"King Atticus' True Power!!", known as "The King's True Power!!" in the Japanese version, is the seventh volume of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX manga.

The Japanese version is 204 pages long and costs ¥420 (including tax). Its dimensions are 17.4 x 11.4 x 2.4 cm.[1]

The English version is 200 pages long and costs $9,99 (book) or $4,99 (digital).[2]

Promotional card

The volume includes a promotional card, "Blizzard Princess", which is used by Alexis Rhodes in this volume.


Image Number English title Japanese title
YuGiOh!GXChapter045 Chapter 45 King Atticus's True Power!! キングの実力!!
Kingu no Jitsuryoku!!
The King's True Power!!
Atticus Rhodes finishes his Duel with James Crocodile Cook.
YuGiOh!GXChapter046 Chapter 46 Tag Duel!! タッグ・デュエル!!
Taggu Dyueru!!
Tag Duel!!
An inter-school Tag-Team Duel is about to begin. Bastion Misawa and Alexis Rhodes will face Adrian Gecko and Jesse Anderson. Principal MacKenzie has promised Adrian that he'll be able to advance to the Pro League should his team be victorious.
YuGiOh!GXChapter047 Chapter 47 Birth of the Ultimate Tag!! 最強タッグ誕生!!
Saikyō Taggu Tanjō!!
Birth of the Ultimate Tag!!
Alexis and Bastion continue their Tag Duel against Adrian and Jesse.
YuGiOh!GXChapter048 Chapter 48 The Outcome of the Tag Duel!! タッグ戦の行方!!
Taggusen no Yukue!!
The Course of the Tag Battles!!
Alexis and Bastion defeat Adrian and Jesse. Adrian is furious, while Jesse is impressed by their opponents. The next match-up is drawn, and Chazz Princeton teams with Syrus Truesdale against Axel Brodie and James Crocodile Cook.
YuGiOh!GXChapter049 Chapter 49 Syrus's Real Strength!! 翔の実力!!
Shō no Jitsuryoku!!
Sho's Real Strength!!
Syrus Truesdale and Chazz Princeton Tag Duel against James Crocodile Cook and Axel Brodie.
YuGiOh!GXChapter050 Chapter 50 Aster Phoenix!! エド・フェニックス!!
Edo Fenikkusu!!
Edo Phoenix!!
Jaden Yuki faces Aster Phoenix for the last exchange Duel against the American students.


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