"Duel Dragons!!" is the third volume of the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's manga.

The Japanese version is 200 pages long, and costs ¥420 (including tax). Its dimensions are 17.2 x 11.4 x 1.8 cm.[1]

The English version is 200 pages long, and costs $9,99.[2]

Promotional card

Main article: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Volume 3 promotional card

The volume includes a promotional card, "Infernity General", which is used by Kalin Kessler in this volume.


Image Number English title Japanese title
YuGiOh!5D'sRide017 Ride 17 Omens!! 胎動。。。!!
Akiza Izinski gets to Duel Kalin Kessler for the second round of the D1GP. Akiza fights keeping in mind her promise to Yusei of not losing and her revenge against Jack, but Kalin slowly locks the "queen" with his fearful "Handless Combo".
5dsmanga18 Ride 18 The Handless Combo!! 無手札必殺!!
Handoresu Konbo!!
The Handless Combo!!
Akiza keeps fighting hard against Kalin's "Handless Combo". However, she is put into a corner after Kalin defeat her ace, "Queen Angel of Roses".
5dsmanga19 Ride 19 Trump Card...!! 切り札。。。
Trump Card...
Even after losing her "Queen Angel of Roses", Akiza doesn't give up, and reveals her trump card! However, Kalin shows himself indifferent, and crushes her last hope, taking the "queen" down...!
5dsmanga20 Ride 20 Shadow Card!! 闇のカード!!
Yami no Kādo!!
The Card of Darkness!!
Jack Atlas Duels Sect Ijuin for the "shadow card". Jack easily overpowers Sect with his "King" monsters, but Sect finally reveals the power he obtained from the darkness, changing the flow of the Duel.
5dsmanga21 Ride 21 Separation...!! 別離。。。!!
Sect Ijuin continues his Duel against Jack Atlas, but suddenly, the Skeleton Knight appears...!
5dsmanga22 Ride 22 Duel Dragons!! 決闘竜!!
Dyueru Doragon!!
Duel Dragons!!
After the Skeleton Knight appears, Sect yells that he'll crush Yusei and Jack with his Duel Dragon, and then vanishes. Yusei and Jack keep in silence for a few seconds, when Kalin appears before them. He then Summons a monster in his Duel Disk, and asks if that is the Duel Dragon Jack wants.
YuGiOh!5D'sRide023 Ride 23 Twin Duelists!! 双子の決闘者!!
Futago no Dyuerisuto!!
Twin Duelists!!
The twins hired by Goodwin, Leo and Luna, appear and challenge Yusei to a Duel.
5ds ride024 Ride 24 Equip Vs. Equip!! 装備vs装備
Ikuippu Bāsasu Ikuippu
Equip Vs. Equip
Yusei continues his Duel against Leo and Luna. However, the twins' power is more than what he expected. Yusei is pushed into a corner by Leo's Duel Dragon, but suddenly, something happens on Yusei's mind when it attacks him...!


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