"The Deleted" known as "Blackened Sun" is the twenty-second episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It first aired in Japan on October 11, 2017. It became available with official subtitles via Crunchyroll on the same day, and aired on Teletoon on November 11, 2018

Yusaku and co. investigate a mysterious phenomenon known as "The Deleted", where the victims can't log out of LINK VRAINS and stay unconscious in the real world. They successfully identify who the next victim might be through the data they collected. In order to prevent more damage, Yusaku and co. decide to take action.


Members of LINK VRAINS are enjoying themselves, including several conducting duels, when they suddenly notice an eclipse forming. This causes one duelist's "Arkbrave Dragon", as well as some virtual structures, to malfunction. While Kitamura orders for the problem to be fixed, Playmaker looks on as Ai rambles on about his knowledge of solar eclipses. Playmaker believes that there is something occurring regarding the solar eclipse. When the eclipse passes, Playmaker notes that it could be the start of a new beginning.

In the lecture theater at school, Yusaku has another dream about the Lost Incident when Naoki Shima calls for his attention. He informs Yusaku about The Deleted, claiming it's the headline news. Yusaku ignores Shima and starts to leave. Shima follows Yusaku out of the school building and tells him what he knows about The Deleted. He claims that The Deleted blacks out its unaware victims at midnight, trapping them in LINK VRAINS. Hospitals are filling up with the unconscious, none of which have woken up yet, according to Shima. Ai whispers something, but Yusaku ignores him, allowing Shima to part with the message that The Deleted only affects talented duelists, so Yusaku need not be worried. Then, Shima rambles on about Playmaker and Yusaku decides to move away.

That night, while both are in Café Nom, Kolter shows camera footage to Yusaku. It shows the exact moment someone is "deleted". Six minutes before midnight, an energy field surrounds an unaware duelist, snatching his soul and leaving him unconscious. Kolter also shows images of the unconscious in hospital. After Ai and Yusaku recall Blue Angel's trauma, Kolter claims the Knights of Hanoi could be culpable. He decides to analyze the data of the victims. Yusaku notices that the victims are all skilled duelists and famous hackers wearing older Duel Disks. Kolter notices the familiarity of the victims' traits to Yusaku, who knows the Knights of Hanoi are after Ai. Kolter admits he erred; him removing the online footprint of Ai had resorted to the Knights of Hanoi using brute force to seek him out, thus causing more and more victims of The Deleted. Yusaku says they can take advantage of this; knowing they'll be easier to expose, and thus would lead them to the mastermind behind the scheme.

Kolter then traces the potential next victim of The Deleted, which is revealed to be Yusaku's classmate, McKendrick Kellenbocker. Having found Kellenbocker's home, Yusaku notices a flash of light coming out of the upstairs window. He quickly barges into the room only to find Kellenbocker unconscious. Ai then alerts Yusaku to Kellenbocker's computer, which is still on. It appears to depict Kellenbocker in his virtual avatar being cornered at the edge of a cliff. A Knight of Hanoi asks Kellenbocker for Playmaker; Kellenbocker continues to deny any knowledge. Thus, the Knight blasts Kellenbocker with a beam that knocks him unconscious inside LINK VRAINS as well; he falls off the cliff.

The Gore comes to the rescue; he jumps off his D-Board and catches Kellenbocker before he drowns in the virtual water. The Knight from earlier appears to Gore, telling him that Kellenbocker was infected with a virus. The Knight's attempt to strike a deal with Gore for Playmaker in exchange for a secret antidote to cure Kellenbocker is slapped down by Gore, who claims he isn't stupid. Mocking Gore for losing many duels; the Knight reveals his identity as Dr. Genome before leaving the scene. Having seen all this happening, Yusaku decides to act.

Meanwhile, Varis monitors his subordinates' progress, knowing that their plan will erase records of the Lost Incident. A voice calling Varis states that they will be able to launch the program at any time. Varis asks for more time, saying that he has unfinished business. The person on the other side of the call knows Varis is referring to Playmaker, who won his previous duel against Varis, but knows there can be no further delay.

Meanwhile, George Gore is outside the emergency ward in hospital and informs his manager regarding the situation. Gore claims he was not the one who called paramedics to Kellenbocker's home, but recalls how long he has remembered Kellenbocker for. Gore claims responsibility for Kellenbocker's situation because he taught Kellenbocker how to duel. Gore's manager corrects him, saying the Hanoi are to blame. Just then, the care unit hosting Kellenbocker is transported to a general ward. Gore presses for updates on his condition. The doctor that addresses Gore confirms that Kellenbocker is a victim of The Deleted.

After Gore decides what to do, he notices Yusaku eavesdropping on him, and recognizes him as Kellenbocker's classmate. Gore thanks him for coming, but doesn't know his name. Yusaku says his name and leaves. Meanwhile, some Knights of Hanoi go after innocent duelists in LINK VRAINS, Varis sees their behavior and is disappointed by the new recruits tarnishing their image. Faust and Baira appear behind Varis, the former swearing that they will find and erase Playmaker and his Ignis. They also reveal that Dr. Genome is on the move.

Meanwhile, Kolter's Café Nom is doing some late night business while facing the Den City Plaza's giant electronic billboard. He alerts Yusaku to the Knights of Hanoi's rampage across LINK VRAINS, and determines that it's too dangerous for Yusaku to go. Yusaku and Kolter then notice "Playmaker" show up in LINK VRAINS. "Playmaker" is cheered on by several viewers at the plaza, including Naoki Shima. "Playmaker" proceeds to dodge the three rampaging Knights' attacks before knocking them towards each other and off their D-Boards. Dr. Genome then shows up from behind, thinking he has found Playmaker. However, Dr. Genome then reveals that he can see through his opponent's disguise, and suspects that he actually is facing The Gore. This makes the viewing public disappointed. As Gore turns off the Playmaker disguise to reveal himself, the MC at the plaza announces Gore's entrance.

Dr. Genome claims Gore is wasting his time. However, Gore entices his opponent with the reward of Playmaker's identity should Gore lose. Dr. Genome takes a while to accept Gore's challenge. The viewing public decide to cheer on Gore, while inside Café Nom, Kolter asks if Yusaku gave away too many hints at the hospital. Before the duel begins, Dr. Genome unleashes a Data Gale on LINK VRAINS.

Featured cards

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

In other languages

Language Title
Thailand Thai ดวงอาทิตย์ที่ถูกย้อมด้วยความมืด

Differences between adaptions

  • Emma is omitted from the dub and has no speaking lines or a scene.
  • George's flashback scenes of him fighting back the bullies is cut.
  • Naoki getting mad at Yusaku and the other students reacting to him is cut.
  • McKendrick Kellenbocker's name on his ID card is edited out and subsequently replaced with "Student ID CARD".
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Yusaku and co. investigaYusaku and co. investigate a mysterious phenomenon known as "The Deleted", where the victims can't log out of LINK VRAINS and stay unconscious in the real world. They successfully identify who the next victim might be through the data they collected. In order to prevent more damage, Yusaku and co. decide to take action.|ge, Yusaku and co. decide to take action.| +
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