Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 5 is the fifth installment of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force series, and the final installment to be released internationally.



The game uses the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game Master Rules. Unlike the real game, it includes many cards that have appeared in the anime, that haven't been released in real life, the Dark Synchro Monsters and Egyptian Gods effects and rules are closer to their anime than real life counterparts.

The game follows the March 2010 Forbidden and Limited Lists by default.


A data install function is used to eliminate load times.

Previous cinematics from Tag Force 4 are kept. New cinematic Summoning and attack sequences have been added for "Black-Winged Dragon", "Majestic Red Dragon", "Majestic Star Dragon", "Tech Genus Blade Blaster", "Chevalier de Fleur", "Machine Emperor Skiel Infinity", "Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity", "Machine Emperor Grannel Infinity", "Infernity Doom Dragon","Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste", "Red Nova Dragon", and "Shooting Star Dragon". (Note: the Machine Emperors sequences only appear when they are on the field, as summoned by their "Core" monsters.) The game's loading screen features Witch of the Black Rose in different poses, though on rare occasion Kuribon can show up instead.

Connectivity with the Playstation Network is supported.

The Destiny Draw system is retained.

Players can have up to 200 different Decks and may import ones created in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 4.

There is a new minigame which involves picking out one card from about half a dozen choices that will form the required Synchro with the card already displayed.

Also, the Duel Statue makes an appearance outside of the cardshop. The statue is charged when you receive duplicates of a card you have already reached the limit on (which is now 9 instead of 99). When fully charged (signified by the glowing ambiance it gets), it gives you an extra copy of a card you have that you pick.

UMD recognition

By using game's UMD Recognition feature with the previous Tag Force games the following can be unlocked:

  • In the United States, UMD Recognition with the Tag Force 1, Tag Force 2 and Tag Force 4 games unlocks the cards mentioned above as well as the alternate storylines of Yusei Fudo (poncho version), Akiza (Duel Academy), Leo (Duel Academy) and Luna (Duel Academy).


The game features more than 4727 cards, including cards up to Starstrike Blast, Duel Terminal - Raid of the Inverz!!, Structure Deck: Dragunity Drive, and Extra Pack Volume 3.

Cards can be obtained through sixty different packs in the card shop.

New cards

The following cards from the anime are made playable for the first time in this game. Cards from the first four games that were anime originals are also present but not listed here.

Bolded cards have been printed in the OCG since this videogame was released.

New cards

Downloadable cards

Currently downloadable cards include:


This game features mostly the same characters as Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 4. New additions include the Fake Jack Atlas, Lazar, Vizor, Sherry LeBlanc, Primo, Lester, Jakob and Carly Carmen.



  • Martha is able to reset a character's hearts so the player can re-view their storyline, or to change them into an alternate character (like poncho-version Yusei), and also allow you to edit your Partner's Deck before you have earned the right to do it by paying 10,000 DP.
  • Blister is able to give the player information on where main characters are for several days, as well as letting the player put a tracer on a minor duelist character, so he can find them in the city to partner up with them.
  • Stephanie gives the player a drink at "Cafe la Geen" that sometimes pleases his partner and increases his hearts. She blushes whenever the player visits while partnered with Jack.
  • Zora will randomly give you something that she found, usually an item or 200 DP, sometimes telling them to use it to help Yusei.
  • The MC is randomly hiding in one area on the map, and changes location constantly. If you manage to find him, he can give you a prize of rare cards, a lot of DP, gift items, or increase a partner's Heart meter.

Character storylines

Yusei Fudo

Yusei Fudo (Poncho version)

Jack Atlas

Akiza Izinski

Akiza Izinski (Duel Academy version)

  • First heart: The player and Akiza Tag Duel against Naomi and Rayna.
  • Second heart: The player and Akiza Tag Duel against Bright and Simon.
  • Third heart: The player and Akiza Tag Duel against Yuma and Tasha.
  • Fourth heart: The player and Akiza Tag Duel against Ida and Rei.

Crow Hogan


Leo (Duel Academy version)


Luna (Duel Academy version)


Carly Carmine

Tetsu Trudge

Mina Simington

Kalin Kessler


Sherry LeBlanc




Fake Jack Atlas

  • First heart: The player observes as Fake Jack duels against Leo.
  • Second heart: The player observes as Fake Jack duels against Luna.
  • Third heart: The player observes as Fake Jack duels against Akiza Izinski.
  • Fourth heart: The player observes as Fake Jack duels against Yusei Fudo.

Other duelists

Promotional cards

The following promotional cards were included with the game:

Challenge list

Below is a list of the challenges in the game

  • 001 - Caused 10,000 or more points of battle damage during a duel.
  • 002 - Caused 4,000 or more points of deflected battle damage during a duel.
  • 003 - Caused 20,000 or more points of battle damage during a duel.
  • 004 - Caused 50,000 or more points of battle damage during a duel.
  • 005 - Destroyed 20 of your opponent's monsters in battle during a duel.
  • 006 - Destroyed 30 of your opponent's monsters in battle during a duel.
  • 007 - Removed 10 of your opponent's monsters from play using effects during a duel.
  • 008 - Destroyed 10 or more monsters in 1 duel with defensive victories.
  • 009 - Normal Summoned 10 monsters during a duel.
  • 010 - Performed 10 Flip Summons during a duel.
  • 011 - Preformed 10 Fusion Summons during a duel.
  • 012 - Preformed 10 Ritual Summons during a duel.
  • 013 - Used Special Summons to summon 20 or more monsters during a duel.
  • 014 - Special Summoned 15 or more Tokens during a duel.
  • 015 - Equipped 5 Union monsters during a duel.
  • 016 - Caused 8,000 or points of direct damage with Toon monsters during a duel.
  • 017 - Used Spell Cards 20 times during a duel.
  • 018 - Used Quick-Play Spell Cards 10 times in your opponent's turn during a duel.
  • 019 - Activated 10 Trap Cards during a duel.
  • 020 - Countered your opponent's Spells, Traps, effects, Attacks and Summons 10 times during a duel.
  • 021 - Took control of your opponent's monsters 10 times during a duel.
  • 022 - Formed a chain of 5 or more chain links during a duel.
  • 023 - Used 10 or more Spell Counters during a duel.
  • 024 - Made your opponent discard 20 or more cards from their hands.
  • 025 - Restored 20,000 or more Life Points during a duel.
  • 026 - Won the Match.
  • 027 - Ended the duel in a draw.
  • 028 - Won the duel without taking any damage.
  • 029 - Caused 8,000 points or more of damage during turn and won the duel.
  • 030 - Caused 8,000 points or more of damage with a single attack or effect and won the duel.
  • 031 - Made your opponent run out of cards and won the duel.
  • 032 - Won within 7 turns.
  • 033 - Won within 5 turns.
  • 034 - Won within 3 turns.
  • 035 - Won during your opponent's turn.
  • 036 - Won the duel using the effects of "Exodia the Forbidden One".
  • 037 - Won the duel using the effects of "Destiny Board".
  • 038 - Won the duel using the effects of "Final Countdown".
  • 039 - Won using a card with a match-winning effect.
  • 040 - Won with the "Yata-Garasu" lock.
  • 041 - Won with "Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes" effect.
  • 042 - Won with "Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord" effect.
  • 043 - Won with "Last Turn" effect.
  • 044 - Defeated your opponent with an attack from "Skull Servant".
  • 045 - Finished with "Sparks" effect.
  • 046 - Finished with "Slash Draw" effect.
  • 047 - Successfully activated and maintained the effect of "Ojama Delta Hurricane!!" and won the duel.
  • 048 - Use "Mega Ton Magical Cannon".
  • 049 - Use "Des Croaking".
  • 050 - Use "Short Circuit".
  • 051 - Successfully activated and maintained the effect of "Huge Revolution" and won the Duel.
  • 052 - Successfully activated and maintained the effect of "Dark Scorpion Combination".
  • 053 - Use "Dark Scorpion Retreat".
  • 054 - Use "Yu-Jo Friendship".
  • 055 - Use "Blasting the Ruins".
  • 056 - Use "The Law of the Normal".
  • 057 - Use "Inferno Tempest".
  • 058 - Use "Fuh-Rin-Ka-Zan".
  • 059 - Use "Elemental Burst".
  • 060 - Use "Dragon Laser".
  • 061 - Used "Magic Triangle of the Ice Barrier"
  • 062 - Summoned every card in the XYZ Series and won the duel.
  • 063 - Successfully Summoned "VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon" and won the duel.
  • 064 - Summoned "Obelisk the Tormentor".
  • 065 - Summoned "Slifer the Sky Dragon".
  • 066 - Summoned "The Winged Dragon of Ra".
  • 067 - Summoned all 3 Divine-Beasts.
  • 068 - Summoned "Armityle the Chaos Phantom".
  • 069 - Successfully Summoned "Uria, Lord of Searing Flames" and won the duel.
  • 070 - Successfully Summoned "Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder" and won the duel.
  • 071 - Successfully Summoned "Raviel, Lord of Phantasms" and won the duel.
  • 072 - Summoned all the Sacred Beast Cards and won the duel.
  • 073 - Summoned "The Wicked Dreadroot".
  • 074 - Summoned "The Wicked Avatar".
  • 075 - Summoned "The Wicked Eraser".
  • 076 - Summoned all 3 Wicked Gods.
  • 077 - Summoned "Earthbound Immortal Aslla piscu".
  • 078 - Summoned "Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu".
  • 079 - Summoned "Earthbound Immortal Cusillu".
  • 080 - Summoned "Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challhua".
  • 081 - Summoned "Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua".
  • 082 - Summoned "Earthbound Immortal Uru".
  • 083 - Summoned "Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca".
  • 084 - Successfully Summoned "Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth" and won the duel.
  • 085 - Successfully Summoned "Gate Guardian" and won the duel.
  • 086 - Successfully Summoned "Valkyrion the Magna Warrior" and won the duel.
  • 087 - Successfully Summoned "Dark Sage" and won the duel.
  • 088 - Summoned "Wall Shadow".
  • 089 - Summoned "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon".
  • 090 - Summoned "Metalzoa".
  • 091 - Summoned "Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon".
  • 092 - Summoned "Exodia Necross".
  • 093 - Summoned "Ojama King".
  • 094 - Summoned "Mokey Mokey King".
  • 095 - Summoned "Chimeratech Overdragon".
  • 096 - Summoned "Gaia Drake, the Universal Force".
  • 097 - Summoned "Sun Dragon Inti" and "Moon Dragon Quilla".
  • 098 - Summoned "Infernity Zero".
  • 099 - Summoned "Tech Genus Blade Blaster"
  • 100 - Summoned "Majestic Star Dragon".
  • 101 - Summoned "Majestic Red Dragon".
  • 102 - Summoned "Shooting Star Dragon".
  • 103 - Summoned "Red Nova Dragon".
  • 104 - Assembled the "Meklord Emperor Wisel" Series on your side of the field.
  • 105 - Assembled the "Meklord Emperor Skiel" Series on your side of the field.
  • 106 - Assembled the "Meklord Emperor Granel" Series on your side of the field.
  • 107 - Summoned the Dragons of Yusei, Jack, Crow, Akiza, Leo and Luna.
  • 108 - Summoned the Dragons of Yusei, Jack, Crow, Akiza, Leo and Luna on your side of the field.
  • 109 - Won with 25 or more Normal Monsters in Deck.
  • 110 - Won with 25 or more monsters of level 4 or lower in Deck.
  • 111 - Won with 25 or more monsters of level 5 or higher in Deck.
  • 112 - Won with 25 or more level 1 monsters in Deck.
  • 113 - Won with a Deck that contained monsters of every Level.
  • 114 - Won with 25 or more monsters with at most ATK 1500 in Deck.
  • 115 - Won with 25 or more monsters with at least ATK 1500 in Deck.
  • 116 - Won with 25 or more monsters with 0 ATK in Deck.
  • 117 - Won with 25 or more LIGHT monsters in Deck.
  • 118 - Won with 25 or more DARK monsters in Deck.
  • 119 - Won with 25 or more WATER monsters in Deck.
  • 120 - Won with 25 or more FIRE monsters in Deck.
  • 121 - Won with 25 or more EARTH monsters in Deck.
  • 122 - Won with 25 or more WIND monsters in Deck.
  • 123 - Won with 25 or more Dragon monsters in Deck.
  • 124 - Won with 25 or more Zombie monsters in Deck.
  • 125 - Won with 25 or more Fiend monsters in Deck.
  • 126 - Won with 25 or more Pyro monsters in Deck.
  • 127 - Won with 25 or more Sea Serpent monsters in Deck.
  • 128 - Won with 25 or more Rock monsters in Deck.
  • 129 - Won with 25 or more Machine monsters in Deck.
  • 130 - Won with 25 or more Fish monsters in Deck.
  • 131 - Won with 25 or more Dinosaur monsters in Deck.
  • 132 - Won with 25 or more Insect monsters in Deck.
  • 133 - Won with 25 or more Beast monsters in Deck.
  • 134 - Won with 25 or more Beast-Warrior monsters in Deck.
  • 135 - Won with 25 or more Plant monsters in Deck.
  • 136 - Won with 25 or more Aqua monsters in Deck.
  • 137 - Won with 25 or more Warrior monsters in Deck.
  • 138 - Won with 25 or more Winged Beast monsters in Deck.
  • 139 - Won with 25 or more Fairy monsters in Deck.
  • 140 - Won with 25 or more Spellcaster monsters in Deck.
  • 141 - Won with 25 or more Thunder monsters in Deck.
  • 142 - Won with 25 or more Reptile monsters in Deck.
  • 143 - Won with 25 or more Psychic monsters in Deck.
  • 144 - Won with all types of Divine-Beast monsters in Deck.
  • 145 - Won with all monster types in Deck.
  • 146 - Won with 25 or more LV monsters in Deck.
  • 147 - Won with 25 or more Elemental Hero monsters in Deck.
  • 148 - Won with 9 or more Evil Hero monsters in Deck.
  • 149 - Won with 25 or more Destiny Hero monsters in Deck.
  • 150 - Won with 25 or more Spirit monsters in Deck.
  • 151 - Won with 20 or more Toon monsters in Deck.
  • 152 - Won with a Deck that didn't contain any monsters.
  • 153 - Won with a Deck/Extra Deck that didn't contain any monsters.
  • 154 - Won with a Deck that didn't contain any Trap Cards.
  • 155 - Won with a Deck that didn't contain any Spell Cards.
  • 156 - Won with a Deck that didn't contain any Spell and Trap Cards
  • 157 - Won with 60-card Deck.
  • 158 - Won with a Deck/Extra Deck that didn't contain any Forbidden, Limited, or Semi-Limited Cards.
  • 159 - Won with a Forbidden Card in Deck/Extra Deck.
  • 160 - Won with a Deck/Extra Deck that only contained one copy of each card.
  • 161 - Won Without Tributing any monsters.


In the Japanese version, many of the characters are named after members of the production staff.

Operation Staff
Original character and monster design Kazuki Takahashi
Producer Takeshi Kameta
Direction and game design Koji Yamamoto
Konami Unit
Directional assistant Tsuyoshi Shimizu
Duel Programming
  • Hideyuki Takahashi
  • Akihiro Yamane
Character icon creation
  • Yushiko Tanaka
  • Yuki Kato
Design Assistant
  • Yashunori Kobayashi
  • Osamu Fukushima
  • Eiichi Ito
Sound producer Ayumi Kashizaki
Sound director Yashuhisa Ito
  • Sota Fujimori
  • Shuichi Kobori
  • Atsushi Sato
  • Toshihisa Furusawa
SFX and audio Kiyoko Kumasaka
Sound programmer Hideyuki Akutsu
Deck configuration
  • Yasuto Suzuki
  • Monitoring group
Package and manual design
  • Kazuro Takada
  • Toru Murakami
Web pages creation
  • Hiroaki Takahashi
  • Koji Hatano
QA testing Monitoring group
Tenky Unit
Development producer Nobuko Narita
Development director Hiroshi Teshima
Main programming Kozo Nishino
Sub programming
  • Takuya Ito
  • Tetsutaro Hoshino
Technical director Toshiyuki Hashitani
  • Hidekazu Kurihara
  • Naoto Kasuga
  • Seri Nirasawa
  • Heiza Niishima
Scenario cooperation Akiyoshi Ohta
3D design director Takashi Nakamoto
3D character development
  • Takashi Nakamoto
  • Shinya Igusa
  • Ryotarou Aratake
  • Yuko Kitada
  • Masanori Takeishi
  • Asako Shinohara
  • Daisuke Shimizu
  • Nobuyuki Maruyama
  • Kazuki Matsuo
  • Motohiro Tokunaga
Background modeling Ryo Mizuno
2D character development Toshiyuki Kadoi
System menu creation
  • Toshiyuki Kadoi
  • Ryo Mizuno
Background design
  • Kazushige Kanehira
  • Yuho Taniuchi
  • Eiko Tsunado
Background art production
  • Manabu Otsuzuki
  • Kazuhiro Inoue
  • Minami Kasuga
  • Ayu Kawamoto
Background cooperation Yoji Nakaza
Deck configuration Naoto Kazuga
3D character cooperation
  • Ken Obayashi
  • Nobuhiro Yamazaki
  • Takashi Kitada
  • Shigeo Jahana
  • Yutaka Ito
  • Wataru Terashima
  • Kiyofumi Nishida
  • Naganobu Asano
  • Asuka Murata
Development cooperation
  • Tenky co. ltd
  • Flame inc
  • Hiyoti inc
  • WinBell
  • Kusanagi co. ltd
  • Nelke Planning inc
  • Sawako Todoroki
Special thanks
  • Katsuhiro Nakayama
  • KENYoU
  • Hiroki Muraoka
  • Yohei Takada
  • Akihiro Takatoku
  • Yuji Kubo
  • Toshiyuki Yagashiro
  • Masakuni Nakazawa
  • Satoshi Yoshimitsu
  • Tomoaki Hirono
  • Natsuyo Tanaka
  • Miki Murai
  • Rie Yamatani
  • Toshiyuki Miyamoto
  • Toshiyuki Miyamoto
  • Kazuma Jinnouchi
  • Fontworks inc.
Executive production Shinji Enomoto
Presented by Konami Digital Entertainment


  • While playing against Vizor, If he will Synchro Summon a monster that is not "Tech Genus Wonder Magician" or "Tech Genus Blade Blaster", He will use the Summon Chant of "Tech Genus Gladiator", minus declaring the monster's name. This is due to a programming oversight in the game. When characters Synchro Summon a Synchro Monster that doesn't have any ties with them (i.e. Not their monster or hasn't been used by them in the anime), they will use a chant that was mentioned only sparingly in the anime. (Examples include Yusei using the Synchro Chant of "Nitro Warrior" even when it's not "Nitro Warrior", Aki uses the Synchro Chant of "Splendid Rose", and Jack uses his version of the Synchro Chant of "Stardust Dragon".)
  • When you play "Molten Destruction" the 3D field seems to have an error like it did in the previous version of the game.
  • There may be times in which your Extra Deck malfunctions by listing multiple copies of monsters you already have as well as when Synchro Summoning during your turn and checking that the Extra Deck has 15 monsters maxed out already.
  • A programming oversight that occurred during the translation of the game into English and distribution into international circles is that the game follows OCG rulings. Therefore, when you have exactly 1000 LP during your end phase, "Red Screen" will take it from you, making you lose the duel.
    • Another Programming oversight because of a ruling change. "Dragunity Aklys" will activate regardless of how it was sent to the Graveyard as an equip spell, whether it be by destruction or by game mechanics. In recent rulings, Aklys will only activate when it has been sent to the Graveyard while equipped while the monster it is equipped to remains face-up.
  • This is a mistake in the card text of "Liberty at Last!", just like the International card version. It mentions that the selected monsters are returned to the hand not back to the Deck. However, the real effect is activated and the selected monsters are returned to the Deck.
  • The summon animations for "Wisel", "Skiel" and "Grannel" will not register in your photo gallery, regardless of whether you have fullfilled the requirements to unlock them. This is because in the Japanese translation, the summon animation was cued when the said card is summoned via their respective cores, whilst in the International release this was moved to when the final piece of the '-el' series is summoned (the Carrier monster). Hoewever, the programming was not changed to reflect this and the game does not register you having watched the summon animation.
  • The effect of "Spirit's Invitation" reads: "Each time your Spirit monster returns to your hand, select 1 monster on your opponent's side of the field and return it to its owner's hand. Pay 500 Life Points during each of your Standby Phases. If you do not, destroy this card." However, when a Spirit returns to your hand, your opponent chooses which card to return to their hand.
  • The effect of "Gigantic Cephalotus" reads: "Each time a plant time monster is sent from the field to the Graveyard, it gains 200 ATK." But in real life, it actually gets 200 ATK for each plant sent to the Graveyard, regardless if the Plant-Type monster is sent to the Graveyard from your deck or your hand.
  • Sometimes, when you fill a character's Heart, but you continue to positively interact with him/her (in the same day), the next Heart will start to fill (even though you haven't done the event of the previous filled Heart). In the next days, if you try to complete that Heart, it will empty with the first interaction you do with him/her. You have to check it every day until the Game allows you to fill that Heart again.
  • Sometimes, when you don't go straight to the event site of your partner (marked with "!"), and you visit another places and duel with another character's (in the same day), the completed Heart of your partner will vanish, the mark of the event will disappear in the map and the Game will not let you fill that Heart again (regardless of how many positive interactions you do with him/her in the next days via gifts.) To rectify this, you need to invite that person to the tag team duel tournament. Winning a minimum of one tag duel in the tournament, will allow you to resume filling that persons heart.
  • When you ask to Martha to change Yusei to Yusei (Poncho Version), but you haven't finished Yusei story, Yusei (Poncho Version) will never appear in the map. If you saved the Game to this point, you will never complete either Yusei stories.
  • While the player has a "Royal Oppression" face-up and the opponent activates the "Playful Possum" to Special Summon itself, the opponent continuously pays to activate "Royal Oppression" and activates "Playful Possum" until they can no longer pay.
  • When Leo uses the Defense Position effect of "Morphtronic Vacuumen" to use an Attack Position monster you control as an Equip Card for "Morphtronic Vacuumen" and is destroyed later, the monster that was used as an Equip Card won't be destroyed and remains meaninglessly in Leo's Spell/Trap Card Zone. (maybe works for the player too)
  • When the effect of "Dimension Jar" is activated, instead of monsters, both players can banish any card in the Graveyard.
  • When "Final Countdown" has been activated and is in effect, you may not be able to activate optional card effects that resolve in the End Phase, such as the ability of "Stardust Dragon" to special summon itself from the Graveyard.


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