DP, short for Duel Points, is used in Yu-Gi-Oh! Ultimate Masters: World Championship 2006 to buy booster packs. DP is awarded for completing a Duel or a Duel Puzzle.


Total damage done in battle

  • (Damage/100)

Duelist Bonus

  • Tier 1 (+50)
  • Tier 2 (+100)
  • Tier 3 (+150)
  • Tier 4 (+200)
  • Tier 5 (+250)
  • Special Tier (+100)

Battle Damage Only Bonus

  • (*2)

Effect Damage Only Bonus

  • (+300)

Max ATK Bonus

  • Highest ATK from an attacking monster
  • (Highest ATK/100, min 3000 ATK)

Max Damage Bonus

  • Most damage done at once
  • (Highest Damage/100; min 3000 damage, maximum 65535 damage)

Destroy in Battle Bonus

  • (Monsters Destroyed*80)

Tribute Summon Bonus

Fusion Summon Bonus

Ritual Summon Bonus

No Special Summon Bonus

  • (+200)

Spell Card Bonus

  • (Spells Activated*20)

No Spell Cards Bonus

  • (+200)

Trap Card Bonus

  • (Traps Activated*30)

No Trap Cards Bonus

  • (+100)

Opponent's Turn Finish Bonus

  • Win the duel on your opponent's turn
  • (+200)

Reversal Finish Bonus

  • Start with lower Life Points than your opponent at the beginning of your turn, and win.
  • (+30)

No Damage Bonus

  • (+100)

Exactly 0 LP Bonus

  • Make your opponent finish with exactly 0 life points
  • (+100)

Quick Finish Bonus

  • Win the duel in 6 turns or less
  • ((7-turn number)*100)

Low LP Bonus

Extremely Low LP Bonus

Over 20000 LP Bonus

Low Deck Bonus

  • Have 1-10 cards left in your deck when the duel ends
  • (+150)

Extremely Low Deck Bonus

  • Have no cards left in your deck when the duel ends
  • (+1500)

No More Cards Bonus

  • Have your opponent deck out
  • (+500)

Exodia Finish Bonus

  • Win by having the 5 pieces of Exodia
  • (+1000)

Final Countdown Finish Bonus

Yata-Garasu Finish Bonus

  • Attack your opponent with "Yata-Garasu" when they have no hand or field
  • (+10)

Destiny Board Finish Bonus

  • Win by the effect of the "Destiny Board" trap card
  • (+2000)

Last Turn Finish Bonus

  • Win by the effect of the "Last Turn" trap card
  • (+1000)

Losing the duel will deduct your total points by 90%. Forcing a draw will reduce your total by 50%.

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