Thief King Bakura on the Offensive

  • Shadi is guiding Yugi & his friends inside the Millennium Puzzle to find the Pharaoh. They all hold hands and Shadi recites these words: "Millennium Key, by using thy power, lead the way through the Millennium Puzzle's labyrinth.".
  • Meanwhile, Thief King Bakura storms the imperial palace and enters the Pharaoh's Royal chamber. He brings a sarcophagus with him. It is that of Aknamkanon, the father of Pharaoh Atem (NOTE: at this point in the story, Atem's real name is still not known to him or the viewers).
  • Priest Seto calls for a Sealing Tablet to be brought, and Thief King Bakura to be judged.
    • However, Karim's Millennium Scale is unable to find balance: that means the evil within Bakura is immeasurable. Aknadin confirms it with his Millennium Eye: "I cannot pierce through the Dark of his heart. A great evil force is at work inside of his heart, and he can control it.".
    • Shada activates his Millennium Key to reveal the beast within Bakura's soul. He sees the most powerful being he ever witnessed. He tells the other Priests that the Sealing Tablet they brought is far too small.

Let the Ultimate Dark Game begin!

Illusion Magician immobilizes Diabound

The "Spellbinding Circle"-like attack of "Illusion Magician" immobilizes "Diabound".

"Justice will come along with the name of God..."

  • The Pharaoh enters the battle. As he leans over the sarcophagus of his father, he hears a voice telling him "Justice will come along with the name of God".
    • The Pharaoh activates his own DiaDhank, and Summons "Obelisk the Tormentor".
      • Bakura activates his "Diabound"'s "Burst Stream of Destruction" attack (obtained during Episode 200, when Yami Bakura's "Diabound Kernel" destroyed Seto's "Blue-Eyes White Dragon") and counters Obelisk's "God Hand Crusher" (NOTE: in the English dub, Diabound's Attack is wrongly translated to "White Lightning Attack" i.e. Blue-Eyes's ordinary attack; in the original Japanese, "Burst Stream of Destruction" is correctly referred to).

(Battle concludes next episode)


  • The English dub has Joey remark that the interior of the Millennium Puzzle "seems bigger" than the "last time" the gang were in there - a reference to Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light, in which the gang become trapped inside the Puzzle for a while.

Featured monsters

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Thief King Bakura
Priest Seto
Tablet Shrine

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  1. This monster belong to Aknamkanon, but Bakura stole his DiaDhank and is now able to Summon all other Monsters that were guarding the Pharaoh's eternal rest.
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