho, and Reiji Akaba's father, Leo Akaba, brought about "World Illusion", further shocking Yugo.[2]

In a differing claim to Reiji, Yuya stated that at some point in the future Yusho placed Yuya in a pod to take him back into the past. When questioned by Yuya as to why he is doing this Yusho replied that the power of "G.O.D" would soon end the world and that it cannot be stopped. Genesis Omega Dragon was revealed to be in Yusho's lab and Yusho took it from a military facility. Yusho claimed that he and Leo were experimenting on the card but it became dangerous. He proposed to end the experiment but Leo got obsessed and refused. Yusho claimed that Leo used the military to continue the process. When Yuya asked just what the card was Yusho didn't know, he stated he and Leo were wrong about the card. Leo and Yusho thought the power of the card came from another dimension but in fact it was an artificial creation. When Yuya asked who created it Yusho once again did not know, he said to Yuya that he must find out. Yusho then stated he would not let the power destroy the world and he didn't fully understand the energy of the card but he knew how to control it. Yusho lifted up his hat and claimed he would perform the greatest trick of his life, the "World Illusion". He said that time would regress and this would result in Yuya being sent to the past. There Yuya would have to find out the true nature of Genesis Omega Dragon. Yusho said it was the only way to save the world and he told Yuya he was counting on him as he sent Yuya to the past.[4]


The only card shown in Yusho's deck is Performapal Sky Magician.


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