"Memories Brought Back" is the seventy-sixth episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It aired in Japan on November 7, 2018.

Skye, who is starting to have doubts about SOL Technologies' cruel methods, starts searching for Aqua. On the other hand, The Shepherd has found out where Aqua is. He goes after Aqua and attacks her, but Ghost Gal then appears before him and blocks his path.


In the real world, The Shepherd visits his mother, reflecting back on his past where both of them were in an accident due to the AI malfunctioning. Blood Shepard steels his resolve, believing that AI must not be allowed to control the lives of people and declares that he will not let humanity be conquered by said AI.

Meanwhile, Skye Zaizen and Emma Bessho confronted Akira on the situation on Earth. Akira said that despite him believing that the Ignis have free will and despite him disagreeing to what has happened, he cannot disobey orders. Skye them solemnly said that because of the actions of SOL Technologies, it is only natural that the Ignis will hate humanity.

At the same time, Varis explains to Yusaku and Ai that because SOL Technologies lack the necessary equipment and has converted him into a source code they can not fully comprehend, Earth cannot be reformed back like what happened with Ai. When Ai claims that Varis could not be trusted, Yusaku made the educated guess that there's a spy at SOL Technologies working with the Knights of Hanoi. Ai was devastated as he cries, saying that for the first time, he felt hatred towards humanity.

At night, Aoi had a dream about her friend, Miyu Sugisaki which the latter disappears halfway through the dream. When she woke up from the nightmare, Emma told her that she is close to locating Aqua. Inside LINK VRAINS, Aqua made a simple monument for Earth, stating that despite the cruelty of what was done to him, she will still be on the side with humans, believing in coexistence. Just as she was about to move, Blood Shepard located her and begins to attack her. Aqua tries to initiate a duel with Blood Shepard but the latter rejected it and continued his assault.

Just as Aqua was about to be hit, she was saved by Skye and Emma, and through her, Skye and Emma learn about Aqua's origin: Miyu, a childhood friend of Skye. Skye then resolves to help Aqua after learning that Lightning has currently infected Miyu with a virus that rendered her in coma despite Aqua's best efforts to save Miyu.

In order to protect Skye and Aqua, Emma decided to enter a Player Killing Speed Duel, where the loser will not only be logged out of LINK VRAINS, but will also have their account deleted and can never go back again.

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