"Rebelli-Ant is Mine" is the thirty-first of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It will first air in Japan on January 9, 2021.

Yuga and co. arrive at the location of the Trumpet Duet Tournament. However, what is going on there is a "Dark Rush Duel Tournament"! Luke, angered that the trumpet practice was for nothing, and Jango Arisugawa, the rebel of Goha 6th who is holding the tournament, end up Dueling!

Featured Duel: Jango Arisugawa vs. Tatsuhisa "Luke" Kamijo

The duel is conducted as a Rush Duel.

Turn 1: Jango

Jango Normal Summons Oppressed Ants (100/200), Ants Running About (100/800) and United Resist-Ants (100/400). He sets a card and ends his turn.

Turn 2: Luke

Luke Normal Summons Dragon Bat (1000/400), then sacrifices it to Tribute Summon Fire Guardian (2100/400). He sets two cards before declaring an attack on Oppressed Ants with Fire Guardian. However, Jango activates the Trap card Gi-Ant Revolution, destroying all monsters on Luke's field as Jango has three Insect-Type monsters with 100 or less ATK on his field. Luke ends his turn.

Turn 3: Jango

Jango sacrifices United Resist-Ants and Ants Running About to Tribute Summon Antbellion of the Rebellion (100/100). Since his opponent summoned a monster, Luke activates his set Dragon Encounter to Special Summon a monster from his hand. He summons Attack Volcano Dragon (2300/2000). Jango Normal Summons another copy of United Resist-Ants and sets two cards. He then pays 100 LP to activate Antbellion's effect, raising the ATK of all Insect-Type monsters on his field by the number of monsters on his field times 800 (Jango 4000→3900 LP) (Antbellion 100→2500 ATK, Oppressed Ants 100→2500 ATK, United Resist-Ants 100→2500 ATK). Jango attacks Attack Volcano Dragon with Oppressed Ants, but Luke activates his set Dragon's Tenacity, lowering the ATK of the attacking monster by 100 times the Level of a Dragon-Type monster in Luke's GY. Luke chooses Fire Guardian, shuffling it back into his deck and lowering Oppressed Ants' ATK by 600 (Oppressed Ants 2500→1900 ATK). The attack continues, but since Attack Volcano Dragon now has the higher ATK, Oppressed Ants is destroyed (Jango 3900→3500 LP). United Resist-Ants attacks and destroys Attack Volcano Dragon, after which Antbellion of the Rebellion attacks Luke directly (Luke 4000→1300 LP). Jango ends his turn (Antbellion 2500→100 ATK, United Resist-Ants 2500→100 ATK).

Turn 4: Luke

Luke Normal Summons Palm-Sized Drago (0/1400) and Dragon's Priestess. Since he summoned a monster, Jango activates Libanty Flag, summoning Oppressed Ants from his GY back onto his field. Luke sacrifices his two monsters to Tribute Summon Leather-Life Dragon (0/0). He then Normal Summons Dragolite (1500/0) and Twin-Edge Dragon (1000/0). Luke returns four Normal Monsters from his GY to the bottom of his deck to activate Leather-Life Dragon's effect, increasing its ATK by the number of monsters on both players' fields times 700 (Leather-Life Dragon 0→4200 ATK). Luke declares an attack with Leather-Life Dragon on Antbellion of the Rebellion, but Jango activates his set Gi-Ant Revolution. However, while Dragolite and Twin-Edge Dragon are destroyed by the Trap's effect, Leather-Life Dragon negates its destruction since it used its effect. The attack continues, destroying Antbellion of the Rebellion (Jango 3500→0LP).

Featured Cards

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

Jango's imagination

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