This is the first volume of the reprint of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga in bunkoban form.

It included the tarot card, The Magician, featuring Dark Yugi, Black Magician and Black Magician Girl in its design.


Kazuki Takahashi talks about starting the reprint series. He mentions that he very rarely re-reads a series after completion, fearing the embarrassment. He designed the covers for the occasion and felt there was a considerable gap compared to his artwork back at the beginning of the series, but commented that he still likes his early art.

He divided the story into the following chapters:

Chapter Name
Chapter 1 School arc
Chapter 2 Death-T arc
Chapter 3 RPG (Monster World) arc
Chapter 4 Duelist Kingdom
Chapter 5 D·D·D arc
Chapter 6 Battle City
Final Chapter Pharaoh's Memory arc

While the card game is more mainstream, he feels attached to the School arc in many ways. He recollects how it felt to overcome difficulties developing characters' personalities and relationships while under the pressure of trying to meet unfamiliar deadlines associated with a weekly series. Every character holding a weakness in their heart similar to the Millennium Puzzle was the key to the story, he felt and each character became a different piece to a puzzle.

He talks a bit about Yu-Gi-Oh GX, commenting that Yu-Gi-Oh! is being extended and thanks all the people involved in making and supporting the series.


Image Number English title Japanese title
YuGiOh!Duel001 Duel 1 The Puzzle of the Gods 神のパズル
Kami no Pazuru
Puzzle of the Gods
Yugi Mutou is been bullied in school. Protected and comforted by his friend Anzu Mazaki, Yugi shows her his secret puzzle, that he has been unable to solve for eight years. Although offered protection by the hall monitor Ushio, Yugi is not happy with Ushio's methods.
YuGiOh!Duel002 Duel 2 Lying Eyes 偽りの目
Itsuwari no Me
Lying Eyes
Jonouchi is now friends with Yugi. The two of them get excited when they see a ZTV van outside their school. While they hope that means there is a star present, the studio turns out to be doing a documentary about bullying.
YuGiOh!Duel003 Duel 3 Hard Beat! ハードビート!!
Hādo Bīto!!
Hard Beat!!
Yugi is forced to sell tickets for Sozoji's concert or suffer consequences. Not wanting to put his friends through Sozoji's horrible singing or have them pick a fight, Yugi insists that he's fine and won't tell them what he's been made do.
YuGiOh!Duel004 Duel 4 Jail Break! 脱獄囚
Fugitive Prisoner
Katsuya Jonouchi and Yugi Mutou notice Anzu Mazaki has been behaving strange lately. Investigation causes them to meet up with an escaped convict.
YuGiOh!Duel005 Duel 5 The False Prophet 妙な予言者
Myōna Yogensha
The False Prophet
The alleged psychic Kokurano has gained great popularity at Domino High School. However Yugi Mutou is skeptical of his powers and upset by Kokurano's interest in Anzu Mazaki.
YuGiOh!Duel006 Duel 6 Into the Fire 熱い死闘
Atsui Shitō
Hot Life-or-Death Match
Goro Inogashira takes over Yugi's class' spot at the school festival, where they were making Carnival Games.
YuGiOh!Duel007 Duel 7 The Face of Truth 真実の顔
Shinjitsu no Kao
The Face of Truth
Jonouchi gets Yugi to help Honda with his crush on Miho Nosaka. However this gets them into trouble with the teacher Ms. Chono.
YuGiOh!Duel008 Duel 8 The Poison Man 毒の男
Doku no Otoko
The Poison Man
The Junky Scorpion owner sold Jonouchi a pair of Air Muscle sneakers, then hired a gang to mug Jonouchi and rob him of them. When Yugi found out, Dark Yugi appeared to start a Shadow Game with the store owner.
YuGiOh!Duel009 Duel 9 The Cards with Teeth (Part 1) 牙を持つカード〈前編〉
Kiba wo Motsu Kādo <Zenpen>
The Cards with Teeth (Part 1)
Seto Kaiba finds Sugoroku Mutou has a "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". After Sugoroku refuses to trade for the card, Kaiba resorts to dishonest means to get it.
YuGiOh!Duel010 Duel 10 The Cards with Teeth (Part 2) 牙を持つカード〈後編〉
Kiba wo Motsu Kādo <Kōhen>
The Cards with Teeth (Part 2)
Dark Yugi continues his Duel with Seto Kaiba to win back his grandfather's "Blue-Eyes White Dragon".
YuGiOh!Duel011 Duel 11 The Wild Gang (Part 1) キレた奴ら〈前編〉
Kireta Yatsura <Zenpen>
The Wild Gang (Part 1)
After Jonouchi misses a day of school, Yugi, Anzu and Honda check it out and find Jonouchi is now hanging out with Hirutani's gang.
YuGiOh!Duel012 Duel 12 The Wild Gang (Part 2) キレた奴ら〈後編〉
Kireta Yatsura <Kōhen>
The Wild Gang (Part 2)
Jonouchi turns on Hirutani's gang for punching Yugi earlier, but is unable to take them all on at once. Meanwhile, Yugi, Anzu and Honda desperately search for Jonouchi.


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