"Out on a Limb", known as "My Mother Tree" in the Japanese version, is the thirty-seventh episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It will air in Japan on January 31, 2018 and aired on Teletoon on January 5, 2019. It became available with official subtitles via Crunchyroll on the same day.

Playmaker uses his ace monster, Excode Talker, to counter Specter’s Sunvines. In order to finish Playmaker off, Specter evolves his Sunavalon into its ultimate form. Having driven Playmaker into a corner, Specter delivers the finishing blow against him...


As the bridge on LINK VRAINS falls, the hologrammed and trapped Akira Zaizen, as well as Kolter watching from inside Café Nom, try to will Playmaker on. Playmaker smirks. Specter wonders what his opponent is smug about. Playmaker spells it out for Specter - he conceded that he can't win, even after dangling a hostage in front of his opponent. Therefore, Playmaker is superior to Specter in every way. As he says that, Playmaker loses his stance just as "Sunavalon Dryanome" adds more vines to the bridge to keep it in place. Specter argues that it wasn't him who conceded his turn, but he'll be happy to serve Playmaker his just desserts.

Pigeon, carrying Frog, flies to the side of the bridge to continue broadcasting the duel. Pigeon and Frog notice that LINK VRAINS' fate rests on the duel they're seeing. Specter reminds Playmaker that even if he takes damage during his own turn, the thorns will get closer to Akira. He's glad that his opponent can't decide in a situation where someone bites the dust no matter what - his opponent's too busy trying to save everyone. Akira notices the Tower of Hanoi approach its third ring, and reiterates that Playmaker should forget about him, or the whole world will be doomed. Having already battled, Specter Sets a card and ends his turn. He dares Playmaker to attack him and lose Akira, or, as before, do nothing and lose everything.

Ai yells at Specter at this point. Specter apologizes for his attitude, but claims it's justified against an idiot Ignis. Playmaker wastes no time and continues with the duel... only to Set the card he drew and pass over. Initially, Specter is surprised, but then says that Playmaker has made his bed. What Specter doesn't know is that he's being watched. Kolter sees Akira's ordeal and decides to hack the LVSS abort system so that Akira can safely log out. Specter announces that Playmaker will lay in that bed, and begins his turn. Akira witnesses Specter launch the attack that would end Playmaker. Specter also thinks the duel would end there, but Playmaker plays the trap that he set, and gets another turn. Specter reminds Playmaker that he can't win without inflicting damage, and Ai admits Specter's correct.

Playmaker admits he cannot prioritize the well-being of one over the rest, as he cannot sacrifice the welfare of the world. Ai complains that that's what he said. Playmaker remains silent on Ai's next delivery, and Specter sees that Playmaker and his Ignis do not get along after all. Ai reminds Playmaker that the tower is on ring number three, and Playmaker simply says that he knows. Specter makes another comment, only to be interrupted by Playmaker who continues the duel. Akira sees Playmaker activate "Link Processing Failure", and thinks it won't help Playmaker unless he attacks. Specter mocks Playmaker for taking so much time to make a move, thinking that the hostage situation has clouded his mind. Ai continues to complain, with Playmaker continuing to ignore in response.

While Kolter remains busy trying to find a hack, Specter thanks Playmaker for conceding his turn and begins his own. Specter overcomes "Link Processing Failure" by summoning Link-4 "Sunavalon Dryatrentiay". Its ability then destroys Playmaker's two face-up back row cards, causing Ai to launch words on Playmaker. Specter brings out a monster on its Link Point, then admits to "Dryatrentiay's" effect preventing the linked monster from attacking, which makes Ai sigh with relief. Playmaker believes Specter isn't planning to attack with the linked monster, and Specter says Playmaker is absolutely right. He plays a trap that negates "Excode Talker's" ability and frees the blocked zones.

With that, "Dryatrentiay" launches the attack that would end the duel with Specter's victory. Before the attack lands, Playmaker smirks again. He activates a Set trap that makes "Excode" and "Dryatrentiay" double KO each other. Specter reminds his opponents of "Sunavalon Force". Ai says they're still in the duel, and Specter claims it's nothing. However, only then does Specter see "Dryatrentiay" fall behind him. His worst memories come back to haunt him. Playmaker notes that the loss of Specter's only "Sunavalon" monster destroys all the cards that depend on it. Playmaker adds that if his opponent could not be attacked, he would force his opponent to attack, and use an out in that situation. He also says that Specter's lack of patience is his greatest downfall.

When Ai starts mocking Specter about "arboring ill will towards its tree-tment", Specter turns around and yells, his emotions clearly not under control. He plays a spell to revive his "Dryatrentiay", but to a Main Monster Zone. The same spell also raises "Dryatrentiay's" ATK to 4000. Specter also warns Playmaker of the spell's third effect, essentially a spiny-needle effect. With a warped voice, Specter looks forward to Playmaker's demise. Meanwhile, Kolter has found his hack, and launches it. Akira notices that he's disappearing, and so does Playmaker. Playmaker realizes Akira is being logged out, and Ai rejoices. Specter smirks, blocking the hack logout attempt with his own fingers and causing Akira to cry out. He announces that the thorn cage is absolutely impenetrable.

Kolter curses, and so does Ai. Akira speaks out at that point. Knowing that Playmaker cannot win if he's worried about Akira, Akira decides to remove the worry from Playmaker. Addressing Playmaker directly, Akira admits his trust in Playmaker is still tentative, but asks Playmaker for his promise not to waste his sister's sacrifice. With that, he touches the thorns and is electrocuted. Ai and Playmaker watch in horror as Akira cries out, and so does Specter. Before he disintegrates, Akira makes one last wish to Skye. He hopes he was a hero to his little sister. Akira's eyes close, and with that, the thorn prison disintegrates along with Akira in it. Kolter bangs his fists in despair, having seen Akira sacrifice himself to the Tower of Hanoi. Specter suddenly laughs with hand on face, claiming that Akira's sacrifice was all in vain. Specter thanks Playmaker for letting him build up his board and win. Playmaker says otherwise. He never asked Akira to sacrifice himself, but Akira did it anyway, for the sake of Playmaker. What's so funny about a sacrifice, he grunts. He has done nothing to earn Akira's trust, and yet, will not betray Akira, because he gave Playmaker this opportunity.

With that, Playmaker begins his turn. He builds up to "Excode Talker" having 4000 ATK. Specter sighs, thinking Playmaker did all that for another double KO. But Playmaker interrupts Specter before he can finish, by declaring an attack. Sure, says Specter, since the attack will finish his opponent. No, says Playmaker, accusing Specter of being mistaken from the very start. He's held falsehoods on Playmaker, the Zaizens and even his own self. Using "Link Atrocity's" Graveyard effect, "Dryatrentiay" loses all the ATK it gained, and Ai's counting of the monsters in both Graveyards is interrupted. Playmaker wins the duel, and marches up to tower over Specter. Specter has some stern last words for Playmaker, and dares to say it. However, the words concern Varis, which is none of Playmaker's business. Specter then gets up and walks away, laughing, because he got Playmaker where he wanted him - in the middle of a collapsing bridge. Ai motions Playmaker to run before the bridge is gone with them. Frog and Pigeon urge Playmaker on as well. Unfortunately, their words don't catch Playmaker in time, because the bridge does collapse...

Featured Duel: Playmaker vs. Specter

Duel continues from the previous episode.

Turn 5: Specter
Specter Sets a card.

Turn 6: Playmaker
Playmaker Sets a card.

Turn 7: Specter
"Sunvine Thrasher" attacks "Excode Talker", but Playmaker activates his face-down Continuous Trap Card "Overload Anchor". Once per turn, if a Cyberse monster would be destroyed by battle, Playmaker can prevent it from being destroyed by that battle, halve the battle damage, and end the Battle Phase. The attack continues, but "Excode Talker" is not destroyed (Playmaker: 900 → 450 LP).

Turn 8: Playmaker
Playmaker draws the Continuous Spell Card "Link Processing Failure" and subsequently activates it by choosing a Link Monster he controls, and preventing a number of Specter's monsters up to that monster's Link Rating from attacking while "Link Processing Failure" is on the field. During the second Standby Phase after activation, "Link Processing Failure" is destroyed. Playmaker chooses the Link-3 "Excode Talker", and prevents "Thrasher", "Sunavalon Dryanome" and "Sunavalon Daphne" from attacking.

Turn 9: Specter
Specter uses "Thrasher" and the Link-3 "Dryanome" to Link Summon "Sunavalon Dryatrentiay" (0/LINK-4/↑↙↓↘) to the Extra Monster Zone. Specter activates the effect of "Dryatrentiay", Tributing a Plant Link Monster it points to, then destroying Spell/Trap Cards Playmaker controls up to the Link Rating of the Tributed monster, but monsters in Specter's Main Monster Zone cannot attack the turn this effect is activated. Specter Tributes the Link-2 "Daphne" and destroys "Overload Anchor" and "Link Processing Failure". Specter activates the effect of "Sunvine Shrine" to Special Summon "Sunseed Genius Loci" (0/600) from his GY. Specter uses "Genius Loci" to Link Summon "Thrasher" (800/LINK-1/↓) to the zone the bottom-right Link Arrow of "Dryatrentiay" points to. Specter activates the effect of "Thrasher", which lets him increase its ATK by 800 for every Link Arrow a "Sunavalon" Link Monster that points to it has, in this case four ("Thrasher": 800 → 4000 ATK). Specter activates his face-down Continuous Trap Card "Sunavalon Bloom" to negate the effects of Playmaker's monsters. The effect of "Excode Talker" is negated.

"Dryatrentiay" attacks "Excode Talker". As "Dryatrentiay" is battling, its effect activates, increasing its ATK by an amount equal to the combined ATK of all monsters it points to ("Dryatrentiay": 0 → 4000 ATK). As a Link Monster Playmaker controls is battling, he activates his face-down "Link Surge Counter", banishing 2 Spell/Trap Cards from his GY to make the ATK of that monster he controls become equal to the ATK of the opponent's monster it is battling. Playmaker banishes "Overload Anchor" and "Link Processing Failure" to make the ATK of "Excode Talker" become equal to that of "Dryatrentiay". The attack continues and both monsters are destroyed. As Playmaker's monster was destroyed by battle, Specter activates the effect of "Sunavalon Force", inflicting 100 damage to Playmaker for every Link Arrow the Link Monster with the highest Link Rating on the field, in this case, four (Playmaker: 450 → 50 LP). As there are no "Sunavalon" monsters on the field, "Bloom", "Sunavalon Glorious Growth", "Shrine" and "Force" are destroyed by their own effects. As there is no "Sunavalon" monster that points to "Thrasher", it is destroyed by its own effect. Specter activates the Continuous Spell Card "Sunavalon Cursed Reborn", letting him Special Summon a "Sunavalon" monster from his GY with its effects negated and increasing its ATK by its Link Rating x1000. He Special Summons "Dryatrentiay" (0/LINK-4/↑↙↓↘) ("Dryatrentiay": 0 → 4000 ATK).

Turn 10: Playmaker
Playmaker draws "ROM Cloudia" and subsequently Normal Summons it (1800/0). As "ROM Cloudia" was Normal Summoned, Playmaker activates its effect to add a Cyberse monster from his GY to his hand. He adds "Latency" to his hand. As "Latency" was added from the GY to Playmaker's hand, he activates its effect, Special Summoning it (0/0). Playmaker uses "Latency" to Link Summon "Talkback Lancer" (1200/LINK-1/↓) to the Extra Monster Zone. As "Latency" was Special Summoned by its effect and was subsequently used for a Link Summon, Playmaker activates its effect to draw a card. Playmaker activates the effect of "Talkback Lancer", Tributing a Cyberse monster to Special Summon a "Code Talker" monster from his GY to a zone "Talkback Lancer" points to. He Tributes "ROM Cloudia" to Special Summon "Excode Talker" to the zone the bottom Link Arrow of "Talkback Lancer" points to. Monsters "Excode Talker" point to gain 500 ATK and cannot be destroyed by card effects ("Talkback Lancer": 1200 → 1700 ATK). Playmaker activates the Spell Card "Link Atrocity" to Tribute a Link Monster he controls to increase the ATK of another Link Monster he controls by the Tributed monster's ATK. If that Link Monster he controls battles Specter's Link Monster, then Specter's Link Monster loses 400 ATK for each Link Monster in the GYs. He Tributes "Talkback Lancer" to increase the ATK of "Excode Talker" ("Excode Talker": 2300 → 4000 ATK).

"Excode Talker" attacks "Dryatrentiay", with the effect of "Link Atrocity" decreasing by 400 the ATK of "Dryatrentiay" for each Link Monster in the GYs, in this case fourteen ("Dryatrentiay": 4000 → 0 ATK). "Dryatrentiay" is destroyed (Specter: 4000 → 0 LP).

Featured cards

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

Changes in the English Adaption

Specter with Purple fire in the dub.

  • Specter watching his tree on fire and going towards it is omitted in the dub. Additionally, the fire is purple in the dub.
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Playmaker uses his ace mPlaymaker uses his ace monster, Excode Talker, to counter Specter’s Sunvines. In order to finish Playmaker off, Specter evolves his Sunavalon into its ultimate form. Having driven Playmaker into a corner, Specter delivers the finishing blow against him...delivers the finishing blow against him... +
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