"Eternal Turbo Duelist!!", known as "Eternal Riding Duelist!!" in the Japanese version, is the ninth and final volume of the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's manga.

Promotional card

Main article: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Volume 9 promotional card

The volume includes a promotional card, "Stardust Chronicle Spark Dragon", which is used by Yusei Fudo in this volume.


Image Number English title Japanese title
5D's Ride 61 Ride 61 Divine Duel!! 神の決闘!!
Diaku Kwien!!
Divine Duel!!
Yusei attempts a comeback combo, but Rex completely overwhelms Yusei with his supreme Dueling. Yusei finds himself in a hopeless situation, unable to do a thing against Rex, and unable to answer to the Duel Dragon's feelings.
5D's Ride 62 Ride 62 Prayers!! 祈り・・・!!
Yusei accepts his defeat, but the Duel Dragons start acting weird. When everyone prays, clinging to their hopes, they are able to release their Duel Dragons from the Ultimate God's curse. Thanks to Yusei's prayer, Stardust reveals his true form, and Yusei's miraculous comeback begins.
5D's Ride 63 Ride 63 Origin of Revenge!! 復讐の原点!!
Fukushū no Genten!!
Origin of Revenge!!
Once Yusei finally manages to destroy Ultimaya Tzolk'in, Rex's history is unveiled. At that time, a new dark power surges on Rex...
5D's Ride 64 Ride 64 Rise Above!! 超越!!
When everyone thought the Duel was over, Rex is completely taken over by Ultimaya Tzolk'in, transcending all limits and bringing forth the ultimate threat upon Yusei and the others.
5D's Ride 65 Ride 65 Gathering Light!! 集いし光!!
Tsudoishi Hikari!!
Gathering Light!!
Rex puts Yusei and the others in a desperate situation. However, as everyone struggles against the Ultimate God's minions, Yusei unites the power of the Duel Dragons and finds a way fight back.
5D's Ride 66 Ride 66 Ruler of the Ritual!! 儀式を制し者!!
Gishiki wo Seishi Mono!!
Ruler of the Ritual!!
The grueling Duel between Yusei and Rex reaches its end. As the winner of the Festival of Duality, Yusei is granted a wish by a mysterious voice.
5D's Ride SP1 Ride 0 The Duel Emperor Finals!! 統一皇帝決定戦!!
Enperā Ketteisen!!
The Emperor Playoff!!
Yusei reaches the top in the second D1GP and finally earns the right to face Jack Atlas in a Duel to restore his pride. Now, Yusei and Jack will clash in a Turbo Duel to decide who will earn the title of "Emperor of Turbo Duels".
5D's Ride SP2 Ride 0 Eternal Turbo Duelist!! 永遠の決闘疾走者!!
Etānaru Raidingu Dyuerisuto!!
Eternal Riding Duelist!!
Yusei and Jack clash with their strongest Synchro Monsters, leaving everyone breathless upon a violent exchange of attacks. And at the end of this exciting match, the one who will emerge as the "Emperor of Turbo Duels" is...
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