"A Common Cause", known as "Transfer Student Takeru Homura" in the original version, is the fiftieth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It aired in Japan on May 2, 2018, and became available with official subtitles via Crunchyroll on the same day and aired on Teletoon on September 29, 2019.

A student named Theodore Hamilton has transferred to Yusaku's school. Theodore also happens to be Soulburner, the Duelist who came to Playmaker's aid. Theodore and his Ignis speak to Yusaku about the destruction of the Cyberse World, as well as the new enemies...


Ai wakes up on Yusaku's duel disk. Yusaku is inside Café Nom with Cal Kolter, who is looking at the latest footage of LINK VRAINS. Cal identifies two persons in the footage as those who "stole" the soul of his brother Jin, but only knows one of them by name. Cal does not know why Bohman and his associate were after Jin, but swears retribution on him. Yusaku offers to find Jin and also promises to rescue him.

Meanwhile, at a temple, Bohman and Harlin crouch on one knee before their superior. Harlin confirms their acquisition of Jin Kolter's data, but says that they ran into a form of resistance called Playmaker and the DARK Ignis, who defeated Bohman. Harlin also says that the FIRE Ignis showed up. His superior had expected this. Bohman then hands over Jin's data as instructed. But when Bohman demands something in return, his superior hypnotizes him and walks away. Bohman lands on the ground.

That night, Roboppy is overjoyed at the return of Ai, who appears before him on Linkuriboh. Roboppy also appears to challenge Linkuriboh for the privilege of being Ai's best friend, even after being introduced to it. The next day, Yusaku walks to school with Ai in his backpack. He tells Ai that because of the enemy's ability to destroy the Cyberse World, Ai should remain by Yusaku's side at all times and keep a low profile. Inside one of the school corridors, Skye Zaizen passes a student with red and grey hair, who recognizes her, as well as her virtual identity. Naoki Shima then appears from her right; Skye confirms to Shima that she will be attending the Duel Club. The student's duel disk also recognizes that Shima also has a virtual identity, called Brave Battler, but the student dismisses him, and follows Yusaku, the one he is looking for. The student mutters Yusaku's virtual name, and this appears to catch Yusaku's attention, so the student hides away. Addressing his duel disk as "Flame", the student says that he does not want to be considered a stalker, but elaborates and says it's like a duel; he needs to find the right words to greet this person with. Flame considers directly communicating with the DARK Ignis, but the student bluntly refuses.

Unfortunately, Flame already did send the message, and thus, Yusaku catches the student hiding in the empty classroom. Yusaku is suspicious of the student addressing him by his virtual alias. The student sheepishly admits that he has already met Yusaku before, as the one who helped Playmaker. Yusaku thus recognizes the new student as Soulburner, who gives his real name as Theodore. Yusaku is still not happy at being followed, and demands an explanation. Theodore responds by raising his left arm to chest height, allowing Flame to reveal himself. Yusaku recognizes the Ignis, and so does Ai, who eventually reveals himself as well. Theodore has to clarify that he is a Lost Incident victim, but says that he didn't know that he was, until Playmaker destroyed the Tower of Hanoi. Theodore explains that Playmaker's actions should have saved the Ignis, but their travails got worse due to the destruction of Cyberse World. As a result, Flame went back to Theodore.

Ai and Flame agree to take the conversation somewhere else; thus, Yusaku and Theodore ride on a ferris wheel. Theodore lets Flame tell the story. Flame says that when Ai concealed the Cyberse World from outside view before leaving it, the other Ignis began talking among themselves. They began to discuss their relationship with humans. They knew they were created by a human, Dr. Kogami, yet humans still wanted to get rid of them. Some of the Ignis hoped to settle differences with humans so that they would be able to coexist, but others still believed that humans were out to get them. Yusaku recalls his conversation with Ryoken, stating that some were afraid of the Ignis evolving quicker than humans and eventually adopting a supremacist and discriminatory attitude towards humans. But, Yusaku disagrees, saying that humans are capable of making decisions that do not lead to conflict. Flame agrees with this sentiment. He regrets the fact that he could not get all of the Ignis to agree, because their conversation was interrupted when an enemy struck.

Ai is shocked that someone was able to locate the Cyberse World despite him hiding it from outside. Flame postulates that the Knights of Hanoi couldn't have been responsible, because at the same time, Ai was with Playmaker dueling Varis. Therefore, Flame also rules out Ai as a suspect. Flame also tells Yusaku that the other Ignis escaped, but he lost track of them, and therefore requests Yusaku and Ai's help in locating the other Ignis. When Yusaku asks why he should co-operate, Flame believes there is a connection between the attack on Cyberse World and the attack on Jin Kolter. Flame recalls that it was a Link Spell that caused the Cyberse World's destruction - the same one that Bohman used while dueling Playmaker. Yusaku agrees to the co-operation, knowing that someone is causing damage and needs to be stopped.

Meanwhile at SOL Technologies, Risa Hayami introduces Akira Zaizen to their newest addition to the Bounty Hunter squad: The Gore. Akira also introduces Gore to his newest colleague, The Shepherd. Unfortunately, neither Gore nor Shepherd greet each other's presence in a civil manner. Hayami points this out nervously to Akira, who replies that this was what he had planned. Shepherd asks who was the one that got in the way of his previous attempt. Akira shows footage of LINK VRAINS in which Playmaker was dueling someone even Akira doesn't know the identity of. However, Akira states that that someone may be an important lead in getting to Playmaker. Shepherd knows that he was last seen in the restricted area, and decides to go there.

After school, Cal serves both Yusaku and Theodore, the latter having become acquainted with Cal as well. Cal admits his surprise that Yusaku made a friend. Theodore apologizes for what happened to Cal's brother; Cal expresses his gratitude and hopes both Theodore and Yusaku can use their experiences to do good. Yusaku then asks for what Cal has found; Cal reveals where Bohman has been tracked to - a restricted area of LINK VRAINS. Cal also shows a strange program he has discovered. Yusaku recognizes its similarity to one of Ai's programs. Ai has a look, and confirms that it is an Ignis algorithm, with Flame specifying that it is a WIND Ignis algorithm. Knowing that it's the only lead they have, Yusaku knows they have to get to the restricted area as soon as possible. At around the same time, Akira meets up with Skye and Emma at their designated meeting spot.

Some time later, Yusaku and Theodore log into LINK VRAINS together. Before then, Cal had been mapping out the pathway to the restricted area, but was sent the full route by Emma. Before Yusaku and Theodore logged in, Cal installed Emma's map and new LVSS firmware into Yusaku's duel disk, as well as stealth functions and one-off emergency logouts on both duel disks. Playmaker and Soulburner activate their stealth functions as they navigate towards the restricted area of LINK VRAINS. They then realize that The Gore and two of his accomplices are following them. They speed up.

Featured cards

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

Playmaker (Yusaku Fujiki)

Spells & Traps

Differences from the dub

  • Yusaku does not bring up Kolter having someone to talk to as one of the three reasons why he locked Ai in his Duel Disk in the dub. Instead, he say he doesn't want Ai creating mischief and trouble.
  • Ai and Flame call each other by their real names when they meet, which is a series of beeping.
  • Ai telling Theodore he can call Yusaku by his first name instead of "Fujiki-kun" is omitted.
  • The flashback of Kolter receiving Emma's information is shortened in the dub.


  • The Crunchyroll Subs mistakenly had Ai calling Yusaku "Yusei". Yusei was the name of the protagonist from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.
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A student named Theodore HamiltonA student named Theodore Hamilton has transferred to Yusaku's school. Theodore also happens to be Soulburner, the Duelist who came to Playmaker's aid. Theodore and his Ignis speak to Yusaku about the destruction of the Cyberse World, as well as the new enemies...|Cyberse World, as well as the new enemies...| +
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