The Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters III: Tri-Holy God Advent promotional cards (遊戯王デュエルモンスターズIII 三聖戦神降臨 (トライホーリーゴッドアドバント)  同梱カード Yugiō Dyuerumonsutāzu III Toraihōrīgoddo Adobanto Dōkon Kādo) are a set of ten cards that were bundled with the game Duel Monsters III: Tri-Holy God Advent when it was released on July 13, 2000, except for the first card and the only Secret Rare card in the set, "Dunames Dark Witch", which was instead mailed out to people who had reserved the game.

Two additional Ultra Rare promotional cards, "Panther Warrior" and "Time Machine", were distributed with the game's two game guides, as the Duel Monsters III: Tri-Holy God Advent Game Guide 1 promotional card and the Duel Monsters III: Tri-Holy God Advent Game Guide 2 promotional card. Secret Rare and Rare copies of "Dark Magician Girl", which also used the set prefix "G3", were distributed to the winners and some participants of the Official Tournament Street Duel Legend of Power, which was held from July 25 to August 27 and used the game for its matches.

The English release of Duel Monsters III, Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories, included a different set of six promotional cards; other language releases, unusually, did not include any promotional cards.




Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
G3-01"Dunames Dark Witch"「デュナミス・ヴァルキリア」Secret RareNormal Monster
G3-02"Sinister Serpent"「キラー・スネーク」Ultra RareEffect Monster
G3-03"Widespread Ruin"「万能地雷グレイモヤ」Ultra RareNormal Trap Card
G3-04"Goblin Fan"「天狗のうちわ」Ultra RareContinuous Trap Card
G3-05"Garma Sword Oath"「ガルマソードの誓い」Ultra RareRitual Spell Card
G3-06"Garma Sword"「ガルマソード」Ultra RareRitual Monster
G3-07"Alpha The Magnet Warrior"「磁石の戦士α」Ultra Rare
Ultra Parallel Rare
Normal Monster
G3-08"Beta The Magnet Warrior"「磁石の戦士β」Ultra Rare
Ultra Parallel Rare
Normal Monster
G3-09"Insect Queen"「インセクト女王」Ultra RareEffect Monster
G3-10"Cyber-Tech Alligator"「サイバティック・ワイバーン」Ultra RareNormal Monster
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