Shadi is guiding Yugi & his friends inside the Millennium Puzzle to find the Pharaoh. They all hold hands and Shadi leads them to the Pharaoh's mind.

Meanwhile, Thief King Bakura storms the imperial palace and enters the Pharaoh's Royal chamber. He brings many stolen trinkets with him, along with the sarcophagus of Aknamkanon, the father of Pharaoh Atem (NOTE: at this point in the story, Atem's real name is still not known to him or the viewers).

Priest Seto then calls for a Sealing Tablet to be brought, and Bakura to be judged. However, Karim's Millennium Scale senses the evil within Bakura is immeasurable, with Aknadin confirming it with his Millennium Eye. Shada then activates his Millennium Key and sees the most powerful being he ever witnessed. He tells the other Priests that the Sealing Tablet they brought is far too small, with Priest Seto denying it.

The Millennium Key activates once again as Bakura's ka is revealed: Diabound. Seto activates his Millennium Rod and seals the monster inside the tablet, but Shada is proven right as Diabound immediately frees itself. Meanwhile, Yugi & his friends are finally transported inside the Millennium Puzzle, and the scene shifts to KaibaCorp. Seto is asking himself questions about the Millennium Eye Yami Bakura gave him before departing for Egypt.

The priests unite and activate their DiaDhanks (ancient devices similar to Duel Disks used to Summon monsters). Soon, Priest Seto Summons Galestgoras. It quickly attacks, but Bakura Summons Winged Sage Falcos to destroy Priest Seto's Monster. Bakura then reveals he has another DiaDhank that originally belonged to Aknamkanon, and that "Winged Sage Falcos" was one of Aknamkanon's protective monsters. He's now able to Summon all other Monsters that were guarding the Pharaoh's eternal rest.

Bakura also accuses Aknamkanon as a tyrant, and ravaged Bakura's village when he tried to fashion the 7 Millennium Items and provoked for the 'evil power' to show up. Aknadin accuses Bakura of lying, and that in reality Aknamkanon brought peace & prosperity, creating the 7 Millennium Items to ensure that harmony would reign forever in Egypt. Bakura replies the Millennium Items were made to react with the inner Dark of the person that holds them and opens the pathways of the 'Dark World'. He also reveals that one who gathers the 7 Items within the village of Kul Elna (the mention of the village strikes a chord with Aknadin), where a "Tablet of the Realm of the Dead" is buried, one shall gain the powers of the "Realm of the Dead".

The battle continues:

Illusion Magician attacks & destroys Bakura's Winged Sage Falcos. Diabound then counter-attacks: "Bastet", "Zelua", and "Gadius" are Destroyed; "Battle Ox", "Spiria", and "Illusion Magician" are knocked back. Priest Seto then summons Mystic Horseman, and Karim calls on the power of his Millennium Scale to fuse Mystic Horseman & Battle Ox to form Rabid Horseman (the Pharaoh exclaims this must be the origin of Fusion Monsters). It attacks Diabound but is incapacitated by it's snake tail.

Illusion Magician casts its Special Ability: Illusion Curse (called "Binding Illusion" in the dub, which strikes a very close resemblance to "Spellbinding Circle"). Diabound is temporarily immobilized, but frees itself thanks to its Helical Shockwave; This causes Rabid Horseman and Illusion Magician to be destroyed, while Spiria and the priests are knocked back. Diabound unleashes another attack, and Spiria activates its shield; The attack is slowed down, but Spiria is destroyed nevertheless and Isis is knocked back again.

The "Spellbinding Circle"-like attack of "Illusion Magician" immobilizes "Diabound".

The Pharoah enters the battlefield before Bakura kicks the sarcophagus over. As the Pharaoh leans over, he hears a voice telling him that "Justice lies within the Egyptian gods." As Diabound is about to unleash one final attack, the Pharaoh activates his own DiaDhank, and Summons "Obelisk the Tormentor".

    • Bakura activates his "Diabound"'s "Burst Stream of Destruction" attack (obtained during Episode 200, when Yami Bakura's "Diabound Kernel" destroyed Seto's "Blue-Eyes White Dragon") and counters Obelisk's "God Hand Crusher" (NOTE: in the English dub, Diabound's Attack is wrongly translated to "White Lightning Attack" i.e. Blue-Eyes's ordinary attack; in the original Japanese, "Burst Stream of Destruction" is correctly referred to).

(Battle concludes next episode)


  • The English dub has Joey remark that the interior of the Millennium Puzzle "seems bigger" than the "last time" the gang were in there - a reference to Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light, in which the gang become trapped inside the Puzzle for a while.

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  1. This monster belong to Aknamkanon, but Bakura stole his DiaDhank and is now able to Summon all other Monsters that were guarding the Pharaoh's eternal rest.
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