Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 4 is the fourth installment in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force series.




  • The Destiny Draw system from Tag Force 2 and 3 returns. Along with a new Partner Synchro, (for one turn you control which card your partner chooses) which can be used over the Destiny Draw.
  • The game's loading screen features a random one of Carly's Fortune Fairies.
  • You cannot see the cards in your partner's hand unless you use Partner Synchro.
  • Up to 200 Deck recipes can be stored.

UMD recognition

  • UMD Recognition with any one of the Tag Force games unlocks the Generation Next Booster Pack in the shop.
  • Unlike previous games, the Konami Code does not unlock a pack. Instead, the player, at the card shop, should press the right directional button 5 times, the square button 7 times and the select button 3 times. This unlocks the High Noon Constellation pack. This references 573, the gorowase pronunciation for "Konami".


Tag Force 4 card exclusives

As with all the other Tag Force games, exclusive anime-only cards (namely the Dark Synchro and Dark Tuner monsters) were placed into Tag Force 4. Anime exclusive cards from the previous 3 games are present, but not listed here.

Bolded cards have been printed in the OCG since this videogame was released.

Tag Force 4 card exclusives

Downloadable cards

(Current as of October 12, 2011)

Starter Deck contents

Player's starting Deck



Duelist 1
NoDuelistKind of Deck
001Yusei Fudo (Signer and Satellite)Stardust/Junk/Synchron/Warrior Deck
002Jack AtlasDragon and Fiend Deck
003Akiza Izinski (Signer and Duel Academy)Plant Deck
004LeoMorphtronic Deck
005LunaFire Princess and Anti-Heal Deck
006Crow HoganBlackwing Deck
007Carly Carmine (Reporter and Dark Signer)Fortune Fairy Deck / Fortune Lady Deck
008Misty Tredwell (Top Model and Dark Signer)WATER Reptile Deck / Reptilianne Deck
009Kalin Kessler (Enforcer and Dark Signer)Archfiend Deck / Infernity Deck
010Devack Beast Deck
011Roman GoodwinSpider Deck
012Tetsu Trudge (Security and Shadow Drone) Warrior Deck / Mill Deck
013Rally DawsonTurbo Deck
014Mina Simington (Normal and angry)Fairy Deck / Burn Deck
Duelist 2
NoDuelistKind of Deck
015MimicryNormally uses Anti-Meta Decks, but his Partner Deck can be freely edited. Can be given any decklist to use for mirror matches in Free Duel mode.
016Takuya Ito (Changed to Georg)Synchro Cat Deck
017Yasuto Suzuki (Changed to Hose)Evil Hero Deck
018Hiroshi Kumakura (Changed to Lioside)Harpie Deck
019DeanGladiator Beast Deck
020WadeCounter Fairy Deck
021Yasunobu Hamada (Changed to Gillian)Batteryman Deck
022KENYoUDeck based around taking control of monsters
023BivinTurtle-themed Deck
024Masaya Nakamura (Changed to Rio)Deck based on Silent Swordsman and Silent Magician
025MathewFinal Attack Orders Deck
026EnzoRock Deck
027Shuji Kubota (Changed to Terence)Gemini Deck
028SimonChaos Deck
029JaimeAlien Deck
030SyunWIND LV Deck
031Disa Monarch Deck
032MashaHorus Lockdown Deck
033Peta Kelvin (Changed to Rie)Psychic Deck
034JewelsSacred Phoenix of Nephthys Deck
035AndreaJurrac Deck
036LilyExodia Deck
037Seaside Muramoto (Changed to Maki)Sea Serpent Deck
038AncaWarrior Toolbox Deck
039YumiDiscard Deck
040CeliaDark Simorgh Deck
041No Money Yayoi (Changed to Rei)Dark Scorpion Deck
042KaiaDestiny Hero Deck
043MaiaFinal Countdown Deck
044MaciRoid Deck
045NatalyNinja Deck
046KamiFish Deck
047WisteriaRitual Summon Deck
048CherryBeast/Machine Deck
049YumaNeos Deck
050OdeliaTuner Deck
051TashaSix Samurai Deck
052RaynaSpellcaster Deck
053BrightBurn Deck
054IdaSkill Drain Deck
055NadiaDark World Deck
056ReynaZombie Deck
057MaggieDark Paladin Deck
057HanaFlamvell Deck
059CaliGadget Deck
060NaomiLightsworn Deck
061Akihiro Yamane (Changed to Moses)Reptile-Type Worm Deck
062Mark Freedom (Changed to Ivan)Crystal Beast Deck
063Tsukasa Naritasan (Changed to Giry)VWXYZ Deck
064Kentaro Miyazaki (Changed to Michael)Banish/Mill Deck
065Yosuke Adachi (Changed to Taku)Deck based on Chain Links
066Koji Yamamoto (Changed to Bawnji)Gradius Deck
067Senshi Teshima (Changed to Walter)X-Saber Deck
068Toshiyuki Kadoi (Changed to Hayden)Cyber Dragon/Cyberdark Deck
069Yasuhisa Ito (Changed to Zanny)Cloudian Deck
070Takashi Nakamoto (Changed to Nathan)Mist Valley Deck
071DaisyDragunity Deck
072EdithBeast Deck
073MintVolcanic Deck
074LaraWight Deck
075OliviaWetlands Deck
076NadineFabled Deck
077SaraNaturia Deck
078PearlMokey Mokey Deck
079EmmaAlly of Justice Deck
080AliceUria, Lord of Searing Flames Deck
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5C's
NoDuelistKind of Deck
081JumboCounter Fairy Deck
082RyuseiJunk Synchro Deck
083King JyakuDisaster Dragon Deck
084DueluaMorphtronic Deck
085DuelukaBad Reaction to Simochi Deck

The majority of characters have different names in the English version than the original Japanese. The Japanese version of this game featured 43 video game new characters. However, when the game was translated to English, 19 of these characters had their names changed to that of characters from previous Tag Force games who were excluded from this game. These 19 characters are listed above by their Japanese names in italics, followed by the English name in parenthesis.


  • Blister can be paid DP to show you the location and mood of all duelists for a week on the map. He is always found in the "Back Alley" area.
  • Blitz (aka Nerve) will randomly give you something that he either found or stole, usually an item or 200 DP. He usually lurks somewhere around Satellite.
  • Tank will give you an assortment of cards he's scrounged from around Satellite. Most of the cards are Low-ATK Normal Monsters, but occasionally he can give you powerful cards, like cards only obtainable when you complete Duelist 1's story, like Dark Strike Fighter, Thought Ruler Archfiend or Gigaplant. The cards he gives cannot actually be purchased in the Card Shop, so visiting Tank regularly is the only way to fill out the Card Album to 100%. His location is random, but usually within Satellite.
  • Tenzen Yanagi will take 100 DP to give you a chance of getting an alternate art card by playing rock-paper-scissors. If you win, you get the card. If you lose or draw, you get nothing.
  • Larry (aka Lenny) can allow you to edit a Partner's Deck before you have earned the right to do it by paying a fee. He can also reset a character's hearts to zero so you can replay their storyline and, when available, he can allow you to view alternate versions of a character, such as the Dark Signer versions of Carly and Misty. He is always found near the incomplete bridge on Satellite.
  • The MC is randomly hiding in one area on the map, and changes location constantly. If you manage to find him, he can give you a prize of rare cards, a lot of DP, gift items, or increase a partner's Heart meter.
  • Nervin (aka Boylston) can be found somewhere in Satellite, and he will tell a story to you and your partner that will increase your partner's Heart Meter slightly. (Must have a partner with you)
  • Rex Goodwin appears briefly during the Duelist 2's Second Heart.

Character storylines

Completing Story Mode with the characters below earns the player three copies of the characters' signature card. For example, completing Yusei's story earns the player three copies of Stardust Dragon, and Leo's story rewards the player with three copies of Power Tool Dragon. This isn't always the case, as completing normal Carly's story earns you one copy of each of the Fortune Fairies, and completing Crow's story earns you three copies of Blackwing - Silverwind the Ascendant. When you complete a Dark Signer story, you will receive 3 copies of their Earthbound Immortal card. These cards cannot be purchased at the Card Shop, so completing the respective character's storylines is essential.

Unlike in Tag Force 2 and Tag Force 3, you do not permanently partner with one character—instead, every individual character constantly gains Heart points whenever you positively interact with them (similar to Tag Force 1), and partnerships only last until the end of the day. When you partner with one character, you fill their Heart meter even when you interact with other characters, so partnering often is recommended, even if you only play solo most of the time. In order to most efficiently fill up a character's hearts, you might want to improve their mood by giving them gifts from the vending machine outside the Card Shop.

The Player can interact with characters in one of four ways:

  • About Cards: The player is given a card quiz by showing them a card picture and will fill the heart meter if they answer correctly.
  • About Duels: The player asks how a character is doing in duels and when they answer the player has to beat them in a game of rock-paper-scissors to fill the heart meter.
  • About them: When the player asks about a subject a conversation mini-game begins. In this game, the player must connect branches to certain bubbles so that all three line up to say "Very Good".
  • Persons of Interest: Then the player asks a character about a certain person of interest he/she will tell them about three main character duelists that catch their interest. An example will be Masha seems to like Yusei, Misty and Mina. A main character's heart meter will fill if they are a character's person of interest.

When a character's storyline is completed, they will always offer to partner with you when entering their area, and if you are already partnered with someone, they will give you a card pack or an item.

Yusei Fudo's Signer Story

Yusei Fudo's Satellite Story

(Note: This Story closely mimics the first five episodes of the 5Ds anime, wherein Yusei escapes from Satellite into the City to get Stardust Dragon back from Jack. As a nod to the first episode, in this storyline, Yusei refuses to speak during events, only saying 'Duel me.')

Jack Atlas' Story

Akiza Izinski's Normal Story

Akiza Izinski's Duel Academy Story

(Note: This is not Akiza as she was when she returned to Duel Academy, but how she was during her first attendance; convinced that everyone is out to get her, she lashes out violently at anyone and everyone who tries to reach out to her, turning her paranoid beliefs into reality).

Crow Hogan's Story

Luna's Story

Leo's Story

Kalin Kessler's Dark Signer Story Unlocked by completing Yusei's Signer story.

(Note: Before Kalin disappears, he shows the player a photo of the player, Yusei, Jack, Crow, and Kalin wearing Enforcer jackets, revealing the player was once a member of The Enforcers.)

Kalin Kessler's Enforcers Story

Carly Carmine's Normal Story

Carly Carmine's Dark Signer Story

Misty Tredwell's Normal Story

Misty Tredwell's Dark Signer Story

Tetsu Trudge's Normal Story

Tetsu Trudge's Shadow Drone Story

(Note: Trudge never had Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challhua; it was Greiger's Earthbound Immortal).

Mina Simington's Normal Story

Mina Simington's Angry Story

Rally Dawson's Story

Devack's Story Unlocked by completing Luna's story.

Note: Devack's initial Partner Deck is made exclusively out of high-Level monsters, with no way to summon his monsters. The Deck is useless until it is edited, making it mandatory to find Larry and pay him 10,000 DP to unlock the ability of editing Devack's Deck.

Roman Goodwin's Story Unlocked by completing the main story for all the Signers.

Secondary Character's Story A secondary character refers to a character in the Duelist 2 list. All of them share the same story and upon completion, the player receives a photo of himself and a group of secondary characters.


Leo and Luna's PenthouseBack AlleySector SecurityTops PlazaCarly's ApartmentMisty's ApartmentArcadia MovementDowntown DistrictStadiumHospitalHighway UnderpassParty HallAbandoned FactoryYusei's HideoutSatellite SquareShorelineCrow's HideoutB.A.D. AreaOld Enerdy Systemworld map
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Locations in the game on the map include:

Other notes


Box art for the Japanese version of this game.

  • The color of the map determines the time of day:
    • Sky blue is early morning.
    • Yellow is daytime.
    • Orange is sunset.
    • Blue is evening.
    • Indigo is late night.
  • Dark Signer characters usually only appear near the end of the day (near nightfall).
  • The Card Shop will give you a permanent discount if you bring them specific figures from the Item machine. Figures include "White Magician Pikeru", "Ebon Magician Curran", "Dark Magician Girl", "Card Ejector" and "Cyber Tutu". Completing this set is necessary to unlock the "Lovey Dovey" card pack. You can recognize a figure needed for this when you acquire it (from the item shop or from someone else) because its icon will be golden.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! GX reference: When you talk to Tenzen Yanagi after you play the game with him (does not matter if you win or lose), he offers to tell you the story of when he fought aliens alongside a dolphin. Jaden fought a robot named Alien in space while being assisted by "Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin".
  • Many cards that were game originals were released in the OCG/TCG.
  • Complete Story Mode with all 4 Signer characters to add 1 Forbidden card to your Deck.

Promotional cards


  • "Majestic Dragon"'s password cannot be recognized in the password machine. However, this might be intentional, considering how it is portrayed in the anime (in the anime, "Majestic Dragon" only appears as the card on top of the deck by using the power of the Crimson Dragon, so it makes sense if it cannot be obtained, since normally such card does not exist). The only way to obtain the "Majestic Dragon" and "Majestic Star Dragon" in the game is to download them from the Yu-Gi-Oh! website.
  • "Bamboo Scrap" will only Tribute a monster on your side of the field, regardless if there is a plant-Type monster on the opponent's side of the field
  • When you play "Molten Destruction" the 3D field seems to have an error.
  • The effect of "Flamvell Firedog" says that you can Special Summon from your Graveyard but it really is from your Deck (and the effect resolves as it really is).
  • Any "Dark Synchro" monster's Level counts as the positive number.
  • "Gladiator's Return" states that you can only return "Gladiator Beast" monsters to the Deck, but actually any "Gladiator Beast" card can be returned. This effect is true for the OCG.
  • In this game, you can add Synchro Monsters to your Main Deck. First, change the layout in the Deck Editing Menu, and after that, move Synchro Monsters from your Trunk to your Side Deck, and then from the Side Deck, hold the R button and press X. Then the Synchro Monsters will be move to your Main Deck. However, when the Duel starts, when an effect has been activated, the game hangs. Sometimes, when you activate a card effect that searches a card(s) from your Deck, the Synchro Monsters in your hand return to your Extra Deck.
  • "Morphtronic Bind" and "Dragon's Rage" effects still work even when those cards are face-down.
  • "One-Hundred Eye Dragon states that only he gains the effects of all "Infernity" monsters in the Graveyard, but actually all monsters on your side of the field gain the effects.
  • Sometimes, you are not allowed to summon Synchro Monsters when the Levels are correct in Tag Duels.
  • The text of "Super Vehicroid - Stealth Union" says you may only equip monsters you control to it, but the effect actually works as normal.
  • When Rally summons "Turbo Cannon", the cut-away sequence of Rally summoning it always says it's summoned in Attack Position, even when it's summoned in Defense Position.
  • Your partner will almost never activate the effect of "Hyena".
  • When you have a Gemini monster on the field that could destroy a monster or attack directly using an effect (such as "Infinity Dark", "Shadow Delver", and "Goggle Golem"), your partner will often attack with it, even if it doesn't have the effect yet. This results in a pointless suicide attack.
  • In general, your partner will only very rarely Gemini Summon your Gemini monsters, even if the effect would win the duel or they aren't spending the Normal Summon required themselves. Sometimes, they will even ignore a set "Supervise" you played so they will use it on your monster on their turn. The lone exception to this hole in AI seems to be "Dark Valkyria".
  • When a character using "Miracle Fertilizer" Tributes "Tytannial, Princess of Camellias" to negate a targeting card, even if it was brought back using "Miracle Fertilizer", "Miracle Fertilizer" will not go to the graveyard, so it is possible for them or you (didn't test when player uses "Miracle Fertilizer" but assuming) to keep your "Miracle Fertilizer" if you tribute "Tytannial, Princess of Camellias" using its effect when connected to "Miracle Fertilizer". Any card effect that removes cards from the field like "Mirror Force", etc, will not destroy "Miracle Fertilizer" every time for some reason, giving plants a big advantage.
  • Sometimes when your opponent activates the "Destiny Draw" and you cancel the animation, a second glowing Deck appears with the same number of cards as your opponent's Deck. It disappears when the "Destiny Draw" card is drawn.
  • The card "Il Blud" misspells the word from to form.
  • When resolving the effect of "Pot of Avarice", the animation shows that Fusion Monsters, Synchro Monsters and Dark Synchro Monsters as being returned to the Main Deck. However, they are being returned to the Extra Deck.
  • All cards in the Graveyards share the name with the first card in them. This doesn't affect the gameplay, however.
  • The ATK/DEF values shown beneath a card's picture at the left-hand side of the screen max out at 99999; they are displayed correctly over the card's picture on the Duel field, however, and there does not appear to be any actual in-game limit on how high they can go.
  • At some point in the game the Deck Edit music gets replaced with some buggy and corrupted sounding BGM. Some get this after downloading extra content from Yu-Gi-Oh website, while others - after getting forbidden cards. The real reason is still unknown and there is no way to fix this except to start a new game.
  • When shrink is used on a fusion monster fused by power bond (e.g Cyber End Dragon), the boosted attack from power bond disappears, like when shrink is used on C.E.D. with 8000 atk, it should bring it down to 2000 original atk, + 2000 atk from power bond to make 4000 atk, however after shrink is used on C.E.D with 8000 atk, it brings its atk to 2000 atk meaning it ignores the power bond, and in the end of the turn it raises it to 4000 atk.



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