Yugi Mutou and Katsuya Jonouchi faced each other in a number of games of Duel Monsters, when Yugi was recovering in hospital after the Black Clown fire. The Duels took place without the use of Solid Vision projectors.


Yugi had "Swords of Revealing Light" in play. He Sacrificed "Terra the Terrible" and "Tyhone" to Summon "Dark Magician". "Dark Magician" attacked and destroyed Jonouchi's "Kung Fu Fighter Ultimator", taking out Jonouchi's remaining Life Points, winning the Duel for Yugi.[1]

Yugi celebrated and Bakura asked Jonouchi how many he had lost now. Jonouchi questioned his bad luck, but Anzu suggested it was difference in skill, rather than luck. When Jonouchi proposed another Duel, Anzu reminded them that Yugi needed to be taking it easy. Yugi insisted he was fine and Honda said to let them play, as it would take Yugi's mind off the pain.[1]

Jonouchi lost another game and blamed it on bad luck. Yugi asked if Jonouchi was using the same Deck he used for Duelist Kingdom. Jonouchi proudly replied that he defeated some strong enemies with it, so he planned to stick with it for a while. However Yugi had come up with a strategy to counter that Deck, so he recommended that Jonouchi build a new one, like he and Dark Yugi had done over the past three days.[1]

Cards used

The following cards were seen in one of these Duels. Jonouchi's entire Deck was the same as the one he used during the Duelist Kingdom tournament.

Yugi Mutou
Katsuya Jonouchi


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