"One-Turn Kill" is the twenty fourth volume of the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and the seventeenth volume of the English Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist manga.



Image Number English title Japanese title
YGODDuel147 Duel 147 Unbreakable Spirit! 折れない闘志!!
Orenai Tōshi!!
Unbreakable Spirit!!
YGODDuel148 Duel 148 One-Turn Kill 1ターンの死闘!!
Wan Tān no Shitō!!
One-Turn Deathmatch!!
Duelist149 Duel 149 The Line of Fire 撃てるのか!?
Uteru no ka!?
Are You Going to Attack?!
Duelist150 Duel 150 Jonouchi's Revenge! (絆のために!!
Kizuna no Tame ni!!
For the Sake of Bonds!!
Duelist151 Duel 151 The Trap in the Temple! 神殿の罠!!
Shinden no Wana!!
The Shrine's Trap!
Duelist152 Duel 152 Death Trap World! 死の罠世界 トラップワールド!!
Shi no Torappuwārudo!!
Deadly Trap World!!
The second round of the Battle City quarter-finals continues, with Jonouchi facing Rishid, who is still posing as Marik Ishtar. Rishid's Trap Cards force Jonouchi onto the defensive, and his assault begins to overwhelm Jonouchi.
Duelist153 Duel 153 Those Who Inherit the Duel 決闘を継ぐ者
Kettō wo Tsugu Mono
Jonouchi faces Rishid, who is posing as Marik Ishtar, in the second quarterfinal match of Battle City. Rishid's Trap Monsters overwhelm Jonouchi, causing him to lose his confidence.
Duelist154 Duel 154 The Unexpected Card! 意外なる一枚
Igai Naru Hitohira
A Surprising Piece
Duelist155 Duel 155 The Cursed Bloodline! 復讐の一族!!
Fukushū no Ichizoku!!
The Clan's Revenge!!
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