"Diagnosis: Deletion", known as "Three Draws Leading to Hope" in the Japanese version, is the twenty-sixth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It first aired in Japan on November 8, 2017. It became available with official subtitles via Crunchyroll on the same day.and will air on Teletoon on November 25, 2018.

All of Blue Angel's "Trickstar" tactics were locked away, and she received a huge amount of damage due to Baira's "Dark Mummies". With no other choice, Blue Angel bets everything on her one last chance...


During his research on The Deleted, Yusaku watches camera footage of someone in a parking lot being "deleted", and alerts Kolter to the woman hiding behind the car. Kolter sharpens the image, then finds the identity of the woman in question. Yusaku wonders why the woman would be hiding if she's wearing a coat that suggests she's a doctor. Ai interrupts Yusaku's usual "three reasons" count; Yusaku states his third reason and believes he reached the conclusion before Ai did. Kolter identifies the woman as Clarissa Turner, who had taken an early shift during the day. He proposes to Yusaku that they visit her home, because he believes it isn't beyond a doctor to create a virus.

Meanwhile, Blue Angel and Baira's duel continues. It's Blue Angel's turn, and her A.I. suggests to "make any move". Therefore, Blue Angel speeds in front of Baira before drawing. She knows that Baira's "Current Corruption Virus" would weaken any monster Blue Angel summons, to 0 ATK, so tries to Set "Trickstar Candina" instead. Baira responds with the effect of her "Dark Mummy Surgical Forceps", catching Blue Angel by surprise. Blue Angel is forced to concede her turn. Baira draws a Trap Card to start her turn; therefore, "Surgical Forceps" deals burn damage to Blue Angel, and does so by knocking her off her D-Board and into a building. She quickly runs towards it, knowing that she'll be disqualified if she doesn't. She jumps through the building's window and lands on her D-Board in time. After Baira uses her Skill, the MC comments that the paramedics need to be ready, as Blue Angel's fans at the Den City plaza, as well as Akira Zaizen and Risa Hayami at SOL Technologies, look on.

Baira's turn ends with Blue Angel at 100 Life Points. This causes Akira to get up from his seat and leave. He does not agree with Hayami that the duel is "exciting", and wants to interrupt it himself, because it's his duty to look after his sister. But when Hayami responds that it's also Akira's duty to believe in his sister, she sheepishly follows up with a plea to not be fired. As Blue Angel gets up on her D-Board, her A.I. makes another unhelpful comment, so Blue Angel looks at her hand and the field. She knows she has to destroy the link-pointed "Dark Mummy Infuser" to have a chance of getting back in the game. She knows she can discard her "Trickstar Mandrake" in order to use her Skill, but if Baira draws a single Trap Card, it would be over for her. Baira sees that Blue Angel is thinking this through, and taunts her opponent. Blue Angel believes otherwise, and decides to use her Skill. Baira already knows what it is, and decides to play along. Baira's first two draws are "Ekibyo Drakmord" and "Giant Germ". When Baira draws a third time, Blue Angel closes her eyes and wishes for the best. Baira looks at the card she drew, "Infected Mail", and admits that Blue Angel lucked out. As a result, Blue Angel is able to use "Mandrake's" effect to revive itself. Before she starts her turn, Blue Angel confidently proclaims who will win the duel.

Meanwhile, Yusaku is outside Baira's home in the real world. Ai warns of potential traps in front of the culprit's real-world location as well, to which Yusaku acknowledges uninterestedly. When Yusaku enters the apartment block, a security bot to his left interrogates him. When the security bot confirms Yusaku to be an intruder, it suddenly authorizes Yusaku's entry instead, with Kolter's voice admitting to have hacked said bot. As Yusaku enters the elevator to Baira's apartment, Kolter assures that he will erase the security logs that documented Yusaku's entry into the building. Yusaku has also come prepared wearing gloves, so that fingerprint evidence won't be left behind. Ai helps Yusaku hack the door lock of Baira's apartment. When Yusaku enters, he sees that it's comprised of several rooms.

Back inside LINK VRAINS, Blue Angel promptly begins her turn by drawing the card she needs. The MC gives his commentary as soon as Blue Angel brings out her new Link Monster, "Trickstar Bella Madonna", although he mentions that it still has fewer ATK than "Surgical Forceps". Blue Angel's A.I. reminds her of "Mandrake's" effect, which Blue Angel promptly uses to destroy "Infuser". This causes Baira's own trap to backfire on "Surgical Forceps", while "Bella Madonna" is unaffected because its Link Points are unoccupied. Baira gasps upon realizing. After taking burn from "Bella Madonna's" other effect, Baira thinks to herself that she pushed Blue Angel far, only to be the one who will be wiped out. She then wonders whether she was right to infect thousands of innocent duelists just to find Playmaker and bring him and his Ignis to the Knights of Hanoi. Before "Bella Madonna's" attack finishes her off, Baira taps on her virtual keyboard to unlock something.

Blue Angel's victory is announced by the MC to the cheering viewers at the Den City plaza. At SOL Technologies, Hayami cheers as well, and Akira breathes a sigh of relief. The orphans at George Gore's old orphanage also cheer Blue Angel's victory. Meanwhile, Yusaku finds a room in Baira's apartment that is occupied, and sees Blue Angel's victory on the screens. He informs Kolter that the culprit is in LINK VRAINS. Kolter asks to wait for her to log out.

Inside LINK VRAINS, Blue Angel and Baira stand on top of the same building, within a distance of each other. Blue Angel says what she forgot to say before the duel - asking Baira to free The Deleted, since Baira lost. Baira beckons Blue Angel to look towards the sky, where a shower of glowing orbs fall on the virtual realm. Outside LINK VRAINS, Kolter has arrived at Yusaku's location, and sees what's happening on screen. People across the virtual realm wake up, and log out one by one, allowing them to wake up in hospital in the real world. Kolter and Yusaku conclude that the doctor had released the cure. Baira smiles, and says that Blue Angel reminded her of the very first lesson she learned while becoming a doctor - do no harm. Blue Angel asks why Baira did it, but decides not to hear an answer. Baira thinks to herself that it was because of the "give a little, get a lot" thought that she submitted to. And she only did so because she lost hope. When she was training to be a doctor, Baira had hope that she would find a way to save millions without sacrificing a single person. Therefore, she too will hope for the best, because if it doesn't turn out well, the consequences would be beyond imaginable. With that, Baira disappears from the virtual realm.

Kolter and Yusaku see that Baira has logged out, but isn't waking up as Clarissa Turner in the real world. The reason? A familiar face appears on Clarissa's screens in front of Kolter and Yusaku, appearing to shut off the camera. Kolter and Yusaku know that Varis is reprimanding her for doing what a good doctor did. Kolter agrees to call the medics.

The next day, Akira and Skye are at their apartment listening to the news that victims of The Deleted have all recovered miraculously. Akira tells Skye what he heard last night: Blue Angel dueled against a Knight of Hanoi - and won. Skye sees her brother say this with a smile - and smiles back with gratitude.

Featured Duel: Blue Angel vs. Baira

Duel continues from the previous episode.

Turn 3: Blue Angel
Blue Angel Sets a monster. As a monster was Set to a zone Blue Angel's Link Monster points to, Baira activates the effect of "Dark Mummy Surgical Forceps", destroying it.

Turn 4: Baira
Baira draws "Root Ransom Virus". As Baira drew a Trap Card, she activates the effect of "Surgical Forceps", revealing it to inflict 500 damage to Blue Angel (Blue Angel: 3600 → 3100 LP). Baira activates her Skill "Malevolent Malpractice", banishing 2 Level 2 or lower monsters with the same name from her GY to Special Summon 2 monsters with the same name and same Level as the banished monsters from her Deck. She banishes two copies of "Dark Mummy Probe" to Special Summon two copies of "Dark Mummy Infuser" (0/500) from her Deck. As "Infuser" was Special Summoned to a zone a Zombie Link Monster points to, Baira activates its effect, causing that monster to be unaffected by Trap Effects as long as "Infuser" is on the field. She targets "Dark Mummy Surgical Forceps". "Surgical Forceps" gains 600 ATK for each monster it points to ("Surgical Forceps": 2400 → 3000 ATK). Baira Sets a card. The effect of "Temple of the Kings" allows Baira to activate Trap Cards the turn they were Set. Baira activates her face-down "Root Ransom Virus", Tributing a DARK monster with 0 ATK to change the ATK of all Link Monsters on the field to 0 and negate their effects. She Tributes the "Infuser" that "Forceps" did not point to, and "Forceps" is unaffected by "Root Ransom" due to the effect of the other "Infuser" ("Trickstar Holly Angel": 2000 → 0 ATK).

"Surgical Forceps" attacks "Holly Angel", but Blue Angel activates the effect of "Trickstar Perennial", sending it to the GY to prevent the destruction of "Holly Angel" by battle this turn. The attack continues (Blue Angel: 3100 → 100 LP). Blue Angel activates her Skill "Trickstar Fraud", discarding a "Trickstar" card during Baira's turn to make Baira draw until she has three cards in her hand, then during the End Phase, Baira must banish cards from her hand for each "Trickstar" monster in Blue Angel's Graveyard. She discards "Trickstar Mandrake". Baira draws "Ekibyo Drakmord", "Giant Germ", and "Infected Mail". As "Mandrake" was sent from the hand to the Graveyard, Blue Angel activates its effect to Special Summon it from the Graveyard in Defense Position (0/1000). During the End Phase, Baira banishes "Ekibyo Drakmord", "Giant Germ", and "Infected Mail" by the effect of "Trickster Fraud".

Turn 5: Blue Angel
Blue Angel draws "Trickstar Narkissus", and subsequently Normal Summons it (1000/1800). The effect of "Current Corruption Virus" reduces the ATK of all monsters Blue Angel controls with 2000 or less DEF to 0, and negates their effects ("Narkissus": 1000 → 0 ATK). Blue Angel uses "Narkissus", "Mandrake", and "Holly Angel" to Link Summon "Trickstar Bella Madonna" (2800/LINK-4/↑→↙↓). As "Mandrake" was used as a Link Material for the Link Summon of a "Trickstar" monster, Blue Angel activates its effect, destroying a monster Baira's Link Monster points to. She destroys the "Infuser" that "Surgical Forceps" pointed to ("Surgical Forceps": 3000 → 2400 ATK) and that was affecting "Forceps". As a Link Monster was Link Summoned while "Root Ransom Virus" is in Baira's Graveyard, its effect reduces the ATK of all Link Monsters on the Field to 0, and negate their effects ("Surgical Forceps": 2400 → 0 ATK). "Bella Madonna" is unaffected by other cards' effects while it does not point to a monster, so "Root Ransom" does not affect it. As "Bella Madonna" does not point to a monster, Blue Angel activates its effect, inflicting 200 damage for each "Trickstar" monster with different names in her GY, meaning 1200 (Baira: 3600 → 2400 LP). "Bella Madonna" attacks and destroys "Surgical Forceps" (Baira: 2400 → 0 LP).

Featured cards

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

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