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Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures

Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures (ゆう) () (おう) OCG (オフィシャルカードゲーム) ストラクチャーズYūgiō Ofisharu Kādo Gēmu Sutorakuchāzu

Manga Series


Japan V Jump

Original run

June 21, 2019 –

Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures is a manga series. It began serialization on June 21, 2019.

Unlike other manga series, Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures revolves around gameplay to show readers how to play the card game, as well as giving tips on crafting decks.

In addition, the series has small details and hints that allude to the previous anime series. Many characters first appeared in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Saikyo Card Battle.


Shoma Yusa, a new kid who moved to Tokyo with his sister learns how to make friends through Dueling and creating Structure Decks.


Chapter guide[]

Volume guide[]

# Information Japanese cover English cover
1 OS01-PromoJP [[File:|100px]]
2 OS02-PromoJP [[File:|100px]]


  • A character that duels has their full deck listed at the end of the chapter, regardless of the cards that actually appear in said chapter.
  • The majority of cards that appear in this manga are from the latest booster or Structure Deck available at the time of the chapter's release.