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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 6 is the sixth installment of the Tag Force video game series, and the third and last Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force game.




  • Feature utilizing existing Tag Force 5 data: Inherit Player's Name and your Deck Recipes, 2000 DP x Player's Duelist Level as bonus, and 1 copy of all your TF5 cards that had reached the limit (9 copies).

UMD recognition

By using game's UMD Recognition feature with the previous Tag Force games the following can be unlocked:


Promotional cards

Starter Decks

Anime-exclusive cards

Many new anime-exclusive Tag Force 6 cards were released. Anime exclusives from the first five games are also present in-game, but they are not listed here.

Bolded cards have become printed in the OCG after this game was released.

Downloadable cards

Currently downloadable cards include:


The game features mostly the same characters as Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 5.




  • Martha is able to reset a character's hearts so the player can re-view their storyline, or to change them into an alternate character (like Duel Academy Akiza), and also allow you to edit your Partner's Deck before you have earned the right to do it by paying 10,000 DP.
  • Blister is able to give the player information on where main characters are for several days, as well as letting the player put a tracer on a minor duelist character, so he can find them in the city to partner up with them.
  • Stephanie gives the player a drink at "Cafe la Geen" that sometimes pleases his partner and increases his hearts. She blushes whenever the player visits while partnered with Jack Atlas.
  • Zora will randomly give you something she found, usually an item or 200 DP, sometimes telling them to use it to help Yusei.
  • The MC is randomly hiding in one area on the map, and changes location constantly. If you manage to find him, he can give you a prize of rare cards, a lot of DP, gift items, or increase a partner's Heart meter.
  • The Familiar of Red Nova can trigger an event at night by the crater. By visiting him with your partner, you can join the "night tournament", which is divided into 4 challenges - all involving Tag Duels. By clearing one of them, the next one is unlocked. Once all the challenges are completed, the player receives one copy of each Egyptian God.

Character storylines

Yusei Fudo

Jack Atlas

Crow Hogan

Akiza Izinski

Duel Academy Akiza Izinski

  • First heart: The player and Akiza Tag Duel against Rayna and Reyna.
  • Second heart: The player and Akiza Tag Duel against Yuma and Ida.
  • Third heart: The player and Akiza Tag Duel against Tasha and Cherry.
  • Fourth heart: The player and Akiza Tag Duel against Naomi and Bright.


Duel Academy Leo


Duel Academy Luna



  • First heart: The player and Vizor Tag Duel against two Ghosts imitating Wade and Dean.
  • Second heart: The player and Vizor Tag Duel against Primo and Lester.
  • Third heart: The player and Vizor Tag Duel against Jack Atlas and Dragan.
  • Fourth heart: The player Duels against Vizor, as Antinomy.

Tetsu Trudge


Taro Yamashita




Sherry LeBlanc



Rex Goodwin

Rally Dawson



Yoshizo Hayashi

Jinbei Tanigawa




Mina Simington


Carly Carmine

Dark Signer Carly Carmine

Misty Tredwell

Dark Signer Misty Tredwell

Kalin Kessler

Enforcer Kalin Kessler

Dark Signer Kalin Kessler


Dark Signer Greiger


Roman Goodwin

Other Duelists

Ending scenes

Challenge list

Below is a list of the challenges in the game


Leo and Luna's PenthouseThe Gear MillFountain PlazaPublic Security BureauCentral PlazaCarly's ApartmentDuel AcademyDowntown DistrictStadiumHospitalHighway UnderpassHighway13Satellite SquareMartha's PlaceShorelineJunk MarketThe Frontier19Combat LaneOuter RimDivine Templeworld map
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Locations in the game on the map include:







  • The Ghosts imitating Crow and Primo are both listed as Duelist No.33, despite Roman also having that number. Similarly, the Ghosts imitating Dean and Wade - Ghost.SA and Ghost.YA - are both listed as No.99 despite Alice also being listed there.
  • The opponents that cannot be dueled outside of story events - normal Sherry LeBlanc, normal Primo, Antinomy, Ghosts - cannot be partnered with or viewed in the database.
  • In the game, the "Meklord Emperor" monsters are available in single card form, as they were released in the OCG and TCG. However, their parts and cores are still in the game as well, the same as Tag Force 5 (which calls forth all 5 pieces of the first three Meklord Emperor monsters).
  • Kalin Kessler is the only character in the game that has more than two alternate stories.
  • If the player waits on the title screen without pressing any buttons, a demo duel between two random Signers, in which their Marks of the Dragon will be shown.
  • A digital version of the game launched on the PlayStation Store in Japan on June 26, 2013. It can be played on PSP and PS Vita.
  • This was the first Tag Force game to not see any international release.
  • Konami discontinued add-on support and ended the availability of the PlayStation Store version on March 31, 2017.


  • When a card that allows you to reveal cards from your deck, such as "Pot of Duality" or "Morphtronic Celfon", is activated, the effect is resolved but in screen is shown another card from your Deck. For example: Pot of Duality reveals 3 cards, but in screen always is shown "Mirror Force".
  • The summon animation for "T.G. Blade Blaster" will not register in your photo gallery, regardless of whether you have fulfilled the requirements to unlock them.
  • The effect of "T.G. Recipro Dragonfly" will not Special Summon the Synchro Monsters from the Graveyard, if you have Normal Summoned any monsters when you use its effect. Its effect also allows you to send non-Synchro "T.G." monsters to your Graveyard.
  • When you Normal Summon "Chain Resonator" while you control a Synchro Monster it allows you to Special Summon another "resonator" tuner despite saying in its card description "If your opponent controls a Synchro Monster...".
  • The summon and attack animations for the "Meklord Emperor's" will only work when you special summon them with their "Core" effect. The summon and attack animations do not work on their OCG versions.
  • Every now and then, Yusei's AI (while it controls "Stardust Dragon") will Special Summon "Level Eater" by decreasing the Level of "Stardust Dragon" by 1, then tune the "Stardust Dragon" with a Level 1 Tuner monster for another "Stardust Dragon".
  • If you and your opponent have nearly max number of cards each on the field, the AI will be extremely slow during their turn in all their plays, however once less cards are on the field, the AI will perform its actions quicker again.

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