Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Toulouse 2012 was a Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series tournament held at the Toulouse expo in Toulouse, France from April 14 to 15, 2012.[1]

The entry fee for the main event was 20€.[1]

234 competitors were from France, 25 from Germany, 21 from the United Kingdom, 16 from Spain, 7 from Italy and 133 from other or unspecified locations.[3]



The timetable of events was as follows:[1]

Time Event
16:00-21:00 Registration
08:00-10:00 Registration
10:00 Player meeting, main event
12:00-18:30 Registration for public events
09:00-15:00 Registration for public events
09:30 Player meeting, main event
Approximately 13:00 Playoffs
Approximately 17:00 Finals playoff
Approximately 18:00 Awards ceremony

Main event

On the first day, fifty one participants remained undefeated after the third round,[4] twenty three after the fourth[5] and eleven after the fifth.[6] After the sixth round, Max Van Nijverseel, Stefan Faust, Tudor Mitchell, Rodrigo Togores, Noel Garde and Dimitri Lianopoulos tied first, undefeated with 18 points.[7] After the seventh round, Tudor Mitchell, Noel Garde and Dimitri Lianopoulos tied first, undefeated with 21 points.[8]

One hundred and twenty eight of the top scoring players got to continue the main event in the second day.[9] After the eighth round, Noel Garde led on 24 points, Abdou Toure was second on 22 points and twelve people tied third on 21 points.[10] After the ninth round, Noel Garde led on 27 points, Max Van Nijverseel, Tudor Mitchell, Rodrigo Togores and Sebastian Gonzalez tied second on 24 points.[11]

Thirty two of the top scoring players from the Swiss rounds advanced to the top cut.[11]

In the top sixteen, Peter Gross defeated Stefan Faust, Jean Celentano defeated Simon He, Dennis Verspeek defeated Rodrigo Togores, Jake Quinsee defeated Ragot Maxence, Max Van Nijverseel defeated Stephane Chenard, Luigi Alici defeated Dimitri Lianopoulos, Jack Bruun defeated Tudor Mitchell and Denis Scorcioni defeated Timo Ehrenberger.[12][13]

In the quarter finals, Peter Gross defeated Jean Celentano, Jake Quinsee defeated Dennis Verspeek, Max Van Nijverseel defeated Luigi Alici and Jack Bruun defeated Denis Scorcioni.[13][14]

In the semi finals, Peter Gross defeated Jake Quinsee and Jack Bruun defeated Max Van Nijverseel.[14][2]

In the finals, Peter Gross from Austria, who used a "Chaos Dragon" Deck, defeated Jack Bruun from Sweden, who used a "Dino Rabbit" Deck.[2]

Top 16[12][13][15] Quarter finals[13][14][16] Semi finals[14][2][17] Final[2]
  Peter Gross  
  Stefan Faust    
  Peter Gross   2
    Jean Celentano   0  
  Jean Celentano  
  Simon He    
  Peter Gross  
    Jake Quinsee    
  Rodrigo Togores   0
  Dennis Verspeek   2  
  Dennis Verspeek  
    Jake Quinsee    
  Jake Quinsee  
  Ragot Maxence    
  Peter Gross   2
    Jack Bruun   0
  Max Van Nijverseel  
  Stephane Chenard    
  Max Van Nijverseel  
    Luigi Alici    
  Luigi Alici  
  Dimitri Lianopoulos    
  Max Van Nijverseel   0
    Jack Bruun   2  
  Tudor Mitchell  
  Jack Bruun    
  Jack Bruun  
    Denis Scorcioni    
  Timo Ehrenberger  
  Denis Scorcioni    

Side events

On the first day, there was one Attack of the Giant Card!!, seven Win-A-Mat and thirty five Duelist League tournaments.[18]

The Attack of the Giant Card!! tournaments were won by Yohann Descamps, who used a "HERO" Deck and won the "Dark Magician of Chaos" giant card as his prize,[19] Rick Cherry, who used a "Dino Rabbit" Deck and won the "Maestroke the Symphony Djinn" giant card, Tony Le, who used a "HERO" Deck and won the "Pot of Greed" giant card and Nick Boulbasakos, who used a "Dino Rabbit" Deck and won the "Lightray Sorcerer" giant card.[20]

Brent Hermans won one of the regional qualifiers using an "Inzektor" Deck. He earned a spot in the 2012 European Championship, but was unable to attend.[21]

Mathieu Labbe, Kyrian Said, Tom Carnier and Guillaume Messac came first, second, third and fourth respectively in the Dragon Duel tournament.[22]


The prizes for the main event were as follows.[1]

Position Prize
  • Super Rare "Blood Mefist" YCS prize card
  • 32 GB tablet PC
  • Super Rare "Blood Mefist" YCS prize card
  • 32 GB touchscreen MP3 player
  • 32 GB touchscreen MP3 player
Top 32
  • YCS gamemat
  • Qualification to 2012 European Championship
  • 5 Order of Chaos Booster Packs

The top four in the Dragon Duel tournament won a spot in the 2012 European Dragon Duel Championship.[22]

The prizes for the Attack of the Giant Card!! event were oversized YS12-EN043 "Maestroke the Symphony Djinn", GAOV-EN032 "Lightray Sorcerer", BP01-EN007 "Dark Magician of Chaos" and BP01-EN034 "Pot of Greed" cards.[23]

The winner of the regional qualifiers, got a spot in the 2012 European Championship.[21]


76 competitors used "Dino Rabbit" Decks, 73 used "Inzektor", 56 used "HERO", 48 used "Dark World", 40 used "Wind-Up" and 143 used other Deck types.[3]

In the top 32, 14 players used "Dino Rabbit", 8 used "Inzektor", 4 used "Wind-Up", 2 used "Dark World", 2 used "HERO" and two used other Deck types.[24]

The top two Decklists were as follows:[25]

1st - Peter Gross – Chaos Dragon
Side Deck
2nd - Jack Bruun – Dino Rabbit
Side Deck

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