"Challenge the Legends!" is the sixth volume of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga.

Promotional Card

The volume includes a promotional card, "Timelord Progenitor Vorpgate", used by Eve in this volume.


Image Number English title Japanese title
ARC-V Scale 32 Chapter 32 What Adam Saw!! アダムの見たモノ
Adamu no Mita Mono!
What Adam Saw!!
With the Duel over, Yuya leaves Shun and Shingo to tend to Yuzu and Sora. He goes to face Eve, with Yuto backing him up. Meanwhile, Reiji meets Adam, who speaks about G.O.D.
ARC-V Scale 33 Chapter 33 Eve's True Skills!! イーヴのじつりょく
EVE no Jitsuryoku!
Eve's True Skills!!
To take the G.O.D. card from Eve, Yuya initiates a Duel with her. However, Eve immediately summons famous, but powerful monsters to push Yuya into a corner.
ARC-V Scale 34 Chapter 34 Challenge the Legends! 伝説に挑め!
Densetsu ni nozome!
Challenge the Legends!
Yuto carries on the battle in Yuya's stead, but has a difficult time battling Eve's monsters. Yuya, however, remembers the truth behind his "personalities".
ARC-V Scale 35 Chapter 35 The Four Brothers' Bond! 四兄弟の絆!
Yon Kyōdai no Kizuna!
The Four Brothers' Bond!
Yuya sheds the truth behind his brothers - Yuri, Yugo and Yuto - and reveals the events of the World Illusion.
ARC-V Scale 36 Chapter 36 The Power of Bonds! 絆の力!
Kizuna no Chikara!
The Power of Bonds!
Yuya's brothers lend him help, summoning their dragons to counterattack Eve.
ARC-V Scale 37 Chapter 37 The Cause of Everything! 全ての元凶!
Subete no Genkyō!
The Cause of Everything!
At the brink of her defeat, Eve plays the card that Yuya tried to destroy: Genesis Omega Dragon.
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