"Being an Adult is Tough" is the twentieth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. It aired in Japan on October 17, 2020.

Yoshio goes underground together with Yuga and his friends. Yoshio is having trouble figuring out what his dream should be, so to discover it through a Duel, he volunteers to fight against one of Nail's minions. As it turns out, he'll be Dueling against Mimi, one of Goha's executives! Yoshio begins the Duel, unaware that his opponent is his mother, and Mimi fights against her son for his sake. What will be the ultimate outcome of Bubble Era vs. Post-Apocalypse!?

Featured cards

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

Featured Duel: Yoshio Atachi vs Mimi Atachi

Turn 1: Mimi
Mimi draws "Jewelry Trap Hole". Mimi's hand contains "All-Night Fever", "Assi-Sea Horse", "One-Length LaMoon", "Festivi-Sea Horse", and "Jewelry Trap Hole". Mimi Normal Summons "Assi-Sea Horse" (700/0), "Haircut LaMoon" (1200/0), and "Festivi-Sea Horse" (500/0). As she controls a LIGHT Aqua Normal Monster, Mimi activates the effect of "Festivi-Sea Horse", gaining 500 LP (Mimi: 4000 → 4500 LP). Mimi activates the Spell "All-Night Fever", changing all Attack Position Aqua monsters she controls to Defense Position and gaining 400 LP for each monster switched to Defense Position this way. "Assi-Sea Horse", "Haircut LaMoon", and "Fesitivi-Sea Horse" are changed to Defense Position (Mimi: 4500 → 5700 LP). Mimi Sets a card.

Turn 2: Yoshio
Yoshio's hand contains "Motor Wolf of the Beast Gear World", "Trike Fox of the Beast Gear World", "Post-Apocalyptic Beast-Warrior Indomitability", "Catapult Devilkong, King of the Beast Gear World", and "Beast Gear World". Yoshio activates the Field Spell "Beast Gear World". The effect of "Beast Gear World" increases the ATK of all Beast-Warrior, Fiend, and Machine monsters on the field by 300 and decreases the ATK of all Dragon, Spellcaster, and Fairy monsters on the field by 300. Yoshio Normal Summons "Trike Fox" (400/900 → 700/900) and "Motor Wolf" (1400/400 → 1700/400). As "Trike Fox" was Normal Summoned this turn and Mimi controls three monsters, Yoshio activates the effect of "Trike Fox", Special Summoning a Level 7 or lower Beast-Warrior monster from his hand, but if he does, Level 6 or lower monsters Yoshio controls cannot attack this turn. He Special Summons "Devilkong" (2200/1700 → 2500/1700). As Yoshio Normal or Special Summoned a Level 5 or higher monster while Mimi controls three Level 4 or lower Aqua monsters, she activates her Set Trap "Jewelry Trap Hole", destroying one monster that Yoshio controls. She destroys "Devilkong". Yoshio activates the Spell "Post-Apocalyptic Beast-Warrior Indominability", paying 1000 LP (Yoshio: 4000 → 3000 LP) to Special Summon a Beast-Warrior monster from his GY and give it the ability to inflict piercing battle damage this turn. He Special Summons "Devilkong" (2200/1700 → 2500/1700). Yoshio activates the effect of "Devilkong", sending up to two other Beast-Warrior monsters he controls to the GY to destroy an equal number of Defense Position monsters Mimi controls. He sends "Trike Fox" and "Motor Wolf" to the GY and destroys "Assi-Sea Horse" and "Festivi-Sea Horse". "Devilkong" attacks and destroys "Haircut LaMoon" (Mimi: 5700 → 3200 LP).

Turn 3: Mimi
Mimi draws "The Enchanted Nightless City", "Dian Keto the Gold-digging Master", "Vishwar Ranbuddy", and two copies of "Assi-Sea Horse". Mimi Normal Summons "Assi-Sea Horse" (700/0). As "Assi-Sea Horse" was Normal Summoned this turn, Mimi activates its effect, adding a LIGHT Aqua Normal Monster from her GY to her hand. She adds "HairCut LaMoon" to her hand. Mimi Normal Summons "Haircut LaMoon" (1200/0). Mimi Tributes "Haircut LaMoon" to Tribute Summon "Vishwar Ranbuddy" (1100/0). Mimi Normal Summons a second "Assi-Sea Horse" (700/0). She then activates the effect of "Assi-Sea Horse", adding "Haircut LaMoon" from her GY to her hand. Mimi Tributes both copies of "Assi-Sea Horse" to Tribute Summon "DIan Keto the Gold-digging Master" (2500/1000). Mimi's hand contains "The Enchanted Nightless City" and "Haircut LaMoon". Mimi Normal Summons "Haircut LaMoon" (1200/0). She then activates the effect of "Dian Keto", sending a card from her hand to the GY to gain 1000 LP. She sends "The Enchanted Nightless City" to the GY (Mimi: 3200 → 4200 LP). Mimi activates the effect of "Vishwar Ranbuddy", adding "The Enchanted Nightless City" from her GY to her hand. She then activates the Field Spell "The Enchanted Nightless City". The effect of "The Enchanted Nightless City" increases the ATK of all LIGHT monsters on the field by 200 ("Dian Keto": 2500/1000 → 2700/1000)("Vishwar Ranbuddy": 1100/0 → 1300/0)("Haircut LaMoon": 1200/0 → 1400/0). "Dian Keto" attacks and destroys "Devilkong" (Yoshio: 3000 → 2800 LP). "Vishwar Ranbuddy" and "Haircut LaMoon" attack Yoshio directly (Yoshio: 2800 → 1500 → 100 LP).

Turn 4: Yoshio
Yoshio Normal Summons "Buggy Dog of the Beast Gear World" (1200/1000 → 1500/1000) and "Gyro Jackal of the Beast Gear World" (1000/700 → 1300/700) . He then Tributes "Buggy Dog" and "Gyro Jackal" to Tribute Summon "King Convoy Ligeon, Conqueror of the Beast Gear World" (2300/2000 → 2600/2000). Yoshio Normal Summons "Motor Wolf" (1400/400 → 1700/400) and "Buggy Dog" (1200/1000 → 1500/1000). Yoshio activates the effect of "Convoy Legion", sending two Level 4 or lower Beast-Warrior monsters to the GY to increase its ATK by their combined Levels x 100. In addition, Yoshio can only attack with "Convoy Legion" this turn, and he can only declare attacks on Attack Position monsters, but "Convoy Legion" can attack all monsters Mimi controls, once each. He sends the Level 4 "Motor Wolf" and "Buggy Dog" to the GY ("Convoy Legion": 2600/2000 → 3400/2000). "Convoy Legion" attacks and destroys "Haircut LaMoon", "Vishwar Ranbuddy", and "Dian Keto" (Mimi: 4200 → 2200 → 100 → 0 LP).

Tatsuhisa "Luke" Kamijo

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