Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Sound Duel 4
ARC-V Sound Duel 4
Type Soundtrack
Artist Various Artists
Released March 28, 2018
Label Marvelous Entertainment

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Sound Duel 4 is the original anime soundtrack to Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V. It was released by Marvelous Entertainment on March 28, 2018.

Track List

# Japanese name Romanization English name Length
1 Pendulum Beat! (TVサイズ)  ? Pendulum Beat! (TV Size) 01:35
2 デュエルで世界を救う Duel de Sekai wo Sukuu Save the World with Duel 02:38
4 激しい攻防 Hageshii Kobou Fierce Battle 02:41
5 危機!! Kiki!! Crisis!! 03:17
6 命を惜しまぬ闘い Inochi wo Oshima nu Tatakai Battle Without Regret 02:50
7 仲間たちのために Nakama Tachi no Tame ni For my Friends 03:29
8  ?  ? Symphony of Yuya 03:15
9 追跡 Tsuiseki Pursuit 02:57
10 負けられない闘い Make Rare Nai Tatakai Unbeatable Fight 03:30
11 命を賭けた決闘 Inochi wo Kake ta Duel Battle for your Life 02:38
12 融合世界の帝王 Yuugou Sekai no Tei Ou Emperor of the Fusion World 03:16
13 抵抗 Teikou Resistance 02:48
14 迫りくる脅威! Semari Kuru Kyoui! A Threat Approaches! 02:49
15 デュエリスト零児 Duerisuto Reiji Child Duelist 02:42
16 ショーの開幕!! Sho no Kaimaku!! Opening the Show!! 02:45
17 決意の行方 Ketsui no Yukue The Direction of Resolution 02:48
18 渾身のデュエル Konshin no Duel Fullbody Duel 03:23
19 遊矢のデュエル Yuya no Duel Yuya's Duel 02:39
20 反撃の一手 Hangeki no Itte First Counterattack 02:36
21 めまぐるしい攻防 Memagurushii Koubou Swooping Battle 02:33
22 怒り Ikari Anger 03:24
23 一騎打ち、激闘 Ikkiuchi, Gekitou Single Fight, Fierce Fight 02:44
24 フィナーレ Finale Finale 02:25
25 疾走ペンデュラム (TVサイズ) Shissou Pendulum (Tv Size) Dashing Pendulum (TV Size) 01:33
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