This a listing of chapters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist manga.

Chapter # Japanese title and translation English title
Chapter 060 挑戦!!!
Chapter 061 そのカードを引くな!!
(Don't Draw That Card!!)
Don't Draw That Card!!
Chapter 062 カウントダウン!!
Chapter 063 負けられない!!
(I Won't Lose!!)
I Won't Lose!!
Chapter 064 洋上の因縁!!
(Fate of the Ocean!!)
Fate on the High Seas!!
Chapter 065 決闘開始!!
(Duel Start!!)
Let the Duel Begin!
Chapter 066 罠!!
The Trap
Chapter 067 究極完全態!!
(The Ultimate Perfect Appearance!!)
The Ultimate Great Moth
Chapter 068 魔の電撃
(Devil Shock)
Demon Lightning
Chapter 069 魔性の女
(Evil Woman)
The Siren
Chapter 070 変わらぬもの
(Unchanging Thing)
Things That Don't Change
Chapter 071 海の恐怖
(Fear of the Sea)
The Scourge of the Sea
Chapter 072 海が襲う
(Attack the Sea)
Attack from the Deep
Chapter 073 盗賊!!?
A Thief
Chapter 074 地獄よりの使者?
(Messenger from Hell?)
Messenger From Hell
Chapter 075 牙をむくカード
(The Cards Sharpens Their Fangs)
The Cards Bare their Teeth
Chapter 076 伝説の竜
(A Legendary Dragon)
The Legendary Dragon!
Chapter 077 この手で勝つ!!
(I'll Win by Myself!!)
On My Own
Chapter 078 負けるかっ!!
(Not Lose!!)
I Won't Lose!
Chapter 079 時を刻め!!
(Time Record!!)
The Ticking Clock!
Chapter 080 夜とともに来た男
(The Man Who Came With The Night)
The Night Intruder
Chapter 081 見えないカード
(Invisible Cards)
The Shadowy Cards
Chapter 082 闇をぶっとばせ!!
(Let's Spend The Darkness!!)
Defeat the Darkness!
Chapter 083 光の追撃!!
(Chase of Light)
Swords of Light
Chapter 084 王国に嵐吹く!!
(The Storm Strikes the Kingdom)
The Storm Gathers
Chapter 085 デュエルの貴公子
(Prince of Duel)
Duelist's Honor
Chapter 086 新武器の実力!!
(Real Power of New Weapon!!)
The Secret Weapon
Chapter 087 ペガサスの恐怖!!
(Fear of Pegasus!!)
The Terror of Pegasus!
Chapter 088 暗闇の襲撃者
(Attacker from the Darkness)
The Lurking Duelists
Chapter 089 終わらない決闘
(The Unending Duel)
Duel Without End
Chapter 090 墓場からの呼び声
(Call from the Grave)
Call of the Grave
Chapter 091 滅びる不死!?
(Immortal Death?!)
Death to the Undead!
Chapter 092 襲いくる迷宮!!
(Attack of the Labyrinth!!)
Enter the Labyrinth!
Chapter 093 死闘!!迷宮の未知の罠!!
(Deathmatch!! The Labyrinth's Unknown Trap!!)
Deathtrap Dungeon!
Chapter 094 迷宮の魔術!!
(The Magic of the Labyrinth!!)
The Magic of the Maze!
Chapter 095 恐怖の洞窟
(Dreadful Dungeon)
The Terror of the Dungeon
Chapter 096 魔神の恐怖!!
(Fear of Gate Guardian Demon)
The Deadly Guardian!!
Chapter 097 最後のカード!!
(The Final Card!!)
The Final Card
Chapter 098 どっちだ!!
(Which One?!)
Choose Wisely!
Chapter 099 最後のかけら
(The Final Area)
The Last Piece
Chapter 100 決戦!!決闘盤!!
(The Decisive Battle! Duel Disk!)
Duel Disk Battle!
Chapter 101 一進一退!!
(First Trial, First Removal)
Advance and Retreat
Chapter 102 つばぜり合い!!
(Forming the Pieces)
A Close Fight!
Chapter 103 持ちこたえろ!!
(Waiting for the Answer)
Hang In There!
Chapter 104 真の危機!!
(True Crisis!!)
Chapter 105 苛酷な決闘
(Tormenting Duel)
No Mercy
Chapter 106
(The Bravery of Another)
Another Kind of Courage
Chapter 107
(Into the Castle)
To the Castle!
Chapter 108
(The Beginning of Fear!)
The First Stages of Fear
Chapter 109
(The King of Fear!)
The Deadly Duelist King
Chapter 110
(The Toons are Attacking!)
Toons Attack!
Chapter 111
(Swaying Decision)
The Promise
Chapter 112
(The Night Before the Battle)
The Eve of Battle
Chapter 113
(The Night)
Stealth in the Night!
Chapter 114
(Mai's Seduction)
The Bewitching Mai
Chapter 115 美しき罠!!
(Beautiful Trap!!)
The Beautiful Trap!
Chapter 116 自分を見つけろ!!
(Find Oneself!!)
Find Yourself!
Chapter 117
(Frightful Run)
Running on the Edge!
Chapter 118
(The Legendary Soldier)
The Legendary Swordsman
Chapter 119
(Because We're Friends)
We are Friends
Chapter 120
(Heavy Metal Raiders)
Heavy Metal Raiders
Chapter 121
(Machine Pressure)
Rise of the Machines
Chapter 122
(Winner's Bet)
Betting to Win!
Chapter 123
(The Final Turn!)
The Final Turn!
Chapter 124
(That Time)
It's Time!
Chapter 125
(Being Read?)
Seen Through?!
Chapter 126
(Unable to Counterattack)
The Perfect Defense
Chapter 127
(Impossible Challenge!)
Do The Impossible!
Chapter 128
(Plan to Attack Toon World)
The Downfall Of Toon World
Chapter 129
(Sacrifice to the Death!)
The Sacrifice!
Chapter 130
(Battle of the Heart!)
Heart To Heart
Chapter 131
(Mixed Attack!)
Attack Of Chaos
Chapter 132
(The Sad Millennium Eye)
The Tragic Tale Of The Millennium Eye
Chapter 133
(The Most Important Piece)
The Precious Piece
Chapter 134
(New Game)
New Game
Chapter 135
(The Set Trap)
The Set Trap
Chapter 136
(D. D. D.)
D. D. D.!!
Chapter 137
(The Path of Darkness)
The Path of Darkness
Chapter 138
(Dungeon Crisis)
Dungeon Crisis
Chapter 139
(Rare Vs. Rare!)
Rare Vs. Rare!
Chapter 140
(Broken Puzzle)
The Link Being Destroyed
Chapter 141
(The Power to Call)
The Power to Call
Chapter 142
(Solving the Puzzle)
Solve a Millennium Puzzle
Chapter 143
(Battle of 0 Attack Strength)
Battle of Zero Attack Strength!
Chapter 144
(The Result of Revenge!!)
The Result of Revenge!!
Chapter 145
(Chained Puzzle)
Escape From the Fire
Chapter 146
(Ancient Stones)
Stones of Old
Chapter 147
(The Lost Cards)
The Lost Cards
Chapter 148
(The Card Fierce as God)
The God of the Obelisk
Chapter 149
(Your Own Place)
A Place to Belong
Chapter 150
(Collecting People)
The Gathering
Chapter 151
(Rare Hunter!)
Rare Hunters!
Chapter 152
(The Run to Battle City!)
Battle City Begins!
Chapter 153
(Unforgivable Person!)
Duel of Vengeance!
Chapter 154
(Destroyed Deck?!)
To Destroy a Deck!
Chapter 155
(Millennium Battle)
Millennium Battle
Chapter 156
(Psychic Attack)
Esper Roba
Chapter 157
(Psychic Deck's Final Attack!)
Psycho Deck!
Chapter 158
(The Run to Bravery!)
A Brave Gamble
Chapter 159
(Seeing God!)
Behold the God!
Chapter 160
(Malik's Move)
Marik Strikes!
Chapter 161
Very Confined Duel!
Chapter 162
Magician Battle!
Chapter 163
Crucifix Trap!
Chapter 164
The Calling Soul!
Chapter 165
Imprints of a Memory
Chapter 166
Eyes that See the Future
Chapter 167
Chapter 168
Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!
Chapter 169
Breaking the Net!
Chapter 170
Nearer to God
Chapter 171
(Fight of the Millennium!)
Fight of the Millennium!
Chapter 172
Summon the Nightmare
Chapter 173
Combo of Despair!
Chapter 174
God Combo!
Chapter 175
Duelist Potential
Chapter 176
God is Being Deprived?!
Chapter 177
Attack that Opponent!
Chapter 178
Each Other's Duel!
Chapter 179
Attack with Full Stream
Chapter 180
Fear of an Ocean
Chapter 181
Sea Strategy
Chapter 182
Bet with a Warrior
Chapter 183
Reason of the Duel
Chapter 184
Dead Battle Field
Chapter 185
Resurrect God!
Chapter 186
Monsters of Union
Chapter 187
Chapter 188
Union of Power
Chapter 189
A Great Spirit Summoning
Chapter 190
The Place of Promise
Chapter 191
The Place of Destiny
Chapter 192
An Undesirable Confront
Chapter 193
Attack to the Heart
Chapter 194
A Prideful Card
Chapter 195
A Decision of Another Yugi
Chapter 196
An Important of an Item
Chapter 197
(Life and Death Card)
One Card of Life and Death!
Chapter 198
(An Attack of Friendship)
Friends till the End
Chapter 199
(Our Treasure)
The Treasure
Chapter 200
(The Courage to See)
The Courage to See
Chapter 201
(The Final Challengers)
Warriors Assemble
Chapter 202
The Eight Finalists
Chapter 203
The First Enemy!
Chapter 204 潜む者!!
(Hidden Person!!)
The Thing in the Dark
Chapter 205 怨念の魂!!
(Soul of Grudge!!)
The Undying Grudge!
Chapter 206 折れない闘志!!
(The Battle Retold!)
The Battle Retold!
Chapter 207 1ターンの死闘!!
(One Turn Struggle To The Death!!)
One Turn Struggle To The Death!!
Chapter 208
(Are You Going To Attack?!)
Are You Going To Attack?!
Chapter 209
(For The Sake of Bonds!)
For The Sake of Bonds!
Chapter 210
(The Shrine's Trap!)
The Shrine's Trap!
Chapter 211
(Trap World of Death!)
Trap World of Death!
Chapter 212
(Grabbing The Duel!)
Grabbing The Duel!
Chapter 213
(One Unexpected Card!)
One Unexpected Card!
Chapter 214
(The Family of Revenge!)
The Family of Revenge!
Chapter 215
The Proof of the Clan!
Chapter 216
God's Judgement!
Chapter 217
Darkness Awakens!
Chapter 218 決闘者一人
(One Duelist)
One Duelist
Chapter 219 漆黒のゲーム!!
(Jet Black Game!!)
The Dark Game!!
Chapter 220
The Unbreakable Duelist
Chapter 221
Descent of the God!
Chapter 222
The Rise of Ra!
Chapter 223
The Depths of Darkness!
Chapter 224
(The Beginning of the "Future!")
The Beginning of the "Future!"
Chapter 225
(Kaiba's Confrontation!)
Kaiba's Confrontation!
Chapter 226
(The One Chosen By God)
The One Chosen By God
Chapter 227
(The Destruction of Obelisk?!)
The Twilight Cemetery
Chapter 228
(The Destruction of Obelisk?!)
The Destruction of Obelisk?!
Chapter 229
(Blue Memory!)
Blue Memory!
Chapter 230
(Defeating The Future!)
Defeating The Future!
Chapter 231
(The Darkness of the Past)
The Darkness of the Past
Chapter 232
(The Family's Darkness!)
The Family's Darkness!
Chapter 233
( The Dark Conflict!)
The Dark Conflict!
Chapter 234
(Darkness vs. Darkness!)
Darkness vs. Darkness!
Chapter 235
(The Consuming Darkness!)
The Consuming Darkness!
Chapter 236
(The Dark Revival of God!)
The Dark Revival of God!
Chapter 237
(The Night Before the Deadly Battle!)
The Night Before the Deadly Battle!
Chapter 238
(Rising to the Semi-Finals!)
Rising to the Semi-Finals!
Chapter 239
(The Crossing Souls!)
The Crossing Souls!
Chapter 240
(Beckoning Attack! Pursuing Attack!)
Beckoning Attack! Pursuing Attack!
Chapter 241
(Choose Your Adversary!)
Choose Your Adversary!
Chapter 242
(A True Duelist)
A True Duelist
Chapter 243
(To The Final Stage!)
To The Final Stage!
Chapter 244
(The Hellish Song!)
The Hellish Song!
Chapter 245
(Lapse Into the Darkness of Death?)
Lapse Into the Darkness of Death?
Chapter 246
(The Burning Prison!)
The Burning Prison!
Chapter 247
(A Bolt Out Of The Blue!)
A Bolt Out Of The Blue!
Chapter 248
(Ra's Third Ability!)
Ra's Third Ability!
Chapter 249
(Dance of the Phoenix!)
Dance of the Phoenix!
Chapter 250
(A Light to the Future!)
A Light to the Future!
Chapter 251 空を裂く鬨の声!!
(The Battle Cry Which Split The Skies!!)
A Battle to Tear the Skies Asunder!
Chapter 252
(The Duel Colosseum In The Sky!)
Sky Duel Coliseum!
Chapter 253
(God In Hand!)
God In Hand!
Chapter 254
(The Method To Call God!)
The Method To Call God!
Chapter 255
(The Confrontation! Obelisk!)
Obelisk Strikes Back!
Chapter 256
(Osiris vs. Obelisk!)
Slifer vs. Obelisk!
Chapter 257
(Fated Memories!)
Memories of Fate
Chapter 258
(The Servant That God Answers!)
The Servants That Surpass God
Chapter 259
(The Deck of Glass!)
Deck of Glass!
Chapter 260
(Red Soul!)
Red Spirit
Chapter 261
(Hatred Toward The Past!)
Beyond Hatred
Chapter 262
(Become An Ally!)
As a Friend
Chapter 263
(The Beast Of Defeat)
The Beast Of Defeat
Chapter 264
(The Given Card!)
The Given Card!
Chapter 265
(The Climactic Battle!)
The Climactic Battle!
Chapter 266
(The Swift Trap!)
The Swift Trap!
Chapter 267
(Confrontation! Osiris vs. Ra!)
Confrontation! Osiris vs. Ra!
Chapter 268
(The Immortal God!!)
The Immortal God!!
Chapter 269 運命の一枚!!
(The Card of Fate!!)
The Card of Fate!!
Chapter 270 悪魔の聖域!!
(Devil's Sanctuary!!)
Devil's Sanctuary!!
Chapter 271 不死なる壁!!
(The Immortal Wall!!)
The Immortal Wall!!
Chapter 272
(Ineffective Attacks!?)
Ineffective Attacks!?
Chapter 273
(Sword of God, Shield of God)
Sword of God, Shield of God
Chapter 274
(Surprise Attack from The Darkness)
Surprise Attack from The Darkness
Chapter 275
(The Power of 1 Point)
The Power of 1 Point
Chapter 276
(The Living Darkness is Shown the Light)
The Living Darkness is Shown the Light
Chapter 277
(Alcatraz Explodes!)
Alcatraz Explodes!
Chapter 278
(Each of their Journeys)
Each of their Journeys
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