Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack Secret Edition is a Special Edition of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game.


Each Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack Secret Edition contains:



Variant cards
Card numberNameRarityCategory
MVP1-ENSV1"Duza the Meteor Cubic Vessel"Ultra RareEffect Monster
MVP1-ENSV2"Krystal Dragon"Ultra RareEffect Monster
MVP1-ENSV3"Dark Magician"Ultra RareNormal Monster
MVP1-ENSV4"Blue-Eyes White Dragon"Ultra RareNormal Monster
MVP1-ENSV5"Obelisk the Tormentor"Ultra RareEffect Monster
MVP1-ENSV6"Slifer the Sky Dragon"Ultra RareEffect Monster
Booster Packs
Card numberNameRarityCategory
MVP1-ENS01"Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon"Secret RareEffect Fusion Monster
MVP1-ENS02"Kaiser Vorse Raider"Secret RareEffect Monster
MVP1-ENS03"Assault Wyvern"Secret RareEffect Monster
MVP1-ENS04"Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon"Secret RareEffect Ritual Monster
MVP1-ENS05"Deep-Eyes White Dragon"Secret RareEffect Monster
MVP1-ENS06"Pandemic Dragon"Secret RareEffect Monster
MVP1-ENS07"Dragon's Fighting Spirit"Secret RareQuick-Play Spell Card
MVP1-ENS08"Chaos Form"Secret RareRitual Spell Card
MVP1-ENS09"Induced Explosion"Secret RareNormal Trap Card
MVP1-ENS10"Counter Gate"Secret RareNormal Trap Card
MVP1-ENS11"Krystal Avatar"Secret RareContinuous Trap Card
MVP1-ENS12"Sentry Soldier of Stone"Secret RareEffect Monster
MVP1-ENS13"Marshmacaron"Secret RareEffect Monster
MVP1-ENS14"Berry Magician Girl"Secret RareEffect Monster
MVP1-ENS15"Apple Magician Girl"Secret RareEffect Monster
MVP1-ENS16"Kiwi Magician Girl"Secret RareEffect Monster
MVP1-ENS17"Silver Gadget"Secret RareEffect Monster
MVP1-ENS18"Gold Gadget"Secret RareEffect Monster
MVP1-ENS19"Dark Magic Veil"Secret RareNormal Spell Card
MVP1-ENS20"Magical Contract Door"Secret RareNormal Spell Card
MVP1-ENS21"Dimension Reflector"Secret RareContinuous Trap Card
MVP1-ENS22"Dig of Destiny"Secret RareNormal Trap Card
MVP1-ENS23"Dimension Sphinx"Secret RareContinuous Trap Card
MVP1-ENS24"Dimension Guardian"Secret RareContinuous Trap Card
MVP1-ENS25"Dimension Mirage"Secret RareContinuous Trap Card
MVP1-ENS26"Dark Horizon"Secret RareNormal Trap Card
MVP1-ENS27"Metamorphortress"Secret RareContinuous Trap Card
MVP1-ENS28"Magicians' Defense"Secret RareContinuous Trap Card
MVP1-ENS29"Final Geas"Secret RareNormal Trap Card
MVP1-ENS30"Metalhold the Moving Blockade"Secret RareContinuous Trap Card
MVP1-ENS31"Spiritual Swords of Revealing Light"Secret RareContinuous Trap Card
MVP1-ENS32"Vijam the Cubic Seed"Secret RareEffect Monster
MVP1-ENS33"Dark Garnex the Cubic Beast"Secret RareEffect Monster
MVP1-ENS34"Blade Garoodia the Cubic Beast"Secret RareEffect Monster
MVP1-ENS35"Buster Gundil the Cubic Behemoth"Secret RareEffect Monster
MVP1-ENS36"Geira Guile the Cubic King"Secret RareEffect Monster
MVP1-ENS37"Vulcan Dragni the Cubic King"Secret RareEffect Monster
MVP1-ENS38"Indiora Doom Volt the Cubic Emperor"Secret RareEffect Monster
MVP1-ENS39"Crimson Nova the Dark Cubic Lord"Secret RareEffect Monster
MVP1-ENS40"Crimson Nova Trinity the Dark Cubic Lord"Secret RareEffect Fusion Monster
MVP1-ENS41"Cubic Karma"Secret RareContinuous Spell Card
MVP1-ENS42"Cubic Wave"Secret RareNormal Spell Card
MVP1-ENS43"Cubic Rebirth"Secret RareNormal Trap Card
MVP1-ENS44"Cubic Mandala"Secret RareContinuous Trap Card
MVP1-ENS45"Unification of the Cubic Lords"Secret RareNormal Trap Card
MVP1-ENS46"Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon"Secret RareEffect Monster
MVP1-ENS47"Clear Kuriboh"Secret RareEffect Monster
MVP1-ENS48"Celtic Guard of Noble Arms"Secret RareEffect Monster
MVP1-ENS49"Gandora-X the Dragon of Demolition"Secret RareEffect Monster
MVP1-ENS50"Lord Gaia the Fierce Knight"Secret RareEffect Monster
MVP1-ENS51"Lemon Magician Girl"Secret RareEffect Monster
MVP1-ENS52"Chocolate Magician Girl"Secret RareEffect Monster
MVP1-ENS53"Palladium Oracle Mahad"Secret RareEffect Monster
MVP1-ENS54"Dark Magician"Secret RareNormal Monster
MVP1-ENS55"Blue-Eyes White Dragon"Secret RareNormal Monster
MVP1-ENS56"Dark Magician Girl"Secret RareEffect Monster
MVP1-ENS57"Slifer the Sky Dragon"Secret RareEffect Monster

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