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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters II: Dark duel Stories (遊戯王デュエルモンスターズII 闇界決闘記 (ダークデュエルストーリーズ) ) is a video game for the Game Boy Color, the sequel to Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters. Although the gameplay is still much simpler than the OCG, this game introduced 355 new cards, for a total of 720 (in contrast with the 365 total cards of its predecessor). Trap and Ritual Cards were first included in this game.


Players must beat each duelist in a stage 5 times, in order to get to the next stage. Once the player beats a character 5 times, he or she may keeping on dueling them for more points. Here are the list of characters that a player may duel against:

Opponents Stage image Opponent image
Stage 1 - Domino High School
  1. Yugi Mutou
  2. Hiroto Honda
  3. Katsuya Jonouchi
  4. Ryo Bakura
Stage 1 Ryo Bakura
Stage 2 - Kaiba Land
  1. Ryota Kajiki
  2. Mokuba Kaiba
  3. Meikyū Brothers 1
  4. Meikyū Brothers 2
  5. Ventriloquist of the Dead
  6. Dinosaur Ryuzaki
Stage 2 Dinosaur Ryuzaki
Stage 3
  1. Insector Haga
  2. Seto Kaiba
  3. Bandit Keith
  4. Simon Muran
  5. Player Killer of Darkness
  6. Mai Kujaku
Stage 3 Mai Kujaku
Stage 4
  1. Pegasus J. Crawford
Stage 4 Pegasus J
Stage 5A
  1. Dark Yugi
Stage 6 Dark Yugi
Stage 5B
  1. Dark Bakura
Stage 7 Dark Bakura
Stage 5C
  1. Shadi
Stage 5 Shadi
Stage 5D
  1. Ishizu Ishtar
Stage 8 Ishizu Ishtar
Opponent Images
Yugi Mutou Hiroto Honda Katsuta Jonouchi Ryo Bakura
Yugi Mutou Hiroto Honda Katsuya Jonouchi Ryo Bakura
Ryota Kajiki Mokuba Kaiba Meikyū Brothers 1 Meikyū Brothers 2
Ryota Kajiki Mokuba Kaiba Meikyū Brothers 1 Meikyū Brothers 2
Ventriloquist of the Dead Ventriloquist of the Dead Dinosaur Ryuzaki Seto Kaiba
Ventriloquist of the Dead Dinosaur Ryuzaki Insector Haga Seto Kaiba
Bandit Keith Simon Muran Player Killer of Darkness Mai Kujaku
Bandit Keith Simon Muran Player Killer of Darkness Mai Kujaku
Pegasus J Dark Yugi Dark Bakura Shadi
Pegasus J. Crawford Dark Yugi Dark Bakura Shadi
Ishizu Ishtar
Ishizu Ishtar


This game does not totally conform to the rules of the Offical Card Game. No monsters in the game have effects and some of the Magic and Trap Cards have different effects.

In order to duel, a player's Deck must contain exactly 40 cards and be under their current Duelist Level. If the Deck is over/under 40 cards or over the Deck limit cost, the player will not be able to duel until the error is fixed.

Here are some basic rules for playing:

  • You may have up to five monsters in the field
  • You may have up to five cards in your hand (If you have five cards in hand at the start of your turn, you will not be able to draw a new card).
  • Each monster card may attack any opposition monster card on the field.
  • Once the field is empty, you may attack the opposing duelist's Life Points.
  • Each duelist starts with 8000 Life Points (Life Points).
  • Unlike the real OCG/TCG no Tribute are offered to Level 5 or more monsters, all monsters in the game have no Level at all.
  • You may only summon one monsters per turn.
  • You may also set one Trap Card on the field.

Battle types[]

In the game, players may notice a few different types of battle between monster cards. The most basic way to defeat an opposing monster is to have a monster with higher attack.

Example: Player A's card = 1000 ATK, Player B's card = 1200 ATK. Player A's card is destroyed and loses 200 Life Points



Main Menu

Monsters can also be destroyed by Alignment. The difference between Attack or Defense does not matter and the card with the inferior alignment is instantly destroyed. The exception to this rule is when the monster with the superior alignment also has higher attack points (when attacking) or defense points (when being attacked in Defense position), in which case Battle Damage is calculated normally. However, when a Defense position monster is attacked by a monster with an inferior alignment, the monster with the inferior alignment is destroyed.

ShadowLightFiendDream → Shadow
FireForestWindEarthThunderWater → Fire



Get a Card

Since Polymerization is not included in this game, Fusions occur differently; selecting one card and placing it on top of another compatible card could result in a fusion for an entirely different monster.

These Fusions are Alignment-based and are reflected as such in the combination they create. For instance, fusing Thunder Kid with Yamatano Dragon Scroll would result in Thunder Dragon. Similarly, combining it with any number of Aqua monsters would normally result in Bolt Escargot. Also, combining Time Wizard with Baby Dragon would result in Thousand Dragon.

Game options[]

DM2 Name

Change Player Name

Change Name
Change Name
Change your duelist name.
Enter a Password to Obtain a Certain Card. Cost 50 Deck Capacity points.
Duel another player.
Trade a card with DM1 or DM2.
Duel Records
Duel Records
View your Duel Records.
Sound Test (Hidden)
Duel Records
A sound test.
Character Animation Viewer (Hidden)
Duel Records
View all of the characters' cutscene animations.

Game Guides[]

Promotional cards[]

Card list[]


Dm2 bewd megamorph yama

"Blue-Eyes White Dragon" boosted by "Megamorph"

  • Similar to the first game, if this game is played in a inaccurate emulator, all opponents will have one "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" in their Deck. Otherwise, only Seto Kaiba, Dark Yugi and Dark Bakura can have "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" in their Decks.
  • "Megamorph" is broken in this game, increasing the monster's ATK by 256%.
  • You only have a 3/4096 chance to change the Stage 5 opponent after each duel. Consequently, most players won't be able to play against the 3 others.[1]


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