• Using "Power Bond" to summon "UFOroid Fighter" does not result in taking any damage at end of turn, presumably because "UFOroid Fighter"'s ATK is listed as '?' rather than a number.
  • If your "D.D. Survivor" is removed from play while control is switched, it is Special Summoned back to the opponent's field instead of your own.
  • When Chainsaw Insect attacks directly, the opponent still draws a card. (This is not quite a glitch, as this is the OCG ruling. The text presented was the TCG text.)
  • Having 3 "Batteryman C" on the field in face-up attack position time will cause that ATK of all face-up Machine-Type monsters is increased by 4500 instead of 1500.
  • A player could use the effect of "The Agent of Creation - Venus" as often as the player wanted, whether the player had any Mystical Shine Ball's in his or her deck or not. This led to a player at the Yu-Gi-Oh video game championships to get first place, using Venus along with "Reversal Quiz" and "Black Pendant" for a FTK in all of his games.
  • You can't clear the game (the last booster is unattainable) because the "Huge Revolution" challenge in the Theme Duel menu has a glitch - even if you win the Duel after successfully activating that card, the game will register as you did not successfully activate it.
  • "Legendary Jujitsu Master"'s effect activates while it's in Attack Position.
  • "Grave Ohja" can be attacked when there is a face-down Defense Position monster if "Staunch Defender" has been activated.
  • When you activate "Dragged Down into the Grave", if the card your opponent chooses is a Dark World monster, it is treated as having been discarded by your opponent. Due to this, the second effects of monsters like "Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World" will activate.
  • Solemn Judgement is not allowed to activate when it should at many times.
  • "Magic Cylinder" is unaffected by "Royal Decree".
  • "Shadow Ghoul" is mistakenly categorized as a Nomi monster in your Card Pool, presumably because of its counterpart, Wall Shadow.
  • "Dandylion" is a Warrior-Type monster.
  • When you activate "Elemental Hero Erikshieler's" effect while there is a Fusion Monster removed from play, all the Fusion Monsters removed from play are sent to your Main Deck instead of your Extra Deck.
  • You can discard Spell Cards or Trap Cards to destroy 0 ATK monster with the effect of Armed Dragon LV7
  • Level 6 monsters cannot be destroyed by "Roulette Barrel"'s effect.
  • In the Theme Duel "Token", you can achieve it having Summoned only 10 Tokens.

Incorrect Names

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