Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World - Duel 022



天空竜 (オシリス) vs精霊獣 (ディアバウンド)


Oshirisu bāsasu Diabaundo

Japanese translation

Osiris vs. Diabound


Slifer vs. Diabound



Number (Japanese)


Number (English)


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Slifer vs. Diabound, known as Osiris vs. Diabound in the Japanese version, is the 22nd chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World in the English version and the 300th chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh! in the Japanese version.


Bakura smiles as he notices the Pharaoh is chasing him. The Pharaoh vows not to let Bakura shed innocent blood.

Yugi, Anzu, Jonouchi, Honda and Bobasa, who are asleep outside are woken up by the commotion. They then spot the Pharaoh chasing Bakura on horseback, followed by Slifer the Sky Dragon.

With Diabound’s new power, it can copy the abilities of enemies it defeats. It launches multiple Magic Blast attacks that it gained from the Magus of Illusion at Slifer. Slifer manages to dodge the blasts, leaving nearby buildings to take the hits. Slifer gets up close to Diabound and prepares to hit it with a Lightning Strike, but Diabound disappears into the ground and chases after the Pharaoh. As Diabound is about to strike the Pharaoh, Slifer quickly slips in and blasts Diabound with a Lightning Strike. Diabound is knocked back, while Bakura suffers a sudden pain to the chest as a result.

Bakura schemes on how he shall use the Pharaoh’s desire to protect the civilians against him. Diabound starts to fly low, putting the people of the city in massive danger of crossfire. Bakura laughs maniacally and shouts back the Pharaoh, "Let's begin the killing game!!"

Featured monsters

The following monsters appeared in this chapter. Monsters in italics debuted here.

Bakura, King of Thieves
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