This is a listing of chapters from the manga: Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures.

Image Number Names Japanese release date English release date
OCG Structures Chapter 01.png Chapter 1 Japanese 構築開始
(Sutorakuto Sutāto!!)
21 June 2019

Translated Japanese Struct Start!!
OCG Structures Chapter 02.png Chapter 2 Japanese 天威VSシムルグ
(Ten'i Bāsasu Shimurugu)
20 July 2019

Translated Japanese Tenyi VS Simorgh
OCG Structures Chapter 03.jpg Chapter 3 Japanese 光と闇
(Hikari to Yami)
21 August 2019

Translated Japanese Light and Dark
OCG Structures Chapter 04.png Chapter 4 Japanese 天威VS斬機
(Ten'i Bāsasu Zanki)
21 September 2019

Translated Japanese Tenyi vs Mathmech
OCG Structures Chapter 5.png Chapter 5 Japanese 四天王集結!!
(Shiten'ō Shūketsu!!)
26 October 2019

Translated Japanese The Four Kings Assemble!!
OCG Structures Chapter 6.png Chapter 6 Japanese 神不死鳥VS雷竜
(Goddo Fenikkusu Bāsasu Sandā Doragon)
21 November 2019

Translated Japanese God Phoenix vs Thunder Dragon
OCG Structures Chapter 7.png Chapter 7 Japanese デュエルデート!?
(Dyeueru Dēto!?)
21 December 2019

Translated Japanese Duel Date!?
OCG Structures Chapter 8.png Chapter 8 Japanese 神不死鳥VS宣告者
(Goddo Fenikkusu Bāsasu Dekurearā)
21 January 2020

Translated Japanese God Phoenix VS Declarer
OCG Structures Chapter 9.png Chapter 9 Japanese アゲハの実力
(Ageha no Jitsuryoku)
20 February 2020

Translated Japanese Ageha's True Skills
OCG Structures Chapter 10.png Chapter 10 20 March 2020 Translated Japanese The New Master Rules
OCG Structures 011.png Chapter 11 Japanese 騎士ガイアVS魔救 20 April 2020

Translated Japanese Knight Gaia vs Adamancipator
OCG Structures 012.png Chapter 12 Japanese チーム戦 20 May 2020

Translated Japanese Team Battle
OCG Structures 013.png Chapter 13 Japanese 堕天使威VSサイコ・ショッカー 20 June 2020

Translated Japanese Fallen Angel VS Psycho Shocker
Chapter 14 Japanese 負けられないデュエル 20 July 2020

Translated Japanese A Duel You Cannot Lose
Chapter 15 Japanese 重圧...!! 20 August 2020

Translated Japanese Pressure...!!
Chapter 16 Japanese 電脳堺VSエルドリッチ 20 September 2020

Translated Japanese Virtual World VS Eldlich
Chapter 17 Japanese ? 20 October 2020

Translated Japanese ?
Chapter 18 Japanese ? 20 November 2020

Translated Japanese ?
Chapter 19 Japanese ? 20 December 2020

Translated Japanese ?
Chapter 20 Japanese ? 20 January 2020

Translated Japanese ?

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