Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Card Almanac is a card database video game released for the Nintendo DS in Japanese, English, French, German , Italian and Spanish. Its first English release was in Australia on the 30th November 2007. It is not actually a game, but a detailed catalog of all cards released in the TCG or OCG up until Strike of Neos. It also includes tools to aide in real-life gameplay (Life Point calculator, virtual dice roll and virtual coin flip).

Card database

The game includes a list of all Packs and Starter Decks have been released also it contains the release date of every booster packs and which cards can be found inside the pack.

Duelist tools

  • Virtual Calculator: When you are in a real duel, you can use the Calculator to help to remember your and opponent's Life Points.
  • Virtual Dice: Roll a Dice
  • Virtual Coin: Toss a Coin

Combos list

The game also includes a database with many combos that are used in the real world, also it includes details on every combo and how to do them.

Promotional cards