"A New Hero!!", known as "A New Hero Appears!!" ( (しん) HERO (ヒーロー) (とう) (じょう) !!, Shin Hīrō Tōjō!!) in the Japanese version, is the first volume of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX manga.

The Japanese version is 216 pages long and costs ¥410 (including tax). Its dimensions are 17.2 x 11.2 x 2 cm.[1]

The English version is 224 pages long and costs $7,99 (book) or $4,99 (digital).[2]

Promotional card

The volume includes a promotional card, "Light and Darkness Dragon", which appears as a spirit for Chazz Princeton in this volume.


Image Number English title Japanese title
YuGiOh!GXChapter001 Chapter 1 A New Hero!! 新HERO登場!!
Shin Hīrō Tōjō!!
A New Hero Appears!!
Everything is at peace at the Duel Academy, when a teacher candidate called Mr. Ryuga attempts to enter the Academy as a teacher cheating the students and taking their cards. However, when he is close to enroll in the Academy, an Slifer Red student, Jaden Yuki, stands in his way in order to stop him.
YuGiOh!GXChapter002 Chapter 2 Princeton!! その名は万丈目!!
Sono na Wa Manjōme!!
The Name is Manjoume!!
Jaden Yuki is set to Duel the reputed Obelisk Blue prodigy Chazz Princeton for an extracurricular Duel. However, what Jaden doesn't know is that Chazz also had a card with a spirit on it, but has abandoned it.
YuGiOh!GXChapter003 Chapter 3 The Legendary Dragon 伝説のドラゴン
Densetsu no Dragon
The Legendary Dragon
Though Jaden destroys Chazz's "Dragonic Knight", Chazz had a counter strategy. Jaden defeats him using "Winged Kuriboh" and Chazz comes to realization about himself.
YuGiOh!GXChapter004 Chapter 4 Bastion the Analyst!! 秀才デュエリスト!!
Shūsai Dyuerisuto!!
A Prodigy Duelist!!
In order to get the phone number of Alexis Rhodes, Bastion Misawa sets a Duel with Jaden Yuki, who wants to borrow a DVD.
YuGiOh!GXChapter005 Chapter 5 Terra Firma Gravity アース・グラビティ
Āsu Gurabiti
Earth Gravity
As Jaden and Bastion settle their Duel, Alexis shows up looking for Jaden.
YuGiOh!GXChapter006 Chapter 6 Miss Duel Academy ミス・デュエルアカデミア
Misu Dyueru Akademia
Miss Duel Academia
YuGiOh!GXChapter007 Chapter 7 The Real Duelist!! 真のデュエリスト!!
Shin no Dyuerisuto!!
A True Duelist!!
YuGiOh!GXChapter008 Chapter 8 Two Big Brothers!! 2人のアニキ!!
Futari No Aniki!!
Two Big Brothers!!
YuGiOh!GXChapter009 Chapter 9 Best Friends!! 熱き友情!!
Atsuki Yūjō!!
Burning Friendship!!


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