Aknadin has just sent the white-haired girl to battle with the other specters (Gudoul and Five-Eyed Horned Ogre), in order to unleash the true power of her Ka. However, the girl seems to be too terrorized to fight back. Eventually, Priest Seto has had enough: he Summons Duos and steps into the arena to defend the girl. Seto asks the girl's name and we finally identify her as Kisara.

Seto orders "Duos" to unleash its Aura Sword attack, thus cutting the chains suspending the arena platforms. The two criminals who are battling fall to their doom, while Seto & the girl just barely hang on to a chain. However, one of the criminals has been saved by the webs spun by Gudoul, and he begins to deliver the final blow to Seto & Kisara.

Suddenly, the girl's eyes start glowing and she emanates a very bright aura; She's calling on the power of the White Dragon, and before long, Burst Stream of Destruction destroys the criminal & his monster. Once Seto and Kisara are freed, the latter is sent back to the dungeon, while Aknadin reassures Seto that he deserves to be king. However, Seto still insists that the Pharaoh is alive before storming off to find him.

Meanwhile, back at Kul Elna, Thief King Bakura is placing the Millennium Puzzle and Millennium Ring into the Millennium Tablet. At this point, the hand of Zorc appears out of the tablet and seizes Bakura. The former then demands that Bakura finds "the eighth key" before returning to the millennium stone. Bakura then remembers that it was what managed to seal Zorc up 3,000 years ago. He goes on cursing that only the Pharaoh must know it, but as the Pharaoh erased his memory, not even he knew what the answer is. Then it hits him; a flashback occurs of the Tablet of Lost Memories (the stone tablet brought to Domino City's museum by Ishizu), as Bakura finally understands what the eighth key is: the Pharaoh's real name.

Meanwhile, Yugi & his friends are still busy looking for the Pharaoh. They arrive at the Nile river, and come across Mana practicing her magic. She, being able to see everyone, recognizes Yugi as the Pharaoh, but is puzzled as to why he shrunk so much and is dressed in strange clothes. Bobasa then reports that he found the Pharaoh's blue cape floating in the Nile, meaning he must be nearby!

Unfortunately, their celebration is short-lived, the rider servants of Bakura arrive and charge at the heroes. However after some introductions and establishing that Yugi & his friends are indeed friends with the Pharaoh, Mana casts a giant wave spell and sweeps the riders away.

They all then resume their search for the Pharaoh. The royal guardians appear to be doing the same, as Shada's men have picked up the trail of Bakura, while Isis's Spiria is still looking for the Pharaoh. Karim and his men are searching the river Nile and calling out at the same time.

The Pharaoh wakes up inside a cave, and thinks about Bakura said before about his father King Aknamkanon, wondering if he could really be as evil as Bakura described him. The Pharaoh has a vision of his childhood years, his birth, growing up with his father, and how he taught him that when you fall down, there is no point in crying and you must get back up on your feet. The flashback extends to a shrine in tribute of all past Egyptian Pharaohs;The Pharaoh's father has gone there to take responsibility for his sins. After he does this, bolts of energy start hitting the ground around the Pharaoh and his father. The Pharaoh remembers now: his father truly loved his son.

Then, a myterious figure with a golden mask appears to the Pharaoh, introducing himself as Hassan. He warns that Zorc will soon be resurrected, and the only one who can defeat it is the Pharaoh. He also adds that Aknamkanon has been protecting him from beyond the grave, but when the Pharaoh tries to question him further, he vanishes. Meanwhile, Yugi and Mana are having a chat as they continue their search, and Yugi is just telling Mana how much she reminds him of "Dark Magician Girl". He adds that if she continues practicing her spells, he's sure she can become as powerful as her. Tea asks her name and Mana tells it, thinking about the name "Dark Magician Girl" and pledging to work hard to become as strong as her. It is then the group finally stumbles across the Pharaoh.

Featured monsters

The following monsters appeared in this episode. Monsters in italics debuted here.

Aknadin's dungeons

Priest Seto



  • This is the last episode where Tristan is in control of himself, as Bakura takes control of him in the next episode.
  • The sequence where Mana casts a giant wave spell may have been inspired by 'The Lord of the Rings', where the Nine Ring Wraiths are trying to get to Frodo across a river, but he is saved by a giant wave that sweeps them away.
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