"Arc of Destiny!" is the seventh volume of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga.

Promotional Card

The volume includes a promotional card, "Divine Go-D/D/D Zero King Zero God Reiji", used by Reiji Akaba in this volume.


Image Number English title Japanese title
ARC-V Scale 38 Chapter 38 Our Pride! 俺達の誇り!
Oretachi no Hokori!
Our Pride!
Yuya and his brothers combat G.O.D., by exploiting its weaknesses. Since that strategy failed, in their darkest hour, Yuto, Yugo and Yuri lend their final strength to Yuya before vanishing.
ARC-V Scale 39 Chapter 39 Across Time and Space! 時空を越えて!
Jikū o Koete!
Across Time and Space!
Yuya brings out a divine-eyed dragon to battle G.O.D. The two divine dragons battle each other in the final confrontation, to determine the fate of the future world.
ARC-V Scale 40 Chapter 40 The Adam Factors! アダムの因子たち!
Adamu no Inshi-tachi!
The Adam Factors!
Out of scientific curiosity, bearing the two parts of the Adam Factor, Reiji Akaba challenges his arch-rival, Yuya Sakaki, to obtain the Genesis Omega Dragon card and declare himself as a god.
ARC-V Scale 41 Chapter 41 Reiji's Power! 零児の持つ力!
Reiji no Motsu Chikara!
Reiji's Power!
Reiji and Yuya continue their Duel. Yuya does his best in summoning his brothers' dragons, but Reiji counters his every move.
ARC-V Scale 42 Chapter 42 Two G.O.D.'s!! 二つのG・O・D!
Futatsu no G・O・D!
Two G.O.D.'s!
Yuya resumes his battle against Reiji, who uses his own GOD monster. Yuya remembers the message that his father conveyed to him, and alters the stage to amuse Reiji.
ARC-V Scale 43 Chapter 43 Head-to-Head Cards!! ガチンコカード!
Head-to-Head Cards!!
Yuya aims to bring a smile to Reiji's face. Remembering his father's words, he makes surprising spins to amuse the audience as a Dueltainer.
ARC-V Scale 44 Chapter 44 Action Battle!! アクション合戦!
Akushon Gassen!
Action Battle!!
Both sides armed with Action Cards, Reiji and Yuya try to outsmart the other. With their GOD cards returned to the field, the two cleverly use their last remaining cards.
ARC-V Scale 45 Chapter 45 Arc of Destiny!! 運命の架け橋!
Unmei no Kakehashi!
Arc of Destiny!
As their last act, Yuya and Reiji sprint to obtain the final Action Card that will determine everyone's arc of destiny.
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