Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist - Duel 067





Hangeki Funou!!

Japanese translation

Unable to Counterattack!!


The Perfect Defense



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"The Perfect Defense", known as "Unable to Counterattack!!" in the Japanese version, is the sixty-seventh chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist in the English version and the one hundred and twenty-sixth chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh! in the Japanese version.


Pegsasus' Millennium Eye allows him to read through all of Yugi's cards and strategies, making him able to counter every move Yugi makes.

Featured Duel: Dark Yugi vs. Maximillion Pegsasus

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Dark Yugi Normal Summons "Giant Soldier of Stone" in Defense Position (DEF 2000).

Pegasus' Turn
Pegsasus Sets a card and Normal Summons "Ryu-Ran" in Defense Position (DEF 2600). He also switches "Red Archery Girl" back to Defense Position.

Dark Yugi's Turn
Yugi's hand contains "Imp", "Magical Hats", "Spellbinding Circle" and "Celtic Guardian". He draws "Summoned Skull". Yugi Sets a card ("Spellbinding Circle") and Normal Summons "Summoned Skull" in Defense Position (DEF 1200).

Pegasus' Turn
Pegasus switches "Ryu-Ran" to Attack Position (ATK 2200) and attacks "Summoned Skull". Yugi activates his face-down "Spellbinding Circle", reducing the ATK of "Ryu-Ran" by 700 (ATK 1500).

Dark Yugi's Turn
Ygui swithces "Summoned Skull" to Attack Position (ATK 2500) and attacks "Ryu-Ran", but Pegasus activates his face-down "Trap Displacement", transferring the curse of "Spellbinding Circle" to "Summoned Skull" (ATK 1800). "Ryu-Ran" counter-attacks and destroys "Summoned Skull" (Yugi LP 1400).

Pegasus' Turn
Pegasus activates "Toon World", transforming "Red Archery Girl" and "Ryu-Ran" into "Toon Mermaid" and "Manga Ryu-Ran". Pegasus attacks and destroys "Giant Soldier of Stone" with "Manga Ryu-Ran".

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Featured cards

The following cards appeared in this chapter. Cards in italics debuted here.

Dark Yugi
Maximillion Pegasus
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