"Duelist Kingdom", known as "Let the Duels Start!!" in the Japanese version, is the eighth volume of the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and the first volume of the English Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist manga.

In this volume the plot shifted to focus more on the Duel Monsters card game.

The Japanese version of this volume contains Yu-Gi-Oh! chapters 61 to 69. The English version contains Yu-Gi-Oh! chapters 60 to 69, but renumbers them Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist chapters 1 to 10. Chapter 60, which was printed in the previous volume of the Japanese version, was the first chapter in the Duel Monsters centered universe. It was moved to this volume in the English version as it was better suited in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist than Yu-Gi-Oh!.



The following chapter was only in the English version.

Image Number English title Japanese title
YGODDuel001 Duel 1 Challenge!! 挑戦!!!
Yugi and his friends watch the Japanese Duel Monsters tournament finals on TV, before Yugi opens a package from Industrial Illusions, containing a recording of Maximillion J. Pegasus, the creator of Duel Monsters.

The following chapters were in both the English and Japanese version.

Image Number English title Japanese title
YGODDuel002 Duel 2 Don't Draw That Card!! そのカードをひくな!!
Sono Kādo o Hikuna!!
Don't Draw That Card!!
Dark Yugi continues to duel Pegasus through the TV, but Pegasus is able to predict Yugi's moves.
YGODDuel003 Duel 3 Countdown!! カウントダウン!!
Dark Yugi continues to duel Pegasus through the TV. However, Pegasus claims that the true game has just started. With limited film left on the tape, Pegasus also adds a time limit.
YGODDuel004 Duel 4 I Won't Lose!! 負けられない!!
I Won't Lose!!
Yugi receives his invitation to Duelist Kingdom.
YGODDuel005 Duel 5 Fate on the High Seas!! 洋上の因縁!!
Youjou no Innen!!
Fate of the Ocean!!
Yugi and his friends take the boat ride to the Duelist Kingdom tournament. They meet a number of contestants as they do so.
YGODDuel006 Duel 6 Let the Duel Begin! 決闘開始!!
Dyueru Kaishi!!
Duel Start!!
The Duelist Kingdom tournament begins. Dark Yugi tracks down Insector Haga to get revenge for their encounter on the boat.
YGODDuel007 Duel 7 The Trap 罠!!
The Trap!!
Dark Yugi continues his Duel with Insector Haga, who brings out an army of powered-up Insect-Type monsters.
YGODDuel008 Duel 8 The Ultimate Great Moth 究極完全態!!
Kyūkyoku Kanzentai!!
Ultimate Perfect Form!!
Insector Haga plays "Cocoon of Evolution" in an attempt to evolve his "Larvae Moth" into its ultimate perfect form against Dark Yugi.
YGODDuel009 Duel 9 Demon Lightning 魔の電撃
Ma no Dengeki
Demon Lightning
Dark Yugi and Haga finish their Duel.
YGODDuel010 Duel 10 The Siren 魔性の女
Mashō no Onna
Femme Fatale
Katsuya Jonouchi and Mai Kujaku start their Duel.
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