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"Welcome to the Jungle", known as "Tron vs. Droite: The Deadly Butterfly's Invitation! A Life-or-Death Jungle Field" in the Japanese version, is the fifty-fourth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime. It first aired in Japan on May 7, 2012, and in the United States on March 23, 2013.

In the first quarterfinals match-up of the World Duel Carnival, Dextra faces Vetrix at the "Jungle Field", having doubled her Life Points during the Duel Coaster. Her past history with Kite is revealed as Vetrix works to steal her memories of him.


Yuma has 2000 Life Points, but wants to increase them some more before moving on to a Duel Field to continue. Tori tells him to calm down and Astral informs him that there are no Spell or Trap Points nearby that would increase his Life Points. With that option gone, he instead begins to search for an opponent as he continues down the tracks of the Duel Coaster. Tori tells him to calm down again and Yuma veers onto the tracks that lead to the "Jungle Field", where Dextra and Vetrix are ready to begin their Duel. The face one-another from opposite ends of a pond. Dextra thinks to herself that fear grabbed her when she first saw Vetrix at the finals party. He is someone who would break apart things important to other people in an instant. Vetrix giggles, but Dextra says she will stop him and won't let him reach Kite. Vetrix asks if she really cares about Kite that much and Dextra responds that she does - and she loves him. Vetrix laughs again.

Mr. Heartland cuts the feed, while pretending it was technical difficulties.

Mr. Heartland announces that the two who will face-off at the "Jungle Field" are the former World Duel Carnival administrator Dextra and the mysterious boy, Vetrix. He explains that each field has a Field Spell Card pre-set on it, with each having different effects. He wonders what will happen at the "Jungle Field". The feed is cut at the point and the monitors show only static. He wonders aloud what happened and apologizes to the crowd, ordering the staff to fix it as soon as possible. He laughs to himself, thinking that there's no way he'll allow the public to see this Duel.

"Swallowtail Butterspy" and "Morpho Butterspy".

The Duel begins, with Vetrix seeing that Dextra still has 8000 Life Points from the Duel Coaster, while Vetrix has 4000. He is surprised and chides Dextra for not acting like an adult. Dextra tells him that she'll defeat him no matter what the cost and explains what the "Jungle Field" does. If a player does not Summon or Set a monster from their hand during their turn, they'll receive 1000 damage during their End Phase. Vetrix says she came here already knowing that and determines that it was she who kept Setting Trap Cards in his path on the Duel Coaster. Dextra says she'll take the first turn and activates "Dance of the Butterspy", which lets her Special Summon two Level 4 "Butterspy" monsters from her hand as there is a face-up Field Spell Card. She Special Summons "Morpho Butterspy" and "Swallowtail Butterspy", both in Attack Position. She immediately overlays them to Xyz Summon "Photon Papilloperative" in Attack Position.

Vetrix is surprised to see such a quick Xyz Summon. Dextra says he'll now be facing three Continuous Spell Cards. She activates "Butterfly Charm" and reiterates the effect of the "Jungle Field" before explaining that if a Summoned monster does not attack, "Butterfly Charm" will destroy it. Vetrix says he'll attack then and Dextra asks if really thinks she'll let him do that. She activates "Elimigate" and explains that when a monster other than an "Assassin" monster attacks, it will automatically be destroyed. Vetrix sputters and Dextra tells him that his monsters will face instant destruction no matter what he does. Vetrix says that can't be and Dextra tells that that she isn't done yet. Vetrix's visible eye widens as Dextra plays "Butterfly Swarm" by paying 2000 Life Points. She explains that she each time a monster they control is sent to the Graveyard, its controller will take 1500 damage. Vetrix says that that means he'll take damage if he doesn't Summon a monster, it will be destroyed and he'll take even more damage. He says "Butterfly Swarm" inflicts 1500 damage at the expense of 2000 of its controller, so that's why Dextra saved up 8000. Dextra says that if he doesn't break her combo, he'll be consumed by the jungle in three turns.

Dextra, Kite and Nistro fighting Mr. Heartland's Duel Robot.

Dextra thinks of Kite and how she met him. Many young Duelists were training to work for Mr. Heartland, fighting against a large robot. Six Duelists remain, including Kite, Dextra and Nistro. Heartland says they must be exhausted, but tells them that from this suffering will rise this generation's elite Duelists. Nistro attempts to Summon a monster and Dextra tries to activate a Trap, but the robot blocks both moves. Heartland moves the robot's control dial up to the maximum level. The robot electrocutes both Nistro and Dextra and Heartland claims the equipment has gone haywire. He tells them that even if they fall from exhaustion, they must win through Dueling. The robot blasts Nistro against the wall and then targets Dextra again, with Nistro yelling her name.

Mr. Heartland causes the robot to go berserk.

Kite intercepts the attack and Summons "Daybreaker", telling it to attack directly. It shuts the robot down with its sword, but the attack leaves Kite with a wound on his face (the blood is removed in the dub). Kite tells Dextra not to concern herself with him, adding that if she does, she'll lose herself. Later, Kite sits with Hart on a balcony. Dextra passes by and presses herself to the wall, listening in. A butterfly flies by and Kite catches it on his finger, telling Hart to look at it. Dextra says that Kite's true strength was always the fact that he never concerned himself with anyone but his brother. But even his smile looked sad. Dextra tells Vetrix that just as how Kite protects Hart, she will protect Kite - by fighting alone and not concerning herself with anyone else. Vetrix asks if he is the sacrifice for her love. Vetrix calls himself an idiot, laughing.

Yuma's Duel Coaster has now entered the "Jungle Field" as well. Yuma, Tori and Astral exit the coaster to watch the Duel. Dextra glances at them, while Vetrix calls Yuma's name and begins to dance around, saying he's been caught in a huge trap. Yuma looks at Dextra's field and Astral says he understands. He reiterates Dextra's combo and Yuma calls it an amazing play. Astral says there is one way to avoid it though. Vetrix says that's correct and says he'll win no matter what the case. Astral seems once again surprised that Vetrix can perceive him. Vetrix thinks that due to Dextra's combo, he must Summon a monster. If he does so in Attack Position, the combo will take place. Vetrix says the answer is to Set a monster instead and does so, along with another card. He ends his turn there. Vetrix says her combo can't activate if his monster is in Defense Position. Dextra responds that there is no point to Vetrix doing anything at all - he cannot run from her or from the jungle.

"Photon Papilloperative" attacks with "Vivid Swarm".

During the Standby Phase, Dextra pays 2000 Life Points to maintain "Butterfly Swarm", dropping her to 4000. She activates the effect of "Papilloperative", detaching an Overlay Unit to change Vetrix's monster to face-up Attack Position and have it lose 600 ATK. "Heraldic Beast Aberconway" appears, and its ATK drops from 1800 to 1200. Dextra orders "Papilloperative" to attack and destroy "Aberconway" with "Vivid Swarm". Vetrix's Life Points drop to 3100, while the effect of "Butterfly Swarm" inflicts another 1500 damage as his monster was sent to the Graveyard, leaving him with 1600. Vetrix is blasted off his feet and Yuma yells that Dextra's combo is so cool. Dextra Sets a monster to end her turn.

Vetrix asks if she really found the perfect combo with no weakness. Dextra again says that she won't let him get to Kite. Yuma looks confused and Vetrix asks if sacrificing her own life for him is really worth it. He asks if this is the power of love. Yuma looks confused about love and asks why Dextra would fight for Kite. Tori punches him in the stomach and says he has no manners (the actual punch is cut briefly from the dub, replaced with a black screen full of stars, and Tori says that Yuma is thick-headed instead). She blushes and says that the power of love sounds really amazing. Dextra asks if Vetrix understands. Even putting his monsters in Defense Position is no use. Vetrix's voice drops to a much more serious tone as he draws. He Normal Summons "Heraldic Beast Berners Falcon". Dextra says he finally understands. "Butterfly Charm" activates, forcing "Berners Falcon" to attack, while "Elimigate" will destroy it. Glowing butterflies pull "Berners Falcon" through the gate and "Butterfly Swarm drops Vetrix's Life Points to 100. Yuma thinks Dextra may actually beat Vetrix. Dextra is so close and wonders if her win is now confirmed. Vetrix giggles and rises to his feet. He says the power of love sounds really great. He says he wants to know if her heart suffers from caring about Kite and tells her he will break that memory apart.

Vetrix uses "Advanced Heraldry Art" to use monsters in his Graveyard as Overlay Units.

Vetrix activates "Advanced Heraldry Art", letting him Xyz Summon using monsters in his Graveyard for Overlay Units. He overlays the Level 4 "Aberconway" and "Berners Falcon" to Xyz Summon "Number 8: Heraldic Beast Genom-Heritage" in Defense Position. Yuma and Astral are shocked that Vetrix has a "Number" card. Vetrix giggles again and ends his turn. Dextra says that "Number" or not, she'll finish him off within the next turn. As she pays 2000 more Life Points to maintain "Butterfly Swarm", she again yells she won't let him reach it. She activates the effect of "Papilloperative", detaching an Overlay Unit to switch "Genom-Heritage" to Attack Position and decrease its ATK from 2400 to 1800 using "Mystifying Menace". Dextra says this is the end and has "Papilloperative" attack "Genom-Heritage" with "Vivid Swarm". Vetrix activates the effect of "Genom-Heritage", explaining he can detach an Overlay Unit to activate one of three effects. He says he will now steal her monster's name. "Genom-Heritage" snares "Papilloperative" and drains blood from it. "Genom-Heritage" changes form, now looking identical to "Papilloperative", but with its original head intact. With that, "Papilloperative" now has no name. Vetrix wonders what will happen now that it's no longer a "Papilloperative". Dextra says this can't be and Vetrix says the effect of "Elimigate" will activate now. "Papilloperative" is destroyed since it is nameless. Dextra says her combo has fallen apart and "Butterfly Swarm" activates as well, inflicting 1500 damage as her monster was sent to the Graveyard. Dextra is left with 500 Life Points.

Vetrix's crest sets the field ablaze.

Vetrix's crest springs from his covered eye and engulfs the field in fire. Vetrix says he just thought of a good idea and his crest launches again. He says he will take Dextra's memories. Dextra screams as they are drained. Yuma asks if she's alright. He tells her not to lose to Vetrix's powers and to fight for Kite. She remembers him and says she won't concern herself with anyone else. She Normal Summons "Moonlit Papillon" and Flip Summons "Blue Mountain Butterspy". She overlays them to Xyz Summon "Photon Alexandra Queen" in Defense Position. Yuma is happy she hasn't given up. Dextra activates the effect of "Alexandra Queen", detaching all of its Overlay Units to return all monsters on the field to their owners' hands and inflict 500 damage to the controllers for each of their returned monsters. Astral says it will be a Draw and Dextra declares "Butterfly Effect". Dextra says she doesn't need Life Points or her life as long as she remembers Kite. Vetrix says she sure is trying hard and tells her she will devour her heart and memories. He activates his face-down "Heraldry Record" negating the effect of "Alexandra Queen" as it was activated by detaching Overlay Units. Yuma says that can't be and Vetrix asks if its his turn. She says it is and yells that she doesn't want to forget Kite. Vetrix says her memories, consciousness and love are all being absorbed.

Yuma vows to defeat Vetrix.

He tells Dextra to rest in peace and tells his "Photon Papilloperative" to attack "Photon Alexandra Queen". Yuma yells for him to stop as he declares "Butterfly Death Dance". He says the effect of "Butterfly Swarm" will now carry Dextra to the land of the dead. Her Life Points drop to 0. Just after the loss, Dextra apologizes to Kite for failing him, and his image in her head vanishes. Vetrix says that memories of love taste bad (Vetrix mentioning this is cut from the dub). Yuma yells Vetrix's name and Vetrix says that its Yuma's heart he will eat next time (in the dub, Vetrix simply tells Yuma that he will defeat him next and warns to get ready for it), while vanishing through a portal. Yuma runs to Dextra and she slumps sideways. She tells him to tell "that person" to remember her as teardrops form in her eyes (in the dub, Dextra says that she was thinking about someone, but couldn't remember who that person was). Astral says that that is Vetrix's power and Yuma says he will never forgive him.

Featured Duel: Dextra vs. Vetrix

Vetrix vs. Dextra.

This Duel takes place at a Duel Field, the "Jungle Field". It is a treated as a face-up Field Spell Card. Its effect will inflict 1000 damage to a player who does not Summon a monster from their hand during their turn. The Duelists begin with the amount of Life Points they had at the end of the Duel Coaster. In this case, Dextra has 8000, while Vetrix has 4000.

Turn 1: Dextra
Dextra draws "Dance of The Butterspy" and subsequently activates it to Special Summon "Morpho Butterspy" (CG Star.svg4/1200/1600) and "Swallowtail Butterspy" (CG Star.svg4/1800/1200) from her hand in Attack Position (as there is a face-up Field Spell Card on the field and the summoned monsters are Level 4 "Butterspy" monsters). She then overlays "Morpho Butterspy" and "Swallowtail Butterspy" in order to Xyz Summon "Photon Papilloperative" (Rank Star.svg4/2100/1800, ORU: 2) in Attack Position.

Dextra then activates "Elimigate", "Butterfly Charm" and "Butterfly Swarm" with Dextra paying 2000 Life Points in order to activate the third card (Dextra: 8000 → 6000 LP). Due to the effect of "Butterfly Charm", Vetrix must attack whenever able. If any face-up monsters he controls do not attack, they are destroyed during his End Phase. Due to the effect of "Elimigate", if a non "Assassin" monster attacks, the attack is negated and the attacking monster is destroyed. Due to the effect of "Butterfly Swarm", players take 1500 damage each time a monster they control is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard.

Turn 2: Vetrix
Vetrix's hand contains "Burial from a Different Dimension", "Mystical Cards of Light", "Wall of Revealing Light", "Advanced Heraldry Art" and "Heraldry Record". Vetrix draws a monster and subsequently sets it. He then sets a card.

Turn 3: Dextra
Dextra draws. During Dextra's Standby Phase, she pays 2000 Life Points to keep "Butterfly Swarm" in play (Dextra: 6000 → 4000 LP). She then activates the effect of "Photon Papilloperative" to switch Vetrix's set "Heraldic Beast Aberconway" to Attack Position and decrease its ATK by 600 (CG Star.svg4/1800 → 1200/900) by detaching "Swallowtail Butterspy" ("Photon Papilloperative": 2 → 1 ORU). "Photon Papilloperative" attacks and destroys "Heraldic Beast Aberconway" (Vetrix: 4000 → 3100 LP). The effect of "Butterfly Swarm" activates (Vetrix: 3100 → 1600 LP). Dextra Sets a monster.

Turn 4: Vetrix


No. 8 Heraldic King - Genome Heriter

The Summoning of "Number 8: Heraldic King Genom-Heritage"

Vetrix draws "Heraldic Beast Berners Falcon" and subsequently Normal Summons it (CG Star.svg4/1000/1600) in Attack Position. "Heraldic Beast Berners Falcon" attacks "Photon Papilloperative", but the effect of "Elimigate" negates the attack and destroys "Heraldic Beast Berners Falcon". The effect of "Butterfly Swarm" activates (Vetrix: 1600 → 100 LP).

Vetrix activates "Advanced Heraldry Art" to overlay "Heraldic Beast Berners Falcon" and "Heraldic Beast Aberconway" from his Graveyard in order to Xyz Summon "Number 8: Heraldic King Genom-Heritage" (Rank Star.svg4/2400/1800, ORU: 2) in Defense Position.

Turn 5: Dextra

Dextra with "Blue Mountain Butterspy" and "Moonlit Papillon".

Dextra draws. During Dextra's Standby Phase, she pays 2000 Life Points to keep "Butterfly Swarm" in play (Dextra: 4000 → 2000 LP). Dextra then activates the effect of "Photon Papilloperative" to switch "Heraldic King Genom-Heritage" to Attack Position ("Heraldic King Genom-Heritage": 2400 → 1800 ATK) by detaching "Morpho Butterspy" ("Photon Papilloperative": 1 → 0 ORU).

"Photon Papilloperative" attacks "Heraldic King Genom-Heritage", but Vetrix activates the effect of "Heraldic King Genom-Heritage" to detach an Overlay Unit ("Heraldic King Genom-Heritage": 2 → 1 ORU) and treat its name as "Photon Papilloperative" while also treating "Photon Papilloperative" as having no name. The effect of "Elimigate" then negates the attack and destroys "Photon Papilloperative" as it is no longer an "Assassin" monster. The effect of "Butterfly Swarm" activates (Dextra: 2000 → 500 LP).


Photon Alexandra Queen

The Summoning of "Photon Alexandra Queen"

Dextra Normal Summons "Moonlit Papillon" (CG Star.svg4/1200/1600) in Attack Position. She then Flip Summons "Blue Mountain Butterspy" (CG Star.svg4/0/1700). Dextra then overlays "Moonlit Papillon" and "Blue Mountain Butterspy" in order to Xyz Summon "Photon Alexandra Queen" (Rank Star.svg4/2400/1200, ORU: 2) in Defense Position.

Dextra activates the effect of "Photon Alexandra Queen" to detach both of its Overlay Units ("Photon Alexandra Queen": 2 → 0 ORU) and return all monsters on the field to their owners' hands as well as inflict 500 damage to both players for each card returned this way, but Vetrix activates his face-down "Heraldry Record" to negate the effect of "Photon Alexandra Queen" as it was activated by detaching Overlay Units.

Turn 6: Vetrix
Vetrix draws. "Heraldic King Genom-Heritage" attacks and destroys "Photon Alexandra Queen". The effect of "Butterfly Swarm" activates (Dextra: 500 → 0 LP).

Featured cards

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

Duel Field
Spells & Traps



When Dextra activates her three Continuous Spell Cards, one of them is shown to be "Dance of the Butterspy", when it is supposed to be "Butterfly Swarm". In later scenes, the correct card is shown.