"Slifer vs. Obelisk!" is the twenty ninth volume of the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and the twenty second of the English Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist manga.



Image Number English title Japanese title
Duel 191 Light from the Future!! 未来への光!!
Mirai e no Hikari!!
A Light to the Future!!
YGODDuel192 Duel 192 A Battle to Tear the Skies Asunder! 空を裂く鬨の声!!
Sora o Saku Toki no Koe!!
The Battle Cry Which Splits the Skies
Yugi and Kaiba line-up for their Battle City Duel.
YGODDuel193 Duel 193 Sky Duel Coliseum! 天空決闘闘戯場!!
Tenkū Kettō Togi-Ba!!
The Duel Colosseum In The Sky!
Duel 194 God in Hand!! 神を手に!!
Kami wo te ni!!
God in Hand!!
Duel 195 Secret Plan to Call God! 神を呼ぶ秘策!!
Kami wo Yobu Hisaku!!
The Method to Call God
Duel 196 Obelisk Strikes Back! 迎撃!!オベリスク!!
Geigeki!! Oberisuku!!
Intercept!! Obelisk!!
Duel 197 God vs. God! 神VS神!!
Kami Tai Kami!!
God VS God!!
Duel 198 Memories of Fate 宿命の記憶!!
Shukumei no Kioku!!
Fated Memories!!
Duel 199 The Servants Surpass God 神を超えたしもべ!!
Kami wo Koeta Shimo Be!!
The Servant That God Answers!!
Duel 200 Deck of Glass! ガラスのデッキ!!
Garasu no Dekki!!
Glass Deck!!
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