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Yuhi Ohdo is one of the main characters in Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!. He is the older twin brother of Yuamu Ohdo and works under UTS as an employee.

Yuhi Ohdo believes a mysterious substance, Earthdamar, was stolen from him by aliens, and has been searching for aliens ever since to retrieve it. He runs the Alien Trouble Consultancy with his twin sister Yuamu.


Yuhi is an impulsive, outgoing individual who is loud and energetic. He tends to act first and think later, willing to take risks but also very loyal to his friends. Yuhi can be a bit stubborn, insisting on doing things his way even when it may not be the best approach. Despite his initial skepticism, he has a deep fascination with the paranormal and extraterrestrial. Unlike Yuamu, he can easily become overwhelmed or anxious in high-pressure situations, he always manages to bounce back in the end. Overall, Yuhi's energetic and determined personality makes him a valued member of UTS.


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Tell Kawai 4 Lose (flashback)
Yuamu Ohdo 11 Lose (flashback)
Yudias Velgear 1 Lose
Tell Kawai 5 Win
Yudias Velgear 11 No result
Yudias Velgear 11 Lose
Nomura/Damas 18 Win
Coruffium Duelists 19 Win (off-screen)
Rovian Kirishima 22 Lose (with Yuamu Ohdo)
Asaka Mutsuba 28 Win
The☆Zuwijo 37 Lose
Shewbahha 42 Win
Damamu (possessing Yuamu Ohdo) 47 Lose
"That Guy" 50-51 DRAW (taken over for Damamu)
Tremolo Ryugu 56 Lose
Yuga Ohdo 61 Win
Ehoko "Epoch" Kamijo 68 Win
Yudias Velgear/Kuaidul Velgear 77 Win (Duel taken over from Zuwijo zir Velgear)
Zaion 80 Win
Yuna Ohdo 83 Win
George Jersey, Jouge Jersey and Ofuruno Jersey 84 Win (off-screen)
Yudias Velgear 87 Win
Muda Velgear and Dinois Velgear 97 Lose (with Yuamu Ohdo)
Yuga Ohdo/Yuamu Ohdo 100-101 No Result (Duel taken over by Yudias Velgear)
Sabyuas 104 Win
Damamu 112 Win
Zuwijo zir Velgear 116 Lose
Yuamu Ohdo 119 TBA