"The Beginning", known as "Turning Point" in the original version is the sixty-fourth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It aired in Japan on August 15, 2018. It will air on Teletoon on January 5, 2020.

Theodore and Yusaku are heading to Kolter's place, but Naoki then shows up and starts talking to Yusaku. Thus, Theodore has no choice but to go to Kolter by himself. Theodore asks Kolter about how he met Yusaku.


Yusaku is heading out of school during home time when Theodore catches up to him. They discuss going to Kolter's truck when Naoki Shima interrupts them. Shima reveals that he knows Yusaku's secret and wishes to privately talk to him. Yusaku refuses, but Theodore smiles, accepting Shima's wish by moving on ahead.

Meanwhile, Ai is flying over Den City on Yusaku's "Duel Drone" but is called back down by Kolter. Kolter hangs an advertising billboard on the Duel Drone and lets Ai fly again. In the air, Ai notices Theodore approach Kolter's truck by himself and gets suspicious. But then Ai bumps into a structure and falls out of the sky, crashing into Theodore. Theodore recognizes Ai, but only after consulting Flame first. Flame sees that Ai bumped into a flag pole, then realizes that Ai had been flying, to which Ai proudly confirms, "Ai can fly!" Flame gets an idea, and brings out his own vehicle, called the "Flame-mobile". Theodore responds that he's fine with walking to school. Kolter comes out to greet Theodore, who thanks him for saving him from The Shepherd's trap, by offering a bag of snacks. Kolter gives his thanks in response, and invites Theodore to have a hotdog. Before that, Ai asks for "Playmaker's" whereabouts. Flame replies that Yusaku has remained at school with someone named "Shima".

Shima is still leading Yusaku through the corridors when Yusaku speaks to say that they're alone. Shima says anyone could be listening, but then addresses Yusaku as "Playmaker", warning that what he'll do with the out depends on Yusaku himself. Meanwhile, Theodore has finished his "hot dog sandwiches" as he calls them in front of Kolter, asking whether he values his hacking wares more than his business. Kolter replies that the wares are just aid, the real hacking is done by his brain. Theodore concludes that Kolter and Yusaku are the perfect team because Kolter does all the solving while Playmaker does all the fighting. Ignoring Ai's bragging, Flame asks what made Kolter and Yusaku work together. Kolter says it's a long story, but Ai insists that he tells it. Kolter therefore agrees to tell the story, warning that it's not a happy one. It started when Kolter's brother Jin went missing. Theodore hears, for the first time, Jin's involvement in the Lost Incident just like himself and Yusaku.

When Cal Kolter's brother came back after the Lost Incident was over, it was only the beginning of his troubles. Cal went to greet Jin in his room on the day he came home, but saw him in a mindless state. Cal narrates that Jin was friendly and outgoing before he left, but was none of that when he came back. He tried asking everyone he possibly could for answers, but never got them, and that was because, as Cal later found out, they couldn't tell him anything because the Lost Incident was being covered up. Cal decided that he would save Jin himself, and devoted a lot of his time to finding the truth, that which is hidden but never deleted. He spent the next ten years of his life coding and learning to break online security. When he started putting his skills to use, he found a file linking the Knights of Hanoi to the Lost Incident.

Cal dared to step foot into LINK VRAINS from that point onwards, in order to track the Hanoi down. He claims the Hanoi were easy to find because they were in large numbers hunting Cyberse cards. Cal witnessed one innocent victim being deleted by a Knight of Hanoi after losing a duel against him. The Knight wasn't alone. His accomplices easily spotted Cal hiding from them. Instead of dueling them, Cal ran from them, but ran into a dead end. As the Knights drew closer to Cal, a voice called out to him from below, and offered a hand. The voice told Cal to hurry. Cal did, and jumped up with the stranger's help. Cal thanked the stranger, and asked for his name. The stranger refused, and warned him to stay away from the Knights of Hanoi. Cal said he will go after them forever, for answers regarding the Lost Incident. Cal told the stranger that his brother was involved, and he wanted to cure him. The stranger turned and made his leave, asking, who is going to help his brother if he himself is deleted? The stranger couldn't guarantee his own safety. Log out, and don't come back, said the stranger before logging out himself.

Cal says he didn't heed this advice, and got into a lot more trouble. At one point, six different Knights had him cornered from different directions inside LINK VRAINS. The same stranger appeared from the top of a stack of three containers behind Cal, clearly fed up with Cal too. Nevertheless, he leapt down to Cal's rescue, clearly not happy with Cal ignoring his advice and needing to be rescued again. The stranger would have again, advised Cal to log out, but the Knights were using jamming signals to lock accounts in. However, their signals don't have enough range. The stranger simply told Cal to leap onto the stack, then he'll be able to log out. Leave the Hanoi to him, said the stranger.

Cal logged out and was able to track a live feed of his savior's duel against one of the Knights that had surrounded him. The Knight was allowed to go first. When he ended his turn, he saw Cal's savior hesitate and warned that he has no time for him. Cal's savior agreed. He proceeded to OTK his opponent with remarkable ease. Cal was shocked at how easily his savior overcame his opponent. He also knew his savior would be a valuable ally in his search for the truth, but he had yet to convince said person to be an ally.

Cal's savior turned to the remaining five Knights of Hanoi, and asked who wants to go next? When the Knights proposed a five-on-one, Cal's savior simply claimed it was no less than the behavior he expected from mere mooks. He leaped onto the stack of containers, with the "mooks" tailing after him, easily surrounding him on the top container once more. Just then, a portal appeared overhead and gave Cal's savior an escape route. During the logout process, Cal told his savior to meet him at the hot dog stand with the password.

On another day, Cal was doing his usual business as a hot dog vendor when he served a hooded figure. The hooded figure asked for a "hot dog sandwich". Cal was so eager to correct his customer, that the hooded figure interrupted with the phrase Cal was looking for, and left without another word. Cal realized he knew who the hooded figure was, and called out to him. He realized he had something in common with the stranger, the person who told him to stay out of LINK VRAINS twice, and said he needed to help his brother Jin. Claiming to now be honest enough not to go there alone, he asked if the stranger would be able to help by going in his stead. In return, Cal offered to do whatever he can to help the stranger - because what he lacks in dueling, he has an abundance of in programming and hacking. He would get whatever info the stranger needs to further his goal, a goal that he doesn't need to aim for all on his own.

The hooded figure said that he doesn't "need" help, but would appreciate help if it is given. He turned around, put his hood down, addressed Cal by his surname, revealed his, and announced their alliance.

Flashback Featured Duel: Unknown vs. Knight of Hanoi

Unknown VS Knight of Hanoi.png

This Duel is conducted as a Master Duel.

Turn 1: Knight of Hanoi
The KoH Normal Summons "Jack Wyvern" (1800/0). KoH activates the Equip Spell Card "Big Bang Shot", equipping it to "Jack Wyvern" and increasing its ATK by 400 ("Jack Wyvern": 1800 → 2200 ATK). KoH Sets a card.

Turn 2: Unknown
As Unknown controls no monsters, he Special Summons "Photon Thrasher" (2100/0) from his hand by its own effect. Unknown Normal Summons "Marauding Captain" (1200/400). As "Marauding Captain" was Normal Summoned, Unknown activates its effect, Special Summoning a Level 4 or lower monster from his hand. He Special Summons the Level 4 "Exarion Universe" (1800/1900). Unknown uses "Photon Thrasher", "Marauding Captain" and "Exarion Universe" to Link Summon "Gaia Saber, the Lightning Shadow" (2600/LINK-3/←↓→) to the Extra Monster Zone.

"Gaia Saber" attacks "Jack Wyvern". KoH activates his face-down Quick-Play Spell Card "Limiter Removal", doubling the ATK of all Machine monsters he controls until the End Phase, but during the End Phase of this turn, those monsters are destroyed. Unknown chains the Quick-Play Spell Card "Forbidden Lance", decreasing the ATK of a monster by 800 and making it unaffected by the effects of other Spell/Trap Cards. He decreases the ATK of "Jack Wyvern" ("Jack Wyvern": 2200 → 1400 → 1000 ATK). The effect of KoH's "Limiter Removal" resolves, but the ATK of "Jack Wyvern" is not doubled. Unknown activates the Quick-Play Spell Card "Limiter Removal", doubling the ATK of all Machine monsters he controls, but during the End Phase they are destroyed ("Gaia Saber": 2600 → 5200 ATK). The attack continues and "Jack Wyvern" is destroyed (KoH: 4000 → 0 LP).

Featured cards

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

Knight of Hanoi


In the dub, when Unknown Link Summons "Gaia Saber, the Lightning Shadow", he incorrectly states that it is Link-2 when in actuality it is Link-3.


  • When Unknown summons "Photon Thrasher", the summoning animation is the same one from Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL.
  • Four of the six cards Unknown uses are in the Starter Deck: Link Strike, which he also appears on the box.
  • This is the first English episode of a Yu-Gi-Oh! anime series to air in the 2020s.
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