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"Rush Duel! I'll take back everyone's smiles from this strict duel world!"

— Yuga Ohdo[3]

Yuga Ohdo ( (おう) (どう) (ゆう) () , Ōdō Yūga) is the main protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS. He is an enthusiastic fifth grader that tinkers with machines and makes up new rules, which applies to the making of Rush Duels.



Yuga body

Full-body image of Yuga.


Young Yuga.

Yuga is a short, green-eyed boy with flame-like hair, colored auburn and yellow. He wears a long-sleeved red jacket with white shoulders, a white shirt with yellow designs, a brown belt around his black shorts, blue shoes with red details and blue fingerless gloves.


Yuga is an intelligent, passionate, enthusiastic and inventive though rebellious young boy. However, his rebellious actions are justified as he is determined to invent new ways of dueling to make life better for people like him. Despite being extremely intelligent, Yuga is not always lucky in successfully inventing his own creations.

Yuga dislikes the Goha Master Duels that most adults do; due to being too serious and having many rules. Instead, he uses his own Duel style, Rush Duels, to entertain himself and the audience. He is also a bit of a daydreamer. Yuga has a fondness of the number seven as Goha Corporation's emblem is a hexagon, Yuga considers the number seven to be what can break through Goha's excessive control.

Yuga is a selfless person, when Luke told Yuga to take the title of "King of Duels", Yuga immediately allowed Luke to take it himself as Yuga knew that it was Luke's dream, even though the supposed door was just a projection unknown to both of them. Yuga shows no interest in being the best Duelist and just wants dueling to be more fun for everyone, he did not mind losing against Luke even when everyone expected him to win; due to being the creator of Rush Duels. Yuga tends to panic nervously when in a tough or unexpected situation during a Rush Duel.

Yuga is afraid of ladybugs. He also can't swim.


His Japanese surname contains the kanji for "king" (王 ō) and "road, path" (道 ), while his given name has "play" (遊 ) and "self" (我 ga).
As a word, "王道" can mean many things, including "noble path, kingship, short-cut, classic approach".
It is possible that Yuga naming his inventions "Roads" is a pun on his family name having the common kanji for "road".


Yuga is a capable programmer and tinkerer who makes new inventions, like the "Duel Bike", or the 7-shaped Duel Disk.



Birth of Rush Duels[]

Inside the Road laboratory, Yuga had opened up his Duel Disk in an attempt to install a new “Road” into the system. He was caught by a green Goha Corporation drone, who gave him a count of 6 minutes and 66 seconds for Yuga to stop tampering with his Duel Disk. Yuga however, ignored the warnings and continued hacking. Unfortunately, he ran out of time and earned himself another penalty, giving Yuga a total of 5 penalties. One more would result in his account being permanently banned. Yuga laments as he was unable to install his new “Road” into the server.

The next morning, he rode his Duel Bike to Goha 7th Elementary, where he is met by red Goha Drone. It attempted to warn him that modifying his bike could result in punishment, but Yuga brushed it off and paddled towards Katsu Kobayakawa and Riku Endo. They noticed the number of penalties he had, which brought the attention of a few students, including the Student Council President, Gavin Sogetsu.

When asked about the penalties, Yuga revealed that he opened up his Duel Disk to install new rules to the game. Gavin did not take the news very well, and questioned why Yuga would bother doing so. Yuga states that he is trying to create Rush Duels in an effort to bring back the smiles to strict duel world. Gavin wasn’t on board in creating new rules, but as class was beginning, he told Yuga that they will discuss his actions further after school in the Student Council Room. Little did they know, Lucidien "Rook" Kallister had been listening in on the conversation and Romin Kassidy was secretly taking pictures of Yuga.

Once school had ended, Katsu & Riku offered Yuga a duel, but he declined. Instead, Yuga took his Duel Bike, paddled passed and towards the school gates, but was blocked Rook. He claimed to be the school's Number 1 Duelist, and he wanted to have a word with him. Yuga clarified that he was busy and tried to paddle past Rook, but the latter disabled the bike’s electronics and forced it to a halt. Rook then claimed that he knew a place where Yuga could install the new rules into the system. This prompted Yuga into following Rook to the location and had forgotten about his meeting with the Student Council President.

As the two traveled, Rook stated that the was a legend, that when the moon is full enough to be hardly recognizable, a Duelist will illuminate a new path and become the King of Duels, creating a new landmark in the world. Yuga had not once heard a tale once, which caused Rook to furiously claim that the legend was totally legit.



Yuga calls the inventions that he creates "Roads". The following are the known Roads he has created.

  • Rush Dueling. Yuga claims this is his greatest Road.
  • Kaizo (modified from a Goha Corporation drone). Yuga claims that Kaizo is a failed Road due to his admiration of Romin Kassidy. He modifies Kaizo for several different functions depending on the task at hand.
  • Duel Bike. Yuga later modifies this Road to be compatible with Kaizo.
  • Dueling robot (conceptual stage)
  • A lie detector suspended from a fishing rod, though it is not entirely successful and can be disabled by questions.
  • A capsule capable of hairstyling, though it seems to be overly powerful.
  • Rotating chairs intended to give the Tahayasty Restaurant a talking point, though Gavin, Romin and Kaizo declared them unsuccessful.
  • Mannequins that can be linked to a single human to give the impression of more people than are actually present.
  • An unknown Road to help the Tahayasty Restaurant that Gavin and Romin stopped Yuga from making.
  • Several half-finished Roads in the Road Laboratory with unknown purposes.
  • Duel Guitar. Yuga initially designed this Road as a noise-canceling device that uses the guitar as the base, which functions by cancelling a loud noise with another. If the guitar is strummed however, it produces a significantly powerful sonic wave. Yuga later modifies this into its present form after seeing Romin Kassidy appreciate it and gives it to her.


Birth of Rush Duels[]

Yuga plays a Spellcaster Deck specifically designed for use in Rush Duels to quickly swarm the field for a strong defense, increase the ATK of his monsters and gain an upper-hand by sending cards to the Graveyard to power up his ace monster, "Sevens Road Magician", which can gain 300 ATK for every Attribute in Yuga's Graveyard. He also has cards to recycle cards, re-use cards and support his Spellcasters.

Yuga takes advantage of Rush Duel's ruling that players draw cards until their hand is five during the Draw Phase by intentionally using as many cards in his hand as possible every turn, for that purpose he often sets Spell Cards even if he can't use them yet.

His Deck is also said to be a combination of cards that resemble the Decks of previous main protagonists. Yuga owns a spare copy of this Deck, which he lends to others.


Goha 6th Elementary[]

2nd Season[]


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Otes 1 Win
Lucidien "Luke" Kallister 2 Lose
Romin Kassidy 3 Win
Lucidien "Luke" Kallister 4 Not shown
Gavin Sogetsu 4 Win
Saburamen 6 Win
Mimi Imimi 7 Win
Professor Biggs 9 Win
Roa Kassidy 12-13 Win
Skipjack 15 Win
Sebastian 19 Win
Nail Saionji 23 Lose
Nail Saionji 25-26 Win
Lucidien "Luke" Kallister 27 Not shown
Tiadosia "Tiger" Kallister 30 Win
Asana Mutsuba 32 Lose
Asana Mutsuba 38-39 Win
Romin Kassidy 40 Lose
Otes 43 Win
Tracker 45 Win
Lucidien "Luke" Kallister 51-52 Lose
Yuro Goha 54 Win
Yuo Goha 58 Lose
The☆Lukeman 66-67 Win
Nana Nanahoshi 70 Win
Tiadosia "Tiger" Kallister 76 Lose
Yuga Goha 78-79 Win (Duel taken over by Lucidien "Luke" Kallister)
Roa Kassidy 84-85 Lose
Otes 90-92 Win
Lucidien "Luke" Kallister 92 Win

Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!![]

Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
The☆Lugh 38-39 Win (Duel taken over for Yuna Goha; with Yudias Velgear)
Damamu/Yuhi Ohdo 49-51 DRAW
Phaser Ryugu 53 Lose
Yuhi Ohdo 61 Lose
Yuhi Ohdo 100-101 No Result (Duel taken over by Yuamu Ohdo)


  • At 11 through 12 years old, Yuga is the youngest main protagonist of any Yu-Gi-Oh! series.
    • He is also the first and only main protagonist to be a preteen instead of a teenager at the start of his series.
  • Yuga shares at least one trait with each of the previous main protagonists.
  • Yuga bears a heavy resemblance to Ape Escape protagonist named Spike.



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