This is the second volume of the reprint of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga in bunkoban form.

It included the tarot card, The High Priestess, featuring Ishizu Ishtar in its design.


Kazuki Takahashi says that he took a trip to Egypt to gather information on mystery and occult, which he could incorporate into his stories, but reading back over "The Man from Egypt", he finds it surreal and abstract. He tried to make character Shadi wrapped in mystery and questionable as to whether he was even alive, but since thinks that it may have been hard to introduce that to the readers. Shadi's storylines took a nose dive in popularity, and resulted in talk of a discontinuation. This was problematic for Takahashi, as he had intended to further explore his relationship with the Pharaoh. Mixed between whether to stick with his policies or discontinue it, he felt like he had gone astray in the labyrinth of his mind.

Takahashi also speaks about "The Cards with Teeth", which is the story that first featured Duel Monsters and its associated character, Seto Kaiba. "The Cards with Teeth" gained strange popularity, with reader inquiries flooding the editorial department the week it was first featured in Weekly Shonen Jump. The name Seto was derived from the Egyptian deity Set. Takahashi had originally considered making Kaiba the heir to a gaming company and have him challenge Yugi using strange games he continuously comes up with, but on short notice, ended up having him play Duel Monsters a second time. He also reconstructed Kaiba to make him a semi-lead character and rival to Yugi. Takahashi commented that he was surprised that several years later, this developed into a record-breaking real world card game.


Image Number English title Japanese title
YuGiOh!Duel013 Duel 13 The Man from Egypt (Part 1) エジプトから来た (おとこ) 〈前編〉
Ejiputo kara Kita Otoko <Zenpen>
The Man from Egypt (Part 1)
Treasures from a recently discovered pharaoh's tomb are put on display in Domino City Museum. Yugi lends his Millennium Puzzle to the exhibition and Shadi tests the souls of the men he sees responsible for defiling the pharaoh's tomb.
YuGiOh!Duel014 Duel 14 The Man from Egypt (Part 2) エジプトから来た (おとこ) 〈後編〉
Ejiputo kara Kita Otoko <Kōhen>
The Man from Egypt (Part 2)
Shadi enters Dark Yugi's soul room to learn more about the Millennium Puzzle and take its power if he needs it. However Dark Yugi's true soul room is hidden inside a labyrinth. Shadi accepts a Shadow Game, set by Dark Yugi, where he must search for Dark Yugi's true soul room.
YuGiOh!Duel015 Duel 15 The Other Criminal もう一人の罪人
Mō Hitori no Zainin
The Other Criminal
Shadi prepares to kill Professor Yoshimori for defiling the territory of the Gods. After entering his soul room, Shadi finds Yoshimori is waiting for Yugi to visit, so he decides to postpone killing Yoshimori and use him to lure Dark Yugi into a Shadow Game.
YuGiOh!Duel016 Duel 16 Shadi's Challenge シャーディーの挑発
Shādī no Chōhatsu
Shadi's Challenge
Shadi redecorates Anzu's soul room to draw out Dark Yugi, while he leaves the zombified Professor Yoshimori attack Yugi's friends.
YuGiOh!Duel017 Duel 17 Game Start! ゲーム開始!!
Gēmu Sutāto!!
Game Start!!
With Shadi holding Anzu in danger, Dark Yugi is forced to face Shadi in the first stage of his Shadow Game.
YuGiOh!Duel018 Duel 18 Second Stage 第2の試練
Dai Ni no Gēmu
The Second Game
Shadi subjects (manga)Dark Yugi to the second stage of their Shadow Game. Yugi must solve a puzzle, while grasped by an illusion of Ammit.
YuGiOh!Duel019 Duel 19 Final Stage 最終試練
Fainaru Gēmu
Final Game
For the final stage of their Shadow Game, Shadi has Yugi face an illusion of Jonouchi in a game.
YuGiOh!Duel020 Duel 20 Game Over 決着
Game Over
Dark Yugi finishes his Shadow Game with Shadi.
YuGiOh!Duel021 Duel 21 Digital Pet Duel デジタルペット対決
Dejitarupetto Taiketsu
Digital Pet Duel
Digital Pets have become popular at Domino High School. Kujirada, who believes himself to have the ultimate pet, ends up in conflict, with Yugi, his friends and their pets.
YuGiOh!Duel022 Duel 22 American Hero (Part 1) アメリカン・ヒーロー<前編>
Amerikan Hīrō <Zenpen>
American Hero (Part 1)
Tomoya Hanasaki invites Yugi and his friends over to see his Zombire collection. After they leave Hanasaki takes his Zombire obsession too far.
YuGiOh!Duel023 Duel 23 American Hero (Part 2) アメリカン・ヒーロー<後編>
Amerikan Hīrō <Kōhen>
American Hero (Part 2)
Hanasaki, dressed as Zombire faces the delinquents again, but this time his father cannot afford to pay to let him win.
YuGiOh!Duel024 Duel 24 Capsule Monster Chess カプセル・モンスター・チェス!
Kapuseru Monsutā Chesu!
Capsule Monster Chess!
Seto Kaiba's younger brother, Mokuba faces Dark Yugi in a game of Capsule Monster Chess to get revenge for the Penalty Game, Dark Yugi inflicted on Seto.
YuGiOh!Duel025 Duel 25 The One-Inch Terror 1インチの恐怖
Wan Inchi no Kyōfu
The One-Inch Terror
Yugi and Jonouchi go to the arcade to try beat someone's high scores, but end up in a spot of trouble after meeting Street Fighter, who does not take too well to losing.


  1. 遊・戯・王  2 (Japanese)
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