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What reason I have been fighting up until now? If I continue fighting, I will carve open a path to the future. Sacrificing other things will not give people a future.

— Yuma to Astral[19]

Yuma Tsukumo (九十九 (つくも) 遊馬 (ゆうま) , Tsukumo Yūma) is the main protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL. He is a young Duelist who aspires to be the greatest, despite his amateur skills. He finds himself reluctantly partnered with a Dueling spirit called Astral. Together, they pursue the "Numbers" to recover Astral's scattered memories, becoming a Number Hunter while cultivating his Dueling abilities during their adventures. After being victorious in the World Duel Carnival, Yuma became the Duel Champion of Heartland City.[20] He is also the Original Number's other half that was separated from him, during Astral's battle with Don Thousand long ago.[21]

As Yuma cooperates with Astral and assists him in the gathering of his "Number" cards, Yuma learns the truths that connect him to his destiny through his beloved father, Kazuma Tsukumo, and becomes the most important participant in the Interdimensional War between Astral World and Barian World, bringing an end to the hostilities.




Full body view of Yuma.

Yuma has tan skin, red eyes, and black and red spiked hair that points out and upward. In every outfit he wears, Yuma is always wearing the Emperor's Key around his neck, which is hung by a black string. He owns a white and yellow Duel Gazer with a green lens, matching the color scheme of his ace, "Number 39: Utopia". Yuma bears a striking resemblance to his father, Kazuma Tsukumo, but has inherited his mother's red eyes.

Yuma lineart

Yuma's lineart.

In his regular attire, he wears a red vest with a white hood and a blue sleeveless shirt with a green "D" symbol, standing for "Duel". Yuma also wears white pants with designs of three orange moon crescents attached to one another with yellow outlines at the bottom, a white brown-stripe belt, and black with blue streaks shoes with white straps. Other accessories includes a brown fingerless glove on his left hand, a black protective pad on his right elbow and a thick, dark blue bracelet with light blue gems and red outlines on his right wrist.

Yuma gazer

Yuma's Duel Gazer.

When in his school attire, he wears a white shirt with red-lined sleeves and collar, a red tie, blue pants and brown shoes. In his nightwear attire, he wears a red-white t-shirt, grey pants, and sometimes green slippers, but Yuma mostly goes barefoot around his house. During the Heartland Academy festival, Yuma wore a "Temtempo the Percussion Djinn" cosplay.


Yuma is a hasty, energetic, and cheerful young boy who likes to challenge himself to do anything that seems impossible, which he normally fails at. Undaunted by his failures, he states that doing these challenges gets him fired up and will eventually accomplish what he sets out to do.[16] He calls this challenge his "kattobingu" spirit ("feeling the flow" in the dub), which his father taught him.[22] Even Yuma would sometimes doubt himself when depressed, yet he'd still go through with his trials, such when he had shown up for his Duel with Reginald Kastle.[16] Yuma told Astral it was because of his promise to his father is the reason he doesn't do things halfway, believing it was like "betraying" his father if he did so.[22]

Yuma greatly loves his parents and treasures the key they gave him, shown when he was depressed when Shark broke it[16] and nearly had a panic attack when he lost it, but really just ran out the house without it.[22] In his house, Yuma sleeps in the treasury attic full with memories and artifacts of his parents' adventures and trips instead of his own bedroom. He looks up to his father and carries on his challenging, never-give-up spirit and catchphrase "kattobingu". It was said that Yuma picked up his personality from his father's spirit and his mother's affection.

ZLx001 Yuma's parents

The picture of his parents Yuma keeps by his bedside.

While he tries to hide it, Yuma quite sensitive on the subject of parents and misses them.[22] Astral says that deep in Yuma's heart, he struggles with the sadness of losing his parents and tries to live up to their teachings.[23] Many have pointed out how similar Yuma is to his father, Charlie McCay told Kari how Yuma had inherited his father's "kattobingu" spirit,[24] and Vetrix and Quinton commented how Yuma and Kazuma shared the same beliefs in bonds and friendship.[25][26] Dr. Faker has also noted how much Yuma is similar to Kazuma, especially when Yuma assisted Kite Tenjo in trying to rescue him.[27]

Forthright and honest, Yuma is shown to assist others if they are in trouble, despite their protests, as he challenged Shark to reclaim Bronk Stone's Deck.[16] Yuma even challenged Nistro and Dextra to a Duel in order to defend Flip (who cheated other participants), whose punishment is having his Deck confiscated and Nistro planning to physically punish him.[28] Yuma believes Duelists cannot be bad people and believes a Duel to be a clash of souls. Yuma's good-nature appears to make him naive as he believed that Flip really had good intentions, even after his friends had warned him he was a swindler from the start.[29] Even after Vector exploited Yuma's trusting disposition[30], Yuma resolved that he would not allow this deceit to color his perspective and doubt everyone he meets.[31]

Due to his short-temper and stubbornness, Yuma is easily annoyed, and frequently clashes with Astral. Yuma tends to disobey Astral's instructions when they Duel, which leads to him making mistakes. He only starts obeying when he is about to lose, as he believes the Duels are his and listening to him would mean he needed help to win. As the series progresses, Yuma and Astral start working together, mostly after he called Astral his friend.[32] Although, Yuma still gets upset sometimes when Astral tried to instructed him, and tell him to stay out of his Duel because he has his own "plans".[2][33] Impetuous and clumsy, Yuma also appears to have a habit of forgetting important things such as the Emperor's Key on his way to school,[22] officially registering for the World Duel Carnival,[34] his invitation to the finals party,[35] and even his Heart Pieces on the day of the finals.[36] Yuma would sometimes even fail to execute any high jumps or dynamics, causing him to trip over his feet.[4][7][37][38] Also, when Yuma is too absorbed in his own mind, he forgets about other actions he did[39] or is performing.[1][2][40] Such actions usually make his friends and others regard Yuma as an "idiot", much to the latter's annoyance.

Yuma wants to be a Duel Champion, but tends to sleep and slack off at school, and doesn't generally use strategies during Duels. Unlike Yugi Muto, Jaden Yuki, and Yusei Fudo, he was an amateur knowing only the basics and forgetting how cards tend to work, but as the series goes on, Yuma's Dueling abilities are starting to increase. He can Duel opponents like Cathy[41] and Lilly[42] without Astral telling him what to do (though this only happens when he Duels seriously, seeing how he is still defeated with ease in friendly Duels), but he still relies on him to help him out at difficult times. Yuma's skills have improved greatly enough that he was able to hold his own against both Dextra and Nistro until Astral came back to execute the final winning move.[28] Having been tutored by Astral, his skills have grown even more during his one-on-one Duel with Trey.[43] Eventually, Yuma is able to Duel on equal standing against Shark in their third rematch with little to zero advice from Astral.[44] He is able to Duel on equal terms with Kite during their rematch.[45] He is able to Duel on comparable level with people under control by Barian World on his own and even impressing Girag.[46]

He also Dueled with the Barian, Alito, on equal standing without any advice from Astral.[47] While Astral was incapacitated after the forced cancellation of Dark Zexal, Yuma was able to narrowly survive Vector's turn in a situation where all he had was Number 39: Utopia, and a number of monsters in the Graveyard. During that turn he remained calm and focused, to the point where he remembered that he needed to forcibly send the card he needed from his Deck to the Graveyard in order to make use of it.[48] During his mission to save Astral, when he confronted the will of Astral World, Eliphas, and his Double-Rank Up monsters and multiple Shining Draws, through using "Rainbow Kuriboh", gaining the ability to perform his own Shining Draw to create "Rank-Down-Magic Numeron Force" and "Number 39: Utopia Roots", managed to turn his Double Rank-Up strategy against him and emerged victorious. [49] Finally, when Yuma faced off against Astral in their final Duel after gaining all the "Numbers", his full powers and memories, which included all six forms of "Utopia" and "Number 99: Utopic Dragon", through his own non-"Number" deck, the power of his own Shining Draw and "Number F0: Utopic Future", claimed victory and proven himself a top Duelist in his own right.[21]

Yuma seems to have a positive effect on the people he Duels, Mr. Kay claimed that Yuma has a "sun-like" power and that people who have contact with Yuma has their hearts "illuminated" without noticing[50] and usually restoring something they lost in their heart. After his Duel with Shark, he stopped stealing others Decks and the two eventually became friends. After defeating Flip, he gave up his conniving ways and became an honest person.[51] After defeating Nelson Andrews, he helped him repair his relationship with his mother and become his own person instead of living in the shadow of his ESPer Sparrow persona.[52] After defeating Cathy, she began to gain more confidence and started hanging out more with Yuma and his friends instead of always hiding from others.[53] After defeating Kaze, he was able to let go of his anger after being stopped by Yuma from slashing a statue and started studying again under his former teacher.[54]The Barian, Alito, considers him a worthy opponent and establishes rapport with him after being defeated.[47]


Yuma has the natural ability to see and hear Astral, and was shown multiple times that he is capable of talking with Astral telepathically[23]. However, Yuma's power seems to come from from his tenacious spirit and perception of "kattobingu", and should he ever lose his will, Yuma would be unable to see and hear Astral or see his Emperor's Key.[55]

Yuma's Shining Draw

Yuma's Shining Draw.

After The Door opened for Yuma, he and Astral gained the power of ZEXAL, which caused them to merge their souls, leaving Yuma with most of the body's control. They also gained the ability to create "ZW" cards, among various other cards, all of which have the effects to deal with the situation the power was called for, such as "ZW - Unicorn Spear" and "ZW - Phoenix Bow" through an ability called "Shining Draw".[56] Later, during his Duel against Eliphas, he managed to use the "Shining Draw" to his advantage to save Astral.[49] The reason he can preform this ability is because he was originally a part of Astral, also the reason why they are able to preform ZEXAL.[21] Yuma can also use the Shining Draw to create "Number" monsters, albeit comparatively low-Ranked ones such as "Number 39: Utopia Roots" and later created his own Number, "Number F0: Utopic Future".[49][21]

During the battle of Sargasso, Yuma and Astral's bonds were increased to the point where ZEXAL was enhanced to create ZEXAL II. When using ZEXAL II, he no longer requires a Duel Gazer, his left eye simply becomes more luminous. Also, Yuma has the ability to use Shining Evolution to bring out the true power of the card he's drawn, as well as the ability to perform a Shining Draw. It is unknown exactly what circumstances are needed to use Shining Evolution, but Yuma was able to use it to turn his duel with Vector around by transforming "Rank-Up-Magic Limited Barian's Force" into "Rank-Up-Magic Numeron Force", though this is the only instance of Shining Evolution. When Yuma was reunited with Astral after the latter was injured by Number 96, ZEXAL II was further upgraded into ZEXAL III. When using ZEXAL III, Yuma gains the ability to create a ZEXAL Field, which negates the harmful effects of being inside the Barian Field. He also keeps the ability to perform a Shining Draw and presumably Shining Evolution. [49]

Yuma could sense Don Thousand's awakening.[57] According to Enna, Yuma possesses the power of Chaos and is able to cure Astral World and its denizens with it.[58]

Yuma is also acrobatic as it was shown multiple times as perform several flips and high jumps throughout the series.

Yuma is initially a very poor duelist, requiring help from Astral to simply progress through a game. As his skills develop, Yuma becomes an incredibly strong duelist, surpassing even Astral, who was stated to be the strongest duelist in the Zexal series until that point.


Like the protagonists of the previous series, Yugi Muto, Jaden Yuki and Yusei Fudo, his name contains the kanji 「遊」 (yu). He is the first protagonist whose surname contains three kanji.

The name Yuma also is of Native American origin, meaning "chief's son".

His surname, "Tsukumo", can be translated as "ninety-nine" which is the amount of "Number" cards he and Astral are looking for. It may also be played on "spider" (kumo), an allusion to "The Spider's Thread" by Ryunosuke Akutagawa given his pacifist personality and his attempts to save his foes from their doom (notably Vetrix and Vector). The name "Yuma" can mean evening or horse, which explains the horse symbol on Yuma's soccer uniform from the "Stadium of Dreams" Field Spell Card[59] and the name of "Dark Horse"[7] by Mr. Heartland.


In the English dub, Yuma has a somewhat high-pitched, raspy voice.



Younger Yuma climbing a mountain

Younger Yuma climbing a mountain.

Yuma grew up with his loving parents, Kazuma Tsukumo and Mira Tsukumo, older sister Kari Tsukumo, and grandmother Haru Tsukumo. Since he was young, Yuma had been going to the same school as his childhood friend, Tori Meadows, since their families were always been good terms with each other. As a child, he got the constant attention and affections of his parents, to his sister's chagrin. Very close to his parents, he would sometimes go on camping trips or rock climbing with his father.[9][22]

Due to his poor Dueling skills and constantly proclaiming that he will become a Duel champion, Yuma was frequently teased by others. One day, after losing a Duel against a few classmates and was teased about it, Yuma became depressed and sad. His father noticed this, and took him camping in the mountains to cheer him up and have a "man talk". Despite his father attempt to cheer him up, Yuma continued sulking and refused to talk about his problems.[22]

Yuma laugh

Yuma laughing at his father's dream.

When his father began to tell him about the "other universe", Yuma perked up and was encouraged to always challenge and to strive for hope. When asked about his aim, Yuma answered by saying his aim is to become the Duel Champion. Although, Yuma mentioned how people laugh at him, his father told him not to care about it, and never to give up on that drive and to always continue for it. After a friendly Duel and before he was about to go sleep, Yuma asked his father what his dream is, to which his father answered by saying his dream is to go to the end of the world. Yuma laughed at this because the Earth is round and there is no end, and the two laughed together at the notion.[22] However, in the dub, Kazuma says he wants to go to the edge of the world.

The key

Yuma notices the key.

When his father was found after the snowstorm accident, Yuma noticed the Emperor's Key in his hands and stared at it. Sometime later, he Dueled against some bullies and lost, then was mocked to the point of tears welling up in his eyes. Then his father showed up, shouting him encouragement and tossed him in the key. Moved by this, Yuma started to always wear the key and do "kattobingu".[22] After his parents went missing and were assumed dead, he is looked after by his grandmother and Kari, who began to forbid him from Dueling, but he still does it behind her back.[29] Although, unknown to Yuma, she did this because of her promise to their parents to protect him, and that their father warned her about being careful with Yuma's Duels because one day a great destiny would awaken from one of his Duels.[22]

Bronk, Yuma, & Tori as little kids 1

Yuma about to duel Bronk with Tori by his side watching.

One day at school, Yuma shouts out his ambition to his class and was mocked by Bronk Stone. Angered, Yuma challenged him to a Duel and lost, but continues to Duel him ever since. The two eventually become friends, but Yuma still regularly lost to Bronk.[60]

Sometime after gaining the key, a door shaped like the head of a demon, wrapped in chains started haunting Yuma in his dreams, causing him to have the same nightmare almost every night. In that dream, he meets the door upon a old zig-zag raised path and a voice says; "Whoever opens this door will obtain a new power, but in exchange will lose what they appreciate the most.", and seems to make his key react to this. However, Yuma always wakes up before he can open it and appears to have never told anybody about his dreams.[16]

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL[]

Pre-World Duel Carnival[]

Demonic Door

The demonic door from Yuma's dreams.

Yuma was plagued by nightmares of a demonic gate, with a voice saying that whoever opens this door would receive a new power but in compensation they would lose their most precious thing. Yuma wondered about his most precious thing as the key lit up, but the ground below him suddenly crumbled away causing him to fall into an abyss. Waking up, Yuma fell out of the hammock in his attic and commented that he was having that same dream again. Then he noticed that his clock struck at 8 o'clock and realized that he is late for school. Yuma moaned at Kari for not waking him up, but she told Yuma that he's in middle school, he should wake himself up, causing Yuma to pull a face behind her back. Dashing outside, Yuma bid goodbye to his grandmother, Haru, but when asked if he had breakfast, he insisted that he didn't need it and is late. His grandmother was unhappy by this and caught the collar of his shirt with her broom and lifted him off the ground. She demanded that Yuma eat something, and he complied.[16]

Sem Título2

Yuma races Bronk to school.

Yuma rushed through the neighborhood and leapfrogged over a Litterbot and caused it to spin out of control. As he continued running, Yuma ran into Bronk, who leaped in front of him on his skateboard, and challenged him to a race to school. Accepting the challenge, Yuma raced in front, but when they proceeded to run down a flight of stairs, Bronk kicked a Litterbot into Yuma's path, causing him to hit the bot, causing his belongings to fall out of his messenger bag, including his Deck. As a couple of the Litterbots went rampant in order to pick up what they perceived as litter, Yuma, insulted, screamed at them that what they were calling "trash" was his Deck.[16]

At Heartland Academy, Yuma tried completing various tasks ranging from his "20 stack challenge" to swimming the length of the pool, which he failed to do and was laughed at by his classmates. When Tori asked why he did all of those things since he going failed at, Yuma explained that she just didn't understand and that the important thing was to keep fighting and as long as you don't give up, you will someday succeed. Grasping his key, Yuma said the key opened many possibilities and with it he felt that he can do anything. During the school break, Yuma witnessed Bronk losing his Deck to Shark in an Ante Duel. When Yuma stood up for Bronk, Shark asked Yuma what was most precious to him, to which Yuma looked down at his pendant. In response, Shark broke Emperor's Key in two and kicked a piece into the bushes. Shark offered Yuma a chance to get Bronk's Deck back by Dueling him with his own Deck on the line on Sunday. Later at night, Yuma suffered the same nightmare and then spent the entire day depressed and sad. After school, Yuma was confronted by Bronk about Dueling Shark, which Yuma planned to do, and was touched when he learned that Bronk recovered the missing piece of the key.[16]


Yuma begins his fated Duel with Shark.

At night, Yuma planned to use a Deck constructed by his father, as opposed to his usual Deck, but didn't understand how to use the cards properly. During the Duel, Yuma makes several amateur mistakes and Shark quickly gained an advantage. As Shark taunted him to give up, Yuma argued that he wasn't someone like that because he had always believed in himself. Ripping off the key from around his neck, Yuma stated that his "kattobingu" would never disappear, as the key began to shine brightly. Yuma then found himself in front of the demonic door again. He was given to the opportunity to open it, and does so with the key. After he opened it, a mysterious figure flew towards Yuma, who was then trapped within a sphere made of blank cards. The sphere shattered and Yuma was returned to the park where he was still Dueling Shark. A dark force enveloped Shark and he Xyz Summoned "Number 17: Leviathan Dragon". Surprised at Shark's power, Yuma began to feel as though he wouldn't be able to win. However, a strange entity appeared next to him and told him to stand up and win.[16]


Yuma fighting alongside Astral.

The entity revealed himself to be Astral, a Duelist from another world, shocking Yuma. As Yuma talked with Astral, he noticed his friends, and everyone else, couldn't see him. Astral tried to take over Yuma's Duel, stating that he had to win at all costs with Yuma complaining that it was his Duel. Astral tried to order Yuma around, intentionally or not, to gain the advantage against Shark. However, Yuma refused to listen to Astral as he was taken down each turn. When Astral informed him that his own life fades as Yuma's Life Points decreased, Yuma took Astral's advice and uses "Monster Reborn" to Special Summon "Gagaga Magician" from his Graveyard. Astral gifted Yuma with "Number 39: Utopia", an Xyz Monster. Having never owned an Xyz Monster before, an excited Yuma Summoned it by overlaying "Gagaga Magician" with "Ganbara Knight". Astral stated that "Utopia" is the power he has entrusted to Yuma and that he must use it to win the Duel. With this card, Yuma made a comeback, and managed to pull off a win using it in a combo with "Double or Nothing!". Shark was returned to normal, and returned Bronk's Deck as promised, which Yuma thanked him for. As Shark left, Yuma tells Shark he had a lot of fun and said they should Duel again someday just for fun.[4]

With this win, Yuma began to gain a following around his school, as Shark was known to have pro-level Dueling skills and Yuma was known for having amateur ones.[61][62] One day, the network at school mysteriously went down, and Yuma's teacher, Mr. Kay, allowed them to use the day to Duel instead, as they could not access their virtual textbooks with the network down. Yuma Dueled his class's chairman, Caswell Francis, but Astral was not present, so Yuma did not have access to his Extra Deck of "Numbers". As a result, he lost a crushing, one-turn defeat without inflicting a single point of damage to Caswell. When Kari picked Yuma and Tori up from Heartland Academy, she told them that she managed to find the location of the person who uploaded the Crashbug Virus, which was in the school's library. Kari forced Yuma and Tori to scope the location out for anyone suspicious.[61]

Yuma and Astral during Ukyo's Duel

Yuma and Astral in a Duel against Mr. Kay.

Yuma and Tori suspected Caswell of being responsible for the network going down, but he would eventually lead them to the real culprit, Mr. Kay. Mr. Kay had been possessed by one of the "Numbers" and Dueled Yuma using "Number 34: Terror-Byte" and the "Crashbug" series.[61] After arguing with Astral, Yuma was able to overcome him by Summoning both "Utopia" and "Leviathan Dragon". Mr. Kay revealed that he had no ill intentions and simply wanted to bring happiness to the city with a virtual "Crashbug". Astral determined that the "Numbers" amplify the emotions that their vessel already had, malicious or not.[63]

At school, a student named Flip approached Yuma to ask for his autograph for defeating Shark and eventually gifted him with a "Baby Tiragon" card in return. Yuma was excited to have his own Xyz Monster, but Tori and Bronk's reservations about Flip and their several attempts drag him away from Flip prevented him from accepting it. After school, Yuma received the fan-mail containing the "Baby Tiragon" card, and was questioned by Kari if he been Dueling even though he was forbidden to. Unknown to Yuma, Flip framed him in many incriminating situations of mischief and emailed the pictures to his classmates. The next day, Yuma was confronted by his classmates and tried to defend himself, but no one believed him due the pictures and everyone, except for Bronk and Tori, avoided him. Depressed, Yuma went to the Heartland Shopping Mall, and found Flip, who challenged him to a Duel.[29]

Yuma activates Needle Swordsman's effect

Yuma activates the effect of "Stinging Swordsman".

Yuma thought he would have a friendly Duel with Flip, but it turned out be far from it. The "Baby Tiragon" card was a trap, and Flip stole "Utopia" via the effect of "Ultra C". Flip then revealed that the autograph Yuma signed was a contract agreeing to ante his Number cards in the Duel. Flip went on to steal "Leviathan Dragon" as well, and appeared possessed by both "Numbers". Astral was sealed in an orb of light as his power weakened, but urged Yuma to protect "Baby Tiragon". Yuma did so and used its effect to let "Stinging Swordsman" attack directly. With his Continuous Trap Cards returned to his hand, Flip lost the "Numbers" and they returned to Yuma. Yuma won the Duel with them, and attempted to return "Baby Tiragon". Flip told him to keep it and the two leave the Duel as friends.[51]

Sometime later, Astral was watching a TV show while Yuma was asleep. "The Sparrow". He was fascinated by the show as the Sparrow appeared to be from a different dimension as well. Yuma was woken up by the sound of the episode and switched the TV off, only to be bugged by Astral about him believing Sparrow may know something about his memories. Yuma tried to explain it's all fiction, but after failing to convince Astral, he reluctantly switched the TV back on, even though the episode ended. The next day, Yuma arrived at school to Duel someone, only to be prodded by Tori and Astral to visit the Sparrow, who was shooting a scene in town. Flip caused a distraction to get them inside, where they saw the Sparrow practicing alone for his shoot. Astral, still believing the show was real, grew wary of the costumes to the side of the set, and in an attempt to convince Astral they're not real, Yuma ended up being flung about in the air by a hook. While Astral pondered over whether Yuma could fly as he can, Yuma dropped his Deck in front of the Sparrow, who grew concerned.[52]

Yuma meets Fuya

Yuma meets The Sparrow.

After Yuma dropped to the ground, he was saved from the security by the Sparrow, who discovered Yuma was a Duelist, and took him to his dressing room. Pleased to meet a Duelist, the Sparrow gave Yuma back his Deck and Yuma happily agreed to have a Duel with the Sparrow upon his request. After the Sparrow was spooked at the sight of a spider, Yuma laughed at his sudden change in demeanor and learned that the Sparrow is nothing like his character off set. Hearing his situation, Yuma comforted him by saying he should be himself, with the latter telling him his real name, Nelson Andrews. The two become friends, but before they could Duel Nelson's mother forced Yuma out. Before he left, Yuma promised Nelson that they would Duel someday, but Nelson's mother continued to push him out, leaving Nelson to sorrowfully say "Nelson Andrews doesn't matter" and that no one could save him. On the streets, Yuma lamented on Nelson's tough star life, with Astral asking Yuma why the Sparrow was also called Nelson. This let Yuma convince Astral that TV wasn't real. After Astral grew disappointed that Nelson couldn't tell him about his memories, Yuma asked Astral if he's lonely, only for Astral to reply he didn't know what the word meant. Yuma explained it, but instead of answering, Astral told him that he thought Nelson may be lonely. Meanwhile, Nelson was possessed by a "Number" card and attacked several people in town, taking his TV persona as his real one. After hearing about it, Yuma and Astral headed off to find him. They eventually did find Nelson, only to learn he was possessed, and under the impression he was the Sparrow.[52]

Younger Yuma and his mother

Yuma thinking about his mother.

Yuma knew he had to Duel Nelson to set him free, but then he revealed his "Numbers" card - "Number 83: Galaxy Queen", which puts Yuma in a tough spot. Seeing that the "Number" was like Nelson's soul, Yuma called Tori and told her to bring Nelson's mother to the site of the Duel. As Yuma was push into a corner by Nelson, Yuma proclaimed that he would save Nelson. When Tori showed up with Bronk and Mrs. Andrews, Yuma explained how Nelson was the one attacking people. When Nelson's mother tried to talk to her son, he brushed her off, but Yuma told her to watch the Duel and sees how Nelson views her. Yuma and Astral debated whether they should attack, and they finally decided that they must, if they wanted to free Nelson. Yuma attacked "Galaxy Queen" with "Utopia", but Sparrow had one last Trap: "Star Sparrow Forever", reviving "Esper Star Sparrow" with 0 ATK, in order to save "Galaxy Queen". Despite this, Nelson lost the Duel. Astral absorbed "Galaxy Queen" from Nelson's body. Nelson returned to his normal self and reunited with his mother, causing Yuma to remember his own mother. Later, Yuma, Tori and Bronk walked on a bridge as Yuma talked about the day's events. When Yuma and Tori got into an argument, Shark rode by on his motorcycle and observed Yuma, but Yuma didn't notice. Later, Yuma and Astral watched the conclusion of "The Sparrow" show, and Astral made Observation No. 10 - "The parent-child relationship is something I understand".[64]

1 - Cathy in Yuma's room

Yuma, sleeping as Cathy sneaks around his room.

One day at school, Bronk said that it was strange that Yuma never once won a Duel against him, but had been winning against many powerful opponents recently. Tori asked what was wrong with that and Bronk responded that bringing it to them was more suited for losing. Bronk speculated that Astral may really exist, as Yuma only began to win after he started talking about him. Yuma enters the room and said "Hi", seemingly unaware of that fact that he was wearing leather pants and an oversized fur coat. Yuma asked why everyone is staring, and Tori told him she couldn't take it anymore. She said that she knew it wasn't polite to comment on someone's fashion sense, but she needed to do so in this case. For the last three days, Yuma had shown up to school in strange outfits; the last one was a bee costume. Tori told him that everyone would laugh if he kept dressing like that and pulled out a standing mirror, telling Yuma to see for himself. He looked horrified, and Bronk asked how he wasn't aware what he was wearing. Tori went on to tell him that that was not all - strange things had been showing up around him lately: Yuma's lunch box was decorated fancily, he suddenly got a 100% on a test and yesterday he was actually able to clear the jump he usually missed in gym class.[53]

Astral appeared and tells him that he had been watching; it happened again last night—someone came into his room and messed with his things. Yuma asked why Astral never told him. Astral responded that Yuma never asked him. With Astral already there, he didn't believe that adding more strange things to the room wasn't unnatural. Yuma threw off the fur coat and vowed to find the person responsible, but Tori teased him that his being full of spirit didn't change how terrible his outfit was, and Yuma responded that it wasn't as if he enjoyed dressing this way. She told him he had absolutely no fashion sense. Yuma asked about her, and she retorted that at least her fashion sense was better. Yuma asked her to show him, and she told him they would go shopping this Sunday to buy Yuma new clothes, which he agreed to, and told her to meet him at 3PM at the Heartland Shopping Mall.[64]

Yuma and Astral surrounded by cats

Yuma and Astral surrounded by cats.

The next day, Yuma was waiting for Tori at the mall, surprised she was late, but then group of cats approached Yuma, with the one at the front having a note in its mouth. When Astral was startled by the cats, Yuma asked if he was scared of cats, but Astral denied this and claimed that it was only because he hadn't recorded them in his observations yet. Yuma jokingly told him that cats are very sensitive to the supernatural, so they can definitely see Astral, who responded that it seemed the cats are looking at Yuma. Noticing the note, he picked it up and sees it was tied with Tori's hair ribbon. He read it, and determined that Tori has been kidnapped. Yuma followed a cat to a cat-themed mansion. He burst through the front doors screaming Tori's name, to find a parlor is full of more cats, and many statues and paintings of cats. A girl emerged from upstairs and welcomed him, introducing herself as Cathy Katherine, but told him to call her "Cat-chan". Astral said he recognized her, and told Yuma she was always staring at him from afar. Yuma seemed to know her, but after thinking about it, he said he has no idea who she was, to Cathy's disappointment. Yuma asked where Tori was, and why Cathy would do something like this. She responded that it was because Yuma was hopeless. Yuma seemed confused and told her to just give Tori back. Cathy turned around and said that she will if Yuma could beat her in a Duel, but she wanted something if she won. Yuma questioned if "Numbers" are involved and Astral said that if that's the case, they have no choice, but to win, but Yuma told him that there was no need to tell him that. Throughout the Duel, Cathy tried confessing to Yuma that she loves him, but Yuma defeated her with "Baby Tiragon" and Astral attempted to collect her "Number" before realizing she did not have one. Yuma walked over to Cathy to help her up and asked her where Tori is, making Cathy blush.[64]

Afterward, Yuma found out that Tori was at the park the whole time, playing with Cathy's cats. As they walked to school the next morning with Bronk, Tori told them that she was forced to play with the cats and that Yuma should stop being so angry with her. Yuma angrily insisted that he was not angry with her as Cathy walked up to them, saying "Good morning." and Yuma responds with a "Hey!". As Cathy walked off happily, Bronk asked who that was, and Tori told him not to be rude since that girl was in their class. When they couldn't remember her name, Yuma told them her name was Cathy with "Cat" as a nickname and that she's a strong Duelist. Jealous, Tori said that she didn't know that and Bronk asked if Yuma figured out who was messing with them. Tori said she had to go and walked ahead of them, leaving Yuma confused. Astral floated above and documents his eleventh observation - "Yuma still doesn't understand the feelings of women".[64]

Shark nearly runs over Yuma

Yuma is nearly run over by Shark.

One day Yuma was late for school, and dashed across a crosswalk when traffic was cleared, but nearly got run over by someone on a motorcycle. The driver pulled over and Yuma angrily asked if he didn't see the light change. He saw that the driver was Shark, who said nothing and pulled away. In class, Caswell took Yuma's Deck to look for the "Number" cards, but couldn't find them. When Yuma said that he only has them when Astral is with him, Caswell then tells Yuma that his victory's over Shark and Flip were due to the "Numbers" and questions him about his skills. So Yuma decides to fight Shark again, but Bronk tells him that Shark hasn't been showing up to school lately and how after losing to Yuma, Shark's reputation dropped dramatically and rumors say he's been hanging out with some rough-neck "bad people".[37]

Shark earns the Emperor's key

Shark takes away the Emperor's Key.

Later, Yuma wandered the streets, remarking that his friends didn't understand - he was much stronger than he was before. Yuma found Shark, but was cornered by Chills, Scorch and their goons, then was lifted off the ground by his ankle. Luckily, Shark stepped in and told them to back off, leaving Yuma and his friends alone. When Yuma challenged Shark, he refused to Duel and Yuma was shocked learning that Shark gave up Dueling.The next day, Yuma then proceeds to chase Shark and annoy him by requesting a Duel until he accepts. As the Duel progresses, Shark's burn strategy begins to take its toll on Yuma, who vows not to uses "Numbers". However, Shark tells him use his "Numbers" anyway, so Yuma brings out "Utopia", but it was not enough, as Shark weakened it with "Friller Rabca", then proceeded to negate its effects and destroy it with his "Black Ray Lancer". With a final direct attack from "Aero Shark", Yuma lost the Duel, losing his pride along the way and was devastated. As Yuma bet his pendant in the Duel as a prize, but when Shark took it, he threw it behind him onto the ground beside Yuma, saying that it wasn't worth destroying as well as warning him not to bother him again (in the dub, Shark throws the key to the ground telling Yuma to keep it as a reminder of the Duel).[37]

After this, Yuma Duels Bronk without the "Numbers" only to lose a grand total of 20 times in a row. Eventually, Bronk stops Dueling Yuma for lying to him about using the "Numbers". On the way to school the next day, Yuma catches up with Bronk, asking him if they can Duel today, but Bronk simply says he can't Duel with him anymore. Yuma shakes it off, saying there are plenty of other people to Duel with anyway. When Astral appears and tells him that it doesn't matter who he Duels with right now because Yuma, who usually at least use basic strategies in his Duels, but he isn't even doing that anymore - he's simply recklessly attacking over and over again. Yuma asks what he means, Astral responds that Yuma is irritated about losing to Shark. Astral says that Shark is indeed a very talented Duelist, but that is not the only reason he won. Yuma again asks what he means and Astral says that Shark thoroughly studied Yuma's Deck and found the weakness of the "Numbers", but Yuma really knows nothing about Shark. Yuma thinks back to when Bronk speculated that something happened to Shark at Nationals and goes to do research on Shark. In the school library, Yuma and Tori goes on on the computer and find information, the article calls Shark the "tarnished champion candidate". They read that Shark was disqualified for peeking at his opponent's Deck before a Duel began. Tori says it's hard to believe that's why Shark was disqualified, but Yuma says it can't be true - the Duel he had with Shark was not with the type of person who would cheat like that.[65]

Shark partners up with Yuma

Shark partners up with Yuma.

After school, someone called Weasel runs up to them and says that 2 brothers in the gang Shark is affiliated with, is going to rob a powerful Deck in Heartland Museum and are going to place the blame on Shark. Despite Tori's complaints, Yuma heads to the Museum and is in time to stop Shark, Scorch, and Chills from robbing the Museum and challenges them to a Duel if they win they can have "Utopia". Shark warned Yuma not to be concerned for him, but Yuma said he wouldn't leave him alone to steal the Deck. Yuma also pointed out that Scorch and Chills were just using him, that their hideout is not a place for him to stay, and that both Yuma and Shark are comrades. Shark then decides to Duel with Yuma against Scorch and Chills in a 2-on-2 Tag Duel. During the Duel, Yuma is amazed that Shark could Xyz Summon "Aero Shark" and inflict damage on his first turn, but Scorch Summons "Number 61: Volcasaurus" and with it destroys both their monsters and reducing them to 2400 and 1100 Life Points. Having all their moves countered and with the appearance of Chills' "Number 19: Freezadon", which gave "Volcasaurus" its Overlay Units back, Shark and Yuma were pushed into a corner.[65]

Then Shark revealed what he had suspected Scorch and Chills were cheating by ordering their Decks so they would know what cards were in each others hands, so what they would draw, and they had rigged their D-Pad's Shuffle systems. When Chills tells Shark that he had cheated back at the National Duel Circuit, who said it was because he was afraid of losing, then they start mocking him for it, but Yuma defends Shark. Yuma says there was nothing wrong with being afraid of losing, which is why he used "Numbers" when he Dueled Shark, unaware that Tori and Bronk were nearby listening. After Summoning "Utopia" and having it prevented from attacking by Chills's trap "Avalanche", Yuma used its effect to protect Shark from attacks, which would have caused him to lose. After having "Utopia" and the newly Summoned "Black Ray Lancer" destroyed by "Volcasaurus", Shark narrowly avoids losing from a direct attack by using the trap "Final Offering", ending the Battle Phase and giving Yuma a card needed to win. [66]

Yuma protecting Shark through Number 39's effect

Yuma and Shark during their Duel with Scorch and Chills.

After eliminating Chills by forcing him to use his "Compensation Exchange" trap, which saved "Volcasaurus" by taking damage equal to its ATK, Yuma used "Monster Reborn" to bring back Shark's "Black Ray Lancer" and equip it with Shark's "Armored Xyz" he entrusted to him earlier. It allowed Yuma to give "Lancer" the properties of "Utopia", letting it destroy "Volcasaurus" and attack directly for the win. Bronk and Tori run up congratulating him for winning, and Yuma apologizes for lying. Bronk, with some urging from Tori, accepts the apology and asks for a Duel with him, which he happily accepts. Before Shark leaves, Yuma tries to return "Armored Xyz" to him, but Shark comments that his card was able to improve Yuma's game, allowing him to keep it. Yuma gets little annoyed being called a "no-good Duelist", making Shark smile and walk off as Yuma smiles and watches him.[66]

While at the shopping mall, a criminal takes several people hostages, and Yuma's Duel Gazer rings to have asks him where he was. Yuma tried to lie by saying he's still at school, but Kari knew he was there because she can see him on the news. Kari orders Yuma obtain her a scoop so she can be on the occurrence, but before he could get close to the scene, Kite Tenjo and Orbital 7 caused time to freeze. Yuma and Astral wasn't affected by this and realized that they could move around in this frozen time. Yuma learned that a Duel was taking place and saw that the criminal is possessed by a "Number", he tries to get closer. Due to several blockages, Yuma arrives to finds the criminal, aged and continuously saying "Number Hunter". Yuma to figure out what happened, time start flowing again, and the Heartland police grab and attack him, which ends up on the news.[67]

Yuma facing two Number monsters

Yuma facing two "Number" monsters.

Since Astral learn that there is someone else collecting "Numbers" just like them and can somehow stopped time, he warns Yuma that someone might come for them, but Yuma wasn't worry and it. At school, Bronk tells Yuma, Tori, and Caswell that the neighboring city has built a new Duel plaza, and the group decides to go there next Sunday. On the way back from the Duel plaza, it starts to rain, but as Yuma and Tori are looking for shelter, a truck is about to hit Tori. Yuma shoves her, putting himself in the way, then time suddenly stops again and they hear the same whistling they heard in the mall. They find themselves confronting the Number Hunter, who ties Yuma to a Duel Anchor stopping him from escaping and then Duel with their "Numbers" on the line.[67] As Duel begins, Yuma watches as Kite has Summons "Number 10: Illumiknight" and "Number 20: Giga-Brilliant" and shortly after Summons his ultimate monster, "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon".[9]

Yuma feels he could never be a Duel Champion

Yuma feels he could never become a Duel Champion.

When Orbital 7 the Kite tells him to extract every drop of Yuma's soul, and Yuma asks what he means, he learns that when Kite that when he collects a "Number", he steals the owner's soul. Yuma fights back with "Utopia" and "Leviathan Dragon", but the hunter overpowers Yuma. However just before he can deal the finishing blow on Yuma, the robot informs him that his little brother has collapsed, so the Hunter cancels the Duel. Kite breaks the Duel Anchor from Yuma and tells him that his name is "Kite Tenjo" and to remember it well, and leaves starting time again. As time resume, the truck that almost hit Yuma and Tori to drive past, splashing water all over him. Falling to the ground, Yuma begins cry out of anger from almost losing to Kite so easily and asks what is "kattobingu" and what's being a Duel Champion. Yuma says that this way he could never be a Duel Champion, and then cries out in frustration. Yuma then falls into a state of depression and with his pride was severely hurt.[9]

Haru asks Yuma to do an errand for her

Haru Tsukumo asks Yuma to go on an errand.

Shortly after Tori and Bronk inform Yuma of a tournament known as the World Duel Carnival, Haru Tsukumo convinces Yuma to go to a Duel Sanctuary to train in Dueling by asking him to do an errand. While there, Yuma Dueled the Sanctuary's master, Roku, he learned about how the monsters go through during all Duels and that he'll become better for understanding their struggle. Eventually, Roku's old apprentice, Kaze, appears and defeats the Roku, wanting to claim the Duel Sanctuary's Legendary Deck. However, Yuma interferes with his search and a Duel begins between them. Soon though, Kaze is revealed to have a "Number", "Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja".[54]

Yuma checking the Secret Deck's cards

Yuma and his friends checking the Legendary Deck's cards.

After seeing his "Number" monster, Yuma begins to doubt his skills, but Astral tells him to believe in Roku's teachings, for they will lead to victory. With his and the monsters' feelings in mind, Yuma manages to defeat the "Number" monster and win. After being released from the "Number" and being accepted back to the Sanctuary, Kaze thanks Yuma. Kari, who was watching Yuma's Duel, realized how much he had grown through Dueling, and allowed him to do so, as long as he doesn't overdo it. Before he leaves, Roku gives Yuma the Duel Sanctuary's Legendary Deck and tells him to prepare for the World Duel Carnival as many strong Duelists will be participating.[68]

Astral and Yuma on strife

Yuma and Astral on strife.

Fortuno versus yuma

Yuma challenges Fortuno.

After putting together his new Deck, Yuma is prepared for the World Duel Carnival. However, Astral, still shaken up from his Duel with Kite, has his own doubts about it. Yuma eventually learns through a possessed Cathy that his friends are being held captive by Fortuno, a servant of Kite. Astral, scared of losing, was against accepting the Duel, but Yuma eventually persuaded him and the two made off to face against Fortuno. Fortuno introduces himself as Kite's servant and tells him that Kite would be watching this Duel himself, scaring Astral, but not damaging Yuma's fiery spirit.[69]

Yuma and Astral do Chaos Xyz Change

Yuma and Astral perform a Chaos Xyz Evolution.

Once their Duel got started, Fortuno Summoned "Number 16: Shock Master" and the two were against the wall. However, Yuma managed to defeat the "Number" monster only to be shocked when Fortuno Summons his other "Number" monster, "Number 11: Big Eye" and uses its effect to take control of Utopia. Also, throughout the Duel, Fortuno keeps sealing Yuma's Summons up to the point where they think there's nothing else they can do. Astral was frightened about losing, but when Fortuno offers Yuma the deal of handing his "Number" cards in exchange of his friends, Astral becomes willing to be sacrificed. Yuma refuses and when they eventually find out that the "Kite" watching them was nothing more than a statue, they once again gain hope. With a new power, Chaos Xyz Evolution, Yuma and Astral both Xyz Summon "Number C39: Utopia Ray" and defeat Fortuno. Astral then claims both "Numbers" and Yuma saved his friends with the latter thanking Astral. Annoyed, Yuma then walks off in a fit due to his friends ignoring him.[32]

One day at school, Mr. Kay tells Yuma's class that next Saturday is Visitor Day. Bronk asks Tori which of her parents is coming, then noticing Yuma is listening, and apologizes because his parents are absent. Yuma says its okay and he doesn't mind. When he arrives home, he notices both Haru and Kari have plans next Saturday, so he decides not to ruin their plans and not tell them about Visitor Day. At night, Yuma looks sadly at a picture of his parents before going to sleep. In the morning, Yuma overslept as usual and left the house in a hurry, not noticing he forgot Emperor's Key. As Yuma was about to leave, he bump into Kari, who finds it strange that Yuma has classes on a Saturday, but Yuma was able to avoids her questions. While waiting at a crosswalk, Yuma notices he lost his key and skipped his classes to look for it.[22]

Yuma challenges the 20 boxes jump

Yuma doing the 20-stacks challenge.

After looking it for a while, Astral asks Yuma about his parents and Yuma fondly tells him about his father and how he obtained the Emperor's Key, and how he gave it to Yuma, teaching him the "kattobingu" challenge. After finding the key in his attic, Yuma goes back to school just in time for P.E. class. Yuma spend the time watching his friends jumping over boxes when Kari and Haru arrived, finding out about Visitor Day and realize that Yuma didn't tell them. Yuma was surprised, but happy when they cheer for him, who once again challenges jumping 20 stacks. Smiling, Yuma sees the stacks as a mountain, and seeing that his parents' spirits watching over him. Astral realizes everyone loves Yuma and cheers for him too, then Yuma leaps toward the boxes with his family and friends cheering him on.[22]

Number 96 dueling through Yuma

Yuma being "possessed" by Number 96.

After obtaining "Number 96: Dark Mist", he and Bronk got into a fight over being reckless in the Duel. Yuma spend the next day ignoring Bronk at school, but also remembering the day they met and became friends. While Tori urged Yuma to make up with Bronk, Yuma told Astral that Bronk wasn't his friend, with the latter being right front of him. When Yuma tried to solve the situation, Bronk accidentally knocks the Emperor's Key, causing Number 96 to take control of Astral. Just before the evil "Number" fully takes control of Astral, he tells Yuma to give his "Utopia" to Bronk so that he can Duel Number 96, and free Yuma and Astral. During the Duel, Number 96 manipulated and controls Yuma, who was forced to use his cards to Duel for it. On Astral's orders, Yuma pretended to be overtaken by 96 to fool it into destroying a card that Bronk could win without. Once Bronk re-Summoned Utopia, he managed to defeat Number 96 and frees Yuma and Astral from its control.[60]

After school one day, Yuma and his friends discover a duckling, which leads them to discover the Litterbot washed up on shore with the mother duck inside. After setting the mother duck free, Tori asks Yuma to fix the Litterbot, though Yuma had no clue of what to do. Due to one of the cables being severed, Tori helps by lending one of her heart pins to bind the cable, and Yuma was able reviving the broken Litterbot. After reviving, the Litterbot forms a bond with Yuma and follow him back to his house, to his dismay. After the Litterbot defeats Yuma in a Duel, the Litterbot takes Tori's ribbon and ties it on itself leading Tori to assume it's a girl Litterbot, naming it Lillybot, which Yuma shortens to Lilly. Then Yuma and friends enjoy the day with Lilly - playing basketball, skateboarding, and beating both Yuma and Bronk in a Duel. At night, Yuma lets Lilly stays in Yuma's garage. Unknown to Yuma, the thief activates the control forcing Lilly to steal for him again, but not before she dropped one of her cards, which is "Star Light, Star Bright". The following morning, after finding Lilly's card and Yuma discovers that Lilly is involved in the recent thefts in the city. Yuma and friends search for Lilly and confront the jewel thief. However, he manages to get away as Lilly causes distraction. Yuma Duels Lilly hoping that he can snap Lilly out of the thief's control. During the Duel, the thief triggers a 1-minute countdown to blow up the Litterbot, but Yuma successfully stopped the countdown by defeating Lilly.[42]

One night, Yuma learns from Astral about the structure and ship in the Emperor's Key, making him fall out his hammock out of shock. Yuma questions Astral about the key, but Astral tells him that the structure looks like a giant puzzle and something might happen if the "Numbers" are collected. In the morning, Yuma was apparently late for school and was running through the hallways, having forgot he has swimming class today. At the pool, Yuma and Caswell get into an argument, who claimed his key is dangerous. Though Yuma says it isn't, Caswell insists and reminds him that Yuma's key hurts his head. Yuma decides to go to his locker and put the key there, wondering if Astral will be fine, but he decides to leave. Later, Yuma and his classmates discovers the locker room in a mess, and his Emperor's Key was stolen. Yuma searches frantically for it only to find that Kite and Orbital 7 has the key with Astral still inside, and that Shark's soul was stolen.[50]

Orbital 7 misses Yuma

Orbital 7 misses Yuma.

After recruiting Mr. Kay to use a virus to find the location of Kite Tenjo's laboratory, Yuma, along with Bronk, Tori, Cathy, and Caswell go there, only to find that the doors are sealed shut. As he is giving up hope, Tori slaps him, bringing him back to his senses and reminding him of "kattobingu". The group begins to pull on the doors, only for them to open by Mr. Kay's bug.[23] They go inside, looking for the Key, but are intercepted by Orbital 5 and Orbital 6. Yuma kicks the former in the face, but is spurred on by his friends, who say they will distract the robots while he looks for the Key. He does find the area with the key, but the door is locked. He is unable to open it, but discovers a picture of Kite and a mysterious young boy. After Orbital 7 arrived, the door opened and the robot attacked Yuma, but got his drills get stuck in a wall, giving Yuma the chance to enter the lab and find his key.[56]


Yuma after overlaying with Astral during their Duel with Kite.

Yuma is called to The Door once again after his Deck begins to glow, with it telling him that, while he will lose his most precious thing as the price for the power it gave him, someone is interrupting their agreement, prompting him to fly through it and obtain the power of ZEXAL. He sees Astral's Duel with Kite, and wanting to help, does jump through, to which Astral initiates an Xyz Summon, using the both of them as material. The two reappear as one, their bodies and souls overlaid together. Yuma continues the Duel in place of Astral, who tells him that their next draw would decide whether they won or lost. He calls out Shining Draw, getting the newly created "ZW - Unicorn Spear", using it as an equip card on "Utopia Ray", giving it the ability to bypass the effects of "Galaxy-Eyes" and destroy it. Kite then uses his trap, "Photon Shock", giving them both the damage from that battle, ending the Duel in a DRAW. Yuma questions Kite as to why someone like him would do something as devilish as steal peoples' souls for the "Numbers", prompting him to say that he sold his soul to the devil long ago, and that his reasons were none of his concern Kite then gives Shark's soul back. The building begins to self-destruct and Yuma's friends waits outside for him, but think it too late after it explodes. Yuma appears from out of the rubble, with the Emperor's Key around his neck once again. While celebrating his safety and the return of the Key, he notices Kite flying away from the area.[56]

The next day, while running to school, time suddenly stopped, and only Yuma and Astral are able to move. Kite invaded Astral's memories, causing him to fly through the places where they Dueled so far. When time resumed again, Kite appeared telling him that they will settle their score in the WDC.[70]

World Duel Carnival Preliminaries[]

A few days before the World Duel Carnival starts, Yuma waited for his Heart Pieces, but they didn't arrive as Yuma forgot to register online. When his friends reminded him, he quickly tried to register, but the registration time had already finished. Yuma panicky immediately ran into the Heartland office to ask for a Heart Piece, but the guards didn't let him enter until Mr. Heartland appeared and gave him a Heart Piece. Afterwards, with Yuma and Tori talks about how he can finally fulfill the promise he made with his father to become the Duel Champion. Astral tells Yuma that he must win since the tournament should have many Number holders. Yuma tells Astral that he doesn't plan on just winning, causing Astral to asks Yuma why he doesn't plan on fully winning since that would mean Yuma wouldn't be fulfilling the promise he made with his father. Yuma explains to Astral that he has thought to himself for a long time about what Dueling means to him. Yuma tells him that ever since he met Astral, he started to win despite losing all the time before, but when he lost against Shark and Kite, he understood that he could lose something important from losing for the first time, but he never hated Dueling despite it.[34]

Yuma bond

Yuma tells Astral what Dueling means to him.

Yuma tells Astral that Dueling means bonds and connection to him, and that Dueling and fighting are different. Astral doesn't want to agree to him since he would disappear if he lost, but Yuma tells Astral that he understands how he feels and will do anything to save him. However, Yuma has realized that there is something more exceeding than winning and losing. Astral asks Yuma what he will do about Kite, where Yuma answers that he will lose his soul if he lost, but it won't change his mind when it comes to Dueling. Then Tori worries what would happen if Yuma really lost his soul, but Yuma tries to comfort Tori and promises to win the tournament. The day the WDC started, Yuma went to the opening ceremony and listens to Mr. Heartland explains the rules. Just after the Carnival starts, Striker hits Yuma in the face with a soccer ball filled with cards, challenging him to a Duel.[34]

Yuma in the Soccer field

Yuma under the effects of "Stadium of Dreams".

Striker quickly reduces Yuma's Life Points and prevents him from attacking with his Soccer-themed Deck. During the Duel, Striker reveals that he used to play soccer in his older brothers' team, but Striker doesn't play as a team, so he quit the team and started Dueling instead. Yuma manages to win the Duel with his new Xyz Monster, "Muzurhythm the String Djinn" and reminds Striker that he likes to play soccer and rejoins his brothers' team. Striker gives Yuma his Heart Piece, earning his first Heart Piece.[59]

Yuma VS Shobee ZX JP 028

Yuma VS Cody

Yuma's second opponent is Cody Callus. Cody thinks that Dueling is only about power and uses Digvorzhak, King of Heavy Industry". Yuma proves him wrong by defeating him without using any Xyz Monsters, instead, he reduced his monster's ATK to 0 and destroyed it with "Kurivolt" who only has 300 ATK and inflicted effect damage. With Cody's defeat Yuma now has 3 Heart Pieces; however, so far, only two pieces fit together, meaning Yuma will still need to collect three more fitting pieces.[41] His third opponent was Anna Kaboom, who was always carrying a cannon with her, which also reflects in her Duels since she uses a beatdown strategy through effect damage. Even though Yuma defeated her, it was revealed she wasn't an actual participant in the tournament so she couldn't give him a Heart Piece. As Anna flew away, she thought of Yuma and developed a crush on him, along with a feeling of hatred immediately after, because those thoughts distracted her, causing her to smash her head against the railroad and she blamed him for it.[71]

Yuma's fourth opponent was Tombo Tillbitty, who plays by the rules of "Basket Rule" meaning he had to pull a vegetable from a basket at random and eat it every time he wanted to attack. Yuma was not able to attack for most of the Duel because he pulled a tomato every time he was about to attack and he said he hated tomatoes until Tori said that if he lost she would force Yuma to eat his food and Duel meals with tomatoes every single day. Scared of the thought of it, Yuma forced himself to eat one and after that, he thought that Tombo's tomatoes were delicious. Yuma won the Duel by Summoning a new Xyz Monster "Melomelody the Brass Djinn" and using the effect of "Gagaga Girl" and gaining his fourth Heart Piece.[17]


Charlie McCay vs Yuma.

His fifth opponent was Charlie McCay, who plays cards with Die roll effects and possess "Number 7: Lucky Straight" that gives luck to the player who has it, so Charlie wins all the Duels he plays. Charlie also used the card to steal other cards and other things, among them being one of the Numbers, "Big Eye", so Yuma chased him and challenged him to a Duel on top of a train.[72] Yuma defeated him because he "split the sun in two", as Charlie said that if the sun is split in two, the luck of "Lucky Straight" would run out. Yuma destroyed Charlie's "Sun Scale", which symbolizes the sun, and then Summoned "Number 39: Utopia Ray" for the win. After that, Charlie returned the stolen Number card to Yuma and receiving "Lucky Straight" as well.[24]

During the second day of the WDC, Yuma and Tori Meadows went with Bronk and Caswell met with the Asian Champion, Quattro, in a clearing for a Duel. Although Yuma was wary of Quattro due to Shark, Quattro seemed kind, Yuma changed his opinion of him until Quattro activated the card "Gimmick Box", he showed his real face, which is cold and malicious. He started to make Caswell and Bronk suffer, causing Yuma to become angry. After the Quattro's win, Yuma challenged him to a Duel, but Shark arrives and challenged him too, but Quattro went away.[73] Trey, who is Quattro's brother, challenged Shark to a Duel, and Yuma watched it. Throughout the Duel, Yuma worried about Shark, but cheered him on and was happy that he won.[74] After the Duel, Yuma is irritated by whats going on with Shark and Quattro, and angrily says "Dueling isn't a tool for revenge!".

Yuma Wins Againist Cameron

Yuma defeats Cameron.

Despite Tori's attempts to take his mind off it, Yuma snaps at her for trying to cheer him up, in which Tori walks away hurt. After a request from his sister to look for a Duelist named Cameron Clix, he wonders where Tori went, and Astral clarifies that he said some hurtful things to her, which he denies. Upon running into Cameron, they Duel, with Tori's life at stake due to Cameron's prediction with his photo. When Cameron Summoned his "Number" card, Yuma was pushed into a corner.[39] However, Astral told Yuma to ignore the photos Cameron showed him. By doing so, Yuma was able to Summon "Utopia Ray" and win the Duel. Unfortunately, this didn't stop the prediction of Tori's fate, but Kite and Orbital 7 showed up and managed to safely put the ship on the ground, which Yuma thanked him for. With Tori safe, Yuma got his fourth Heart Piece and "Number 25: Force Focus".[75]

ZXx037 YumavsDextraandNistro

Yuma VS Nistro & Dextra

Later, he Duels Nistro and Dextra in Flip's place, as Flip collected Heart Pieces using his "tricky ideas" until Nistro and Dextra found out. He Duels without the help of Astral, as Astral is being cornered inside the Emperor's Key by Number 96, he is unable to use the Numbers and is struggling against the teamwork of Nistro and Dextra.[76] As the Duel continues, their combination overpowered Yuma and drastically lowered his Life Points. On an attempt to turn the Duel around, Yuma managed to Summon "Utopia", surprising Nistro and his partner as he holds a "Number" card. After noticing their "Photon" cards, Yuma identifies them as being affiliated with Kite, and told them that he has Dueled Kite before. Unable to counterattacked, Yuma gave up hope when they reduced him to 100 Life Points, but Astral returned and was briefly visible to everyone watching the Duel - revealing to Nistro and Dextra he is in possession of the Original Number. With Astral's help, Yuma execute a winning move and won the Duel.[28]

Afterwards, Yuma gather together with Tori, Flip, and Bronk, who tells how Caswell is doing. Flip comments that Yuma is the only one left in their group to be in the WDC while Astral reminds him that the remaining contestants in the WDC are quite the competition as only strong people remain. Then, Cathy appears behind Yuma and shows him that she gather three Heart Pieces. Yuma congratulates her on getting the Heart Pieces, and then shows her the four that he's collected. Suddenly, a dog snatched Yuma's Heart Pieces and ran off, but Cathy uses her ability with cats to search for dog's whereabouts for him. When managing to locate where the dog had gone, Yuma was shocked when a dog, named Roscoe spoke to the gang. After Cathy challenged the dog to a Duel, Yuma watches anxiously since his Heart Pieces are on the line. Yuma was shocked when the talking dog was revealed to actually be a little girl named Pip. As the Duel continues, Yuma sees Pip growing nervous and encourage her to "kattobingu" and his friends follows suit. Yuma cheers for Pip when she managed to win the Duel, but remembers his Heart Pieces were on the line. As the sun begins to set, Yuma stop sulking after Pip gave him back his stolen Heart Pieces.[77]


Yuma being held by Nistro

Later at night, Yuma encounters Hart Tenjo wondering the streets, and bear witness of his power. Upon Astral's request, Yuma takes Hart to his home and formed a friendship with him. When Hart wonders out in the night, Yuma went after him, but notice that Hart was beginning to panic when they noticed the helicopter. On Astral's advice, Yuma quickly gave Hart a caramel and promised to take him to see his brother Kite, which calms him down, and then found out the helicopter which was piloted by Quinton. Quinton brainwashes Hart and takes him in his helicopter as Yuma yells Hart's name as it flew away.[78] Walking home, Yuma was confronted by Nistro and Dextra, which Yuma kicked the former in the crotch in order to escape from his gripped. Yuma and Kite agreed to teamed up to find him and break into an abandoned gallery, beginning a Tag Duel against Trey and Quattro.[5]

Zexal-41 duel

Yuma and Kite vs. Trey and Quattro.

As the Duel begun, Kite used his field spell, which injured everyone else, including Yuma. Yuma got upset that Kite would hurt his own partner, but Astral reminded him that they were there to save Hart. As the Duel continued, Yuma tried to protect Kite, while playing his "Number", "Utopia", much to Trey, Quattro and Quinton's surprise, but it is destroyed by "Number 15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Grinder".[6] Nonetheless, Yuma fights back using "Number C39: Utopia Ray", but Quattro manages to stop the damage from the attack and play "Number 40: Gimmick Puppet of Strings", much to Yuma's shock. After Kite was on the verge of defeat, Yuma told him to stand up, because if he didn't, Yuma asks him who else would protect Hart. Upon seeing Kite's new energy enveloping him, he lets him sacrifice his monsters and unleash "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon", which wins them the Duel.[79] Afterwards, Yuma learns from Quinton that his father is still alive in Astral World. Although he decides to go there in hopes to find his father, he is stopped by Tori and his family along with Roku. Yuma decides to Duel Roku so he can leave. Despite faring well, he recklessly disregards Roku's face-down "Mirror Force", which destroys all his monsters, and is then finished off by "Arcana Knight Joker". After some words from Roku, he comes to his senses, realizing he shouldn't run away or abandon Dueling.[80]

During the next day, Yuma was ready to leave his house while lamenting how Roku was gone when he woke up. However, his grandmother assure him that Roku left relief that Yuma has chosen his path, which left him wondering what path he has taken. Kari said it is him winning the World Duel Carnival and becoming champion. Touched by his family's support, Yuma hurries outside to find his friends all gather to cheer him on. While walking, Yuma proclaimed on about winning anyone in the finals, but stopped and wonder about his path he choose again. Astral said that he shared Yuma's confusion, and reminds Yuma about others - Kite, Hart, Shark, and his father - whom he all wants to save. Yuma includes Astral too and say that he won't lose to anyone no matter what, making Astral smile. Yuma notice his friends listening, and said that he'll find a way to make everybody happy. When Yuma show his friends that he needs only one more Heart Piece, they started to search for a weak Duelist for Yuma, to his annoyance. Later, Flip calls Yuma to a plaza, where he happily finds Nelson Andrews as "The Sparrow" Dueling against Nistro, where both Duelists are also happy to see him. Throughout the Duel, Yuma watches in awe and cheers for both sides. The Duel gets him excited, and spend most of his time bantering with Astral about Nistro, Nelson, and the moves they played. After Nelson lost, Yuma goes up to him and was happy that he had fun. He was little surprised, but touched when Nelson thanked Yuma for teaching him that Dueling was for fun. When Nistro came to them, Yuma finds out the he enter the WDC in order to Duel against him, and Nistro tells Yuma that he will be waiting in the finals. Yuma then listen to Nelson explaining how he can make others happy through Dueling and hearing Nelson's encouragements, Yuma thanks him for helping him realized his path and promised that he will always "kattobingu".[81]

Later, Yuma can't find anyone to Duel against and desperately searches for an opponent. However, Yuma encounters a fallen Duelist and learned how violent Shark has became. Yuma found Shark at a construction site and tried to questions his behavior. When he tried to leave, Yuma challenges Shark to a Duel, which he accepts. However, Yuma doesn't make any attempts to attack Shark and let him take his anger out on him. Once Shark realize this, Yuma's plan succeed and manage to make the "Number"'s darkness over Shark disappeared. After Yuma reaffirm his friendship with Shark, Yuma gets a call from his grandma to learn that Trey was at his house. Despite initial hostility, Yuma ends up befriending Trey, who was amazed by the artifacts in Yuma's room that his father found. After spending part of the day with Yuma and his family, Trey remembers how his family used to be and challenges Yuma to a Duel, who wished to know Trey's feelings and talk more.[82]

Yuma recovers in Kattobing

Yuma regains "kattobingu".

During the Duel, Yuma tried to reason with Trey and shocked by his sudden change in personalty. Trey then uses his new powers to erase Yuma's memories of "kattobingu" and his father's teachings. Due to the power of Trey's Crest, Yuma is unable to see Astral or the Emperor's Key.[55] Without his "kattobingu", Yuma also becomes weak and cowardly, and wants to surrender the Duel. Trey refused to let Yuma quit the Duel and brutally attacked him, causing Yuma to nearly fell off the highway until his friends saved him. With some help from his father inside the Emperor's Key and Astral's bit of power, Yuma was released from Trey's influence and regained ability to see the key and Astral. Upon returning to normal, Yuma learned that Trey destroyed Astral, which makes him mad and cried for his friend. Remembering the lessons Astral taught him, Yuma proceeds to use "Utopia" and later "Utopia Ray", but Trey counters with "Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis".[43]

III giving Yuma his Crest's power

Trey giving Yuma his crest's power.

Trey uses the Trap Card "Final Prophecy" to protect "Atlandis", but doesn't realize that the card opens a portal to Barian World. Trey's Crest starts damaging his body, but Yuma manages to convince Trey to work together with him to revive Astral. Using the ZEXAL power, Yuma and Astral performed a Shining Draw - "ZW - Phoenix Bow", and equipping it to "Utopia Ray", Yuma defeated Trey. and "Atlanto". After Yuma's victory over Trey, Trey gives Yuma his "Numbers" and a Heart Piece and leaves asking Yuma to save his family. Obtaining Trey's Heart Piece and two "Numbers", Yuma completed his Heart Pieces and advances to the WDC finals.[83]

World Duel Carnival Finals[]

After Yuma advanced to the finals, he goes to the finals party and brought his friends along, but forgets his invitation. Flip helps him and his friends sneak into the party, but they get caught again. Nistro appears and helps them get into the party, vouching for the fact that Yuma is a finalist. During the party, Yuma noticed Kite talking to Quinton and tried to reach them, but to no avail and then tried looking for Shark. After Vetrix interrupted Mr. Heartland's speech and revealed himself, Yuma realized that he is the one Trey was talking about during their Duel. After Flip's antics cause a mess at the party, Yuma found Kite on his way out and asked how Hart was. Kite told him not to concern himself with that and focus on the confrontation the two will surely have in the finals. Yuma agreed, only to hear Kite telling him that it's not Yuma he's looking forward to defeating - it's Astral, much to Yuma's annoyance. Despite this, he smiles as Kite leaves.[35]

Tori, Yuma and Astral in the Duel Coaster

Yuma on the Duel Coaster with Tori and Astral

On the morning of the Finals, Yuma sleept outside the stadium, so as not to be late again. Upon boarding his Duel Coaster, he realized he forgets his Heart Pieces, which are required to start the Coaster. Yuma's sister and his friends worked together to get his Heart Pieces to him, and he started the course, with Tori in the passenger seat next to him by mistake. He noticed many of the Duels and the quick victories of the other Finalists. Yuma was then cornered by the Triad of Terror and forced into a Duel formation, making a 3 on 1 Battle Royal against him.[36] However, Anna, and her sacrifice as well as Nistro's interference, Yuma was able to defeat the Triad of Terror, but his Life Points were reduced to 600 in the process.[33]

Yuma entered the underground sector and realized that only 8 Duelists can go to the Duel Fields, so he rushes to find someone but doesn't realize a Trap point. The Trap threw a boxing glove that punches him and inflicted 200 damage to him twice. Yuma then encountered another trap point, and slowed down in desperation. The trap card, "The Paths of Destiny", still activated. Yuma tossed a coin for its effect, and since the coin landed on heads, Yuma recoverd 2000 Life Points. He then proceeds to save Nistro who was about to be eliminated by Quinton. Yuma guided Nistro to "The Paths of Destiny" and told him to use it to recover his Life Points. Yuma left Nistro but once again ran into the boxing glove Trap, but this time it punched Tori, angering her.[1]


Yuma vows to defeat Vetrix.

Later, Yuma unintentionally drove his Duel Coaster car into Jungle Field where Dextra and Vetrix are Dueling. At first during the Duel, Yuma has faith that Dextra will win against Vetrix, given the advantage she has. However, Vetrix manages to pull himself out and beat Dextra with only 100 Life Points. After Vetrix removes her memories of Kite and leaves her emotionally scarred, Yuma vows to Duel Vetrix for her sake.[40]


Yuma angry at Kite for showing no concern for Dextra.

After the Duel, Yuma and Tori ran into Orbital 7, who was looking for Kite and crashed into his Duel Coaster. Remembering Dextra's request, Yuma told Orbital to show him the way to Kite and found him Dueling with Quinton at the "Space Field". Upon crashing into the field, Yuma relaid his message to Kite about Dextra after her Duel with Vetrix, and got angry with him after he shrugged it off. Afterwards, Quinton told the story of what happened to Yuma's father and how he was connected to Kite's father Dr. Faker and Quinton's own father.[25] Yuma stayed to watch the Duel between Quinton and Kite, and cheered Kite on. Yuma's actions were questioned by Quinton, who pointed out that Kite is Faker's son, and Faker betrayed Kazuma - and he is a Number Hunter who will hunt Yuma as well. Yuma said he knows that, but adds that he has Dueled Kite and that means they are friends, and Kite is also his goal. After Kite successfully defeated Quinton, Yuma conversed with Astral on how Vetrix and Dr. Faker's plans began as Astral came to his world. Yuma concludes that his father wanted him and Astral to stop them, and proclaimed he will fight against those "stubborn adults".[26]


Yuma urges Kite on.

While on his Duel Coaster, Yuma muttered about defeating Vetrix and Dr. Faker, and expressed his anger on how they used their sons as tools. After Astral told Yuma that he felts a strong pulse coming from the left side - the same one given off by the crests of Trey and Quinton - Yuma headed off towards that direction in hopes of finding Vetrix. However, Yuma wandered into the field where Shark and Quattro were having their Duel instead. Yuma cheered Shark on and worried for him as he Summoned "Number 32: Shark Drake". When Vetrix appeared before Yuma, he listened to Vetrix explaining his plans concerning Shark. While watching Shark suffer under Quattro's combo of "Number 40: Gimmick Puppet of Strings" and "String of Destiny", Yuma tried to save Shark and urged them to stop the meaningless fighting, but was restrained by Vetrix's chains from Barian World. Yuma continued to rant, saying that those who Duel become friends - and that Dueling should not be used to hurt people. Vetrix compared Yuma to his father, saying he always talked of bonds and making people happy as well. He then tried to convince Yuma to take revenge on Dr. Faker what what happened to Kazuma, hoping to spread more darkness. Yuma claimed he wouldn't forgive Vetrix's actions instead. Vetrix was pleased, saying that darkness was born in Yuma's heart via his anger and urged him to hate both him and Faker.[84]


Yuma chained up by Vetrix.

When Shark turned the tide with "Number C32: Shark Drake Veiss", the chains were broken and Shark won the Duel. After Quattro left through a portal, Shark told Yuma he would not forgive him if he got in the way, which only made Yuma more determined to reach the finals.[85]


Nistro shakes hands with Yuma and wishes him luck.

Afterward, while thinking about the Duels he witnessed, Yuma carelessly ran into a "Cemetary Bomb" Trap Point, reducing his Life Points to 100. Finally arriving to the "Desert Field" field, Yuma began his Duel against Nistro. Wanting a fair fight against Yuma, Nistro activates Heroic Gift", that restoring Yuma's Life Points to 4000. This also let Nistro draw two cards, which he claimed as the reason for activating it. However, Yuma was still shaken up from seeing the other Duels, and played more defensively, which disappointed Nistro. Astral tells him he can't win the way he's playing now and that Yuma is afraid, but Yuma rebuffed him and continue playing his way. After Nistro told Yuma must come at him with his true Dueling, Yuma realized he must bet everything on this Duel. Returning to his usual offensive style, Yuma began to Duel to Nistro's expectations. Midway through the Duel, racks of the Duel Coaster abruptly end and they flung onto the ground below, and the field switched to "Sunset Showdown". Accepting Nistro's wish to finish the battle using their respective ace monsters, Yuma Summons "Number 39: Utopia" through the effect of Nistro's "Xyz Xtreme !!". Using his "Double or Nothing!" combo, Yuma increased the ATK of "Utopia" and defeated "Heroic Champion - Excalibur", thus winning him the Duel. Yuma and Nistro exchanged words, with the latter giving the former "Excalibur" and wishing him luck in the finals[2]


Dr. Faker appears before Yuma and Astral.

That night, Yuma celebrated his making it to the semifinals with his friends and family at his house. While eating and proclaiming he would become Duel Champion with his Deck, Yuma noticed his Deck was missing and panicked. Tracking his Deck through Heartland City, Caswell told Yuma his Deck was in Heartland, which prompted Yuma to bang at the doors. After many failed attempts, Yuma infiltrated Heartland by being "recycled" by the Litterbots along with Tori and Bronk. Successfully entering Heartland Tower, Yuma learned from Astral that Hart was here and decided to go see him. After letting his friends handle a security robot, Yuma and Astral entered Hart's room. Yuma talked to a comatose Hart about still being in the World Duel Carnival and his goals. Tearing up, Yuma began to blame himself for letting Hart fall into Vetrix's hands. Yuma's teardrop dripped into Hart's face and was transported into Hart's mind with Astral. Here, Yuma and Astral listened to Hart's request to save his brother, Kite, and then were transported back into the room. Conversing with Astral, Yuma was unsure what to do with Hart and the "Numbers". Then, an oversized hologram of Dr. Faker confronted them, and Yuma learned Dr. Faker's goal to rule the Earth. Being dropped through a hole, Yuma met up with his friends and got his Deck back. The next day, the semifinals began, and Yuma was matched-up with Shark. In a hallway leading to the arena, Yuma told Astral he would become champion for sure and vowed to resolve everything himself and runs out.[2]


Yuma suffering the dark aura of the "Chaos Number".

Upon entering the Duel Tower, Yuma noticed there was something wrong with Shark as he made no attempt to defend against his attacks, which caused him to easily reduce Shark's Life Points. When Shark began to counterattack, Yuma realized that Vetrix influenced him, and his Life Points were quickly dropped.[10] While trying to bring Shark back to his senses, Yuma held out until he finally managed to Summon "Utopia", which he needed to fulfill his plan. He attacked with "Utopia", negated his own attack and activated "Rivals Unite", which gave him control of Shark's "Shark Drake Veiss", allowing Shark to recover from Vetrix's influence, but forcing himself to suffer the darkness from "Shark Drake Veiss", which was more potent than that of a regular "Number". Yuma had a way to get rid of "Shark Drake Veiss" by Tributing "Rivals Unite" with "Traplin", but that would make the "Number" possess Shark again. However, Yuma knew if he didn't, he'd have to take the effect of "Heraldry Catastrophe", which could defeat "Utopia" and make Astral disappear. Shark, who could not stand watching Yuma in pain, activated "Underwater Snow Prison", banishing "Shark Drake Veiss" and causing himself to take 1000 damage, giving Yuma the win. After the Duel, Shark reminded Yuma that he was a good friend and thanked Yuma for saving him. As Shark was flown off to the hospital, Yuma vowed to inherit Shark's will and win against Vetrix.[44]

Later, Yuma met up with Kite as he was entering the arena for his match with Vetrix, telling him not to lose as they have a score to settle with each other. With Kite's permission, he hopped onto the platform to watch the Duel close up. During the Duel, Yuma started to notice that Kite seems to be physically in pain because of the Photon Transformation, and asked Orbital 7 if anything is wrong with Kite. He is then excited to see Kite attempt a One Turn Kill move with "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" and "Number 9: Dyson Sphere, but was surprised on Vetrix being able to negate the attack and destroy "Dyson Sphere" with "Number 8: Heraldic King Genom-Heritage". When Vetrix revealed his face as Hart, he offered to severe the connection between Vetrix and Hart so Kite can concentrate on the Duel. He then hopped onto Orbital 7 in glider mode and flew to Hart.[7] Yuma invaded Heartland Tower and managed to enter Hart's mind to find Vetrix appearing in the form of a dragon. Yuma slew it with "Utopia", severing Hart's connection to Vetrix and allowing Kite to continue the Duel. Yuma continued to watch the Duel through a screen, until he saw Kite cornered by Vetrix and "Number 69: Heraldry Crest" and rushed back to the Duel Tower. When he arrived, Kite had just lost the Duel and his "Numbers" to Vetrix. Yuma ran to the comatose Kite and unsuccessfully tried to wake him up.[8]

Yuma vs Tron

Yuma during his Duel against Vetrix.

Having advanced to the final match, Yuma goes against Vetrix in the Sphere Field, which would allow Dr. Faker to gather the energy of the "Numbers" Vetrix and Yuma would wield, as its effect allowed "Numbers" to be easily Summoned. Yuma confronted Vetrix about his sons' fates, and he revealed the price they paid by wielding crests, while telling Yuma how it was his father whose words inspired him to survive. Yuma told Vetrix of his promise to Trey to save his family, and would fight for Vetrix's sake as well. When Vetrix queried Yuma did not want revenge on Faker, Yuma insisted his father would not want that, but Vetrix suggested that perhaps his father's own plans of revenge had already begun - the appearance of Astral in this world. The Duel began, and using the "Sphere Field" effect, Yuma Summoned "Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja" to destroy Vetrix's "Number 56: Goldrat". Vetrix responded by bringing out three "Numbers" in a single turn - "Number 10: Illumiknight", "Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction" and "Genome Heritage". Yuma survived via the effect of "Armor Ninja" and "Half Guard" and was able to match Vetrix's move by Summoning "Number 17: Leviathan Dragon", "Number 34: Terror-Byte" and "Utopia".[11]

Yuma before Shining Draw

Yuma about to perform a second "Shining Draw".

Using his "Numbers", Yuma managed to destroy all of Vetrix's "Numbers", putting him at a disadvantage. However, Vetrix made a comeback by Summoning "Heraldry Crest", which absorbed the effects of all of Yuma's "Numbers" and reduced him to 500 Life Points. Using the power of ZEXAL, Yuma and Astral then performed a Chaos Xyz Evolution and Summoned "Number C39: Utopia Ray" and equipped it with "ZW - Lightning Blade".When they attacked with "Utopia Ray, the effect of "Heraldry Crest" negated the attack, but Yuma survived with the effect of "Lightning Blade".[12]


The Sphere Field takes Yuma's "Numbers".

Yuma narrowly survived Vetrix's next attack by using "Half Unbreak", and proceeded to use the power of ZEXAL again to perform the "Final Shining Draw" and equip "Utopia Ray" with "ZW - Tornado Bringer". Vetrix evaded this move with "Heraldry Burst", but Yuma was able to overlay his two "ZW -" monsters to Xyz Summon "ZW - Leo Arms". Using its effect, Yuma was able to negate the effects of "Heraldry Crest" and boost the ATK of "Utopia Ray" enough to defeat Vetrix and was named the "Duel Champion" of the WDC. Faker absorbed the "Numbers" of both players within the Sphere Field and nearly absorbed the Duelists themselves. Yuma wielded "Lightning Blade" with his own hands and saved Vetrix, similar to when his father tried to save Vetrix once before. Vetrix was confused as to why Yuma rescued him and Yuma insisted that everybody can change, and that his family needed him. After Vetrix released the souls he captured, he let go of Yuma's hand and thanked Yuma for all he had done as he fell into the core, much to Yuma's horror. Yuma wass then captured into the Sphere Field and transported to Heartland Tower in front of Faker.[20]

While trapped in the Sphere, Yuma learned of Faker's purpose of the WDC to gather "Number" cards for the Sphere Field Cannon as a power source. Angered by all the problems Faker has caused, Yuma tries to punch him, but Faker revealed his appearance in the Sphere Field was just a hologram. As Yuma became exhausted by being in the Sphere Field., Astral apologized to him, saying it's all his fault since he wasn't strong enough. Yuma denied it, and responded that Hart needs saving more than he does right now. When power suddenly drops, Yuma feels relieved and was surprised to see his rescuers Kite, Shark, and Tori. When Astral undoes ZEXAL, Yuma was given "Utopia" and "Shark Drake" and was told to save Hart and Astral World. Astral then managed to eject Yuma from the Sphere Field and reunit with his friends. Faker appeared in person then and Yuma gave Shark "Shark Drake", asking he and Kite to lend him their power. Yuma challenged Dr. Faker while the three Duelists hold their ace cards high in the air.[86]


Yuma, Shark and Kite Duel Dr. Faker.

As the Duel began, Yuma took the first turn for the group and instantly Summoned "Utopia". Despite Shark and Kite's warnings about Faker's plans, Yuma recklessly declared an attack on "Number 53: Heart-eartH", whose effect allowed it to gain attack equal to the attacking monster. Yuma countered with "Double or Nothing!", but the further effects of "Heart-eartH" made this useless and even recovered Faker's Life Points. On Shark and Kite's turns, Yuma lets them use his "Utopia" that was equipped with Shark's "Shield Fin" to inflict 5600 damage to Dr. Faker between the turn. When they thought Kite had defeated Dr. Faker, Yuma was shocked to see Dr. Faker had Summoned another "Number" after the dust from the destruction of "Heart-eartH" cleared[87]

As the Duel continued, Faker's new "Number", "Number 92: Heart-eartH Dragon" continued to torment the trio, even banishing Yuma's "Utopia Ray". As Shark and Kite's turns came, Yuma worries for them as their injuries worsen, even though they told Yuma not to. When Kite managed to Summon "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon", he reduced Dr. Faker down to 150 Life Points. After the attack, Dr. Faker came clean about his actions and why he committed them. After revealing it was a being from Barian World who ordered him to do such things in order to save Hart, Yuma, Kite and Shark decided to go after Barian World. However, the Barian in question emerged from a portal and possessed Dr. Faker, continuing the Duel by resurrecting "Heart-eartH Dragon".[88]


Yuma challenges Kite to a Duel.

As Yuma and his friends were pushed into a corner by the Barian, Hart was able to free Astral, who then fuses with Yuma with ZEXAL. Yuma draws "ZW - Ultimate Shield" and Normal Summons it, bringing back "Utopia Ray", "Shark Drake Veiss" and "Neo Galaxy-Eyes", before equipping it to "Utopia Ray". With the power of Kite's "Neo-Galaxy Eyes" and Shark's "Shark Drake Veiss", the ATK of "Utopia Ray" rose to 16600 and defeated the Barian. As Heartland Tower began to collapse, Yuma went after Kite, who was trying to save Faker off a ledge. Yuma was able to grab the end of Kite's Duel Anchor, but struggled to keep the two from falling. When Faker asked why Yuma is helping him, Yuma said he doesn't like Faker, but realized he was just trying save Hart, making Faker be reminded of Kazuma. Unexpectedly, Vetrix appeared from a portal, saying Faker committed "many sins", Yuma pleads with Vetrix to abandon his revenge. Vetrix appeared to use his crest to destroy the ledge, but he proceed to then transport the group back outside Heartland. Afterwards, Yuma said that he hasn't received his prize for becoming champion of the WDC, and reveals his wish to have one last Duel with Kite, saying they still have a score to settle. Kite happily accepted Yuma's request to determine the "true" winner of the World Duel Carnival.[27]

Later, Yuma expressed his excitement to Duel Kite again to Astral, recalling all the times when they Dueled and their Tag-Team Duel. Once Kite arrived, Yuma starts the Duel, and the two exchange blows on equal ground. Throughout the Duel, Yuma shows much fun he's having and comments on Kite's Dueling. When Kite was about give up, Yuma tried to cheer Kite up and encouraged him to continue.[45] While Yuma was able to match Kite evenly, and was able to Summon both "Utopia" and "Utopia Ray" to his field, he was eventually defeated by Kite. However, Yuma was okay with the loss and told Kite that he will beat him one day. Afterwards, Yuma collapsed from the exhaustion and began to nap, muttering "kattobingu" in his sleep.[89]

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL II[]

Barian Invasion[]

Yuma Tsukumo

Yuma leaves Astral and the "Numbers" behind.

After the WDC ended, Yuma had a dream about The Door again, which told him the someone will take Yuma's most important thing away from him. As the ground crumbled, Yuma woke up in class, falling out of his desk. As Yuma talked to his friends, girls from the upper grades surrounded him. Yuma enjoyed the attention from the girls, but was disgusted when they only requested for him to help them get other WDC participants' autographs. While walking home, Yuma encountered Shark and requested a Duel, but the latter declined in order to visit his sister. When Girag arrived in Heartland, Yuma was able to sense him as Shark got a call from the hospital about Rio Kastle. Yuma went to the hospital with Shark to hear Rio muttering about someone coming to take something important. This reminded Yuma of his dream, and he realized that his important thing that would be taken away could be Astral. Yuma then got a call from Bronk's Duel Gazer, but was shocked to find a Barian-brainwashed Fender, who told him to meet him at Heartland Academy to Duel with the "Numbers" at stake. Fearing Astral would be in danger, Yuma gave the Emperor's Key to Tori and ran off to school to Duel Fender. When the Duel began, Yuma was able to lower Fender's Life Points to 2500, but Fender used "Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force" to Summon his "CXyz" monster, "CXyz Mechquipped Djinn Angeneral", pushing him into a corner.[46] Struggling against Fender and "Angeneral", Yuma was about to give up since he could not think of a way to win the Duel. However, after Tori showed up and returned the Emperor's Key to Yuma, he and Astral were able to make a comeback using a combination of "Number C39: Utopia Ray" and "Numbers Impact". Afterwards, Yuma discussed the upcoming battle against the Barian World with Kite and Shark, with Yuma believing that the three of them can overcome the Barians.[90]

YGOZL 076 Preview

Yuma meets Ray Shadows on the way to school.

While racing with Bronk to school, Yuma ended up crashing to the ground because of a cat, and then he got bumped into by Ray Shadows. Yuma was surprised when he learned that Ray was a fan of his and found his overzealous admiration disturbing. Yuma was then forcefully dragged by Ray over the city to make it to school, which ended up tiring Yuma out and caused them to be late for class. During lunch, Yuma complained about Ray and then learns that pro-Duelist Devon Knox was visiting the school for lessons. Yuma was eager to Duel Devon, but finds out he couldn't since he is banned from attending his special lesson (in the dub, Yuma forgot to sign up for it). Later, Ray promised to get a Duel from Devon on Yuma's behalf and ran off, with Yuma following him. When Yuma saw that a Barian-brainwashed Devon brutally defeated Ray, Yuma immediately began a Duel with him. At first, Yuma played defensively to withstand Devon's aggressive strategy. Even by Summoning "Number 34: Terror-Byte", Yuma was pushed into a corner, but Yuma was able to Summon "Utopia Ray" and defeat Devon. Afterwards, Yuma was exhausted and accepted Ray's offer to carry him on his back. Yuma officially befriended Ray and was then carried off by a running Ray while hanging off his back and screaming.[91]

While at school, Yuma slept through the voting of class representative, with him being against Caswell. Unknown to Yuma, Ray was the one who nominated him, and won 20 to 19. When Tori woke him up, Yuma expressed no interest in being class representative, but changed his mind once his classmates voiced their support to him. During lunch, Yuma slept through it and missed hearing about Caswell becoming "Special Disciplinary Commander". Caswell and the rest of the disciplinary members started enforcing harsh rules on the students, especially Yuma. When Yuma had enough, he confronted the Student Council President, Carlyle Chesterton, and challenged him to a Duel to get rid of the rules. However, Yuma was forced to play by the school's rules, such as returning his "Gagaga" monsters back to the hand for "breaking" the school dress code, rendering him incapable of damaging Carlyle. When Yuma convinced Caswell to throw away the role of disciplinary commander, Yuma was able to play normally, but then found out Carlyle was under the control of the Barian World. Carlyle Summoned "CXyz Simon the Great Moral Leader", but Yuma managed to bring out Utopia and win the Duel. Afterwards, Yuma talked to Ray about giving his role as class president back to Caswell since he was more suited for the role.[92]

Astral, Yuma, and Rei

Yuma watching the Duel over his Duel Gazer.

After school, Yuma was talking to his friends when Art Stanley, head of the Comic Book Appreciation Club, asked to be a model for his manga. Art showed Yuma his drawing of Yuma as a super hero, which made Yuma very ecstatic. When Art asked Yuma's about his "weakness", Yuma only replied he doesn't have one. After witnessing Shark being rude to Art, Yuma walked over to Shark and lightly commented on how harsh Shark was, but Shark simply said that he was stating the truth. Later, Yuma went to pay a visit to Rio Kastle with Tori and Ray, but encountered Shark who told them that his sister is missing. When a Barian-brainwashed Art appeared and challenged Shark to a Duel, Yuma watched and cheered Shark on. As Shark was losing due to Art threatening Rio, Yuma and Ray went to search for Art's sketchbook in hopes to find his weakness. At school, Yuma found Art's manga about his Duel and informed Shark over his Duel Gazer that it ended with Shark losing and Rio not being saved. Yuma encouraged Shark to keep fighting for his sister, and cheered when he finally won over his Duel Gazer. The next day, Yuma and his friends looked at a normal Art's drawing of a samurai-hero Shark, which Yuma thought was cool. When Yuma asked for his character drawing, Art showed him a drawing of Yuma as a weak commoner, where he was not the hero. When his friends and Astral teased him about it, Yuma expressed his annoyance by jumping into the air and yelling that he never got to be the main character.[93]

At school, Yuma found Shark sneaking around in a panicked state and asked if it was the Barians again, but it turned out he was simply avoiding his sister, Rio. When Rio went up to her brother, Yuma and his friends properly met Rio for the first time. During lunch, Yuma and his friends listened to Rio talk about her brother and found out Shark mentioned him to her. When Rio pronounced "kattobingu" wrong, Yuma showed some annoyance, but they were interrupted by a large group of boys who wanted Rio as their manager for their club. As Rio defeated all the clubs with ease, Yuma showed great awe towards "Shark's sister" and was very impressed by her skills. After Rio beat the basketball team, Yuma asked why Rio go so far at things. Rio told him she only did it so she could be strong for Shark. When Rio was invited to the Floral Design Club, Yuma and his friends tagged along and met the leader, Lotus Hanazoe. Lotus was able to put Yuma's friends to sleep with hypnosis, but Yuma was able to stay awake thanks to Astral.


Yuma angering Rio.

Yuma confronted Lotus, who told him she simply wanted lured Yuma and Rio as a way to get the "Numbers" from him and Shark. Knowing that she was being used by the Barian World, Yuma challenge her to a Duel, but his leg was numb and prevented him from getting up right away. However, a conscious Rio told him that she will Duel in his place, and then Yuma proceeded to watch Rio Duel against Lotus outside. During this, Yuma bantered with Astral and cheered for Rio, although he ended up annoying her by repeatedly called her "Shark's sister". After Rio won, Yuma tried to come up with a new name to call her by without making her mad, but began to argue with Astral. This made Rio giggle, and she revealed to Yuma that she was glad that Yuma kept her brother from changing into the feared person she heard about, to Yuma's surprise. While walking home, Yuma talked to Shark about how cool his sister was, and was surprised when he found out Rio's strong fear of cats.[94]

While racing with Bronk to school, Yuma accidentally ran into Alito and ruined his attempt to woo Tori. Unknown to Yuma, Alito was a Barian in human form. As Alito tried to make various attempts on Tori, Yuma inadvertently continued to thwart them all. Later, Yuma found a note from Alito, who challenged him to an “an all-out Duel between men with Tori on the stake” and met him on the roof. During the Duel, Astral warned Yuma that Alito might be an assassin from the Barian World. Yuma Summoned his own Xyz Monster, "Gauntlet Launcher", and managed to win by countering Alito's own counters. Afterwards, Ray and Tori arrived to let Yuma know that Tori was okay, to his confusion. Upon the loss, Alito developed a liking to Yuma and declared him his rival, which Yuma happily accepted and playfully fist bumped with Alito as a sign of friendship.[47]

Yuma and Gilag vs Tori and Cathy

Yuma teaming up with Girag to face the Barian-influenced Tori and Cathy.

While Dueling with a student after school, Yuma was dragged by Ray into a classroom to find Tori and Cathy arguing about who should be the Numbers Club's female cheerleader. Although Yuma and Ray tried to calm everybody down, their friends' and Rio's arguing became worse and they refused to speak to one another the next day. While walking home, Yuma and Ray met Girag, who suggested they hold a "Friendship Games" to help their friends make up, which they agreed to. However, Girag told Yuma if he was able to make it into the final round, he must lose on purpose. Yuma agreed to this; unbeknownst to him, this was simply a plot for Girag to take his "Numbers". The next day, Yuma participated in the event and was paired up with Shark, who led them into first place. Before the final Duel, Yuma was partnerless, since Shark dropped out of the tournament, but Yuma forced Girag to take Shark's place, putting the latter in a very awkward situation. At first, Yuma planned to lose on purpose to Tori and Cathy as he promised, but learned the two were brainwashed by the Barians' power and started to Duel seriously. Yuma was able to Summon "Utopia" and used Girag's Trap Card to defeat both girls and returned them to normal. Although the girls didn't remember what happened, they wished for a rematch against Yuma, but Yuma refused and ran away from them.[18]

Yuma VS Misael

Yuma vs Mizar.

One night, Yuma had a nightmare about losing Astral to a terrifying-looking dragon and becomes anxious about protecting him. The following day, Yuma lacked his usual energy and solemnly focused on way to beat the "CXyz" monsters, making his family and friends worry about him. Hoping to make him feel better, his grandma told Yuma to go to the Duel Sanctuary to deliver some items to Roku with Tori. However, Yuma learned from Kaze that their master was away on a trip, much to his disappointment. In the Statue room, Kaze discussed with Yuma about his frustrations, and received two cards Roku has left for him - "Overlay Chain" and "Overlay Barrage". The next day, Yuma thought over how to use the cards for offense and defense, but Tori cheered him up and they played by a waterfall together. On their way back to the Sanctuary, Yuma met the Barian, Mizar, who immediately used his Barian Sphere Cube to surround Yuma and challenged him to a Duel with the "Numbers" at stake. Determined to protect Astral, Yuma instantly Summoned "Number 39: Utopia", and equips "Overlay Chain" to protect its Overlay Units from "Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force". However, Mizar countered by Summoning his own "Number" card, "Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon", terrifying Yuma as it resembled the exact same dragon that appeared in his nightmare.[95] Using his monster's abilities, Mizar destroyed "Utopia", knocking Yuma back into the Sphere Field and dealing real damage to him, causing him great pain and making him unconscious. As Yuma was too weak to continue the Duel, Kite arrived and took Yuma's place in the Duel. When the Sphere Field started to disintegrate, Yuma was sent falling onto a cliff side. Although Shark tried to rescue him, the ledge gave out and both of them fell into a crater.[96]

Yuma and Shark survived the fall, but they were heavily injured and were sent to hospital. While recuperating, Yuma was haunted by Mizar's power and sulked over how he nearly lost Astral. Downhearted and depressed, Yuma also suffered from nightmares about facing Mizar and losing. While going for check up, Yuma left the Emperor's Key on his bed and found out it was taken by Shark when he returned. On the roof, Yuma was challenged by Shark to a Duel and played definitively, allowing Shark to deal lot of damage to him. As Shark made his final attack, Yuma was about to give up, but still wished to keep Dueling with Astral, which brought him to his side. Yuma and Astral Summoned out "Heroic Champion - Excalibur" and won the Duel using its effect. Yuma then was told by Astral the Shark's reason for Dueling with Yuma was to help him. Greatly touched, Yuma tried to give Shark a hug as thanks, but the latter pushed him away.[97]

Yuma Held By Controlled Rei

Yuma captured by a brainwashed Ray.

After being discharged from the hospital, Yuma went to school and met up with Ray, when they were approached by many Barian-brainwashed Duelists from their school. Worried about Ray, Yuma and Ray were forced to run until they were surrounded at the Heartland pier. Luckily, Shark, Tori and Rio came to help them fight off the Duelists. While Yuma was defeating a Duelist, a brainwashed Ray captured him from behind. Yuma then learned that Girag was a Barian. Yuma was about to be finished off when Alito arrived and protected him, defeating all the other students in the process. Yuma was slightly upset upon learning that Alito was also allied with the Barians and accepted his challenged to a Duel. Yuma and Alito instantly Summoned out their ace monsters, engaging in a battle of Counter Traps. Yuma managed to destroy Alito's "Battlin' Boxer Lead Yoke" by countering its ability. Both Duelists were excited about the Duel.[98]

ZEXAL episode 86

Yuma using ZEXAL against Alito inside a Sphere Cube.

As the Duel continued, Yuma wanted to make his Duel with Alito "special" and asked Astral to unite with the power of ZEXAL. They Xyz Summoned "Utopia Ray", forcing it to tie in battle with Alito's "Number 105: Battlin' Boxer Star Cestus", destroying both of them. Both players revived their ace cards with "Xyz Stand". With the effect of "Barian's Force", Alito Summoned "Number C105: Battlin' Boxer Comet Cestus" which pushed Yuma into an even tighter corner. However, Yuma was able to defeat Alito with "ZW - Eagle Claw" and win the Duel. Yuma rushed to Alito and told him that he hoped they could Duel again soon. Yuma became upset when Alito just shook his head and told Astral that he could take his "Number" and his soul, which Astral failed to do. Although Yuma didn't want him to go, Alito then bid farewell to him, but Yuma quickly focused on Astral, whose body was fading after being in the "Sphere Field".[13]

Days later, Yuma and Ray were chased by dogs after Ray tried to find a shortcut to school. They arrived to school late, slightly injured, but Yuma didn't mind since they had their daily "thrill quota". As Yuma was walking home, Girag issued a challenged to Yuma for the "Numbers" tomorrow; he also told Yuma to bring Ray with him. Yuma learned that Alito had been hurt and Girag believed that Ray was responsible. Confused, Yuma stressed over what to do, but Astral told him to worry about it later. The next morning, Yuma asked Ray if he really hurt Alito, but was cut off when Ray told him he found another short route to school and told Yuma to trust him; Yuma replied that he did.

Yuma & rei facing Gilag

Yuma and Ray in their Duel with Girag.

After school, Yuma and Astral went to the meeting place without Ray and told Girag that he didn't believe what he said. Then Ray appeared and asked Yuma to join the Duel. Yuma compiled, against Astral's wishes, even though Ray was a terrible Duelist. During the Duel, Yuma was forced to defend himself as Ray made many mistakes, which caused their Life Points to decrease quickly. Astral told Yuma that protecting Ray was too dangerous, but Yuma refused to abandon him. Then Astral collapsed from being in the "Sphere Field", leaving Yuma worried that he and Ray would Duel Girag alone.[99] With Astral inside the key to heal, Yuma gave the key to Tori and was forced to play the defensive when Girag's "Number 106: Giant Hand" destroyed his "Utopia". When Ray started to play differently, Yuma was surprised by his sudden change of character and shocked that he had "Rank-Up-Magic Limited Barian's Force". Yuma used it to change "Number 39: Utopia" to "Number C39: Utopia Ray V" and win the Duel. Yuma then learned of Ray's true identity as a member of the "Barian Cosmic Crime Unit" and kept this a secret from Bronk and Tori on Ray's request. At night, Yuma and Ray spoke in private about his mission to defeat the evil Barians and promised to keep this a secret from everybody else. Yuma agreed to be Ray's "subordinate" and excitedly jumped into the air, nearly falling of his roof as a result.[100]

Giant vs Yuma

Yuma Dueling against the Shadow Giant.

At school, Yuma and Ray went to the old gym hoping to find Girag and Alito, but they weren't there. Yuma wanted to bring Astral in on their secret so he could help them, but Ray denied this and convinced Yuma to keep the secret. Later, Yuma was worried about Astral staying inside the key too long and took the key to the infirmary. Yuma was then suddenly sucked into the key and was challenged to a Duel by the Shadow Giant. During the Duel, the Giant brought out his "Unformed Void", with Yuma Summoning out "Number 61: Volcasaurus" and Number 6: Chronomaly Atladnis", but the Giant was able to use the ability of "Unformed Void" to counter Yuma's attack and destroy "Atlandis". On the verge of losing, Number 96 appeared before them and told them that Yuma might get hurt if they lose. Yuma tried to stop Astral from siding with Number 96, but he released his card form" out of fear for his safety. Reluctantly, Yuma used Number 96's card to destroy "Unformed Void" and win the Duel. Afterwards, Yuma and Astral talked with The Door and was shown Astral's true memories, learning his mission was to obtain a powerful card, known as the Numeron Code, which can shape worlds. They were then transported outside the key, Yuma explained everything that had happened to Ray and Tori.[101]

Yuma's afro

Yuma's hair turns into an afro after being shot by Orbital 4.

During gym class one day, Yuma was happy that he was given his own "Barian Cosmic Crime Unit" badge from Ray. He then became curious when Ray started to ask him about Kite, but their conversation was cut off when a soccer ball hit Yuma in the face. Later, Yuma was challenged to a Duel by Orbital 7, who had a misunderstanding with Lilly's position with him. Although Yuma was confused by the situation, he went along with the Duel and won using his "Djinn" monsters. In Orbital's last attempt to "free" Lilly, Yuma was hit by a laser beam from Orbital 4, but was only slightly burned and his hair was comically turned into an afro. Once Tori cleared up the misunderstanding, Yuma laughed when he found out that Orbital liked Lilly.[102] Later, Yuma paid little attention to his friends' discussion about Bronk winning over Rio's affections and Shark's approval. Oblivious to the rumors about him and Rio dating, Yuma was confused when Bronk spoke to him and sparked Rio's anger. Yuma observed the Duel between the siblings, cheering for both of them. After they resolved their misunderstanding, Yuma wondered about why they fighting in the first place, causing a jealous Tori and Cathy to pinch him and saying he didn't need to know.[103]


Yuma and Anna vs. Brooke and Mayday.

During the Heartland Academy Fun Fair, Yuma and his friends hosted a Monster Cafe, with Yuma cosplaying as "Temtempo the Percussion Djinn" when Anna blasted her way in to see him. Then Ray came running in to inform him about a "Couples Duel tournament" with the pro-Duelist team Mayday Walker and Brooke Walker, which excited Yuma and voiced wanting to participate. Inside a bathroom stall, Ray and Yuma discussed about the Barians might be at the festival and they are to look for them. Yuma readily cooperated with the mission, but was sidetracked in favor of eating until Anna came back to force him to be her partner in the tournament. As the Duel began, Yuma and Anna began bickering, which greatly affected their Dueling performance, resulting in the destruction of Anna's "Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max" as well as having to face off against the pair's "Skypalace Gangaridai".[104] Using "Half Unbrak", Yuma managed to survive a direct attack from "Gangaridia" and was pleased to get the couple's praise. Although Yuma tried to work together with Anna, he was forced to endure her selfishness and was enraged how she Tributed his "Gauntlet Launcher" via "Upgrade" to revive her "Gustav Max".

Yuma Draws Limit Barains Force

Yuma draws "Rank-Up-Magic Limited Barian's Force".

After Brooke was revealed to be brainwashed by a Barian, Yuma protected Anna from the large amount of damage she would have taken from Brooke's "CXyz Skypalace Babylon". Anna used "Devoted Love" to enable Yuma to draw "Rank-Up-Magic Limited Barian's Force", but was questioned by Astral when he saw the card and asked Yuma where he got it. To keep his promise to Ray, Yuma lied to Astral, claiming that he got it after defeating Girag. Yuma brought out "Utopia Ray V", winning the Duel and setting Brooke free. In the evening, Yuma chatted with Mayday when Brooke shoved Anna towards him, accidentally causing the pair to fall down a flight of stairs.[105] One night, Yuma got an urgent call from Ray and rushed to his aid. When Yuma arrived to the location, he saw Ray Dueling a Barian in a Sphere Field. Once the Barian retreated, Ray told Yuma that the Barian was Vector and gave him new cards to use against any Barians. The next day, Yuma excitedly looks over his cards when his friends spied him and figured out the cards has something to do with the Barians. While walking home, Yuma and his friends were attacked by Vector and Yuma became trapped in a "Sphere Field". Yuma and Astral found out that Vector was the same Barian that possessed Dr. Faker. They then engaged in a Duel against Vector, and were quickly put into a pitch when he stole "Limited Barian's Force" and destroyed "Utopia" with his "Number 66: Master Key Beetle". When Ray came to support Yuma and told him to believe in his Deck, Yuma was able to draw "V Salamander" and Summon "Utopia Ray V" to win the Duel. Vector than tried to abduct him, but captured Ray instead, who stepped in for him, leaving Yuma distraught. [106]

Yuma continued to shout out in a hysterical state when Kite arrived and slapped him back to his senses. In Heartland Tower, Yuma explains Kite and Shark everything that happen with Ray and Vector, stating that he will go and save Ray. As Yuma watch Kite and Shark bicker about how to find Ray, the tower shook and they race outside to see the Different Dimension Airship from the Emperor's Key outside. Astral told them that they can use the ship to get the Barian World, which excites Yuma and the four of them were to set out tomorrow. On his way home, Yuma was pestered by his friends, whom were kept out of Heartland, until he blurts out some info of his mission, but ran home before he could said anymore. During dinner, Yuma acts overly kind to his family, which freaks them out. While looking over the cards Ray gave him in bedroom, Yuma told Astral that he'll save Ray no matter what in spite of the tough battle ahead of them. At dawn, Yuma tried to sneaked out from his window, but was caught by his family. However, Yuma was glad that they respected his decision and gave him some food for his trip. At the tower, Yuma met up with his friends and some unexpected company, but was touched they would come with him. They entered the ship and Yuma stirs the ship into takes off, but an array of monsters begin assaulting the ship. Yuma and the others went to the exterior, using their ace monsters to battle with them until a portal sucked them in.

Yuma vs

Yuma vs Vector.

At the "Sargasso the Different Dimension Battlefield, Yuma was greeted by Vector and demand that he return Ray to him. Vector complied and transported an unconscious Ray in front of Yuma. Vector implied to Yuma that Ray might be dead, which devastated Yuma and making him fall to his knees as he reflects his time with his friend. Enraged, Yuma engaged Vector in a Duel, he quickly Summon out "Utopia" and taking on the damage inflicted by the effect of "Sargasso".[107] As his angry grows, Yuma's eagerness to win and save Ray caused to Duel recklessly, even refusing to listen to Astral's warnings. Yuma to reach his breaking point with Vector's taunting and Summon "Number C39: Utopia Ray V" and reduce Vector's Life Points to 1300. When Vector vanished after the attack, Yuma thought there was way to save Ray, but then Ray suddenly awakened and transformed himself into Vector. Yuma was confused and believed Vector was impersonating "Ray", but Vector clarified that the "Vector" Yuma had Dueled before and was Dueling up until now was merely an illusion, and the real him was "Ray" all along. Vector explained to him that he masquerading as "Ray Shadows" in an effort to befriend Yuma and further his plans against him. Yuma was enraged and saddened by the sudden revelations, he angrily goes for an direct attack, Vector used "Vain Betrayer" to mill Yuma's "V" cards and most of his Deck, leaving him with three cards left. Dealing with Astral confronting him about his secrets and Vector's cruel torment, Yuma was pushed to an emotional breaking point, with farther by Vector claiming that he had put his friends in danger, and screamed angrily..[30]


Astral controlling Yuma with Dark ZEXAL.

Using "Number 104: Masquerade", Vector reduced Yuma's Deck further as "Sargasso" reduced his Life Points, putting him in a desperate situation. Already under pressure, Yuma blamed himself for not thinking more about the risks of trusting "Ray", and Vector chided him for keeping secrets from his partner, calling Yuma a "traitor", who just wanted to be friends with him more than with Astral. Then a black hole formed, which threaten to swallow up the spaceship with his friends inside, Vector suggested that Yuma may be able to save him if he relinquishes all of his "Numbers". Yuma becomes conflicted between saving Astral and saving his friends, but his friends urge him to keep Dueling and let him know that they believe in him, giving Yuma some hope. After apologizing to Astral, they attempted to use ZEXAL, but Vector again questioned Yuma's bond with Astral, causing the latter to turn evil and forcefully initiate ZEXAL with the former, resulting them turning into Dark ZEXAL.[108]

ZEXAL II (Power) Upgrade


With Astral in control of Yuma's body, Yuma's conscience woke up before a large Astral-shaped tower and believed it to be Astral's heart. Yuma entered the tower to save him, encountering some obsolesces long the way. Later, Yuma met Astral, who believed that Yuma was no longer his friend and had betrayed him. Yuma apologized, saying that he was at fault and was sorry for what he had done. Unwilling to see Astral being taken by darkness, Yuma ran towards him and embraced him, pushing both of them out of Astral's mind and undoing Dark ZEXAL in the physical world. Yuma was able to stay conscious from the forced reverse, and Shark and Kite told Yuma to halt the attack of "Utopia Ray V", telling him that he will lose otherwise. Yuma ended his turn, but "Sargasso" whittle down his Life Points. Vector suggests that Yuma surrender since he has only 100 Life Points left, but Yuma refuses, saying that he will always fight to protect his most important thing; his friends. Yuma manages to defend himself from "Number C104: Umbral Horror Masquerade" by sending "Utopia Ray V" to the Graveyard and Summoning "Utopia", as well as taking advantage of the cards Vector sent to his graveyard. Yuma begins his turn, drawing the last card in his Deck, "Limited Barian's Force", but he then collapses next Astral. Astral told Yuma that he can't trust him, but Yuma was happy Astral was giving him a second chance and touched his palm.

End Snapshot Win

Yuma wins using "Number C39: Utopia Ray Victory".

The two then perform a new ZEXAL Morph, called ZEXAL II, signifying a new bond between them. They perform a "Shining Evolution", changing "Limited Barian's Force" into "Rank-Up-Magic Numeron Force", leaving Vector shocked, evolving "Utopia" into Chaos "Number C39: Utopia Ray Victory" and defeated Vector. Since ZEXAL II's appearance causes "Sargasso" to self-destruct, Yuma and the others return to Heartland. Yuma and Astral re-kindle their bond and declare that their battles are only beginning, but Yuma is determined to improve.[48]

Mythyrian Numbers War[]

Yuma Vs Macha

Yuma vs. Mach.

Later at school, Yuma attempted to do his 20-stacks jump, but got distracted when he sensed the presence of Don Thousand, along with Shark and Rio. causing him to crash into the boxes. On the roof, he, Tori, Shark and Rio were brought aboard the spaceship by Astral, who informed them of the "Numbers" scattered across the world. He also showed Yuma the message from Kazuma, saying they needed to obtain the seven "Mythyrian Numbers" cards before the Barian World does. As they headed to their first location, they ended up crashing into some sort of energy and the ship landed them into a jungle. As Dumon was in human form, Yuma and the others did not recognize him; regardless, Yuma saved his life by protecting him from a large bear. Yuma wanted to help the mysterious, injured boy "Nash", but got into a disagreement Shark when he told Yuma not to trust others so easily. They then heard Tori's scream and ran to a temple where she and Rio were, and had to get rid of the snakes surrounding them. Yuma and the girls ended up being separated from Shark and Nash after a trap activated and was forced to go down separate paths. While debating with the girls about whether he should trust Nash or not, Yuma arrived in the chamber of the "Number"and met Mach, the guardian protecting the card. Mach challenged Yuma to see if he was worthy to hold the Sacred "Number", but Yuma learned that Shark's and Nash's lives were also on the line and had to win quickly to save them.[57] Yuma learned that his attacks helped open a way for Shark and Nash escape the passageways, but it comes at the risk of receiving damage from Mach's traps and spells. When Yuma Summons "Utopia", Mach brings out his Number, "Number 44: Sky Pegasus" and forced Yuma to take more damage to keep "Utopia" on the field. With Nash providing them information of a legend about a hero and his Pegasus, Yuma was told to keep protecting "Utopia". However, he was torn what to do once Nash revealed to be Dumon, and Shark said that Yuma should destroy "Utopia" instead of keeping it on the field. Ultimately, Yuma decided not have doubt in everyone and chooses to protect "Utopia", and managed to bring out "Utopia Ray Victory" to win the Duel. After Mach vanished, Yuma obtained "Sky Pegasus" and spotted a King's Coin an item his father had a habit leaving behind after exploring. Outside the temple, Yuma tells Astral and Shark that he will continues to have trust in others, even if others might take advantage of it, since it's the only thing he can do.[31]

Yuma In Ruins

Yuma and co. inside the ruins.

Going to South America, Yuma and the others arrived at an abandoned castle, and listen to Rio speak of legend about a ruthless prince. Venturing around and following star markings, Yuma accidentally triggered some traps that led him and his friends inside the cages of the central coliseum and eventually, he met Vector. Yuma challenged him to a Duel, but was only released from his cage onto a small pedestal. Using Yuma as a hostage, Vector arranged for a Duel between Astral and his partner, who had obtained the sealed "Number". However, whenever Number 96 took damage, Vector set off a giant axe aimed towards Yuma, each threatening to kill him.[109]

Kite Saves Yuma

Kite saves Yuma.

Despite the giant pendulum axe swinging at him, Yuma told Astral not to worry about him and deal damage to Number 96, but Astral refused to endanger him. Yuma blamed himself for his partner's current situation, but Astral told Yuma to think of what he can for himself now. Confused, he asked to Astral to tell him what to do, but Astral said that Yuma shouldn't act like a child and must figure it on his own. After finding another "King's Coin" on the ground, Yuma gained enough courage to jumped on the moving axe and swing himself to another pedestal. When the Duel ended in a draw, Vector set off a self-destruct mechanism and made the platform fall apart underneath Yuma. Luckily, Kite arrived in time to save him, much to Yuma's surprise. Once everyone was safely out of the ruins, Yuma informed Kite of the seven "Mythyrian Numbers".[110]

The group then headed to Spartan City, where Yuma spotted Nistro in an advertisement for the Pro Duelist Spartancity Tournament and went to see Nistro's Duel. Yuma and his friends reunited with Nistro and Dextra backstage and cheerfully greeted them, asking Nistro for an autograph. They learned the tale of a warrior from the duo and deduced that "Number" was in the coliseum, which was under a lake. At night, Yuma was awoken by Astral and was informed about the explosion coming from the ruins. He rushed over to the coliseum and was happy to met up with Alito again, saying he was worried about him. However, Yuma was dumbfounded by Alito's change in personality and his sudden challenge to a Duel. To rescue a brainwashed Nistro, Yuma and Dextra entered a Tag Duel. Although angry and disappointed by how different Alito was acting, Yuma took the first turn for his team and quickly Summoned "Utopia". After taking the damage from "Number 54: Lion Heart", Yuma beseeched to Alito to tell him what happened to him, knowing Alito wasn't the type to use underhanded tactics, but only received a sadistic laugh and was told it losing to Yuma that made him this way.[111]

Yuma & Dextra Vs Alit & Nistro

Yuma with Dextra in a Tag Duel against Nistro and Alito.

While Yuma was constantly targeted by Alito's "Lion Heart", he was protected by Dextra's Traps until she was knocked out of the Duel. Afterwards, Yuma noticed that Nistro was able regain some of his consciousness, exciting him enough to take on Nistro's head-on Dueling once again. Yuma used "Xyz Shift" and "Night Papilloperative" to Summon "Heroic Champion - Excalibur" and halve his Life Points to equal Nistro's and simultaneously prevent "Heroic Growth" from activating to lower the ATK of "Lion Heart". When Alito used his "Battlin' Boxer Cheat Commissioner", Yuma countered the effect with "Overlay Marker" inflict 6700 damage to Alito, winning the Duel. By sunrise, Yuma found another "King's Coin" and refused Nistro's offer to help fight the Barians, stating he must continue his dream of being a symbol of hope to children. On the airship, Yuma stood away from his friends and brooded over Alito when Astral came over. Astral knew Yuma was thinking about Alito and told him that he should understand from the Duel yesterday - Alito is still a Barian and that Yuma can't be friends with him, but Yuma didn't respond to him. Instead, Yuma dwelled over Alito's new personality and while he didn't understand why, Yuma hopes they could have another passionate Duel one day again as friends.[112] On the way to the next location, Yuma was still thinking about Alito, which caused Shark to scold him, saying that Alito's change in personality exposed his "true colors" as a Barian, but Yuma didn't believe that was the case. Upon arriving in an mountain range, Yuma went with Shark and Kite to climb a mountain to reach the ruins. Unlike his friends, Yuma didn't struggle while climbing the mountain and gave out pointers to them, even saving Kite when he was losing his grip. Upon entering the Number ruins, Yuma was enticed by the aroma of food, but he was quickly stopped by Jinlon, the Number Guardian of the palace. Yuma got into an argument with Jinlon, who accused him of stealing his food and assaulted Yuma with his walking stick. Yuma listened to Jinlon and Astral's conversation about the person similar to Kite, which the former confirmed the person was named "Mizar". Astral revealed to Yuma and the others that the Barians were humans once, much to their surprise. Yuma then watched Kite Duel against Jinlon along with Shark and Astral.[113]

Jinlong in his true form confronts Yuma and others

Jinlon in his true form speaks to Yuma and others

After Kite won the Duel, Yuma and the others listened to Jinlon's tale about Mizar and how he died. When Mizar arrived at the ruins and clashed with Kite's dragon aura, Yuma and his friends ended up on a mountain peak after the Number ruins vanished. He picked up a King's Coin and listened to Jinlon explaining about when people searching for "Numbers" come to the ruins, huge changes will occur in the world and about the "two lights" battling in the sky long ago.[114]

Ponta Possessing Yuma

Ponta possessing Yuma's body.

Returning to Heartland City, Yuma was berated by Kari for his dangerous adventures when he saw Roku announcing the discovery of the statue of a famous military commander named "Kiraku Souhachi". Yuma and Astral noticed that the statue bore a striking resemblance to Girag and went to the Duel Sanctuary with their friends. Yuma crashed into Ponta, who was in possession of Girag's body and the "Number" as well. Although Yuma was dumbstruck by the situation, he agreed to Duel the tanuki to get the "Number" and Girag's body back. As soon Yuma began his turn, Ponta swapped bodies with Yuma, who was stuck in Girag's body as Ponta wasted all of his cards in a series of misplays. Despite the handicap, Yuma managed to defeat Ponta using the "Burst Rebirth" card he Set before they body switched to turn the tables. Yuma won the "Number" and was stunned when he saw Girag eat Ponta, cursing the former for his despicable act.[115]

The Different Dimension Airship set off the next day for the final Number ruins, Yuma conversed with Astral on the Deck, asking him about the Barians being humans once. When Astral told him it was true, Yuma inquired if Astral was human like them too. Astral told Yuma it was possible and they debated on what caused their enemies to be reincarnated as Barians, but were interrupted by Shark. Shark warned them that over thinking was a bad idea and they should not get emotions involved. Yuma then asked Shark why he fought against the Barians. Shark said it was revenge for using him and Rio. Yuma pointed out that Shark forgave Vetrix and Dr. Faker, but Shark clarified he never did forgive them and only stopped fighting them because they lost the will to fight. Later, Yuma and the others were met by a fierce hurricane and Abyss possessed Rio in the midst of it all. When Abyss caused her to jump overboard into the ocean below, Yuma and Shark followed her, landing at the bottom of the ocean where the water was mysteriously kept from enveloping them. Following Rio's footprints, they entered the labyrinth-like ruin and Yuma found two King's Coins rather than one. Unfortunately, when Shark noticed Rio's "Freezing Point" card lying on the ground and went to examine it, the labyrinth generated new walls to separate them. By the time Yuma noticed, it was impossible to find Shark and he could not climb the walls either. Suddenly, Yuma and Astral saw a stream of water came rushing down and Dumon emerging from it.[116]


Yuma saves Rio.

Dumon quickly challenged Yuma to a Duel to settle things, but Yuma told him that he didn't really want to. Yuma reminded Dumon that he helped him and his friends before, but Dumon told him that they were destined to fight each other. Yuma then questioned Dumon about the Barians being humans and why they had to fight Astral. He was angered when the latter simply say they the worlds opposed each other and demanded if they are really fighting without a real reason. Dumon said that the Barian and Astral Worlds can't coexist and Astral agreed by revealing that it was his mission to obliterate the Barian World, shocking Yuma. When Astral and Dumon were talking about Nash and Marin, the group saw Shark Dueling Abyss and Dumon quickly left Yuma and Astral behind. Using "Stinging Swordsman" on Astral's instructions, Yuma arrived at the center on the maze just in time to catch Rio and watched Shark win the Duel. Afterwards, the group was transported back to the airship and Tori, but Rio remained unconscious.[117]

Yuma, Tori and Shark getting pulled by Number 96

Yuma, Tori, and Shark are pulled in by Number 96.

Returning home, Yuma was informed by Astral that the Astral World was in danger and rushed down to find Kari watching the news about abnormal phenomenons occurring all across the globe. In the streets, Yuma met up with Tori and expressed hope that Rio would wake up from her coma like when she knew the Barians first came to Earth. He also expressed that he was worried about Shark and stated that he been acting odd since the ruins. Yuma was surprised when Astral told him that he had a serious discussion with Shark and that he would have speak about it sooner or later. After contemplating, Yuma resolved to speak to Shark as a friend when the latter just rode up and asked if Yuma was alright. When ashes began to fall from the sky, the group was transported by Number 96 to another location, alongside Kite and Orbital 7. With three worlds on the line, Yuma began his Duel with Number 96 inside a Sphere Field, which caused real damage to him. During the Duel, Number 96 used the effect of "Chaos Field" to steal two of Yuma's "Numbers" and ranked them up.[118]

Number 96 vs Zexal II

Yuma and Astral used ZEXAL II against Number 96.

Yuma then had a dream-like vision were Astral was saying goodbye and leaving the "Numbers" to him, causing him to cry. Once Astral broke Yuma's daze, Number 96's monsters attacked them, but Yuma managed to protect himself and Astral Summoning "Gagaga Gardna". Eventually, the damage Yuma had to endure took a toll on his body and was too injured to Duel, so Astral took his place. After Astral Summoned "Utopia Ray", Yuma and Astral then bonded together to perform "ZEXAL II", Summoning two "ZW -" monsters to attack Number 96, defeating him completely. However, Number 96 wanted vengeance on the duo and attacked them. Although Yuma was against it, Astral canceled ZEXAL to protect Yuma and took the hit. Although Astral was able to destroy Number 96 for good, he was fading back to the Astral World since he was severely drained and told Yuma that they had to part ways. A tearful Yuma begged Astral not to go, but the latter just thanked Yuma for everything he had done and gave all the "Numbers" to him before departing with the Emperor's Key to the Astral World. A heartbroken Yuma and his friends were then transported back to Heartland and cried for his lost friend.[119]

Grief-stricken by Astral's disappearance, Yuma barricaded himself in his attic bedroom, not leaving for school nor eating very much. Despite his family's and friends' attempts to cheer him up, Yuma continued to cry and mourn for many days, even to the point of nearly getting rid of all his "Number" cards. One night, he was contacted by Mr. Heartland via hologram, who enticed him into coming to save his kidnapped friends. Yuma ran to the Heartland Memorial and learned that Erazor took his friends' memories. Yuma accepted Erazor's challenge to Duel with their memories and his "Numbers" on line, but noticed how scared he felt. Mr. Heartland pointed out that Yuma didn't have a reason to protect the "Numbers" without Astral and tried to bargain with Yuma into giving him the "Numbers" in exchanged for his friends and their memories.

Erazor Vs

Trey and Yuma Dueling Erazor.

Heartland also offered to erase Yuma's memories of Astral so he could return to his happy life before he met Astral. Yuma angrily refused, saying that the "Numbers" are precious mementos of his time together with Astral. Suddenly, Trey appeared in front of Yuma and proclaiming to protect him. Stunned by Trey's entrance, Yuma listened to Trey's explanation of what his family had been up to and they knew everything that had happened. Touched that Trey was willing to fight alongside him, Yuma asked him for support in his Duel and gave him "Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis" and "Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis", believing sharing the "Numbers" powers was the right thing to do. The pair then began their Duel with Erazor, but was put at an disadvantage when Mr. Heartland activated a trap that halved Yuma's and Trey's Life Points whilst Erazor's doubled.[120] Yuma took the second turn of the Duel and drew "Double or Nothing!", which made him think of Astral and silently hoped his friend was watching him. Yuma tried to execute his combo with "Utopia", but Erazor used the effect of "Number 3: Cicada King" to negate it. Trey Summoned out "Machu Mech", managing to damage Erazor with help from Yuma's cards. However, Erazor dealt a lot of damage to Trey and activated a trap that would assure him victory on his next turn. As Yuma struggled to think of a comeback, Tori and the others regain some of their memories and showed their support, reminding Yuma that he was not alone. Yuma then set the stage for Trey to Summon "Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis", equipping it with "Utopia" to win the Duel, destroying Erazor and returning the Number Club's memories. Afterwards, Yuma decided to give "Locust King" to Trey as a sign of their friendship.[121]

Yuma & III Cheering For IV

Yuma and Trey cheering for Quattro and Shark.

Yuma invited Trey to spend the night over at his house and cheerily ate breakfast the morning with his friends and family. However, Yuma's mood was dampened when he forgot that Astral was gone and called out to his friend before realizing his mistake. Trying to hide his sadness, he quickly brought the subject of Mr. Heartland's underlings and explained to Trey that Kite and Shark were difficult to contact, so they couldn't warn them of the new threats. They decided to go visit Rio at hospital and caught Chironex poisoning her. Chironex told Yuma that he was going after Shark's "Numbers" and then come after him before fleeing. Yuma tried to call Shark to warn him, but the latter did not answer. Yuma sought help from the rest of the Number Club over his Duel Gazer when they encountered Quattro in the lobby. They asked him to deal with Chironex while they searched for Shark and Yuma returned "Number 15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Grinder" and "Number 40: Gimmick Puppet of Strings" to Quattro. Later, Yuma and Trey got a call from Quattro and arrived at the Kastle's mansion to watched him and Shark Duel against Chironex.[122][123]

Afterwards, Yuma frequently went on "patrols" to look for Barians around Heartland City along with Trey, unaware that his friends were stalking him. Although he tried to maintain a cheerful facade, Yuma's visible sadness made his friends worried about him. When Flip arrived to show him the grave he made for Astral, Yuma just stood quietly as his friends burst into tears, but thought about Astral for many days later. After another patrol, Yuma was forced into an intervention with his friends about his unwillingness to accept the reality of losing Astral. Trey also pointed out the places Yuma had been patrolling are places he and Astral Dueled together and that Yuma still hopes he would meet Astral again one day. Upset and rattled, he ran away from his friends and admitted that he could never believe Astral was dead and proclaimed that he would search for Astral forever until he finds him. Suddenly, Kite appeared and told Yuma that he and Quinton found a way to Astral World. On a plane, Yuma found out that his father King's Coins contained Astralite and would the key to open the gate through different dimensions. At the lab site, Yuma yelled at Quinton from keeping this from him and said that he would go to the dimensions even if he would die from the process. Yuma was instructed to stay absolutely still in the Interdimensional Teleporter during the charging period and he won't have a way to get back home once he went through. After Scritch caused a blackout, Yuma was told not to move as Orbital 7 charge the device. Letting Kite and Quinton Duel against Scritch, Yuma returned "Number 9: Dyson Sphere" to Quinton and observed them from afar.[124] Right after the Duel, the teleporter finished powering up and sent Yuma to Astral World. As Yuma left, he bid farewell to his friends.[125]

Eliphas warning Yuma

Yuma greeted by Eliphas.

As he approached the Astral World, Yuma spotted Rainbow Kuriboh, which he recognized as his father's card. After Yuma fallowed Kuriboh to land, Yuma was amazed by his new surroundings and was surprised that his touch brought life to several nearby dead plants. A shining figure appeared before him, telling Yuma that he shouldn't be here and sent wolves after him. Yuma was repeatedly ambushed by this figure, but was saved by Rainbow Kuriboh each time.

Kazuma's message to Yuma

Yuma sees Kazuma's message to him.

Rainbow Kuriboh then showed Yuma a recorded message of Kazuma, who told Yuma that Astral was destined to die and Kuriboh will help Yuma save him. Using "Goblindbergh" and Rainbow Kuriboh to fly to Astral's location, Yuma was attacked once again and fell unconscious as Rainbow Kuriboh softened his landing. Yuma woke up inside a church-like building and met Enna, who said that he would be safe here and that the ill citizens there were in need of his help. Yuma listened to Enna as she explained the history of the Astral World, Barian World, and the power of Chaos. She also told Yuma that the figure who was pursuing him was Eliphas, who they created in hopes of healing their world, and that Yuma has the power of Chaos inside him. Confused, Yuma asked why they didn't just do something about Eliphas, which Enna said that he and Astral were their only hope to save the Astral World from its eventual end. After Yuma healed all the denizens, he arrived where Astral was and found him asleep inside a crystal. Eliphas appeared to Yuma and blamed him for corrupting Astral with his Chaos. Yuma defended himself, saying that he and Astral developed a strong bond and challenged Eliphas to a Duel, with his memories of Astral and Astral's freedom on the line.[58]

Eliphas vs

Yuma vs. Eliphas.

Shocked that Eliphas could use "Shining Draw" as well, Yuma was cornered by Eliphas' "New Order 6: Etheric Apophis". Eliphas said that Yuma had no right to be with Astral and that Chaos Astral got by being with him will cause him to die. To increase pressure on him, Eliphas told Yuma that Enna and the others residents were being held hostages for being exposed to his Chaos. Yuma accused the Astral World for being so weak and compared their rules to his "kattobingu" ethics. Yuma then learned that his father was also being held captive by Eliphas and what he did to Astral before Yuma met him. Eliphas said the he would free everyone and reevaluate the world's values if Yuma won the Duel. Motivated, Yuma used "Rank-Up-Magic Numeron Force" to Summon "Number C39: Utopia Ray Victory", but was overwhelmed by Eliphas' "New Order" monsters and was reduced to 100 Life Points left. Despite this, Yuma still refused to give up and determined to save Astral, even when Eliphas pointed out the more Life Points he lost the closer Astral would be extinguished. Eliphas warned Yuma that his desire to be with Astral would turn into fear of losing him and would be become his "bondage". Eliphas proclaimed that Yuma couldn't be entrusted with the Astral World and proceeded to deal a finishing blow to him".[126]

Using "Rainbow Kuriboh", Yuma was able to avoid the attack and tried to attack Eliphas, but failed. Although, Yuma proclaimed that he would win the Duel and rescue Astral, he inwardly panicked as Eliphas continued to stop his attacks.[127] Yuma was eventually overwhelmed by "New Order 13: Etheric Amon" and his Deck was decimated by its effect. Eliphas lectured him about Rank-Up and its limitations to only "chosen ones", but Yuma criticized those perceptions, saying that everybody as the potential to Rank-Up. Although "Rainbow Kuriboh" allowed Yuma to survive another turn, Yuma realized he was on the brink of losing, but thought of Astral and how important he had become to him. This caused Astral to resonate with Yuma from his crystal and lent him the power to use "Shining Draw" without the use of ZEXAL, granting Yuma "Rank-Down-Magic Numeron Fall" to Summon "Number 39: Utopia Roots".

Screenshot 2

Yuma and Astral along with Eliphas witness the energy surf from Barian World.

When Eliphas dismissed his "Shining Draw" as a waste, Yuma said that Rank-Up was necessary for the sake of the living people and compared them to Duelists he had confronted who had their own troubles. He stated that good and evil are always at conflicted in people's hearts and refusing to learn or ignoring the suffering of other individuals can never cause true Ranking-Up, moving the denizens of the world. Yuma used the effect of "Utopia Roots" to increase its ATK to massive proportions and activated "Double or Nothing!" to double its ATK, allowing him to inflict enough damage to defeat Eliphas. After Astral was purified of his corruption and released, Yuma immediately embraced him and cried happily. When they sensed Don Thousand's power affecting the human world, Eliphas said they must return right away and restored the Emperor's Key. After Eliphas gave Astral a card, Yuma and Astral promised that they will find way to end the Barian menace and began their journey back to the human world.[49]

Yuma and Astral obtain ZEXAL III

Yuma and Astral obtain ZEXAL III.

Yuma and Astral eventually returned to Earth just after Kite became too injured to continued his Duel with Mr. Heartland.[128] Yuma took Kite's place in the Duel along with his remaining life Points. Although Heartland managed to drain Yuma's Life Points with his "Infection Bug Tokens" and was in pain due the Barian Field, Yuma and Astral initiated ZEXAL III and used the Shining Draw to create "ZS - Vanish Sage", using it in tandem with Kite's "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" to banish the Tokens and win the Duel. They witnessed Heartland screaming in pain as he was engulfed in flames and vanished. While Yuma shared a joyous reunion with his friends, but he was saddened to learned of Flip's demise as their situation turned more dire as they saw the large pillar of energy glowing even brighter.[129]

Barian Emperor Onslaught[]

Resonance between Nasch and Yuma

Yuma's Key reacting with Nash's Barian Emblem.

Yuma was stunned when the Seven Barian Emperors appeared before them, along with Shark and Rio as Nash and Marin. Although Astral explained to Yuma that about Shark's soul being reincarnated as a Barian and was now their enemy, Yuma asked why they had to fight. Nash responded that this was what fate had decided, which Yuma found to be ridiculous, proclaimed that he will revive their bonds through Dueling. Suddenly, the Emperor's Key reacted with Nash's Barian Emblem, letting Yuma see Nash's past life and Nash see the events that Yuma had been involved with in the Astral World. Once the visions ended, Yuma was rendered unconscious, giving the Barians a chance to attack him. Luckily, Roku and Kaze arrived and pelted the Emperors with smoke bombs, allowing Yuma's entire group to escape. As Quinton drove them away, Tori cradled Yuma's head in her lap, while Astral commented how the bonds that Yuma made with his friends - Roku, Kaze, Anna, Nelson, Nistro, Dextra, Bronk Stone and Quattro - had united them to protect Yuma and stalled for time by Dueling the Emperors.[130] Yuma briefly regained consciousness and asked if everyone was alright, with Caswell claiming that they were before Yuma passed out again.[131]

Yuma & III

Yuma is shocked by Trey's bitter words.

Once Yuma regained full consciousness, he learned from Astral about his friends' demises and blamed himself for them. Yuma and Kite conversed about Shark, with Yuma declaring that Shark was still their friend even if he was a Barian; however, Kite disagreed with him. Yuma said he won't give up on Shark and would find a way to avoid fighting Shark and the Barians, prompting Astral to tell him there was a way - defeating Don Thousand directly. Believing everything should return back to normal if they defeated him, Yuma agreed with the plan. Just as Kite left with Orbital 7, Yuma got into an argument with Quinton and Trey, who claimed they wouldn't be going with him either in favor of avenging Quattro's death. Yuma urged them not to focus on revenge since they should know better than anyone that revenge will only cause them pain, but Trey claimed he couldn't stand Yuma any longer and then sped away with their van, leaving Yuma bewildered. Preparing to set off on the Different Dimension Airship, Yuma asked his friends to go home and check on his family, with only Tori accompanying him and Astral.[132] On the ship, Yuma speaks with Astral about his dispute with Trey and Quinton, saying he understand why they want to avenge their brother, but still believed that nothing will come out Dueling with anger. Astral assured Yuma that they were following the path they think was right for them, which Yuma agreed with.[133]


Yuma breaks down as Trey and Quinton are defeated.

Aboard the airship, Yuma continued to worry about Trey and Quinton, which concerned Tori and Astral. Later, a screen appeared before them and showed the group the Duel between Trey and Quinton vs Mizar. He listened as Quinton explained about the Legend of the Dragons of Light and Time and that Kite was heading to the moon to investigate it. Realizing that avenging Quattro was lie, Yuma urged them not to, but Quinton said that Yuma must see how fearsome the Emperors are and that must keep going forward. After he and Trey shared a tearful goodbye, Yuma watched in anguish as the brothers were defeated and taken to the Barian World. Sobbing on his knees, Tori and Astral tried to comfort him, with the latter saying that Yuma must lift his head because everybody had placed their trust in him.[134]

Alito vs Yuma

Alito vs. Yuma.

Immediately after this, Alito attacked the airship with "Number C105: Battlin' Boxer Comet Cestus", knocking Yuma, Astral and Tori from it. He challenged Yuma, but the latter insisted they had no reason to Duel and compared him to Nistro as they were both hot-blooded Duelists who shouldered the hopes of children. However, Alito shrugged Yuma's words off and captured Tori with a giant set of vines, making Yuma relented to Duel him to free her. Yuma immediately brought out "Utopia", but Alito used "Rank-Up-Magic - The Seventh One" to Summon "Comet Cestus", reducing Yuma to only 200 Life Points with its effect and attack, with Yuma narrowly survived with "Gagaga Gardna". When Don Thousand appeared and introduced himself to Yuma and Astral, he revealed that their pursuit of the Mythyrian Numbers had contributed to his release and taunted them to stop him if they could. Hoping to remind Alito of their friendship, Yuma attempted to reach Alito's true self with "Heroic Champion - Excalibur", but this only allowed Alito to bring out "Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk" to support "Comet Cestus". Astral suggested that he use "Number 54: Lion Heart", which holds Alito's true memories, to order to break Don Thousand's curse to Alito. Although "Lion Heart" was risky to use, Yuma was resolved to save Alito.[135] Yuma and Astral discussed that Kazuma must have predicted they would have to fight the Emperors and that the Mythyrian Numbers are the key to Don Thousand’s curse. Yuma Summoned "Lion Heart" to the field, causing it resonated with Alito's cards and letting him see his memories. He used "Lion Heart" to attacked "Comet Cestus", thus freeing Alito from Don Thousand's influence, but Alito still wished for them to finished their Duel. With Alito's hatred for his past remaining, Astral advised Yuma to destroy "Comet Cestus". Using "Emperor's Armor" to bypass the effects of "Number C80: Requiem in Berserk", they destroyed "Comet Cestus" and won the Duel, allowing Alito to see his true memories. Afterwards, Alito thanked Yuma for saving him, but reminded him that they are still enemies. However, Yuma believes that he and the Emperors will come to understand, which Alito denied because they have defeat him. Nevertheless, Alito agreed to cooperated with them to defeat Don Thousand, who was inside of Vector.[136] Back on the ship, they group continued to travel to the Barian World until they were attacked by Girag and his "Number 106: Giant Hand".[137]

They attempted to reason with Girag, but they could not get through Thousand's control. Yuma moved to Duel him instead, but Alito offered to do so instead as Girag's best friend, which he relented and gave him "Number 64: Ronin Raccoon Sandayu" to help break the control.[138] Yuma watched as Alito managed to free Girag from Don Thousand's curse at the cost of his own life. Soon after, Vector arrived and tried to attack Yuma with "Number C43: High Manipulator of Chaos", but Girag pushed Yuma out of the way, taking the blow. As Vector absorbed Girag's, Alito's, and Ponta's souls, Yuma learned that Dumon and Rio shared the same fate. Vector proclaimed that he will defeat Yuma and Astral to get the Numeron Code before flying off, leaving Yuma to mourn for the lost lives.[139] [140]


Yuma crying for Kite.

Back on the airship, Yuma cried and blamed himself himself for not saving anyone. When a screen appeared on Deck, Yuma found out the Kite was Dueling Mizar on the moon and for the key to the Numeron Code. As Kite was at a disadvantage, Yuma explained to Mizar that he didn't have to fight them because of Don Thousand tampered with his memories. They also informed him that all his allies were betrayed by Vector and their souls was absorbed. However, Mizar refused to listen to them as Kite told them to stay out of his way. Yuma urged Kite to stop Dueling, but he told Yuma that everyone must say good-bye someday, even if it was unexpected - and the same will apply to him and Astral. At the end of the Duel, Yuma saw Kite defeat Mizar, but became too weak to move. With tears streaming down his face, Yuma called out to him to raise up, saying Kite promised to Duel him again. Kite simply told Yuma not to cry because he was their last hope as the screen blurred out from Orbital 7's shutdown. As he grieved, Yuma proclaimed that he will not cry anymore and will win the war by defeating Vector and Don Thousand.[141]


Mizar gives "Number 100: Numeron Dragon" to Yuma.

Yuma and the others finally arrived to Barian World to find Nash Dueling against Vector, with Yuma expressing concern for Nash.[142] As Yuma watched the Duel, he was able to see Vector's true memories, who was a benevolent monarch long ago. Remembering his time with Vector's "Ray" persona, Yuma attempted to reached out to Vector for a second chance. Vector seemingly was going to reform, but only revealed to be a trick for Yuma and Nash to let down their guard, to Yuma's anger. He witnessed the rest of the Duel and stared on in shocked as Nash claimed victory after a series of trials.[143] After Vector goes berserk with his power, Yuma was surprised when Don Thousand appeared before them to absorbed Vector. Yuma leaped to save him at the last second, despite everyone's protests, and insisted that Vector's true self was "Ray Shadows". When Vector proclaimed that he will take Yuma with, Yuma tearfully said that he doesn't mind and promised to protect Vector. Touched by Yuma's sincerity, Vector had a change of heart and sacrificed himself to Thousand to protect Yuma. Soon after, Mizar arrived to give him "Number 100: Numeron Dragon" and confirmed Kite's demise. Following Mizar's death, Don Thousand shown himself before Yuma and the group in his new form, promising to take their souls and obtain their power to become a true God. Don Thousand challenged Astral, Yuma, and Nash to a Duel, which they accepted a Battle Royal Duel. On his first turn, Yuma quickly Summoned "Utopia", only to disappeared from the field due to Thousand's "Numeron Network". Don Thousand revealed that he made the Earth part of the Barian World to obtained the Code's power in the process. Thousand also taunted them by revealing he can directly attack the Astral World whenever Yuma and Nash take damage.[144]

Using his "Numeron" monsters, Thousand nearly defeated them, with Yuma and Nash surviving with "Half Unbreak" and "Cutter Shark". As Astral left to find the location of the "Numeron Network" card to help them, he contacted the duo to let them know that he planned to sacrificed to absorb the "Numeron Network" energy in order to prevent Earth from being destroy. Knowing Astral would die if he did that, Yuma begged him not to it, but Astral only told him goodbye. Suddenly, Eliphas appeared to take Astral's place and sent him back to Yuma's side. Whilst Yuma shed tears for Eliphas's death, Astral told Yuma that Eliphas entrusted the future to them and told him not to cry. As Nash used "Number C101: Silent Honor DARK" to restore their Life Points to 3300, Yuma strengthened his resolve to win.[145] Don Thousand mocked their chances of victory and Summoned "Number C1000: Numeronius", inflicting more damage to them and Astral World, and taking control of "Silent Honor DARK". Yuma and Astral transformed into ZEXAL and Summoned "Utopia", only for Don Thousand to use the effect of "Numeronius" to destroy and replace it with "Number C39: Utopia Ray Victory". Don Thousand revealed that "Numeronius" negated the effects of his opponent's "C" monsters and prevented them from attacking. Undaunted by this setback, they evolved into ZEXAL II and used the Shining Draw to create "ZS - Ouroboros Sage", combining it with "Utopia Ray Victory" and "Number 101: Silent Honor ARK", allowing them to reduce Don Thousand's Life Points to 900. However, Don Thousand sent "Silent Honor DARK" to the Graveyard to prevent "Numeronius" from being destroyed, and then used its ability to take control of Yuma's and Nash's monsters. Yuma was shocked that ZEXAL failed them and canceled the fusion.


Yuma remembers his fallen allies.

Thousand taunted him, revealing the power of Chaos will always revive him and they cannot fight against it as humans are the root of Chaos. He further explained what happened with his battle with Astral eons ago and claimed that humans are weak since Chaos can consume them easily, such as the Seven Barian Emperors. Yuma retorted that the power of Chaos let you live with your friends and can protect others. Don Thousand scoffed at Yuma's belief, and then proceed to inflicted damage to them, leaving Yuma's and Nash's Life Points to 100. With "Numeronius" going for a direct attack, Kite's spirit appeared before Yuma, urging him to win. The "Numeron Dragon" flashed into Yuma's hand and Yuma Special Summoned it to the field. Yuma used its effect to reduce the ATK of "Numeronius" to 0 and destroy both of them. Unfazed, Don Thousand countered by bringing out "Number iC1000: Numeronius Numeronia", which would force all of Yuma's and Nash's monsters to attack it or grant Don Thousand an Automatic Win in the End Phase if they don't. Thinking of his fallen friends, Yuma refused to give up and overlaid with Astral into ZEXAL III. They used "Utopia Rising" to revive "Utopia" as Nash brought out "Number 73: Abyss Splash", and used "Bonds of Hope" to revive "Numeron Dragon". The abilities of "Abyss Splash" and "Numeron Dragon" were given to "Utopia" as a symbol of their reforged bonds. Yuma proclaimed to Don Thousand that he will feel all of their hopes and dreams.[146] After using the effects of "Abyss Splash" and "Numeron Dragon" to boost the ATK of "Utopia" to 102,000, Yuma attacked "Numeronius Numeronia", but Thousand used the effect of "Numeronius Numeronia" to negate the attack and boost his Life Points to 102,900. Yuma then activated "Double or Nothing!", as an attack was negated, allowing him to double the ATK "Utopia" and attack again. With this, Yuma defeated Don Thousand, causing the portal to Astral World to close and cancel the fusion between Earth and the Barian World. Despite his loss, Don Thousand laughed at Yuma and the others, claiming his curse hadn't been lifted before his soul was transferred to Nash with all the "Numbers" along with him.[147]

Nash vs Astral & Yuma

Nash vs Yuma and Astral.

Infused with Don Thousand's energy, Nash forced Yuma and Astral out of the ZEXAL III fusion, and sent them to a small place between that merged world and the Astral World. Nash explained that the two worlds were currently pulling against one another; if it kept up, the two worlds would collide, resulting in the Astral World's destruction. Yuma tried to reason with "Shark", who stated he was still their enemy, regardless of Thousand's influence, and he would protect the friends he has in the Barian World. Yuma tried to appeal for a way for both worlds to coexist. Nash and Astral said this was impossible because the Astral World was too weak to withstand the fusion of the worlds. Bewildered, Yuma said that everyone can learn to understand one another and blamed Thousand's curse on Nash's attitude, but Nash refuted this - he was the only one who chose to be a Barian on his own will, and that his very existence was the curse of Don Thousand. Nash challenged Yuma and Astral to a Duel, with all three worlds and the Numeron Code on the line. Yuma questioned Astral if they can can find a future to save everyone. Astral suggested that using the Numeron Code could make everything that happened become undone and revive everyone who was died. Although, he asks Astral if that's a real future though - one that will result in running away from all the times they had together. Astral said that he's unsure right now, but encouraged Yuma they'll be able to find a solution through this Duel. As Nash was able to predict Yuma's every move, he was put of the defensive. As the Duel progressed, Nash Summoned four of the Over-Hundred Numbers onto his side of the field - "Silent Honor DARK", "Number C102: Archfiend Seraph", "Number C103: Ragnafinity" and "Number C107: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon, while Special Summoning the other three to Yuma's side of the field - "Number C104: Umbral Horror Masquerade", "Number C105: Battlin' Boxer Comet Cestus", and "Number C106: Giant Red Hand".[147]

Nash then used all seven monsters to Xyz Summon "CXyz Barian", pushing Yuma into a corner. Yuma and Astral then merged into ZEXAL III to create "Overlay Reborn" to Special Summon "Number 39: Utopia", which was destroyed previously from the Graveyard. As Yuma worried how the power surged from Duel caused the worlds to grow closer, he was surprised to see his father and Vetrix suddenly arrived on the battlefield in order to erect barriers to stall the collisions of the three worlds and was encouraged him to win. Afterward, he and Astral used the card Eliphas gave them, "Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force", to Special Summon "Number 39: Utopia Beyond" and destroy "Barian Hope".[148]

Nash talks to Yuma

Nash and Yuma reflect on their friendship.

Nash set up the return of "Barian Hope" with "Reincarnation of the Seven Emperors" before Summoning "Black Ray Lancer" in an attempt to defeat them. In response, Yuma used the effect of "Utopia Beyond" to banish itself and Special Summon the original "Utopia" and canceled ZEXAL III. Yuma reminisced to Nash that this Duel reminded him the other times they faced each other, only for Nash to brush it off and tell Yuma that he was just a pest. Ignoring that statement, Yuma continued that he and Nash were still friends, despite the current situation. Nash replied that this was impossible; neither of them were the same as before, causing Yuma to question if he and Nash no longer understood each other. Nash said that he had understood Yuma for a long time, but added that friends who understood each other may stop being friends. Yuma thought about The Door's promise of a new power at the cost of losing something important; he realized that the "something" could be Astral or Nash. Determined not to lose either of them, he continued the Duel.

As Yuma was reduced to 50 Life Points, he was discouraged to continue, due to Nash's determination to win, but Tori snapped him out of it by yelling at him. Remembering the sacrifices Yuma's friends made for them, Yuma and Astral merged back to ZEXAL III. They created "ZW - Sylphid Wing" and equipped it to "Utopia". They attempted an attack on Nash's "Submersible Carrier Aero Shark", but Nash used "Rebirth of the Seven Emperors" to Tribute it and Summon "Barian Hope" back to the field. He then used "Draw of Fate" to stop the attack, then make both players draw a card; if they did not use the card they drew, they would lose. Yuma and Astral drew "Double or Nothing!" and activated it, doubling the ATK of "Utopia". Remembering the Door's promise of losing something important, Yuma canceled ZEXAL III and negated the attack of "Utopia" by its own effect. Nash then used "Glory of the Seven Emperors" to give "Barian Hope" more Overlay Units. This confused Yuma, but Astral reminded him that had their attack gone through, they would have lost. Yuma asked if this would mean a draw, but Nash corrected him; Yuma and Astral did win because Nash's Life Points would become the same as the change Yuma's and Astral's Life Points at the end of the Battle Phase, which is 0; therefore Nash lost the Duel. Nash told Yuma not to lose whatever was most important to him, which were his ability to trust in others and his pure heart. He gave all the "Numbers" he held to Astral and told Tori not to let Yuma out of her sight. He also admitted that Yuma and Astral were his best friends, and their final Duel was the best Duel he had, before fading away. Afterward, Yuma, Astral, and Tori returned to Earth, appearing on Heartland's harbor.[149]

Yuma returns to Heartland

After saying goodbye to Shark, Yuma returns in tears to Heartland.

Yuma reunites with his friends

Yuma reunites with his friends.

While Yuma was devastated at the loss of Shark, he expressed great joy when he realized all his friends that were absorbed by the Barian Pipe are revived. He happily reunited with the Number Club, Nelson, Anna, and Hart as they came to congratulated him. However, he voiced his regret for not saving Kite, Shark, and Rio and wondered what the point of Dueling was if he couldn't save them all. Astral then transported his and Yuma's subconscious to a special Sphere Field to tell him that he would continue his mission to destroy Barian World as it was the root of all Chaos. Yuma disagreed with Astral, saying there was no point to the future if they had to keep sacrificing things and urged him to find a better way, but Astral stated he wouldn't change his mind. Although Yuma was confused on why Astral would do such a thing, Yuma challenged Astral to Duel for the Numeron Code, which the latter accepted. In addition, the two added more conditions; if Yuma won, Astral would listen to him, and if Astral won, he would destroy Barian World and erase Yuma's memories of him.

Yuma's room being invaded

Yuma is surprised by his friends sudden arrival.

Yuma was distraught at this, but agreed to Duel the next day at the station square. After he was returned to his friends, Yuma went back home and prepared his Deck, thinking of a strategy to beat the powerful "Numbers" Astral wielded and brooded over the situation. He was then abruptly interrupted by his friends - Tori, Bronk, Caswell, Flip, Cathy, Nelson and Anna - when they literally burst into his attic bedroom and asked if he was going to Duel Astral. On the roof, Yuma confirmed that he was going to Duel Astral and was building his deck. His friends offered to let Yuma use their cards in the Duel, but Yuma turned them down, saying that it would be pointless if he Dueled Astral with outside help. The next day, Yuma and Tori walked towards the station square. Yuma stopped midway to tell Tori about Astral's objective to destroy Barian World and the Duel will decide will happen in it. Yuma stated since Tori watched all of his and Astral's Duels, he wanted her to know and asked her to keep this a secret from the others because he wanted them to remember Astral as a good person.[19]

At the station square, Yuma remarked that he always know that he and Astral would one day their separate ways, but he never thought they would end up Dueling against each other. As the Duel started, Astral Summoned "Utopia", as well as its other forms: "Utopia Ray", "Utopia Ray V", "Utopia Ray Victory" and "Utopia Beyond". [19]


Yuma admits he's enjoying facing his own ace card.

After a direct attack from "Utopia Ray V" and his Life Points dropped to 1400, Yuma reminded himself of the stakes if the Duel and got back up. Bursting out laughing, he stated how "cool" "Utopia" was and then quickly brought a comeback with "Gagaga Cowboy" and "Gagaga Samurai" to destroy Utopia's four evolved forms. He attempted to OTK Astral but was stopped by "Heat & Heal". While Astral praised Yuma for tricking him, Yuma said it was thanks to Astral that he became strong and gave him the confidence to overcome everything - that and "kattobingu". He believed he and Astral were like one mind and body now, and vowed to make Astral change his mind, so they could create a better tomorrow. As the two traded blows, Yuma tried to reason with Astral and that they could start over no matter what, so long as they understood each other. While Astral proclaimed he would never forgot Yuma's words or the times they spent together, he told Yuma that he will fulfill the pact they signed together, leaving the boy confused. Astral gained the upper hand and used "Number 39: Utopia Roots" with "Overlay Accel" to attack Yuma three times. As Astral went for the first attack, he told Yuma that he must take back what is most important to him - the thing that was stolen from him - only to leave Yuma even more confused. [150]

Yuma & Future Hope

Yuma with his "Number F0: Utopic Future".

Thinking back, Yuma remembered that he and Astral make a promise he would Duel him with everything he got and to have fun. Yuma recalled to Duel with a smile and laugh, but realized he was not doing either of those things. He reminded himself that he loved Dueling, yet he was crying because of it, and pondered if Astral was trying to remind of what he lost - the ability to laugh from the bottom of his heart. As Astral made a decisive direct attack on him, Yuma used "Danger Draw" to negate the attack. Yuma thanked Astral's efforts and performed a "Shining Draw" with his own power to draw "Halfway to Forever" to use his fallen Xyz Monsters to Special Summon "Number F0: Utopic Future", a monster the strongly resembles Yuma himself. Yuma activated its effect to take control of Astral's "Utopia Roots" and attack with it. Astral then used "Hyper-Rank-Up-Magic Ultimate Force" to use "Utopia Roots" to Xyz Summon "Number 99: Utopic Dragon". Yuma tried to take control of Astral's new monster with "Utopic Future", but Astral used its effect to negate that effect and destroy all other monsters. Yuma saved "Utopia Roots" with its own effect; however, he would take damage equal to the ATK of the "Utopia Beyond" that was destroyed. He saved himself with the second effect of "Utopic Future" by reducing the damage to 0. On the next turn, Yuma tried to take control of "Utopic Dragon" again by attacking it, but Astral negated the effect of "Utopic Future" once more and Yuma prevented his monster's destruction. Yuma used "Hi-Five the Sky" to let "Utopic Future" attack again, as well as "Memories of Courage" to increase its ATK to 4000. This destroyed "Utopic Dragon". "Memories of Courage" also granted "Utopic Future" another attack, but Astral used "The Door of Destiny" to negate the attack, while also reminding Yuma that he would lose if he did not destroy it. Haven been transported in of The Door that haunted Yuma's nightmares, Yuma reminded Astral that this was where they first met; he also realized that the most important thing he would lose was Astral. He hesitated, but Astral said that he had a card to help him win and told Yuma not to be afraid of the future without him by his side. Yuma realized what his friend meant and finished the Duel by using "Double or Nothing!" to continue his attack and defeat Astral.[21]

Yuma saying goodbye to Astral

Yuma saying goodbye to Astral.

Yuma helped Astral up after the Duel, who congratulated Yuma on the win as the Numeron Code appeared in front of them. Astral said that it was about time he and Yuma went their separate ways. Tearing up, Yuma swore that he would never cry again, while Astral said that he liked Yuma's smile and that he would never forget it. He also swore to follow Yuma's "kattobingu" spirit. Yuma told Astral never to give up and to push himself at every hardship. As Astral floated away, Yuma yelled that he would never forget him.[21]

Yuma going to see Astral

Yuma happily going to see Astral.

After Astral left, Yuma returned to his normal life. His parents returned to Earth and the Seven Barian Emperors were revived as humans. At one point, he arrived late for school and was reprimanded by Rio for it, as his friends fondly watched on. Yuma also mused on the events that happened since Astral left. The Tenjo and Arclight families started together again to research parallel worlds. While happy with the new peace, Yuma continued to long for Astral and realized that things did not feel the same without Astral around. One evening, Yuma was hanging out with Tori before his Emperor's Key began to glow. Shark and Kite arrived and informed Yuma about a new threat in Astral World. Rejuvenated, Yuma left for Astral World alongside Tori, Kite, Orbital 7, the Arclights and the Barian Emperors, with the Emperor's Key's powers allowing them all to fly towards a dimensional portal. On the way, Tori confesses to Yuma that she loves him which makes blush in shock, but nevertheless he continues holding her hand. Desiring to see Astral, Yuma reaffirmed his desire to get his most important thing back and yelled "kattobingu!" with everyone else.[21]

Non-canon appearances[]

In the non-canon episode, Aim For Number 1 in the World!, Yuma was forced by Tori to visit her friend Summer at the Gymnastics building. While Yuma was watching the athletes in wonder, Taiki pushed past Yuma and knocked him to the ground. The two argued, then Taiki left. Afterwards, Summer told Yuma how Taiki lost at a gymnastics competition, so he does not take part in them anymore. When Yuma and his friends were walking home, they find Taiki staring at the river. Yuma then challenged him to a Duel. Taiki refused initially, but Yuma taunted him, saying that Taiki was afraid to lose to him. Taiki accepted the challenge and the Duel began. As the Duel progressed and Taiki was on the verge of victory, he noticed Yuma's Set card, and his fear of failure took hold of him. He attempts to change tactics, but Yuma tells him that it does not matter how many times he loses because he loves Dueling. After Yuma loses, Taiki says that his new goal is to never lose again. Yuma approves of this and encourages him to do his best. Kohei Uchimura appears and Yuma appears to admire him, although he does not know who Kohei really is. Later, Yuma and his friends bid farewell to Taiki and Kohei, with both Duelists saying that they will "kattobingu" from now on.

Other appearances[]

Number Hunting[]


"Number 39: Utopia", Yuma's first "Number".

Yuma obtained "Number 39: Utopia" when the Emperor's Key reacted during his Duel with Shark, releasing Astral and the "Numbers". Upon defeating Shark, he obtained "Number 17: Leviathan Dragon" as well.[4]

ZLx004 Yuma vs Ukyo

Yuma with "Utopia" and "Number 17: Leviathan" face Mr. Kay's "Number 34: Terror-Byte" and "Super Crashbug".

Yuma went on to obtain "Number 34: Terror-Byte" from Mr. Kay[63], Number 83 Galaxy Queen" from Nelson Andrews[64], "Number 61: Volcasaurus" from Scorch and "Number 19: Freezadon" from Chills.[66]

His trip to the Duel Lodge after his encounter with Kite Tenjo netted him "Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja" from Kaze.[68] His Duel with Fortuno saw him obtain "Number 16: Shock Master" and "Number 11: Big Eye", as well as acquire an upgrade for "Utopia" in the form of "Number C39: Utopia Ray".[32] His Duel against Number 96's holder gave him "Number 96: Dark Mist".[60]

The World Duel Carnival saw Yuma defeat Charlie McCay and though "Number 7: Lucky Straight" was briefly given to Charlie's niece, May[24], it was later returned to Yuma.[76] He proceeded to win "Number 25: Force Focus" from Cameron Clix".[75] As the preliminaries drew to a close, Yuma Dueled Trey and won "Number 33: Chronomaly Machu Mech" and "Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis".[83]


Yuma faces Shark and "Number 32: Shark Drake".

Yuma Dueled Shark in the top 4 of the tournament and his win here netted him "Number 32: Shark Drake".[86] All of his "Numbers" were taken by Dr. Faker's Sphere Field alongside those owned by Vetrix.[20] Astral managed to give "Utopia" and "Shark Drake" back to Yuma before he was ejected from the Sphere Field and Yuma returned "Shark Drake" to Shark.[86]

ZEXAL episode 065

"Number 10: Illumiknight", "Number 8: Heraldic King Genom-Heritage" and "Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction" three of the "Numbers" Yuma gained from the Sphere Field.

With Faker's defeat, Yuma regained all of his lost "Numbers" and also acquired many others, bringing his total count up to fifty. Among his newly acquired "Numbers" were "Number 10: Illumiknight", "Number 20: Giga-Brilliant", "Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction", "Number 56: Gold Rat", "Number 9: Dyson Sphere", "Number 15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Grinder", "Number 40: Gimmick Puppet of Strings", "Number 88: Gimmick Puppet of Leo", "Number 8: Heraldic King Genom-Heritage", "Number 69: Heraldry Crest", "Number 53: Heart-eartH" and "Number 92: Heart-eartH Dragon".[46] "Utopia" saw a second upgraded form via the use of "Rank-Up-Magic Limited Barian's Force" when Yuma and Ray Shadows Dueled Girag, resulting in "Number C39: Utopia Ray V".[100]


Yuma utilized "Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis" and "Number 61: Volcasaurus" against the Shadow Giant.

Astral was forced to release Number 96 as part of a deal to defeat the Shadow Giant.[101] Yuma and Astral received "Number 66: Master Key Beetle" from Vector after defeating him.[106] His next Duel with Vector saw the creation of "Rank-Up-Magic Numeron Force", which netted "Utopia" another upgrade called "Number C39: Utopia Ray Victory".[48]

During the hunt for the Mythyrian "Numbers", Yuma acquired three of the seven. He won "Number 44: Sky Pegasus" from Mach[31], "Number 54: Lion Heart" from Alito[112] and "Number 64: Ronin Raccoon Sandayu" from Ponta.[115]

Yuma returned "Machu Mech" and "Atlandis" to Trey when he showed up to aid him in the fight against the Barians.[120] Quattro and Quinton also returned, so Yuma allowed Quattro to use "Giant Grinder", "Gimmick Puppet of Strings" and "Gimmick Puppet of Leo" again[122] and returned "Dyson Sphere" to Quinton.[124] Yuma's trip to the Astral World saw him access a new form for "Utopia" - "Number 39: Utopia Roots".[49]

Yuma gave "Sandayu" to Alito in order to help him free Girag from Don Thousand's curse.[138] Mizar entrusted "Number 100: Numeron Dragon" to Yuma before confronting Thousand himself.[144] Yuma eventually obtained all the remaining "Number" cards by defeating Nash in their final rematch, plus another form of "Utopia" called "Number 39: Utopia Beyond".[149] For a final Duel with Yuma, Astral kept all of the "Numbers", leaving Yuma with none.[19] During this Duel, however, Yuma created "Number F0: Utopic Future".[21]



Astral & Yuma fighting

Yuma and Astral in the middle of a typical argument.

Yuma and Astral, despite having a rocky start, have a very close relationship with each other. Astral is able to tell what Yuma is feeling during duels and helps to calm him down, and Yuma worries and cares for Astral immensely. Regarding each other as both partners and close friends, they make an outstanding team.

When they first met, Yuma had mixed feelings about Astral when all he did was tell him how to Duel during his Duel with Shark.[16] Though Astral was insightful and was always thinking about what his opponent would be capable of doing, Yuma ignored his advice and continued playing his way. Eventually, Astral figured out a way to have Yuma listen to him and over time, Yuma began trusting Astral more and more with each Duel. They are shown on numerous occasions to be able to talk telepathically.[41]

Yuma & Astral

As partners and friends, they became a confident team.

After the Duel with Kite Tenjo, the two realized that they needed the other's skill. They grew closer to one another during the Duel with Fortuno when Yuma admits to Astral that he considered him as his friend and unlocked Number C39: Utopia Ray[32] and eventually gained the ability to overlay their souls together using the power of ZEXAL.[56]

At times, Yuma didn't openly admit that he was worried or cared about Astral, usually feigning anger and yelling at him, which only makes Astral smile because he knew Yuma's true feelings. In dire situations, Yuma openly showed concern and proclaimed he would do anything to protect him from danger. It shown that Yuma deeply cares for Astral as he couldn't believe Astral would leave and as he cried for that.[43] Astral has shown many times how much he cares about Yuma, willing to give up his life for Yuma's safety.[32] Astral has also been seen smiling more since Yuma told him that he is his friend, and encourages Yuma to never give up. Later, it was revealed that Astral has been teaching Yuma how to Duel, since one day he'll disappear and Yuma will have to fight alone. He also said that when he disappears, he would want to leave proof that he exists in Yuma's memory and heart.[43] After Astral came back, Yuma was greatly relieved as he cried tears of joy.[83]

Nearing to the WDC finals, Yuma and Astral converse on what to do with the "Numbers" and their situation with Hart Tenjo. Yuma is torn between helping Astral or healing Hart, but Astral assured Yuma that he will follow whatever path Yuma choose as his partner.[38] During Yuma and Shark's Duel, Yuma was to make a choice between saving him or Shark, but Astral tells Yuma that will let him make the decisions. During this, Yuma told Astral that he is a very important friend to him.[44] When Vetrix told them that the "Numbers" could destroy the world, Astral questioned Yuma about it, Yuma denied this claim, saying he trusts Astral and would let Astral use the "Numbers" for good. During the Duel, Astral told Yuma that he can rely on him to defeat Vetrix and Yuma says he couldn't do it without him.[11]

After Yuma dreams about being warned by The Door that someone is planning to take the most important thing to him, he feared that he will lose Astral. Not willing to put Astral in danger and be taken away from him, Yuma left his key to Tori in order to protect him and goes to Duel with a Barian-brainwashed Fender by himself. During the Duel, Yuma thinks that he the only one that can protect him and reflected how Astral is always the one protecting him.[46] In the key, Astral can receive the damage Yuma takes and knows Yuma is Dueling alone, which disappointed him since they are "partners". Once Astral got to Yuma, Yuma confined to Astral about his dream and states how he couldn't protect him. However, Astral told Yuma that he was proud of him and that he's a true friend, and will not forgive anyone who hurts him.[90] After nearly losing to Mizar and become shaken, Yuma and Astral grew even closer as they reaffirmed their desires to Duel together.[97]

After Vector revealed he was Ray and that Yuma hid this from him, this caused Astral to lose some trust in Yuma, resulting in their inability to turn into ZEXAL and resulting in Astral's corruption, bringing about Dark ZEXAL.[108] They eventually reconciled and reformed their bond, resulting in ZEXAL II.[48]

Yuma thinking of Astral

Astral appears in Yuma's thoughts.

When Number 96 attacked Zexal II, Astral immediately ended the fusion and saved Yuma's life. As Astral was forced returned to the Astral World, the pair shared a sad goodbye and Astral thanked Yuma for everything he done, leaving Yuma heartbroken.[119] Afterwards, Yuma spent many sorrowful days locked inside his attic and crying. Despite this, Yuma was still willing to protect the "Numbers" that Astral entrusted to him and fight on.[120] While Yuma realized that he can't stay depressed forever[121], he made many Freudian slips whilst trying to maintained an outward happy demeanor, repeatedly thinking of Astral and accidentally calling out to him. This caused many to worried about him and was eventually pushed by his friends to accept that his partner was dead, but Yuma refused to believe that and was willing to face danger and an eternity searching for his beloved friend.[122][123][124]

While Dueling Eliphas, Yuma repentantly reflected on how arrogant and capricious Astral was when they first met, and how he changed over time and became someone with emotions who cared for others.[58][126][127] On the brink of losing, Yuma realized how Astral played an important role in his life and became his "everything". When they finally reunited, they embraced each other and Yuma said that he would not let Astral go again and asked him not to leave him again, which made Astral smile.[49] With the happiness of being together again, Yuma's and Astral's bond grew even stronger and upgraded to ZEXAL III.[129]

Yuma & Astral Stargazing

Stargazing is a common pastime they do and shares many deep conversations.

It was later revealed that Yuma and Astral share a much closer connection to each other - Yuma is the "other half" of Astral, that Astral lost long ago during his battle with Don Thousand (the other half was later somehow reborn as Yuma). After their fateful Duel, Yuma and Astral reaffirmed their bond with each other, with Astral being Yuma's most precious thing, and even if they go their different ways, they will never forget each other. Even after Astral went back to Astral World, Yuma often thinks about him. When rogue chaos energy threatens the Astral World, Yuma and Astral grew excited to see each other and were last seen rushing to reunite.[21]

Tori Meadows[]

Tori confesses

Tori finally confesses her feelings to Yuma who heatedly blushes.

Yuma has been best friends with Tori since childhood and appears to care for her very much. They have their share of fights sometimes (mostly because of Yuma’s thoughtlessness), but they always make-up. Tori has shown many signs to have a crush on Yuma, such as annoyance at Yuma's adoration with Cathy's Dueling abilities, which she doesn't show towards male Duelists that Yuma admires.[41] She blushes whenever Yuma makes a friendly comment towards her-and is also evidenced when she is worried about Yuma, to which the latter makes a kind gesture by putting a hand on her shoulder, saying he will be all right.[23]

Yuma has gone out of his way to protect Tori many times such as when he thought Cathy had kidnapped her, which also allowed him to Duel without the assistance of Astral or any of the Numbers, winning him the Duel. During the usual scene when Yuma puts on his D-Gazer, he isn't wearing his casual Dueling smile, showing his absolute seriousness for victory so he can find her.[41] When Tori was about to be run over by a truck, Yuma pushed Tori out of the way, placing himself in her position, which if Kite Tenjo didn't pause the time, would have resulted in Yuma being critically injured or causing his death.[67]

When he entered the lair of Fortuno, who had kidnapped Tori, Bronk, Flip, and Caswell, he only called out to Tori despite clearly seeing the others held captive as well.[69] Yuma's caringness towards Tori start becoming more obvious during the first day World Duel Carnival, when Yuma helps Tori escape from Cody's Excavation machine and Anna Kaboom's cannon blasts.[41][71] When Yuma realized that Astral was gone he looked at his friends, but seemingly only believed Tori, showing he takes her word over the others'.[43] He also has a considerable amount of trust in her, as he entrusted the Emperor's Key to her while he went to Duel Fender to protect Astral. At the end of the anime, Tori confessed to Yuma that she loved him and his smile to which left him blushing speechless, but he nevertheless kept holding her hand as they flew to Astral World. [46]

Kari Tsukumo[]

Yuma and Kari have a typical "brother-sister" relationship, having a tendency to argue with each other. Kari has a habit of making Yuma search for scoops she can use, even if it puts her brother at risk. Kari also doesn't allow Yuma to Duel, much to Yuma's chagrin, though Yuma finds ways around it. Yuma doesn't seem to sympathize with Kari very often, seen when she is depressed about apparently failing to make a delivery, Yuma ignores her completely. Likewise, Kari doesn't seem to sympathize with Yuma much either, and seems to blame him initially for things he had nothing to do with.[61]

Despite their tendency, they do genuinely care about each other, Kari often instructing Yuma not to Duel to protect him. Before their parents went missing, they trusted Kari to look after Yuma, relying on her to protect him. At first, Kari was reluctant, but her mother told her that it was her duty as the "big sister" and they won't always be there for Yuma, so he will rely Kari to supported him through any hardships.[22] Yuma affectionately refers to her as "Nee-chan" meaning older sister in the Japanese way, showing he also cares for her. He also was concerned when he heard her scream.[61] After realizing she can't stop Yuma from Dueling, she allows him to Duel as long as he doesn't overdo it.[54]

Bronk Stone[]

When they were young, Bronk is first shown to make fun of Yuma's losing streak at Dueling and laugh at him in class. This provoked Yuma to challenge him to Duel him over and over again, despite always ended up losing. Bronk came to admire Yuma's fiery, "never-give-up" spirit, and they eventually become friends.[60] As young teenagers, Bronk is Yuma's constant Dueling partner, though Yuma still lose regardless. Bronk would also make fun of Yuma's "kattobingu" challenges and laugh mockingly whenever Yuma fails. While having a brash treatment, Bronk does about care about Yuma, evident when he found the broken piece of Yuma's pendant and is present when Yuma Duels Reginald in order to recover Bronk's Deck.[16]

Being friends since childhood, they are shown to trust each other enough for Yuma to entrust Bronk his "Utopia", and Bronk to Duel Number 96: Dark Mist to rescue Yuma and Astral. Due to the many Duels they had, both boys are very adapted to each other's Deck, knowing each of their cards and tactics.[60]

Reginald Kastle[]

ZLx001 Shark and Yuma

Shark and Yuma's first encounter.

Yuma's relation with Shark starts before they Dueled each other and became rivals, and although they never met before that, Yuma knew that he was the school's bully. He had just defeated Bronk and took his Deck, claiming a weakling didn't need it. Yuma stood up for him and in a twist of events, Shark crushed Emperor's Key and accepted Yuma's challenge. With their Duel underway, Shark was overtaken by "Number 17: Leviathan Dragon" and quickly Summons it to put Yuma in his place. However, with the appearance of Astral and Yuma's new Xyz Monster, Number 39: Utopia, Shark loses the Duel and his "Number".[16][4]

When Shark fell into the "wrong crowd" and stopped Dueling all together, with persistence from Yuma, Shark agreed to Duel him again. Despite his "Numbers," Yuma loses to Shark, who tells him to never interfere with his life.[37] However, Yuma disobeys this after learning of why Shark was the way he was. The two Tag Duel against Scorch and Chills, who carried "Numbers" that supported each other. Despite that, Shark was able to aid Yuma, who protected him from damage, and give Yuma the final trump card that would defeat the two brothers. As a sign of respect for Yuma, he allowed him to keep the card he won with.[65][66]

Mr. Kay remarked that Shark had changed due to Yuma's influence and now he sees Yuma as a friend and ally.[50] Although friends, Shark doesn't hang around Yuma as much as his other friends, due to his aloof nature, but is shown to have a soft spot for him, often reflecting on his time with Yuma, and even watching Yuma from afar when he sees him.[50][5] Despite his distant nature, Shark is willing to open up to him (to an extent), but tends to push him away sometimes.[72] In turn, Yuma admires Shark and worries about him if he does anything he thinks is wrong or dangerous. When knowing things concerning Shark, Yuma focuses his attention on helping him and putting himself in harm's way, even ignoring or lashing out on his friends or Astral if they tried to stop him.[39]

During the World Duel Carnival, their friendship becomes strained as Shark became focused on revenge against Quattro and continually told Yuma "Don't get involved with me" when they meet.[72][74] When Yuma learned how violent Shark had become, Yuma challenged him to a Duel, in which Yuma made no move to attack, and let Shark take his anger out on him. He was angry at Yuma's persistence and the Number's influence causes him to grow more aggressive. Eventually, Yuma tells Shark he doesn't want to see the way he is now, shocking him, followed by his stomach growling. As Shark watches Yuma and Tori shout at each other, he smiled and the darkness in his heart disappeared. Shark then cancelled the Duel, claiming that seeing Yuma being an "idiot" made him lose his drive. Before walking away, Shark tells Yuma that he would meet him in the finals and they exchanged smiles.[82]

During the WDC party, Yuma tried looking for Shark, showing his concern for Shark, and because he has something to ask him, but couldn't find him.[35] During the finals of the WDC, Yuma stumbles across Shark's Duel with Quattro and stayed to cheer him on. When Shark Summoned "Number 32: Shark Drake", Yuma worried about him due to the "Number"'s influence, and cried out to Shark as he was brutally attacked eight times by Quattro.[26] As the Duel continues, Yuma tried to pull Shark away from the "Number's" influence, but Shark eventually gives into it. After Shark wins the Duel, Shark set his revenge on Vetrix and told Yuma he won't forgive him if got in his way, straining their friendship once again.[85]

In the semi finals, Yuma and Shark were matched-up to Duel each other, with Yuma eager to settle their rivalry. Unknown to Yuma, Vetrix was influencing Shark through the power of his crest, but Yuma does notice how emotionless and different Shark is. During the Duel, Vetrix made Shark think Yuma was the one to hurt his sister, which made Shark hate Yuma and attack him ruthlessly. Yuma tried to make Shark remember the times they Dueled together, how Shark tried protecting his Emperor's Key from Kite, and how much their bond meant to him. Yuma also told Shark that his goal is to be Duel Champion and defeating Vetrix and Dr. Faker wasn't worth losing him. To return Shark to normal, Yuma took control of "Number C32: Shark Drake Veiss" and suffered while the "Chaos Number" tried to control him. Shark was able to regain his senses and begins to worry for Yuma. When deciding to save Shark or Astral, Yuma couldn't choose and said that Shark is a very important friend to him. To save Yuma, Shark got rid of his remaining Life Points to banish "Shark Drake" and give Yuma the victory. Afterwards, Shark told Yuma how during the Duel that he could hear Yuma's voice and thanked Yuma for saving him. Smiling, Shark then encourages Yuma to win and beat Vetrix, with Yuma promising to carry on his will.[44]

Later, when Shark awakens in the hospital and sees that Yuma's Dueling with Vetrix in the Sphere Field, he begins to worry and rushes over to the Duel Coaster Stadium, calling out Yuma's name as he goes.[20]He then enters Heartland Tower to save Yuma and puts himself in danger in the process, showing how much he cares for him. Shark was even willing to team up with Kite and Orbital 7 to rescue Yuma, despite his hostility towards them. When Yuma challenges Dr. Faker to a Duel, Yuma gave back Shark "Shark Drake", asking him to help him, and the latter joins Yuma with a smile.[86] During the Duel, Yuma and Shark supported each other well with their cards, as well as Shark teasing Yuma when he's having doubts.[87][88] When the Heartland Tower started to crumble, a piece of concrete was about to hit Yuma before Shark pushes him out of the way to protect him, taking the hit instead.[27]

When the Barian World began to target Yuma for the "Numbers", Shark worried for Yuma's well-being, chasing after him when he goes to Duel Fender, even leaving his sister to go after him.[46] When talking to Rio, Yuma learned that Shark often talked about him to her, to his surprise. She told Yuma that she believed it's because of Yuma that her brother hadn't changed and thanked him for being a good influence on Shark. Shark began to spend more time with Yuma as they started to walk home together after school.[94] When Yuma fell towards a cliff ledge, Shark once again put his life in danger to try to save Yuma from falling,.[96] Recuperating in the hospital, Shark was extremely upset at how downhearted Yuma was acting and, in his typical gruff fashion, snapped at him. In order to get through to him, Shark swiped the Emperor's Key and lured Yuma into a Duel. With help from Astral, Yuma got his fighting spirit back, much to Shark's happiness. When Astral told Yuma what Shark's true purpose was, Shark denied it, but Yuma was greatly touched. Trying to show his gratitude, Yuma tried to give Shark a hug, only to be pushed away by him.[97]

After Shark came to accepting his fate as a Barian, he was emotionally shattered at the thought of becoming Yuma's enemy and distraught of breaking his bond and friendship with him.[127][49] Nevertheless, Shark severed his friendship with Yuma and claimed that it was their fate to become enemies. However, Yuma didn't see him as an enemy, but he was willing to fight him to restore their bonds of friendship.[130] Even now, he still calls Shark by his nickname, despite everyone else and Shark himself knowing him by the name "Nash".

During the their Duel, Shark and Yuma reminisces their friendship, with Shark eventually stating that Yuma and Astral are his best friends before dying and fading away.[149] After the Interdimensional War has ended and the Shark and the other emperors were revived, Shark went back to his old life, attending school with all his friends and watching over Yuma.[21]

Kite Tenjo[]

As rivals in hunting "Numbers", Yuma and Kite saw each other as enemies. Kite first thought Yuma was a regular "Number" Holder and tried to get his Number. During the Duel, Kite was surprised that Yuma used 2 "Numbers", and identified him as a Number Hunter, but looked happy to have a rival.[9] After their first Duel, Yuma became depressed over his near loss and developed a fear of Kite.[54] However, this was short-lived and Yuma become more confident when facing Kite, despite knowing the dangers.[69] Yuma was shown to respect Kite's Dueling skills, calling him "scary", but strong.[32]

When Yuma interfered in Kite and Astral's Duel, which ended in a Draw, Yuma asked Kite why he is collecting Numbers. Kite only answers that he sold his soul to the devil in exchange of his brother's sake.[56] Determine to Duel Yuma, Kite told Yuma that they will settle their score in the World Duel Carnival.[70] Knowing that Astral helps Yuma, Kite sees Astral as his rival instead of Yuma, whom Kite considered as "just an idiot".[34]

Despite their differences, they joined up to rescue Hart from the Vetrix Family, which resulted is a Tag-Team Duel.[5] Kite seems to have grown to respect Yuma as he begins to call him by his first name, however he still doesn't see him as his rival and still dislikes him.[35] During the WDC finals, Yuma often made an effort to be friendly with Kite and cheered him on in his Duels, and even considered him as a friend.[25][40] During the finals, Kite seemed to gain greater respect for Yuma, letting him watch his Duel with Vetrix.[7] Kite also appeared to soften up to Yuma due to the many times he showed concern towards Hart, though he never outwardly showed it.[20] During the Duel with Dr. Faker, he began to value Yuma and Shark as his friends.[88] After their Duel against Vector, Yuma proclaimed that his WDC wish was for Kite's family to live happily in peace. Amused and smiling, Kite says it was none of his business, but Yuma then revealed his real wish - to Duel Kite again in a friendly match to settle their score. Kite happily accepted the challenge, addressing both Yuma and Astral, while finally acknowledging Yuma as a rival.[27] Yuma greatly looked forward to Dueling Kite again, and openly showed excitement throughout their Duel. Kite also thought about Yuma's never-give-up attitude and how much he enjoyed Dueling. When Kite was about to surrender due to losing his passion to Duel, Yuma encouraged him to continue, calling Kite his "goal".[45] When Kite won the Duel, Yuma promised to beat Kite one day, which the latter accepted, saying that Yuma can Duel him as many times as it takes to achieve that goal.[89]

Ironically, there is some resemblance between Kite's and Yuma's Dueling styles, as both seem to prefer a more offense-based strategy, and their Dueling styles were at least somewhat compatible when they Tag Dueled. This may have some relation about the similarities Yuma and Kite have that Astral himself has observed.[23] At first, Kite denied being compared to Yuma, but seems to have somewhat acknowledged this when he asked Astral for support during their Tag Duel.[79]

Hart Tenjo[]

Having seen Hart's picture before, Yuma first met Hart by seeing him walking in the middle of a busy street and recognized him as Kite's brother. When an up coming truck was about run Hart over, Yuma tried to protect him. After Hart had blown a huge hole in the truck, Yuma kindly let Hart come home with them and let him stay for the night. Yuma was also happy when Hart finally started to eat something and enjoyed his time at dinner. At night, Yuma let Hart sleep in his hammock and covered him with a blanket.[78]

While Hart was having a power surge, Yuma ran into the explosion and hugged Hart, telling him "you're not alone" and promise to bring him to his brother. Also, Yuma helped Kite rescue Hart from the Vetrix Family, and showed great concern when Hart was found unconscious.[78] Yuma seems to have grown close to Hart, while speaking to him in his mind he ask Yuma and Astral to save his brother, Kite.[38] When Vetrix used his connection to Hart to hurt Kite, Yuma rushed to Heartland Tower to save him and severed his link to Vetrix.[7][8] Likewise, Hart also cares deeply about Yuma as he is always doing things for his sake.[27] Hart is also grateful towards Yuma for helping his brother overcome his guilt.[45][89] When Hart heard that Yuma was injured, Hart was very concerned about him and wanted to visit him at the hospital, even wanting to see Yuma on his own if Kite didn't go with him.[97]


Trey first took interest in Yuma during their Tag-Team Duel against each other, and was amazing at how he would keep sacrificing himself for Kite's safety.[6][79] On the other hand, Yuma thought of Trey as an enemy because he is part of the Vetrix Family, but he learned that he likes all the artifacts that his dad had found, and let him stay at his house for lunch. Yuma thought that they had become friends, but Trey thought of his childhood and asked Yuma for a Duel.[82]

When the Duel commenced, Trey said he wanted to defeat Yuma because it would help his family. In that Duel, Trey became an uncontrollable monster, by the power of his Crest, which cause him to very brutal to Yuma, and had supposedly killed Astral, causing Yuma great anger and sadness.[43] After unleashing the card, "Final Prophecy", which pulled them into another dimension, Trey had a change of heart and used the power of his crest to help Yuma bring Astral back and asked them to defeat him. When Yuma won the Duel, and found Trey laying on the ground, Yuma quickly came to his side to help him up. Having developed a friendship with Trey, Trey asked Yuma to save his family before he disappeared with leaving behind his two "Number" cards and a Heart Piece. After the Duel, he said the he will save Trey's family.[83] During his Duel with Vetrix, Yuma mentions his promise to Trey, and that he will fight with all he has for Trey's sake.[12]

After Trey had awoken from his coma and Yuma had reformed Vertix, Trey and his family was watching the Duel between Yuma and Kite from a bridge. Before leaving with his family, Trey took once last glance at Yuma, and silently admiring and promising to meet him again someday.[45] True to his promise, Trey and his family been watching over the events had happened to Yuma with the Barians and decided to step in, with Trey being entrusted with Yuma. When they met again, Trey promised Yuma that he would become Yuma's "sword and shield" and protect him. While Yuma was shocked by the unexpected events, Trey told Yuma that he was still his very first friend who saved him from his agony and sadness. Knowing Yuma was in grief after losing Astral, Trey understood he could never replace Astral, but wants to help and was willing risk his life to fight alongside Yuma as his friend. Smiling for the first time since Astral's departure, Yuma was touched by Trey's proclamation and gave back the "Numbers" Trey had used before as a sign of trust and friendship.[120] This protectiveness also extends to the rest Tron Family, both Quinton and Quattro both task themselves to looks after Yuma and his well-being.[124] Vertix also seeks to repay his debt by helping Yuma save the world, often musing Yuma's actions gave his family back.[148][19]

Near the end of his Duel with Mizar, Trey was able to speak to Yuma before being defeated, saying that Yuma was a true friend and was happy to have met him. After Trey expressed hope that they will meet again one day, Yuma watched helplessly as Trey's and Quinton's souls were sent to the Barian World.[134]

After the Interdimensional War has ended and the brothers were revived, the family seems to taken up residents in Heartland and are still willing to help Yuma whenever he needs them. Trey also enrolled into Heartland Academy, even though he's two years older than Yuma and his classmates, he enrolled as a first-year-student to be closer to the former.[21]

Ray Shadows/Vector[]

Before Yuma and Ray Shadows even met each other, Ray already knew Yuma because he won the World Duel Carnival and is a big fan of his. They first met when Ray crashed into Yuma on the way to his first day school, which annoyed Yuma upon the first impression. However, Ray was ecstatic to met Yuma, in albeit fanboyish fashion, and referred to Yuma as the "crown jewel" of Heartland Academy and Heartland City. At first, Yuma found Ray troubling after forcefully dragged him through odd "shortcuts" to make it to school and complained to his friends about him, even though Ray was just trying to make sure Yuma wasn't late. Ray even tried to get Yuma a Duel with with pro-Duelist Devon Knox, without Yuma's consent. When a Barian-brainwashed Devon Knox Dueled Ray to find Yuma, but Ray refuses to give him any information and is brutally defeated. During Yuma's Duel with Devon Knox, Ray implored Yuma to run away when Yuma was losing, but Yuma refused and said he's going to win for Ray too. After winning, Yuma officially befriends Ray and lets him carry him on his back when he offers to.[91]

As Ray became more involved in Yuma's life, Ray gave unyielding support to Yuma through everything, with or without Yuma's consent and/or knowledge. When their class voted for class president, Ray nominated Yuma, which Yuma was unaware of until Ray told him, and it was Ray's vote that allowed Yuma to win.[92] Mysteriously and secretly, Ray was also shown to watch Yuma from afar when others are not during any Duel he has with the Barian World's brainwashed minions or anything related with the Barian World and Yuma.[92][94] Even before they met, Ray witness Yuma Duel with Fender from a window inside the school and smiled as he watch Yuma and his friends.[90] Ray seems to only be concerned with Yuma when it come to the Barian's minions, as he went along with Yuma instead of staying to watch Reginald Kastle's Duel with a brainwashed Art Stanley.[93] As they become closer, Ray to follows Yuma wherever he goes, and Yuma sometimes forced Ray into joining him in his "kattobingu" challenges, despite Ray's protest.[47]

When Girag accused Ray of hurting Alito, Yuma became doubtful and began to question his character. After seeing Ray's usual good-natured intentions, Yuma restored his faith in him and tried to keep him out of danger. Ray found out about what Yuma was doing and was saddened that Yuma didn't trust him as a friend and was leaving him behind. In their Battle Royal, Yuma did his best to protect Ray, even though it hindered him against Girag.[99] When he saw how Yuma was willing to defend him at all costs, Ray started to protect Yuma and revealed his true nature as a member of the Barian Cosmic Crime Unit. They worked together to defeat Girag and formed a new monster from their bonds, "Number C39: Utopia Ray V". Later, Ray explained to Yuma about his mission and told him that he needed to keep it a secret from everybody else. He also told Yuma that he sincerely considered him as a friend and jokingly told him that he will be his "subordinate" from now, which Yuma excitedly agreed to.[100] Yuma also gained a level of admiration and respect for Ray, finding his position of "Barian's Guardian" amazing and dutifully followed any of Ray's orders.[101] [104] When Vector tried to abduct Yuma, Ray shielded Yuma and got captured instead, which left Yuma greatly shocked.[106] Wanting to save Ray, Yuma traveled to the Barian World, only to find Ray's seemingly lifeless body and was devastated that he lost his friend.[107]

As "Ray" is the newest addition to Yuma's circle of friends, Yuma calls "Ray" by his supposed last name "Shingetsu" instead of his first name like Yuma does with his other friends, and "Ray" used the honorific "kun" when addressing Yuma to signify their budding friendship. (in the dub, Yuma simply calls Ray by his first name) Upon "Ray" falsely revealing his position as a member of the "Barian Cosmic Crime Unit" and recruited Yuma as his underling, they established a superior/subordinate relation when working together, addressing each other as "Officer Shingetsu" and "Detective Yuma" receptively.

Later on, "Ray" revealed that he was Vector in human form, which extremely devestated Yuma. Vector explained it was a cruel, elaborated plan to get closer to Yuma and orchestrate his downfall. With the friendship he once hold dear revealed to be a lie, Yuma was furious and became emotionally and mentally distraught.[30] After repairing his bond with Astral, Yuma recovered from Vector's cruelty, though Vector still takes pleasure in taunting him in his human form and using his "Ray" voice[109][110]. Despite Yuma's hatred of Vector, he made an attempt to reach out to him after his true memories were revealed, and got angry at Don Thousand for what he did.[143] When Don Thousand was about to absorb Vector, Yuma goes to save him, which Vector hoping dragged Yuma him. However, Yuma did not mind and was willing to go with Vector, wanting to reconcile his bond with him as "Ray". Touched by Yuma's kindness, Vector had a change of heart and decided to sacrifice himself to ensure Yuma's safety, calling him "Yuma-kun" one last time.[144]

After the Interdimensional War has ended and the Vector and the other emperors were revived, Vector is friendly terms Yuma, calling him "Yuma-kun" again. He even joins Yuma and his allies to help with the Astral World new crisis, which Yuma pleasantly welcomes.[21]


Yuma uses an "Xyz One Turn Kill"[1][2] Deck, which is supported by the powerful "Number" cards and focuses on performing Xyz Summons. He has a high number of Trap Cards, which mostly protect his monsters and reduce battle damage. He can support his monsters with some ATK boosting cards, like "Wonder Wand", "Blustering Winds", "Bound Wand", and "Double or Nothing!". His signature card is "Number 39: Utopia". Like his other "Numbers" however, he can only use it when Astral is fighting by his side. His main strategy focuses on bringing out "Utopia" and making it strong enough to beat the opponent.

After his time at the Duel Sanctuary, Roku gave Yuma the "Duel Sanctuary Legendary Deck". According to Roku, the Deck is appropriate for Yuma and should answer his feelings. Yuma combined elements from both this Deck and his first Deck into a single Deck. Also, if Yuma and Astral believe in their possibilities, they gain the power to Chaos Xyz Evolution "Utopia" into "Number C39: Utopia Ray". Using ZEXAL, he can create Zexal Weapons cards which gives "Utopia Ray" extra ATK and abilities.

In the World Duel Carnival, Yuma seems to be focusing on fighting less with his "Numbers", instead he uses normal Xyz Monsters against opponents that lack "Numbers" of their own. This is due to him feeling that it is unfair to use "Numbers" against a non-"Number" user.

Yuma's Deck has parallels with those of Yugi Muto, Jaden Yuki and Yusei Fudo. Like Yugi, he uses a Deck which previously belonged to a relative. Like Jaden, he obtains a new Deck which he combines with his original Deck. Like Yusei, he makes extensive use of his series' new mechanic. Like the three of them, his ace card, "Utopia" has 2500 ATK.


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
School bully 19 Lose (flashback)
Kazuma Tsukumo 19 Not shown (flashback)
School bully 19 Not shown (flashback)
Bronk Stone 20 Lose (four times, flashback)
Reginald Kastle 1-2 Win
Caswell Francis 3 Lose
Mr. Kay 3-4 Win
Flip Turner 5-6 Win
Nelson Andrews 7-8 Win
Cathy Katherine 9 Win
Reginald Kastle 10 Lose
Bronk Stone 11 Lose (nineteen times, off-screen)
Bronk Stone 11 Lose
Caswell Francis 11 Not shown
Scorch and Chills 11-12 Win (with Reginald Kastle)
Kite Tenjo 13-14 No result
Roku 15 Lose
Kaze 15-16 Win
Fortuno 17-18 Win
Number 96's holder 20 Win
Bronk Stone 20 Lose (influenced by Number 96)
Lillybot 21 Lose
Lillybot 21 Lose (with Bronk Stone)
Lillybot 21 Win
Kite Tenjo 24 DRAW (Duel taken over for Astral)
Striker Crossit 27 Win
Cody Callus 28 Win
Anna Kaboom 29 Win
Tombo Tillbitty 30 Win
Charlie McCay 32 Win
Cameron Clix 35-36 Win
Dextra and Nistro 37-38 Win
Quattro and Trey 42-43 Win (with Kite Tenjo)
Roku 44 Lose
Reginald Kastle 46 No result
Trey 47-49 Win
Wolfsbane, Coyote, and Jackal 51-52 Win (with Anna Kaboom and Nistro; Duel Coaster)
Quinton 53 No result (with Nistro; Duel Coaster)
Nistro 59 Win (Desert Field)
Reginald Kastle 61-62 Win
Vetrix 65-67 Win
Dr. Faker/Vector 69-71 Win (with Reginald Kastle and Kite Tenjo)
Kite Tenjo 72-73 Lose
Fender 74-75 Win
Devon Knox 76 Win
Carlyle Chesterton 77 Win
Alito 80 Win
Unnamed student 81 No result
Caswell Francis and Flip Turner 81 Win (with Reginald Kastle; Skydiving Field)
Bronk Stone and Rio Kastle 81 Win (with Reginald Kastle; Beach Volleyball Field)
Tori Meadows and Cathy Katherine 81 Win (with Reginald Kastle; Table Tennis Field)
Tori Meadows and Cathy Katherine 81 Win (with Girag; Baseball Field)
Mizar 82-83 No result (Duel taken over by Kite Tenjo)
Reginald Kastle 84 Win
Barian-brainwashed students 85 Win (with Reginald Kastle, Rio Kastle, and Alito)
Alito 85-86 Win
Girag 87-88 Win (with Ray Shadows)
Shadow Giant 89 Win
Orbital 7 90 Win
Mayday Walker and Brooke Walker 92-93 Win (with Anna Kaboom)
Vector (clone) 94 Win
Vector 95-98 Win (Sargasso the Different Dimension Battlefield)
Mach 99-100 Win
Nistro and Alito 103-104 Win (with Dextra)
Girag/Ponta 107 Win
Number 96 110-111 Win (Duel taken over by Astral)
Erazor 112-113 Win (with Trey)
Eliphas 118-121 Win
Mr. Heartland 123 Win (Duel taken over for Kite Tenjo)
Alito 129-130 Win
Don Thousand 138-141 Win (with Nash)
Nash 141-143 Win
Astral 144-146 Win
Cathy Katherine 146 Not shown


  • Yuma is the first main protagonist to not use any Normal Monsters in his Deck.
  • Yuma has the following distinctions from the other main protagonists:
    • He is the only one to have any siblings (in this case, an older sister), although Yuto, Yugo and Yuri were Yuya's brothers in the manga.
    • He is the only one to have never successfully performed a Fusion Summon, as well as the only post-GX main protagonist to have never successfully performed a Synchro Summon.
    • He is the only one to never defeat his primary rival in the anime, although he does so in the manga. This is especially odd because one of Yuma's major goals was to defeat Kite in a Duel.
    • He is the only one who regularly switches between his casual clothes and his school uniform.
  • Yuma has several similarities to Yugi.
    • Both wear a golden pendant (Emperor's Key and the Millennium Puzzle) that connects them to their partners (Astral and Yami Yugi).
    • They live with a grandparent (Haru and Solomon) and another female relative (Kari and Mrs. Muto).
    • They have a female friend that they've known since childhood (Tori and Téa) and their best friends used to pick on them (Bronk and Joey).
    • Both have been called hosts for their partners.
    • Both were initially looked down upon by their rivals (Kite and Kaiba), but eventually proved themselves.
  • Yuma and Yugi's partners also have many similarities as well.
    • They Dueled against their partners in the final episodes and won. Also before the Duels, their friends offered them their cards to help but refused.
    • They were separated from their partners after sacrificing themselves, except Yugi sacrificed himself for Yami while Astral sacrificed himself for Yuma.
    • In the final Duel, both used monsters that represented themselves separated from their partners ("Number F0: Utopic Future" and "Gandora the Dragon of Destruction"). They also managed to win using Spell Cards with symbolic meanings to them ("Double or Nothing!" and "Gold Sarcophagus").
  • Unlike all other main protagonists, Yuma was not a very talented duelist at the start of his series but instead develops into one over time.
    • He also has the most losses of any main protagonist, with 33 confirmed losses (though most of these losses occurred either off-screen or in flashbacks).


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