"The Puppet Master" is the ninth volume of the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and the second volume of the English Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist manga.



Image Number English title Japanese title
YGODDuel011 Duel 11 Things that Don't Change 変わらぬもの
Kawaranu Mono
Things that Don't Change
Katsuya Jonouchi and Mai Kujaku continue their Duel.
YGODDuel012 Duel 12 The Scourge of the Sea 海の恐怖
Umi no Kyōfu
The Fear of the Sea
While searching for food, Dark Yugi and his friends are led to Ryota Kajiki.
YGODDuel013 Duel 13 Attack from the Deep 海が襲う!!
Umi ga Osou!!
The Sea Attacks!!
As Dark Yugi and Kajiki continue their Duel, Dark Yugi looks for a way to combat Kajiki's "Sea Stealth" strategy.
YGODDuel014 Duel 14 The Thief 盗賊!!?
Dark Yugi, Jonouchi and their friends search for a thief, who stole another Duelist's Star Chips.
YGODDuel015 Duel 15 Messenger From Hell 地獄よりの使者
Jigoku Yori no Shisha
Messenger From Hell
Mokuba explains why he tried to take Dark Yugi's Star Chips and reveals more of Pegasus true intentions. Dark Yugi is later arranged to face the Ventriloquist of the Dead in a Duel.
YGODDuel016 Duel 16 The Cards Bare Their Teeth 牙をむくカード
Kiba o Muku Kādo
The Cards Bare Their Fangs
Dark Yugi battles the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" Summoned by the Ventriloquist of the Dead.
YGODDuel017 Duel 17 The Legendary Dragon 伝説の竜!!
Densetsu no Doragon!!
The Legendary Dragon!!
Dark Yugi and the Ventriloquist of the Dead finish their Duel.
YGODDuel018 Duel 18 On My Own この手で勝つ! !
Kono Te de Katsu!!
I'll Win With My Own Hands!!
Mai Kujaku arranges for Dinosaur Ryuzaki to Duel Katsuya Jonouchi.
YGODDuel019 Duel 19 I Won't Lose! 負けるかっ!!
Makeru kah!!
I Won't Lose!!
Katsuya Jonouchi and Dinosaur Ryuzaki continue their Duel.
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