This is the seventh volume of the reprint of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga in bunkoban form.

It included the tarot card, The Chariot, featuring Priest Seto and Blue-Eyes White Dragon in its design.


Image Number English title Japanese title
YGODDuel029 Duel 88 The Lurking Duelists 暗闇の襲撃者
Kurayami no Shūgeki-sha
Darkness Assailant
Kaiba reaches Pegasus Castle, but is refused permission to see Pegasus without 10 Star Chips. While Yugi and Jonouchi prepare for their second day of the tournament, they are spied on by Bandit Keith and his goons.
YGODDuel030 Duel 89 Duel Without End () わらない決闘 (デュエル)
Owaranai Dyueru
Duel Without End
Jonouchi Duels Ghost Kozuka in the Graveyard field. Keith, who has spruced-up Ghost's Zombie Deck advises him against playing Zombies for the first few turns, which initially seems disadvantageous, as Jonouchi's monsters plow through them.
YGODDuel031 Duel 90 Call of the Grave 墓場からの呼び声
Hakaba kara no Yobigoe
Call of the Grave
Jonouchi struggles against Ghost Kozuka's field of zombified monsters, Summoned by "Call of the Haunted". Meanwhile Yugi, Anzu, Honda and Bakura desperately search for Jonouchi.
YGODDuel032 Duel 91 Death to the Undead! (ほろ) びる不死 (ふし) !?
Horobiru Fushi!?
Immortal Death?!
Jonouchi continues his Duel with Ghost Kozuka.
YGODDuel033 Duel 92 Enter the Labyrinth! (おそ) いくる迷宮 (めいきゅう) !!
Osoikuru Meikyū!!
Attack of the Labyrinth!
Before Yugi, Jonouchi, Anzu, Honda and Bakura can leave the underground, Bandit Keith has his goons lock them in the tunnels, by rolling a boulder in front of the entrance. The groups search for another way out takes them to the Meikyû Brothers, whom Yugi and Jonouchi Duel in order to escape and gain spots in the finals.
YGODDuel034 Duel 93 Deathtrap Dungeon! 死闘!!迷宮の未知の罠!!
Shitō!! Meikyū no Michi no Wana!!
Deathmatch!! The Labyrinth's Unknown Trap!!
The Labyrinth Duel between the team of Dark Yugi and Jonouchi and the Meikyû Brothers begins with the Duelists trapped within the "Labyrinth Wall" while "Wall Shadow" decimates their monsters.
YGODDuel035 Duel 94 The Magic of the Maze! 迷宮の魔術!!
Meikyū no Majutsu! !
The Magic of the Maze!!
With the "Wall Shadow" destroyed, the Meikyû Brothers use "Magical Labyrinth" to isolate Jonouchi from Dark Yugi.
YGODDuel036 Duel 95 The Terror of the Dungeon 恐怖の洞窟
Kyōfu no Dōkutsu
The Terror of the Cave
YGODDuel037 Duel 96 The Deadly Guardian!!
YGODDuel038 Duel 97 The Final Card 最後のカード!!
Saigo no Kādo!!
The Final Card!!
Having just Summoned "Black Skull Dragon", Dark Yugi and Jonouchi continue their Labyrinth Duel with the Meikyû Brothers.
YuGiOh!DDuel039 Duel 98 Choose Wisely! どっちだ!!
Which One!!
In accordance with the Meikyû Brothers' rules, Dark Yugi and Katsuya Jonouchi have to choose the correct door in order to leave the maze.
YuGiOh!DDuel040 Duel 99 The Last Piece 最後のかけら
Saigo no Kake-ra
The Final Area
Kaiba takes Croquet hostage and demands that Pegasus return Mokuba to him.
YuGiOh!DDuel041 Duel 100 Duel Disk Battle! 決戦!!決闘盤!!
Kessen!! Kettō Ban!!
Decisive Battle!! Duel Disk!!
YuGiOh!DDuel042 Duel 101 Advance and Retreat 一進一退!!
Isshin Ittai!!
YuGiOh!DDuel043 Duel 102 A Close Fight! つばぜり合い!!
Tsuba Zeriai!!
Close Fight!!
YuGiOh!DDuel044 Duel 103 Hang In There! 持ちこたえろ!!
Mochi Kotaero!!
Hang in There!!


  1. 遊・戯・王  7 (Japanese)
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