This is a listing of chapters from the manga: Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures.

Image Number Names Japanese release date English release date
OCG Structures Chapter 01.png Chapter 1 Japanese 構築開始
(Sutorakuto Sutāto!!)
21 June 2019

Translated Japanese Struct Start!!
OCG Structures Chapter 5.png Chapter 5 Japanese 四天王集結!!
(Shiten'ō Shūketsu!!)
26 October 2019

Translated Japanese The Four Kings Assemble!
Chapter 12 20 May 2020 Translated Japanese ?

English Team Battle
OCG Structures 013.png Chapter 13 20 June 2020 Translated Japanese Fallen Angel VS Psycho Shocker

English Darklord VS Jinzo
OCG Structures 014.png Chapter 14 20 July 2020 Translated Japanese A Duel You Cannot Lose

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