Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist - Duel 202



Nikushimi no Saki e!!

Japanese translation

Past Hatred!!


Beyond Hatred



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Beyond Hatred is the two hundred and second chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist in the English version and the two hundredth and fifty sixty first of Yu-Gi-Oh! in the Japanese version.

Featured Duel: Seto Kaiba VS Dark Yugi

Turn 18: Seto Kaiba
Kaiba controls 2 "Blue-Eyes White Dragons" (3000/2500) (3000/2500) in Attack Position, and Yugi controls "Dark Magician" (2500/2100) and "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" (2400/2000), both in Attack Position. Kaiba Sets 3 cards and ends his turn.

Turn 19: Dark Yugi
Yugi Sets 2 cards, and switches his "Red-Eyes" in Defense Position. However, Kaiba activates his Set Continuous Trap Card, "Final Attack Orders" to switch all monsters on the field, including Yugi's "Red-Eyes", in Attack Position. As an addition, both players must choose 3 cards in their Deck, send all other cards in their Deck to the Graveyard, but keep the chosen cards from their Deck in the Deck. Yugi ends his turn.

Turn 20: Seto Kaiba
Kaiba activates "Monster Reborn", to Special Summon his "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" from his Graveyard. Kaiba then activates his Set "Polymerization", to fuse all his 3 "Blue-Eyes White Dragons" to form "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" (4500/???). Yugi activates his Set "Double Spell" to use all of the Spell Cards Kaiba used this turn. Yugi uses Kaiba's "Monster Reborn" to Special Summon his "Buster Blader" from his Graveyard, then uses Kaiba's "Polymerization" to fuse his "Buster Blader" and "Dark Magician" to form "Dark Paladin".

Featured cards

The following cards appeared in this chapter. Cards in italics debuted here.

Dark Yugi
Seto Kaiba
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